Jeff Lewis Has Issues

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Jeff doesn’t hold back when it comes back to his personal life, and his many, many, issues. From legal battles to his messy relationships, or arguments with neighbors and staff, Jeff airs it all out with his famous no-filter.

Pigeon Pride
Last Friday at 6:07 PM

Jeff is surprised when he receives unsolicited encouragement for his growth. Plus, Jackie tells us about installing disco balls in her trees to ward off her mortal enemies, Zach seems to have learned nothing about the dangers of his online activity, and the gang looks back on bizarre massage experiences.

Lemon Drop

Everyone's back including post-strep Shane. Jeff recounts his trip to Napa with Megan and the gang and reports on all the hits, misses, and drinks. Plus, Doug and Jamison give details from their magical weekend at Disneyland and Doug's "ride laugh" has everyone in stiches.

2 Girls 1 Elevator

Jeff is joined by a very tan John and Megan is lusting! They discuss Monroe’s back to school night, Doug and Jamison’s upcoming “work” trip to Disneyland, elevator etiquette, and strippers in nursing homes. Plus, John serenades the chumps for Radio Andy’s 7 year anniversary.


Julie and Brandy had a violent experience with a  water bug, Jeff is determined to get Jamison on the reboot of "Pimp my Ride", and everyone chimes in on their spiritual connections to alcohol and travelators.

Braids & Bra

It's Jeff's first day of carpool pickup, and he's more concerned about his "carpool collection" outfit... Lauren's got  a new look and a new bra,  plus Megan share's breaking bunny news.


Jeff welcomes back Jamison from his seemingly boring trip to New Jersey, we get a Monroe bed update, Shane's circus date cancels on him, and Jeff's lip filler finally gets dissolved... but not without a lot of pain. Plus, a serenade with the Chili's birthday song.

Toothless Not Homeless

Jeff  and Megan forgot Stu  worked at TGI Fridays in college, Jeff lost another tooth, Jeff has decided to let Stu be apart of planning Stu's own birthday trip to Napa, and Todd gives Jeff the "Bro Deal" on his latest sketchy business venture.

Petty Wins

Jeff reveals his chipped temp veneers  after the 6.5 hour procedure, Paige shares a  dating story with an unexpected twist, and   Stu divulges what set him off in "couples t'erapy" this week.

Season the Meat

Jeff harps on  Stu's dishwasher habits and is reminded that he can't ask him to do two things at once. Doug is preparing for his walking tour in Quebec, and Jackie still hates big-box stores...


Jeff asks Doug about his first date with Bitmoji Bill and his upcoming walking tour with his mother. Jeff's new house is infested with rats, Cheri has new windows, and Megan has decided what she wants from Jeff for her birthday!

Call Me Daddy

Jeff hosted a gay icon week starting with pop sensation, personality, and cook/baker Carnie Wilson. Along with Megan and Shane, they chat about the power of paying people off, sobriety, and Carnie’s busted implants.

Where There's Meat, There's Men.

Jeff and the crew dive into everything about dating and relationships; from phone habits, being open vs. monogamous, to religion and death.

Low Hangers

Jeff, Megan, Doug, and Shane discuss the 4th of July holiday weekend, testing libido pills, hoarders, sex dreams, and plastic surgery.


Jeff and the crew discuss Doug's Cook & Kibbitz ceramic controversy. They learn what a Tier 2 letter from Doug sounds like. Jeff shares about Stu's inability to hold in burps. Plus, Jackie's strong feelings on big-box stores.

King & Queen

Jeff and Tinx sit down and discuss their hallway feud, and realize they have way more in common than they thought! From spicy skinny margaritas at Javier's, to their love of cats, to their loyal communities. 

No Loads

Jeff recaps his prostate exam giving all the gory details, Jeff realizes Tamra and Stu have a lot in common, and Kelly Dodd calls in to expose Heather Dubrow .


Ramona explains the snafu with Teresa's wedding invitation, teaches the guys how to flirt, and shares a story about a lover who passed away.


Jamison shares a development from a recent date, Elisa gives an update on the feud with her neighbor, and Jeff reads a psychotic email that Doug sent to a restaurant.

UTI Queens

Jeff shares his latest diagnosis, which he is calling karma, Paige recaps a date she recently had, Megan is hungover, and everyone rags on Andrew for his interview with the Top Gun cast. 

Jeff Lewis Changes Lives

This hour is a shitshow that consists of Jeff towing the line of getting fired (again), Shane doing "Idol",  and Patrik & Pol giving Shane dating advice.


