Welcome to my F*cking 20's

2 Episodes

By: Allysa Baxley

Join Allysa as she navigates her 20's. That's it.That's the podcast.you decide if it's funny.

The Beached Whale

In this episode, you will learn why the haters call me crazy. Are they right? Probably. I'll let you in on a little secret; just because you have mental health problems, does NOT mean you are crazy. 

Welcome To My 20's - Episode 1: I'm older than my mother

Hello! Long time, no see. Thank you for tuning into the first episode of Welcome to my 20's with your one and only, Allysa Baxley. Yes, that is how you spell my name. I'm super excited to finally have an episode out and get the train out of the station. This episode I really wanted to let you in on some personal stuff that has been going on. I share some weirds stories sense moving to Orlando, DIVE back into the college party scene, and lastly, share some exciting news for about the future. Sit back...