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Yaya Diamonds Dream Chasers Radio is an interview platform hosted by the energetic Yaya Diamond with guests from every profession. Her guests have included top neuro-surgeons, Doctors, Authors, Grammy-nominated and Grammy-winning musicians, Entrepreneurs, Health topics, men and women issues, comedians, and much more. There is something for everyone here on Dream Chasers Radio. Subscribe to the youtube channel to watch here.

Get an Up Close Look at Author Dick Shriver's Epic Journey "Glimpses of an Uncharted Life"
Yesterday at 10:00 PM


Dick Shriver and his wife, Barbara, spent 8 years living and working in the Soviet Union and

post-Soviet Ukraine. Dick earned a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering at Cornell

University and a master's degree in industrial engineering at Ohio State University. He worked

for Exxon before starting his own technology consulting firm. He later did two tours with the US

Government at the leve...

Step into a World Where Imagination is King - Discover Author Anthony Smellie
Yesterday at 12:00 PM

Welcome, my name is Anthony B. Smellie. I started writing when I was a teen. Ever since I could remember I have had a fantastic imagination. My first attempt of writing was a science fiction book. Because I was and still am interested in science fiction, and fantasy. I watch lots of science fiction and fantasy movies. Many of them include Star Wars, Star Trek, Babylon 5, and when I was a child I love reading comics like X-Men, Fantastic Four, Captain America, and Superman and so on. I am always interest in how far the stories can go. Someone...

The Power of Writing It All Down: 'If You Only Knew' with Author Shermaine Gore
Last Sunday at 12:00 PM

Amazon Link

The reason why I wrote this book is because I wanted to express all of the things that I was going through in my life in order for me to prepare myself for the next level of my life, which means to put my past behind me and live toward my future. I had to get this stuff out of my system in order for me to be free. Here are seven things I desire in my life: 1. Happiness, peace, love, and joy 2. Travel around the world and be a motivational...

Explore the Possibility of Eternal Life with Author Michael O'Buck With Talk show host Yaya Diamond

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Eternal Life is a comprehensive study of Biblical scripture. The study defines, characterizes, and shows the existence of Eternal Life. The book shows the teachings of Christ himself to the men he chose as apostles as well as to the crowds. It shows what he witnessed to the apostles he chose after he was resurrected. It also shows what the men delivered to the church after Christ himself ascended. The book also deals with the Whole Armor of God and its application in a Christian's everyday life. These notes and teachings are the foundation for...

Grandma Waves with Her Heart: Get to Know author Austine Royer Smith!

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If you want to see God and feel His presence, you can find it in abundance in a child. Our Bible teaches us that "children are a gift from God and that children's children are a crown to the aged and the parents are a pride to their children. "I have been so very blessed by God to be the recipient of an awesome, incredible family that only God could create.

Believe me, I have enjoyed every second of my children's, my grandchildren's, and my great grandchildren's lives. Being a major part of...

Unforgettable Story of a 12 Year Old in 1989: T.G. Monahan's 'Dreamin' in 89

Amazon Book It's the summer of 1989. Batman owns the box office, Milli Vanilli rules the airwaves, stone-washed Cavariccis are all the rage... and Sebastian Riggs has bigger problems than being made to do the school bullies' homework or winning the attention of the coolest girl in his class. The one thing in the world he desperately needs is the one thing he can't seem to get: a vintage stunt radio-controlled airplane—the Dreamin'. Seb's mission is clear: make enough money to buy the Dreamin' and become a world-renowned R/C pilot, thereby earning his father's respect... or fail and re...

Author Tonya Drummond's Latest Writings: A Glimpse Into Her Journey

This book is dedicated to the women of the world and it is a heartfelt tribute from the author to all their experiences, strength, and courage. Through her writings, the author wants to share how she views life as a whole; how her mother has been an inspiration in teaching her that experience is truly the best teacher. Amazon link

They knew this would cause harm but they did it anyway! Interview with author Bryan Guilfoyle M.D.

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When all aspects of a young physician's personal and professional lives are torn from him--his life knocked "off the rails"--he must first take ownership of the causes for his tribulations and only then seek to reestablish those aspects that provide purpose and meaning for the future. But accomplishing this is far more difficult than he ever thought possible.

Rehabilitation, it turns out, requires more than breaking or escaping personal addictions. Suicide and substance abuse are at epidemic proportions in the USA today because spirituality has been "bleached out" of American culture. Twelve-step...

Medical Malpractice Unmasked in Author Norman Preston's book 'Hospital From Hell'! w/Yaya Diamond

Author Norman Preston presents "Hospital from Hell" Amazon Book The coronavirus hit the hospital from out of nowhere. Nobody could have possibly seen it coming or could have prepared for what to do. At least, not in the environment that the workers were forced to practice medicine in. “I am everything and you are nothing!” screamed Callie, the future Senior Vice President of Patient Affairs, at the audience who was reviewing data showing how the coronavirus was spreading and the hospital's efforts to save the lives of those with the most serious cases. Callie typed something on her computer and...

John Nieman's Shocking Tale of Winning Millions - and its Horrific Consequences - w/Yaya Diamond


According to the popular myth, winning a multi-million dollar lottery is supposed to be your ticket to perpetual happiness. Unfortunately, it doesn't always work out that way. Occasionally, in fact, the exact opposite is true. That was the case for Danny, Meghan and Casey Banks, who did their best to keep a low profile of their winnings-only to discover that the big jackpot can lead to a life of unlucky and nightmarish surprises.

