The FitMIND FitBODY Podcast

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By: Michelle Frost

All things mental and physical health! You’ll find in-depth interviews with runners as we delve into why they run and what keeps them running. And interviews with specialists on the brain and the effects of exercise on it – chemically and physically. Plus tips to keep you moving with a positive mindset.. So much goodness

Episode 62 - Getting comfortable with being uncomfortable is great for your mental fitness
Last Monday at 2:02 PM

In this episode we chat with Kym Goodes about her running journey.  Kym hasn’t always been a runner and doesn’t even call herself one now - but she does say she is someone who loves to run.  One of the things that really struck me in this conversation is that fact that Kym uses running as a way to strengthen her mental fitness not just her physical fitness.  This in turn has helped in ALL areas of her life and not just in her running!

Kym’s Running Tips - be consistent, find places to run that...

Episode 61 - Running as a vehicle for change!

In this episode of the podcast we talk to the inspiring Benji Jozefiak.  Ben has travelled the world and run in many places.  But it’s not just exploring a new place on foot that excites Ben - if he can make a positive difference while he runs, he is in his happy place…  From the running clothes he wears to the way he gets to the trail he wants to train on, Ben considers the impact he is having on the planet. 

In my opinion, we should all take a leaf out of Ben’s book!


Episode 60 - Running gives you drive in all areas of your life.

Matthew Zegveld shares his running journey in this episode of the podcast.  Matt was a good short distance runner as a child and picked it up again about 9 years ago and has since build a strong distance foundation.  At the moment he isn’t that concerned about whether he wins races or not - what he is driven by is getting personal bests in his running.   He loves being an example for his 3 kids, showing them what you can achieve if you give it a go.  Running is a little like life - “if you put in you will get out”...

Episode 59 - Don’t compare yourself to others…

In this Episode Sarah Bagley shares some of her running journey.  She started running because a work colleague asked her to run in a 10 k race - 2 years in a row - eventually Sarah agreed and has been running ever since (about 16 years).   When Sarah is running with others and getting into a little comparisonitis, she’ll say “comparison in the destruction of happiness” and that gets her over it :)

Sarah’s running tips - Find some nice places to run, get some good shoes and join a running group. 

Episode 58 - How to enjoy your running!

In this episode Leanne Evans shares how she started running and why she keeps running.  Running on the trails is Leanne’s happy place - she just loves being lost (figuratively speaking) in nature taking in the beautiful surroundings and varied terrain.  It has also given her a wonderful circle of friends and a strategy to destress after a busy day of work as a nurse or to deal with the challenges life throws at us all.  Leanne’s love of all things running is infectious!


Leanne’s running tips - its ok to run at an easy...

Episode 57 - If you keep your body moving it’ll keep your mind healthy.

Today we chat with the lovely Carol Harper about her running journey.   She loves to stay fit and as a result finds herself doing something most days to move her body - from running to yoga to barre class and boot camp.   As a child Carol loved swimming and hockey and it wasn’t until her children had grown up a little that she took to running…  One of the important things that running has provided Carol is a great bunch of friends.

Carol’s running tips - Get off the couch and take baby steps…


Episode 56 - Have you ever thought about entering multi-day running events?

In this episode we chat with Kirsten Maplestone about how you go from being a non-runner to an ultra-distance (multi-day) runner.  Her fascinating running journey has taken her across the world making many new friends as she runs really long races!  Over a 200 mile event Kirsten talks about the way the race pulls you apart and puts you back together!

Kirsten’s running tip’s - find a running group and surround yourself with like minded people. 

Episode 55 - “If you get your mind right your body will follow”

In this special episode we chat with Australian ultra running legend, Pat Farmer.  Inspired by 65 year old Cliff Young, Pat went from a young apprentice motor mechanic to an ultra athlete!  Pat has travelled the world and supported numerous charities with his running.  It’s the adventure that motivates him to do what he does, including running from the north to south pole!  Recently Pat was involved in the Kayo 1000 Miles to Light - an international relay event to raise awareness and funds for youth mental health, especially in the light of COVID!  Covid did get in the way of the...

Episode 54 - A life of movement with no end in sight … and a whole bunch of infectious energy!

In todays episode we talk to the always moving Mark Padgett.  From a young age he was never one to stay still and was a competitive sailor by his teens, heading off around the world competing.   Once competitive sailing finished he took up multi sports and was also very competitive at those event - on top of being a Human Movement teacher.  Now that he’s a dad of 3 lovely girls he’s been able to step back a bit and run, cycle, surf, kite surf etc. for fun and relaxation.


Mark’s Running Tips - Be reali...

Episode 53 - When running becomes your business..

In todays episode we chat with the local running shoe store owner Mike Spray.  He shares some of his interesting and varied journey, from playing hockey in England to opening a running shoe store in Launceston.  Mike is in a privileged position to speak to people everyday about running - he has lots of running wisdom to share with us.  His biggest wish is that there were no barriers to entry for everyone who’d like to start running!  He feels like running gives his life a lot of joy, freedom and meaning.

You can find Mike’s Runnin...

Episode 52 - Going out for a run and just not thinking is great!

Kylie Butler shares a little of her running journey in this episode.  She loves to head to the wilderness and go for a run - taking in the always changing environment - its her happy place!  Kylie’s relaxed attitude to her running is refreshing, we can all learn from her ability to “switch off” when she’s out for a run :)


Kylie’s Running Tips - Start slow and don’t be afraid to not run, just be consistent and increase your running parts slowly. 

Episode 51 - Running can help you deal with what ever life throws at you!

In the 50th episode of FitMIND FitBODY, physio Sally McLaine shares her inspiring running journey including how running has helped her through a recent cancer diagnosis!

Plus she gives us some great practical running tips including a traffic light strategy to work out if a niggle is something you should have looked at or not. 

Sally’s Running Tips - Find a friend who also would like to start running, start with a walk/run, don’t fear a little bit of pain, build up gradually and be consistent to build a habit.   



Episode 50 - Running when you’re not a runner!

In todays episode Mel Jessup shares a little of her running story.  Mel was pregnant during this call - she had her baby in November - a healthy little boy named Parker :)   She has run through her pregnancy up to a few weeks ago and enjoyed getting out.  Mel isn’t particularly focused on being competitive and doesn’t put any pressure on her self during events instead aiming to enjoy the event and especially the satisfaction of crossing the line.

Mel’s Running Tips - “You should train :)”, if you think you’re not a runner - think again, w...

Episode 49 - “Never be disappointed in how fast or slow you run - just keep going and enjoy it.”

In todays episode Deb Pauna shares here running journey.  In her own words I’m just a runner, I came out running!  Deb’s has conditioned herself to get up and hit the road before 6am, four times a week - this means she gets her training done before most people get out of bed!   She is a glass half full kind of person who is full of humour and running wisdom.

Deb’s Running Tips - Get fitted for some good running shoes, cut out crap food and start moving regularly (moving that makes you sweat a little...

Episode 48 - Theres always going to be someone faster or slower than you, just be happy with what you’re doing.

In this episode Vicky Gunn shares her long running journey.  Vicky has run competitively since she was a child, representing Tasmania/Australia a number of times.  At 60 she is still very competitive.  Vicky loves seeing birds (& other animals) during her training - her favourite thing is to see a blue wren when she’s on a run!  When She starts to worry during a run she switches it off straight away because she believes her run should be a relaxation time :)

When you’re racing the goal is to be able to say - “Thats the best I could do...

Episode 47 - Its the small challenges and goals that build your confidence and inner strength

In this episode Mel Hill shares her running journey with us.  As a child it was horse ridding that filled Mel’s days and it wasn’t until she was 22 that she really took to running.  Since then she has run off and on for various reasons, but has always found running to be a way back to well being.

Mel’s running tips - find an enjoyable safe place to run and set yourself small challenges 

Episode 46 - Running makes you feel younger than you are

In this episode Alwynne McMahon, now in her 60s, shares how she started running at 50 so she could enter the Burnie Ten.  Once she got started Alwynne found herself running many events and occasionally getting lost :)  These days she loves to run/walk with friends, so they can solve the problems of the world!   

Alwynne’s running tips - just do it, you’re never too old, be realistic and find a group. 

Episode 45 - Your mind can process a lot of things on a long run.

In this episode we talk to Tamara Webb about her running journey.  Tamara didn’t always run, in fact at school she was a ballerina.  The discipline she learnt in ballet can be seen in her approach to her running.  During some emotionally tough times Tamara has also found running a great help in processing difficult emotions.  


