Help! My Business is Growing

16 Episodes

By: Kathy Svetina

If you have a business that's growing and you're both excited and terrified at the same time - this is a podcast for you! You'll get actionable advice on how to grow a business in a way that is healthy and sustainable.

How to design a business that supports the life you want to lead, with Amy Pocsik

Many entrepreneurs start their businesses to create a better life for themselves, their families, and their community. But the reality is that as a business grows, so does your involvement in it. There are literally hundreds of things to do and decisions to make!

Pretty soon, you're drowning in work; it's consuming all your time, effort, and energy - not to mention resources. And your initial goal of starting a business is to have the freedom to spend quality time doing what you love to do and living your best...

Advanced tax strategies for a growing business, with Ronica Brown, CPA

Even if you think of taxes (both planning and paying them) as a "necessary evil," you can also make them work for you. Taking the time to plan your taxes and incorporating advanced tax strategies is a practical way to help your business save money.

In this episode of Help! My Business Is Growing, Tax Planning Expert and CPA Ronica Brown share how you can dig deep into the tax code and find a gold mine of methods to save on your taxes. 

Ronica is a CPA, t...

How to successfully take your business global, with Brigitte Bojkowszky

Breaking into the international market is a great way to expand your customer base and generate more revenue. It elevates you, your brand, and your business, can be really complex.

There are not just the legal and financial aspects to think through, but also cultural differences that you need to be aware of - a part of going global that can either make or break your efforts.

"But where do I start and how do I go about this?"

"I'm not an enterprise-level...

How to build your executive presence in the zoom era, with Pamela Wigglesworth

Today, it is our smartphone, tablet, and computer webcams that allow us to connect with our teams as well as suppliers, clients, and sales prospects. 

This is the current reality of our daily working lives, video calls and meetings are now the norms.

And since we are keeping it real, distractions - whether you realize it or not - are now also part of your meeting agenda! 

The physical disconnect makes it that much easier for your audience to drift away to deal with ot...

How to take care of yourself as you're growing your business, with John J. Fenton

It's easy to get lost in the blur of what needs to get done when you're running a growing business. You feel constantly pressed for time because at any given moment, there is another call to answer, meeting to attend, or fire to put out.

The overwhelm is real, and many driven founders like you, who are goal-oriented and hell-bent on achieving success, will (in desperation) resort to multitasking and overworking.

It's a highly stressful situation, leading to eventual burnout and possible major health issues.

When you...

How being "busy" is crippling your business, with Julie Hyde

Running a business is a lot of work, and you and your team are probably extremely busy right now, making sure things keep moving and get done. 

And that's how it is, right?  We need to stay busy and attend all the meetings because we think this will help the business succeed. 

Well, not quite. If you and your employees are too busy to the point of near burnout, that's a problem. 

Increased employee stress levels and poor work-life balance can cost your company thousands and even millions in annu...

How to increase productivity the right way, with Dawn O' Connor

A productive workforce is the key to increasing the efficiency and profitability of your growing business. 

It's a win-win situation when your team is productive and focuses on the right type of work: stress levels are lower, they can deal with customers better, they are motivated and satisfied, plus - things just get done! 

However, many small business employees - and founders too - can't entirely focus on deep work. They get distracted or get swamped with busy work. And not focusing on the right type of work, work that moves th...

Hire the right people and grow your team, with Talmar Anderson

Hiring the right people - and keeping them - is such a crucial piece in ensuring the success of your growing business.

Bringing in people who will rock for your business from the get-go will improve efficiency, motivate colleagues and help your company take advantage of that growth. 

On the other hand, a bad hire can be demoralizing, disruptive, mentally stressful, and will cost you precious time and money. When you hire the wrong person, everyone - not just the job - suffers. 

So how can you, as a business owner, founder - an...

How to use financial data to grow your business, with Lynn Corazzi

Data - specifically financial data - is vital to the financial health of your business.

It provides you with the insights you need to make better business decisions, increase sales and profits, and productivity as well  - as long as you can make sense of it!

Data overload or unclear data can get confusing. Choosing to ignore your financial data - or even worse - making decisions using wrong or muddled data - can cost you a lot of money.  

So how can you turn your data into profit? What does it look li...

How to "lean out" your business for next level growth, with Crista Grasso

Starting, growing, and sustaining a business is challenging, especially if you want to keep costs down. The last thing you want is for your business to grow at a rate where it won't be able to sustain itself. 

Growing your business in a lean way ensures that it grows at a healthy and sustainable pace, increasing value and productivity and decreasing waste.

So what does a lean business look like? 

Why is it important to keep your business lean, and how does it affect your company's financials?


How to recruit legal counsel for your growing business, with Amy Rowland

New opportunities, increased revenue, and more employees are all signs of a growing business.  But for founders, an uptick in legal expenses is a sure sign of growth too.

Bringing the right in-house counsel into your business delivers advantages, including knowing your business better and responding quickly to all your legal concerns and requirements.

So when is it time - and what is the process - of hiring an in-house legal counsel? 
What should you look for in an applicant, and what is a realistic budget for this investment? 

In this episode of...

Sell with dignity & set your sales team up for success, with Harry Spaight

Your salespeople play a crucial role in the growth of your business. 

The more effective your sales team, the better it is for your company financially and otherwise.

But how do you set up your new - or even existing - sales department for success?

My guest Harry Spaight and I talk about the concept of "Selling with dignity" and why absorbing it into your company's culture is essential and beneficial for your future growth. He also shares practical tips and insights on how to sell well and how t...

How to innovate: A blueprint for your business

Business innovation is usually defined as when a company comes up with something new - be it products and services - for the market. 

However, innovation encompasses other things including new processes, new collaborations and partnerships and so much more. 

So how should you, as a business owner, innovate? Where do you start? Where do you focus your efforts? And how do you make it happen?  

 My guest today, Michael Haynes, founder of Listen, Innovate and Grow, reveals specific and practical steps to take to successfully innovate and affect positive change in your grow...

How to build systems and processes that will support your growing business

Setting up systems and processes are essential in driving business growth.

Not only do they keep your operations efficient and organized, but they also directly affect your bottom line.

In today's episode, my guests Meagan Ruppert & Athena Quinones, owners of Scale Business Consulting, reveal how your systems and processes are vital to sustainably scaling your business.

They help female coaches build empires with the delegation, systems, & simple strategies they need to uplevel to true CEOs

In this episode, we look into:

02:45 What is the difference...

How sales commissions & the right compensation plan help you grow your business, with Chris Michel

As your business grows and you start to hire dedicated salespeople, you're going to need a competitive commission plan. 

Not only is it vital to your sales organization, but your commission structure also directly impacts your financial strategy.

In today's episode, my guest Chris Michel brings over 30 years of sales and management experience to help me dissect how sales commissions & the right compensation plan drives growth and affects your business. 

Chris is an Outsourced Sales Manager that coaches and guides business owners who are self-managing sales and should no...

How company culture affects finances and what to do about it

Your company's culture is an important part of running a business and can spell the difference between success and failure. The lack of culture and leadership will inevitably show up in finances.

We break down how culture and leadership affect your growing business and what steps you should take to avoid the lack of leadership and business culture.

My guest on this episode is Lindsay White is a Leadership Coach, People Strategist, and founder of High Voltage Coaching, a company that coaches and guides female business owners as they navigate their personal leadership...