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Join Christian Life Resources as we discuss modern-day issues from a Biblical perspective.

Episode 103: Parish Nursing
Last Tuesday at 7:00 PM

We are all created in God’s image, fearfully and wonderfully made with the responsibility to serve one another. Today on the podcast, Heidi Then, parish nurse, joins Christa and Bob to discuss the parish nurse program. Parish nurses love God and love others. This platform takes their professional nursing skills, combined with faith, and supports the members of their congregation. Heidi explains why she was impassioned by this ministry and how she started a parish nurse program at her church. Join them as they talk about the blessings that come from the parish nurse program. This episode emphasizes ho...

Episode 102: The Grace of Grandparents

 We will take a look at the roles and responsibilities of grandparents and offer practical suggestions and encouragement. 

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Episode 101: The Gift of Labor

Join us as we talk about Labor Day and our view of labor/jobs as Christians in today's world.

Episode 100: Tackling Listeners' Questions

Join us as we celebrate our 100th full-length episode.  We'll take a look at why we podcast and answer some questions from our listeners.  Come celebrate with us as we look at some life challenges.

Revisting 'Interview with Futurist Thomas Frey'

We are currently gathering questions and comments from our listeners about the podcast.  If you have any questions or feedback please let us know at  

Today we are revisiting an interview we had at the 2021 Christian Life Resource's National Convention.  We spoke with futurist and author Thomas Frey about the future.  We also spoke with Bob and Jeff about what this means for Christians and why it might be good occasionally to think about the future.  

Revisiting 'The Modern-Day Pro-Life Movement'

As we work to prepare for our upcoming 100th episode, we share one of our earlier episodes with you.  Please submit questions and comments to us so we can share them on our 100th episode.  Enjoy this episode as it explores the pro-life movement of recent years.  

Episode 99: Ethical Decisions in Health Care

Often times there are ethical decisions that will need to be made about our own health care or the care of others.  How can we make a confident God-pleasing decision?  What about the times when there looks like there is no good decision?  Join us as we discuss these questions and more.

Episode 98: The Future of Human Reproduction

Join us as we take a look at where reproduction is headed and the important things to remember when thinking about the future.  

Episode 97: What is Medical Care Worth?

The cost of medical care seems to be getting more and more expensive.  Why is this?  What can we do as Christians?  What biblical perspective should we keep in mind when thinking about these costs?  Join us as we discuss these questions and more.

Episode 96: Our World's a Mess: How Should We Pray?

Sometimes we may get overwhelmed by the direction our world seems to be going in today.  We may want to pray but might not see the point.  Join us as we dig into some important things to consider when praying for our nation and world.  

Episode 95: Organ Donation

Join us today as we talk about organ donation.  We'll talk about the different types of organ donation and important things to consider when either giving or receiving organs.  

Are All Men Created Equal?

One of our nation's founding documents, The Declaration of Independence, makes the claim that all men are created equal.  How should we as Christians view this phrase?  We will look at the history of this document and the biblical perspective surrounding this idea.  

Episode 93: Chemical Abortion and Abortion Pill Reversal

What is chemical abortion?  How does it work and why is it important to know about it?

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Episode 92: Abortion in Cases Where the Mother's Life Is at Risk

Should exceptions be made in allowing abortion if the life or health of the mother is at risk?  What is the history behind these clauses?  What are some instances where the life of the mother would be at risk?  We will look at these questions and many more in today's episode.  

Episode 91: Responding to Cancer

How can we respond to someone when they share a cancer diagnosis with us?  What are some important things to consider when thinking about cancer affecting those we love?  Join us as we look at these questions and others related to the topic of cancer.  

Episode 90: Looking at Miscarriage

Join us as we discuss the topic of miscarriage.  What comfort can we offer others who have gone through a miscarriage?  What biblical truths can comfort us when we go through something like this?  How is miscarriage different than abortion?  We'll discuss these questions and more.  

