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By: Christian Life Resources

Join Christian Life Resources as we discuss modern-day issues from a Biblical perspective.

The Cost of Cultural Compromises
Last Friday at 12:00 PM

Discover the unsettling parallels between ancient idol worship and the ideologies that consume our lives today. Join us on a journey to uncover the 'Modern Molochs' that hold sway over society. We peel back layers of cultural norms to reveal the sacrifices we make in our quest for personal achievement, often at the expense of what truly matters. This episode is a clarion call for introspection, challenging you to consider if your pursuit of success is equivalent to worshipping at the feet of today's false deities.

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Navigating the Moral Maze of Eugenics

What are the moral ramifications of the desire for perfection within our society, and where do they intersect with the sanctity of life as seen through a Christian lens? Join us as we unravel the haunting legacy and chilling historical milestones spotlighting the intersection of ethics, disability, and societal values. Our conversation moves on to the pressing issues at the heart of our contemporary world. Through the lens of declining birth rates in developed nations and the utilitarian valuation of life, we confront the subtle resurgence of eugenic philosophy that threatens the Christian imperative to honor every life. Join u...

Living a Christ-Centered Life: Balancing Faith, Pro-Life Advocacy, and Charity in the Modern World

Discover how your everyday actions can become a beacon of Christ's love and an invitation to the gospel. Our conversation takes us to the heart of what it means to be a witness in the modern world—where professional landscapes and personal convictions often collide, challenging us to maintain authenticity in our faith journey. We examine the delicate balance between being pro-life advocates and keeping our eyes on the ultimate prize: sharing the transformative power of Christ's love and salvation. We also delve into balancing generosity with discernment, the impact of our giving choices, and the importance of prayerful de...

What’s Trending: Birth Rate Stats to TikTok Laws

This week's podcast episode starts a new series, "What's Trending." The first episode of Life Challenges each month will feature a review of current events. There are four topics that we are focusing on today...

Discover the delicate dance between faith and government as we explore the complexities faced by Christians in the political sphere. As we address the alarming downturn in birth rates across developed nations, we ponder the societal and economic implications of such a shift and weigh them against the biblical edict to "be fruitful and multiply."

Our discussion then moves on...

Sex Outside of Marriage: What's the Big Deal?

Discover the unexpected ways that cultural shifts and personal decisions can influence Christian values and societal norms in this enlightening exploration. Together, we tackle the complex landscape of sex outside marriage, confronting the justifications and examining the consequences through a biblical lens. This episode promises a deep look into the significance of our choices and their impact on the collective moral fabric of our society, challenging us to reflect on the importance of upholding steadfast principles.

With thought-provoking insights, our guests shine a light on the often-overlooked connection between private actions and public virtue. Is it possible...

Defining Life: Exploring the Intrinsic Value of Life Through a Christian Lens

With society's values in flux over the definition of life, we delve into the ethical quandaries of abortion, the intrinsic worth of human life, and the intersection with rapidly advancing science and technology. Join us for a discussion through theological insights and the real-world implications of devaluing the sanctity of human life. This episode promises to enlighten, provoke thought, and inspire a deeper appreciation for life's true value.

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Finding a Mate: A Christian Perspective on Love and Compatibility

Have you ever felt the societal pressure to find your flawless 'soulmate'? Join us as we tackle the myths and truths about finding a life partner through a Christian lens. Together, we'll examine the cultural obsession with the soulmate ideal, scrutinize its biblical alignment, and consider whether prioritizing compatibility and commitment might be a more authentic approach. Our conversation ventures beyond surface-level attractions, diving into the significance of shared faith and the virtues that signify a desirable Christian partner, offering solace and insight for anyone navigating the complex world of relationships, from the single to the married.


Money Talks: The Business of Abortion and the Ethical Implications

Discover the unseen forces at play behind the abortion debate, as we uncover the intricate web of financial interests and business influence. This episode peels back the curtain on the abortion industry's economic motivations and the stances businesses take on abortion rights. We tackle the tough questions: How does the flow of money sway opinions and political actions? And what ethical predicaments arise for individuals who must reconcile their spending habits with their pro-life values, especially when companies are increasingly willing to cover abortion-related costs for employees?

We then navigate through the moral maze of boycotting companies...

Revisiting The End of Fear - with Pastor Jonathan Hein

Embark on a profound exploration of faith as Pastor Jonathan Hein joins us to illuminate the powerful theological implications of Christ’s resurrection. With Easter upon us, we examine the transformational message of hope that defies our deepest fears—fear of sin, fear of death, and the uncertainties of life. Our conversation with Pastor Hein navigates through the cornerstone of Christian belief, revealing how the resurrection serves as the ultimate ‘receipt’ of sin’s payment, guaranteeing our justification and casting out fear from our spiritual lives.

The resurrection of Jesus isn't just a historical touchstone; it's the very heart...

Revisiting What Christ's Passion Teaches Us about Dying Well

This episode is about empowering you with knowledge and compassion, ensuring that when the time comes, your decisions are made with informed consent, honoring life's sacred conclusion with the grace and empathy exemplified by Jesus. Our journey doesn’t shy away from the complexities of mortality; we bring to light the sensitive nature of Do Not Resuscitate orders and the tough decisions that accompany them. With personal stories and an eye-opening discussion on the real success rates of CPR, contrasted against the often misleading portrayals in media, we illuminate the crucial factors involved in making such weighty choices.