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April Nicol's Love Of Firearms Got Her To Be A Character In Call Of Duty
Last Thursday at 12:19 AM

April Nicol is a public figure known for her advocacy in the Second Amendment world and as a badass operator ROZE in Call of Duty Modern Warfare. But that's just scratching the surface. April is an ER nurse, a wife, mother, social media, and Twitch personality, and a staunch supporter of our military veterans and first responders. 

She's also the face of Call of Duty Endowment's newest and only female operator, promoting a charity that helps veterans find high-quality jobs. She hosted the Ganey Cup at Fort Benning, a worldwide military competition, and is involved with Redcon1 a...

The Types Of Gun Store Customers I Can't Stand

Colion Noir sits down with his good friend Cody to discuss the art of gun sales. This relatable episode has Colion sharing his early experiences hustling through gun shops and how his YouTube channel started with reviews and collaborations with local stores. Cody talks about his deep-rooted connection with firearms and his journey to becoming an expert in gun sales.

They delve into the psychology of gun sales, emphasizing the importance of understanding the wide gamut of customer needs and moods. Cody shares insights on popular firearm choices, the significance of proficiency, and the role of humor...

Reality TV Star & Fashion-Forward Gun Enthusiast Heidi Dillon Talks The Necessity Of Guns

Despite Heidi Dillon's glamorous background being known for reality TV shows and producing content for networks like E! and MTV, she doesn't hide her passion for survival training and being a fashion-forward gun enthusiast.

Heidi reveals her reasons for pursuing firearm training, highlighting her desire to be prepared for any eventuality.

Throughout the podcast, Heidi emphasizes her lack of traditional survival skills, given her background in fine arts and fashion.  

She shares stories about her experiences with various firearms and her training with former Special Forces personnel. The discussion also touches on Heidi's l...

The Solution To Feeling Insecure When You Don't Have A Gun On You

Feeling insecure when you don't have your firearm is a real concern the gun community has. Enter Sayif Saud, the mastermind behind Fortis MMA and renowned UFC coach. Sayif has dedicated his life to empowering individuals through the art of self-defense and mental resilience. Most importantly, Sayif is a huge gun guy. Join us on the podcast as we break down the flaw in being overly reliant on guns in a self-defense situation and what you can do about it. 

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Truth Exposed: Chinese Immigrant Discusses Destroying David Hogg's 2A Argument During Debate

Join me as I sit down with Lily Tang Williams, the Chinese immigrant who went viral for destroying David Hogg during a heated gun control debate at Dartmouth College. Lily shares her firsthand account of the encounter with David Hogg, shedding light on the truth behind the headlines. As she fearlessly takes on David Hogg, listeners are treated to a masterclass on how common sense guns are. From her unique perspective as an immigrant who survived communism, Lily goes unfiltered. Prepare to be inspired and enlightened as Lily Tang Williams reveals the untold story behind her unforgettable clash with...

Artificial Intelligence Hates The Second Amendment With John Lott Jr

Join us as we explore the intriguing world of artificial intelligence and how AI views gun control. With politicians, students, reporters, and researchers relying heavily on these programs for various tasks, AI's bias toward gun control should concern you.  

In John Lott's study, he asked 20 AI Chatbots about crime and gun control. You're going to want to hear about these results shedding light on the political ideology within AI. Join us as we explore the implications of AI & Gun Control and the unintended consequences.  

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Colorado's New AR-15 Ban Also Targets Semi-Auto Pistols & Shotguns with 2A Advocate Ava Flanell

I sit down with 2A advocate and firearms trainer Ava Flanell to discuss the new set of anti-gun bills working through the Colorado legislature. Ava Flanell explains the sneaky tactics behind each bill, like how they are also targeting handguns & shotguns and how the community can help fight against them. Ava also talks about the realities of testifying in front of the legislature.  

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The Problem With AKs in America - With American AK Legend Jim Fuller

In this podcast, I discuss the problems with AKs in America with the American AK legend Jim Fuller, life after selling his company Rifle Dynamic, and his latest ventures. Jim Fuller is an internationally recognized expert on the Kalashnikov rifle platform.  

He provides invaluable insights into the world of the AKs in America. Join us as we explore America's AK landscape, problems, and Jim's journey in the firearms industry. Don't miss this insightful conversation!  

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The Media Is Lying To You About Mass Shootings & Here's The Proof

Join me as I engage in a thought-provoking conversation with John Lott Jr. We unravel the misconceptions surrounding mass shootings, dissecting the alarming statements made by politicians and the media. Together, we explore the truth behind the statistics, revealing the rarity of mass public shootings. We dive into the nuances of gun control, examining California's surprising trends, and challenge stereotypes by uncovering the motivations and demographics behind these tragic events. Join us on this journey as we untangle the web of misinformation surrounding this critical issue. 

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Armed Jewelry Store Owner Tells His Story Defending Against 2 Armed Robbers In Texas

In this gripping episode, I sit down with Tien, the owner of a jewelry store in Mesquite, TX, as he recounts a heart-stopping encounter exchanging gunfire with armed robbers. Listen in as he shares the harrowing details of drawing his gun. Gain valuable insights into the reality of self-defense situations, empowering you to be a responsible gun owner. Join us for a riveting conversation that sheds light on the crucial decisions made in the heat of the moment. Don't miss this eye-opening episode for a deeper understanding of the importance and responsibilities that come with carrying a firearm. 🔫