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Untitled Episode

Join us as Professor Steven Pagels helps to explain what is meant by "the will of God."  We will explore this concept in the context of life issues.

Episode 88: Raising a Pro-Life Generation

Join us as we talk about how to raise a pro-life generation in today's society.  We'll discuss parenting today and talk about how to instill values and biblical practice in today's youth.

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Episode 87: Looking at Adoption

Join us as we take a look at adoption.  We will discuss the reasons and motivations why people adopt and will look at the biblical perspective of adoption too.  

Episode 86: Responding to the "Whole Life" Approach

One argument made by the pro-choice side is that pro-life advocates do not care about all areas of life and should be doing/fixing other areas if they genuinely cared about life.  We'll dive into the topic and look at this approach from both sides.  

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Episode 85: What You Can Expect Your Pastor to Know on Life Issues - An Interview With Professor Joel Russow

Seminary Professor Joel Russow joins us today to talk about training pastors on life issues.  We'll talk about what your pastor can know about life issues and how your pastor can assist you when dealing with life issues and challenges. 

Episode 84: Sperm Donation

Join us as we talk about one of Christian Life Resource's most searched items on its website.   We'll talk about what scripture says and discuss important things to think about when talking about this topic with someone.  

Episode 83: Childless by Choice

Join us as we take a look at the reasons and motives behind people who choose not to have children while bringing a biblical perspective to the topic.  

Episode 82: Whose Life Is It Anyway?

Many people make the argument, "It's my life, I can do with it what I want."  Today we will talk about this self-serving attitude and the implications this type of mindset has on our society.

Episode 81: Interview with Chris Cordes from Northwestern Publishing House

Join us as we talk with Chris Cordes, the Vice President of Publishing at Northwestern Publishing House (NPH).   We will discuss materials NPH offers and upcoming projects.

Episode 80: What Abortion Has Done to the Practice of Medicine

Today we look at the effects abortion has had on the practice of medicine.  

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Christian Medical and Dental Association
American Association of Pro-Life Obstetricians and Gynecologists

Episode 79: What Can We Learn From Job?

Today we will look at the book of Job and discuss some of the many lessons this book has to offer, especially in the context of life issues.  

Episode 78: The Current Status of Abortion and Pro-Life Laws in America

Join us as we take a look at what is happening across the country in a Post-Roe America.  We'll look at some important things to remember as Christians moving forward in our society. 

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Episode 77: An Interview with Rachel Binczak on Foster Care

Today we are joined by Rachel Binczak of Kingdom Workers.  We will discuss foster care and talk about the exciting opportunities Kingdom Workers is pursuing in this area.

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Kingdom Workers Foster Support Program

Episode 76: Are Bad Habits Sin?

Join us as we take a look at the topic of bad habits.  

Episode 75: When Truths Seem Trite

Join us as we break down some common sayings that many people use as comfort during difficult times.  Are these saying always the best?  Why are we so quick to offer these sayings as encouragement?  We'll look at these questions and more as we talk about specific truths and sayings.  

Episode 74: Responding to Assisted Suicide

Join us as we look at the topic of assisted suicide.  We look at some of the history and talk about different names and terms it has been given over the years.  We'll also discuss the Biblical and Christian perspective on this topic.

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Christian Medical Directives Life Holds no Dignity and Answers to Euthanasia Position Statement

Episode 73: Looking at Life Expectancy and Longevity

Join us as we talk about life expectancy and how it has changed.  We'll discuss some important things to keep in mind and look at how Christians can view aging and longevity.  

Episode 72: Christians and Vaccinations

Join us as we take a look at the topic of vaccinations.  We will talk about the topic both pre-and post-COVID-19. We'll also look at both sides of the issue and offer a Christian perspective on the topic.   

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Episode 71: An Interview With Jason Jonker on Addiction and Recovery

Join us as we talk with Jason Jonker of Resilient Recovery Ministries.  We'll talk about some of the myths and misconceptions around addiction and the work being done through this Arizona-based ministry.

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Resilient Recovery Ministries: