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Trash pick up. EMS and 911 service. Roads and sidewalks. Business licenses. School bus routes. These are the things that impact your day-to-day life, and they are all part of local government. But hardly anyone pays attention to local government - until they have a problem. We want to change that. Simple Civics: Greenville County is here to help you learn about and get involved in your local government in Greenville County, South Carolina. Whether you live in downtown Greenville or Possum Kingdom, Marietta or Mauldin, Greer or the Golden Strip, if you care about your community, this podcast is for...

Everything You Need to Know about Special Purpose Districts in South Carolina

Have you ever wondered about the special purpose districts that operate behind the scenes in South Carolina? In this episode, we sit down with C.D. Rhodes to shine a light on these little-known but vitally important entities. From fire protection to water and sewer services, special purpose districts play a crucial role in our communities - but their origins and operations remain a mystery to most. Join us as we explore the history and complex challenges facing these districts today, and discover how they shape the future of local governance in our state.



Who Will Be on the Ballot?

37 candidates have filed to run in June 11th primary races touching Greenville County, SC for offices like County Council to Sheriff to state House, Senate, and Congress. Almost HALF of them will have no competition in November, meaning your primary votes are tremendously important. But in 2022, only 14% of voters turned out in the primary. This episode runs through some of the details around our statewide primary, how it works, and who's on the ballot.


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Home Rule: Understanding the Legislation that Created Local Government in South Carolina

Are you curious to learn how South Carolina's counties evolved into the local governments we know today? In this episode, we take an in-depth look at the groundbreaking Home Rule Act with special guest C.D. Rhodes, a partner at Pope Flynn and a leading authority on local government powers. Discover how the events of 1973 and 1975 drastically reshaped the political landscape, shifting power from state senators to local citizens, and learn why understanding Home Rule is crucial for engaged community members today.


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Annexation in South Carolina: How Cities Grow

Ever wondered how cities grow? In this episode, we explore annexation in South Carolina with Scott Slatton, an expert from the Municipal Association of South Carolina. Scott breaks down the process, benefits, and challenges of annexation, sharing insights about donut holes, land use, and the tug-of-war between rural and urban interests. Join us for an engaging look at the little-understood but crucial topic of how cities expand!


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Serving Up Hope: Innovative Nonprofits Responding to Growth and Nourishing Our Community

How are nonprofits dealing with growth in Greenville? In this episode, we sit down Tobin Simpson of Project Host and Catriona Carlisle of Meals on Wheels to learn how these leaders are rising to the occasion with creativity and collaboration. Discover the secrets behind their innovative approaches to fighting hunger, from serving up hot meals and social connections to empowering unemployed individuals with culinary training and how you can get involved.


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From Classroom to Career: The Power of Public-Private Partnerships in Education

Partnerships between schools and industry are the best way to prepare students for the careers of tomorrow, and thanks to partners like Fluor, Greenville County Schools is offering cutting edge opportunities to students from preschool through graduation. Today, we talk with Katie Porter, Greenville County Schools CTE Innovation Center Director, Thomas Riddle, Assistant Director of the Roper Mountain Science Center, and Torrence Robinson, Senior Corporate Philanthropy and Foundation Executive at Fluor, and explore how these partnerships create hands-on learning opportunities for students at facilities like the Roper Mountain Science Center and the CTE Innovation Center. We examine how these...

Seen, Heard, and Valued: Painting Stories of Hope

Today we explore the making of Greenville's "Seen, Heard, and Valued" mural, a nearly 50-foot-tall artwork celebrating stories of hope from those who have experienced homelessness. We hear from the artist, Nick Burns ("Ninja Picasso"), Triune Mercy Center Facilities Manager Don Austin, and Triune Mercy Center Pastor Jennifer Fouse Sheorn about the mural's message and its role in sparking conversations about compassion and action. They are interviewed by Susan McLarty, Executive Director of Greenville Homeless Alliance which spearheaded the project. Join us as we explore how this extraordinary mural is driving change and inspiring hope for those facing homelessness.<...

VITA: Your Free Tax Preparation Solution

Put more money in your pocket this tax season, and help your neighbors file their taxes for free! Today we're talking with Cody Carver, Director of Community Initiatives and Investments at United Way of Greenville County, about the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program and how it offers free tax preparation help to those who qualify. Find out if you're eligible, what documents you'll need, and how to schedule your appointment. We'll also hear from Cody about the tremendous difference VITA volunteers make in our community and how you can get started volunteering.



The Reedy River: Past, Present, and Protecting its Future

The Reedy River plays a vital role in Greenville County's history and its ongoing development. Join us as we speak with Scott Butler, President of the Board of Friends of the Reedy River, to explore the river's geography, its role in economic growth, and the ongoing efforts to protect its health. We'll discuss the importance of environmental policy and how you can take action to help preserve this beautiful natural resource.


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Learning as They Lead: Reflections from the Heart of Public Service

Today we hear from local officials about the realities of public service, revealing the demanding nature of their so-called part-time roles. Councilman Benton Blount, Councilman Karuiam Booker, and Trustee Anne Pressley share insights into the learning curve, community impact, and the importance of engagement in governance. Through their stories, we gain a deeper appreciation for the dedication required to make a tangible difference in the lives of constituents. Listen as they reflect on the challenges and rewards of serving our communities.


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