Reptile Entrepreneur Podcast

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By: Bill Strand

Learn skills for creating a business within the reptile community. Hear from entrepreneurs who have already done it. The reptile community is growing and healthy growth can only come if community members step up to the plate and provide the right products and solid education. Join me and other entrepreneurs as we share with you the steps we took to build a business in this community we love.

Josh's Frogs: Building a Business with Core Values
Last Monday at 4:00 AM

Josh Willard, CEO of Josh's Frogs, joins me and we talk about the core values that drive Josh's Frogs. Josh is an example of someone who has not lost the amazed wonder that inspires us to want to be involved with reptiles in the first place and that shows itself in the company he has built. From committing to offering only captive bred reptiles and amphibians to funding conservation efforts to offering grants for amphibian research, Josh and his team are showing what a true reptile-focused company can be.

Be Authentic

Authenticity is presenting yourself as you are. Why do we feel like we need to be more? Is being the best and smartest and most “right” person in the room the path to success? Here is the truth about authenticity - You do not have to be more than you are to build a following. More so, you will build a stronger following if you come as you are. Today I explore being authentic in what we do.

Monetizing Your Content Stream with Dillon Perron

There is an enormous amount of work that goes into creating and maintaining a content stream whether it be blog, video channel, or podcast. And your content stream is relentless in demanding new material every week or two. There are ways you can be compensated for your hard work which can allow you to invest in the show and help put the roof over your head! Joining me is Dillon Perron from the Animals At Home Network to share how he has monetized his show. Listen in and learn what you can do for your content outreach.

Breeding Dart Frogs as a Business

Today I talk with Alex Menke of Frog Daddy who openly shares his experiences starting a dart frog breeding business. More than just talkjng about dart frogs, Alex gives us an insight into what he is doing to make his business successful. These principles are key to any business. But now you are hearing it from a man who is living it in the reptile community.  

Be Original

Today we talk about being original in our business approach. The entrepreneurial mindset is that we can create a larger market and we can expand the customer base. We do not have to copy or follow in anyone else's footsteps.

Understanding Patents

Good morning, Reptile Entrepreneurs! This fine day we will be talking about patents. This is the protection you have to profit from your invention. Everyone loves a good idea. The only thing better than a good idea is a good idea that someone one spent all the effort to develop, prove out, and create a market for. Which isn’t that great when someone else decides to make money off of what you invented! So, it is worth spending some time here exploring what protection is available for inventors. I will be talking with Richard Clarke who is the pa...

Working With Overseas Manufacturers

The quickest way to prototype a product to prove out a design is to find a manufacturer that makes a similar product who can tweak the design to match your specifications. They then can manufacture the product for you. Today I talk to Todd Goode, president of, who has spent years working with overseas manufacturers to get his high end and specialty reptile lighting products made. Todd comes on and shares the process so that you have another option for getting your products made.

Taking Care of Yourself

It is important to create a comprehensive success scenario that ensures that you will be happy when you achieve your entrepreneurial goals. In today's episode I help make sure you don't lose the most important things while chasing your dream. 

Breeding Reptiles with Josh Dovenbarger

Breeding reptiles is a dream job for many of us. And there are some people who have been able to make it work enough that that is what they do. Today I talk with Josh Dovenbarger from Phantom Dragons. Josh is one of the top breeders of bearded dragons and shares with us how he built this business, what his life is like, and his advice to anyone who would like to breed reptiles for a living. 

Defining Success

The tag line of this podcast is making responsible and successful businesses in the reptile community. Today I wanted to talk about what success means.  Financial success is certainly front and center, but there are other forms of success that we should keep in mind. And when you are considering an entrepreneurial project consider the big picture. 
This is a meditation Thursday episode where I explore a concept and just shoot the breeze! Pull up a chair, pour a cold brew, and let's see where this takes us!

Ep 04: 3D Printing for the Reptile Community

And here is the opportunity that is presenting itself to us. Through 3D printing we have the ability to make for our specialized community what we will not soon find in any national chain pet store.

 David has graciously agreed to join me on the show today and share how he leveraged 3D printing technology to create valuable specialty husbandry products for his community. 

The freedom to chart my own course

This is Meditation Thursdays where I talk about a topic that is meaningful to me or an educational discussion I feel is important. The Monday episodes are all business and can be considered the boardroom, while Thursday is free for all and can be considered the water cooler.

Today I share why I am so passionate about entrepreneurial ventures. My side business literally gave me the freedom to get out of bad career positions. It made all the difference in the world to feel the freedom to stay or go depending solely on whether the job was...

Websites - the reason you need one

A website is the best option for your business's home base in the digital realm. In this episode I make the argument as to why you should have one. There are web builders that make it easier than it was in the past. With Weebly, Wix, and Squarespace you can start off in a highly controlled, but limited arena. With Wordpress you can spread your design wings along with greater opportunity for things to go wrong along with the gains in freedom!

Introduction to the Reptile Entrepreneur

Welcome to the Reptile Entrepreneur! This is a show for anyone interested in starting a business in the reptile world or has a business and wants to hear from others what they are doing. 

We’ll talk about how to come up with product idea, prototype, and test it out. We’ll talk about manufacturing and basic business management. What if your business is content? Video, audio, the written word… There is a need for good solid information on YouTube, Instagram, or any other social media site. Yes, even that Tik Tok thing!

Product development, busines...