Jeff recaps the weekend where Chef Stu met the parents, Zoila is blackmailing Jeff, and Todd gets hooked up to the Jeff Lewis Lie detector. 


Jeff polls the group about Monroe's upcoming field trip, and Jill gives him solid parenting advice.  Jeff apologizes to Megan publically (after hashing it out on the curb earlier that morning), and Jeff shares details about Doug's friend Georgie who is a fire breather.

Buried or Cremated?

Jeff recounts the horrible events that occurred yesterday which include going to the Beverly Center without valet parking, going to the bank and being called an *sshole, and Stu's dog suddenly passing. Later, Stu and Jeff air out their relationship grievances while Amy and the crew tries to mediate.

Nipple, Nipple, Nipple.

Jeff eats crow and apologizes for hurting Megan this week, Carrie talks about her potential new boobs and her new obsession with her nipple, and Jeff asks the ladies for parenting advice regarding bedtime. 


Jeff, Stu, & Paige recap last night when Stu was freaking out over the Santa Barbara itinerary. Paige moderates The Newlywed Game where Stu and Jeff decide who the bigger narcissist is, and the chumps decide their rolls in Lis and Liat's new movie.

Choose Your Battles

Jeff decides he’s going to pick his battles with Stu, a video of Shane making out at the club surfaces, Megan’s still swaying, and Doug explains how he got a free Delta Air Lines hat. 

Frosted Door

Jeff grills Meghan about her recent marriage, divorce, and what she received as a wedding gift from The President. The Hideaway LO boys Tim and Jeremy tell the story of meeting Jill Biden's husband, and Megan Weaver being too drunk to do the radio show. Finally, Jeff and Meghan commiserate over co-parenting and custody schedules. 

Out Comes Megan

Jeff gets ride into Josh's divorce where Jeff insists on "clearing the air." Shane calls out a fellow Chump for not honoring ChumpCode, and Megan reports on a story about a woman who didn't know she was pregnant.


Jeff and Stu are officially dating! Stu gets strapped up to a polygraph test administered by MJ, and the crew discusses Shane's hickey, Monroe's new school, and Jamison's likelihood of dating a friend...

Uncle Ed

Lauren helps bring up the IQ of the chumps as Jeff asks Lauren for parenting advice, then the group chats about getting stuck on water slides and blind people dating. Plus, Jeff crowns his second Botox charity winner.

“You hit a whole human!”

Jeff  wastes no time asking Patrik to recount his hit and run from hours after his last appearance on the show. Then, Jeff reads his “welcome back to the office” script, Pol’ and Patrik present Jeff with a voodoo doll, and the gang discusses which body part they wash first in the shower and what that says about them. Plus, Jamison’s car is up for criticism yet again.

Vaginas Flying

Jeff and the girls discuss which embryo he should transfer, and the crew learns a lot about clowns, vaginas and frozen penises...


Jeff  is joined by his  always-controversial friends Kelly & Rick to discuss all things drinking, family, and of course "Real Housewives of Orange County."

Hot & Skinny

Jeff and Denise address the elephant in the room; what really happened between her and Brandi Glanville. Later, Jeff and Denise discuss co-parenting and Jeff's favorite stripper, “Sassee Cassee.” 


Todd and Carrie share an update on their nanny, and what the current hiring process has been like, Todd pleads for Jeff's listeners to help him get Martin Kove on his Cobra Kai themed float, and finally Todd and Carrie share a story of a recent fight they had about Apple products and cheating...

Weighty Sack

Justin informs Jeff about the many cosmetic procedures one could have done to their scrotum, they also discuss Justin's new show, "Men of West Hollywood", polyamorous relationships, plus, Megan does the news. 


Jeff learns the secret ingredient in Pol's spaghetti, tries to convince Pol' that Patrik is going to leave him, and later drops a bomb about his relationship with Scott.

Gang Dolphined

Jeff and the crew learn all about guppies, the sexual habits of dolphins, and give Shane advice on what to do on a third date.

Beware of the Shed!

Jeff wonders if Chef Stu lodged any sexual harassment claims after the chumpmas party, plus the gang weighs in on Jamison’s online dating profile (again), and Jeff warns everyone to stay away from Doug’s shed. 

The Chumps Have Covid

Jeff and the crew reveal that after the wild "Chumpmas" party on 12/21, a lot of the chumps tested positive for Covid. So far, Doug is safe, and the rest are on the mend.