Tamara’s running tips - start with a program like couch to 5k (walk/run) and join a group for motivation. 

Episode 44 - A self described plodder

In this episode we hear from Sarah Fawcett who describes herself as a plodder who loves to run (amongst other activities).  Although fitness may have been the reason Sarah originally started running regularly its been the life long friend ships that she and husband John have made through running that she values most in her life.  


Sarah’s running tips - decent shoes, build up gradually and develop a routine.


P.S. You can hear from Sarah’s husband John in episode 39 :) 

Episode 43 - Running means you can still play with your kids!

Mum of 4, Amanda Davidson has been active all her life including running to stay fit.  In the last few years she has developed a passion for trail running.  In fact her enthusiasm for trail running and what adventures it may hold for her is infectious :)   After a busy day as a midwife and mum she loves to clear her head and find a little “me time” by heading out the door and going for a run!


Amanda’s running tips - decent shoes, consistency over smaller runs and strength training.


P.S. You can...

Episode 42 - Motivation builds on motivation

Megs Calhane is a mum of 2 fabulous kids, has run a personal training business for 20 years and has been a civil celebrant for 8 years!  In this episode she shares why running is one of her favourite activities and some of the drive that keeps her moving.  You’ll just love her positive outlook and energy for living a healthy active life.


Megs’ running tips -  Get a run buddy, introduce a social element to your running, try a park run and start slow. 

Episode 41 - Don’t compare yourself to someone who’s been running for years!

In this episode we hear from Julie Callahan, all the way from Denver, USA.  Julie has run on and off since her thirties, when she tackled her first marathon!  She is now heading towards her first ultra, a 50k in Texas.  By the time this episode goes live Julie will have run in the event :)   Julie just loves to run in soft power snow!  Not something we’re used to here in Australia :)  Her enthusiasm for getting out doors either running, skiing, hiking or riding is infectious.

Julie’s Running tips - Find a running group with a range of...

Episode 40 - 75 and still enjoying running.

In todays episode John Fawcett shares his love of running with us.  At 75, various forms of exercise including running have always been a part of John’s life, in fact I don’t think he has ever been still for longer than 10 minutes in his life!  He’s most proud of his one and only marathon!  

John’s running tips - Don’t be afraid of starting with a walk - start with something easy and don’t be over ambitious.  And ignore your excuses for not doing it! 

Episode 39 - David Williams, he is “An Unstoppable Runner”!

In this episode of the podcast we chat with David Williams who recently published a book about his running adventures - its a fascinating read, penned while he and his wife were care-taking on Deal Island for 3 months (the book details are below)!   Since he started running over 4 decades ago, the mental health benefits of running have helped him through some tough times.  His love of running is clearly evident in our conversation, as is his desire to encourage more people to give it a go.  It was a lovely conversation with a lovely bloke.


Episode 38 - The key to consistent running for Mel is to do it first thing in the morning.

Melinda Ferrier is our guest on todays episode.  At one point in Mel’s life the only running she did was to the tearoom for cake!  Now she gets excited about running marathons around the world with friends and can’t imagine life without it…


Mel’s running tips - Don’t set your expectations too high - slowly build up. 

Episode 37 - Running is analogous to life - it can be a struggle but it will get better..

In todays episode we hear from another inspiring runner - Julie Sladden.  Running has been a constant companion in Julie’s active outdoor life.  It has helped her through medical school, children, a number of serious illnesses and all of life’s ups and downs!

Julie’s Running Tip - Just get started. 

Episode 36 - Josh is a young man who runs because he loves being fit.

Josh is the youngest person we’ve had on the podcast so far, at 16!  Over the last 3 years he has run regularly over the senior distances at the local racing club (the LRC) and trained with the LRB (Launceston Running Buddies).  The consistent effort that Josh applies to his racing and training is a lesson to us all.  

The social side of running has also become an important part of Josh’s running journey.

Josh’s running tip - Give it a try and have fun with it!  and start slow and build it up :)


Episode 35 - A life full of running

Running has always been a part of Emily Stacey’s life - as she says “I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t have running!” 

It has supported her through a number of challenging family circumstances and kept her balanced.   The joy that trail running (especially) gives Emily is a reminder to us all to be present in the moment as we race through life.  Emilys love of running is infectious! 


Emily’s running tips - Wear comfortable clothes, shoes and bra.  Find a running buddy. 

A Special BONUS Episode - Finding time for you!

Today we have a very special BONUS episode.   Marlies Kort and I talk about how and why its so important to find time for YOU (especially if you’re a mum)!

We all have so many roles that we play each day and on top of that we have technology vying for our time.  Finding moments to do something for yourself where you can quieten your mind and get in touch with the authentic you is more important that ever!


This time may look different for everyone - from heading out the door for a...

Episode 34 - Kim is very grateful that running is a part of her life

In todays episode the always smiling, Kim Bugg shares her inspiring running journey!  This includes how running has helped her get through many of the adjustments that life has throws at her, from moving countries to having young children - it’s running that has given Kim space to be with herself. 


Kim’s running tips - Surround yourself with people who like running & each day just do a little bit, but don’t have too much expectation at the beginning. 

Human beings are meant to run - so get moving.

Today we hear from Neena Shah who was born and grew up in Eldoret, Kenya, a town renowned for it awesome runners!   In her youth she was a national badminton champion..  Today Neena is an accountant, lives in London with her family and can’t imagine not having running in her life.

Neena’s running tips - all you need is a pair of shoes and the intention to going for a run. 

From rehab to running coach!

In todays episode Brian Lyons shares his really interesting running journey.  Brian's life has had many twists and turns, from juggling to aged care to rehab - running has been a constant through it all.  His love of running and its positive effects has lead him to start a successful business as a running coach and event organiser!   There is so much for us all to learn from Brians story :) Check out Brian's Website here and enter one of his runs - tell him I sent you :)

Brians running tips - take the watch off and don’t be...

Running keeps you young and vital.

In this episode of the Podcast we speak to Maria Micallef who was in the middle of the Sydney lockdown at the time of recording!  Maria has run most of her life and credits running with staying vital and feeling joy and contentment in her life. 

Maria’s running tip - Start Slow… 

Running with a chronic health condition and making friends!

In todays episode we hear from the inspiring Jo Cowie about what its like to live with a chronic health condition since childhood.  6 years ago, when she was 45, Jo started running and against the odds she’s still running and loving it!  Even her doctors are saying, “what ever you’re doing keep doing it”…   The biggest thing that running has given Jo has been amazing friendships.  

Jo’s running tip - Don’t take it too seriously - its got to be fun. 

Running has provided focus and energy to Nat’s life!

Natalie Slocombe has been running for 8 years and has taken to it like a duck to water!  Initially inspired by her father she has continued her running journey because of the example it provides for those around her (especially her children).

Nat’s running tip - find a running buddy/group that you feel comfortable with. 

Running improves EVERYTHING

In this episode we hear from the inspiring Louise Padgett.  Lou shares her running journey starting with how she got started running as a child, to a professional cycling career that was cut short by a tragic accident and back to running.  Running gives Louse the time she needs to clear her head and move smoothly through life.


A running tip from Lou - Grab a good pair of sneakers and just start, run till you feel a bit puffed. 

Running energises you when you need it.

In this episode I had the delight to talk with the heavily pregnant Paige Wierenga.  By the time this episode is published Paige will have had her baby boy :) Paiges love of running is infectious!  She credits her parents with getting her started running and her dad for giving her some friend competition!

Does Paige think she’ll keep running after she’s had her baby?  You bet! :)


A running tip from Paige - “Don’t over think it - just get started.” 

Running gives you more bang for your buck!

Today we hear from my good friend Colin Smith.  As a newish runner his story is full of gems, like how he fits in training with a very busy business/family life and how he finds running great for getting clarity on things…


A running tip from Colin - start gradually, walk and run. 

Running gives Kelvie time to just BE ... Kelvie.

In this episode Kelvie Lowry shares how as a busy commercial airline pilot he manages to fit in training for marathons.  

Kelvie may have started running in his 40s to keep the weight off but he keeps running for so many reasons, including he enjoys it!  Listen to Kelvie running journey to hear some of the others.

A tip from Kelvie - don’t over do it, you don’t have to run everyday & include a little strength work in your week. 

Make running something you just do..

Craig Boon has been running ALL his life!  He has even moved from a career as an accountant to a career in sports.  In this episode he shares a mountain of running wisdom after a lifetime in the sport.


A running tip from Craig - Trust in the process and believe in yourself!