Success Story from Serial Entrepreneur Sabrina Lee

Sabrina Lee is a woman with many roles in life. She's a serial entrepreneur, a school owner, an educator, a business coach, an online course creator, a wholesale store owner, digital services agency CEO, a "big cousin" to her community, a boss to her 20+ employees, a mom of two, a wife, a daughter, an aspiring and soon-to-be public motivational speaker and most of all - a female empowerment leader.

It is her goal in life to leave a legacy of opening many doors for other women especially those who are aiming at a better life...

Illustrator and Author Judith Mitchell Unveils Mystical World of 'BOVILLE'

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Alma is a young girl who lives in a gloomy town called BOVILLE, a dreary place where it rains and rains. It never stops raining. Everyone is surly, and they curse at the towering rocky mountain which surrounds Boville, forever keeping the clouds in and the sun out. The villagers call the mountain “The Hateful Sleeper,” a name whose origin is lost in their history. Alma and Oyster spend hours peering at the Sleeper through her rainstreaked window. Most of the time, The Hateful Sleeper is invisible, shrouded in mist, but occasionally when the mist clea...

Promising Female Prodigy Sarah Diaz Debuts her new song 2 Luv U

Promising Female Prodigy Sarah Diaz

Sarah Diaz, a 19-year-old singer/songwriter from Lafayette, Louisiana, is ecstatic as she embarks on her new adventure as an aspiring female pop star with nothing but big aspirations and incredible musical abilities to back her up. She wants her music to reflect the kind and fearless attitude of the young woman who is more than ready to take on the world. Sarah Diaz has started on the right foot with what is one of the most original and passion-full tracks I've listened to in quite a while; and let's...

Unlock Your Potential with Life Coach Sherry Fernandez - Interview with Yaya Diamond

#blackwomenpodcasters #lifecoaching #life Why would we choose happiness for our children if we didn't think it was the greatest gift life has to offer and what we most want for ourselves? The purpose of life is to be happy, and happiness is the universal desire of mankind. But what makes people happy? Each of us has an infinite amount of potential. Moving toward that infinite potential is the key to happiness. It is a simple concept, but it isn't necessarily an easy one to practice. https://lifemasteryinfo.com/

Get free movies in Virtual Reality at enterinfi.com today

Website: https://enterinfi.com/

“INFI is an integrated, user-friendly platform based on blockchain for all your visual, auditory, intelligence and imaginative requirements with an ability to seamlessly transit from one vertical to another.
The platform is being developed keeping in mind a full suite solution for all personal and professional needs of the consumer. The platform shall encompass entertainment, home automation/control, security and professional development.

INFI is a one-stop shop for everything qualitative and quantitative in the palm of your hands through a mobile phone or a TV remote. Watch quality video content fr...

Uncover the Secrets of Iris House with Author Barbara Godfrey

Amazon Link

Brenda Chalmers, after the shocks of the Legacy disclosure is trying to find balance in a world out of kilter. A disturbing presence that she or Iris cannot define follows her around like a shadow. As she continues to delve into the lives of the Lucas Line, and grow the enterprises she has started, life she realizes has not finished throwing curve balls at her or the family.

Interview Behind Bars with Inmate J. Francis taking on Monumental Task talking about the book "Unity of the Forgotten"

https://unityoftheforgotten.com/ Come and witness an inspiring story of inmates from all walks of life coming together as one to write the most important book ever! This video will take you through their struggles, challenges, and triumphs as they fight for a better future. You'll witness how their determination led them to create something bigger than themselves. Watch this powerful video to learn more about this unique project that has made such a positive impact on so many lives!

Interview Behind Bars with Inmates who are taking on Monumental Task talking about the book "Unity of the Forgotten"

https://unityoftheforgotten.com/ Come and witness an inspiring story of inmates from all walks of life coming together as one to write the most important book ever! This video will take you through their struggles, challenges, and triumphs as they fight for a better future. You'll witness how their determination led them to create something bigger than themselves. Watch this powerful video to learn more about this unique project that has made such a positive impact on so many lives!

Author Jodi Dickey Brings Environment Education to Young Readers! - Interview with Yaya Diamond


Author Jodi Dickey Brings Environment Education to Young Readers! - Interview with Yaya Diamond Jack Harold Hanson has an extraterrestrial dog with magical powers that can talk and communicate telepathically. They go on an interstellar adventure that involves space dragons, and a lovely female wormhole that transports them to the parallel universe where Planet Zealon is located. With the help of his two best friends, Heidi and Vance, they solve a fascinating mystery involving the Heart Tree and an extraterrestrial wizard named Mr. Amazing. Jack is the Chosen One and only he and his dog Mutt...

Discovering the Missing Piece of His Life Author Patrick Davy "The Bitter Sweet Search For a Father"

Amazon Books

#growingupwithoutafather #singleparents #fatherlessness

Discovering the Missing Piece of His Life Author Patrick Davy "The Bitter Sweet Search For a Father" Amazon Books: Thirty-eight-year-old Pete Mitchell declares to his sons how fortunate they are to grow up with their father. He reveals to his first and third-grade boys that he does not know his dad. He seeks the help of Nigel, his cousin, to find the man who shares the responsibility of his coming into the world. His father left the Caribbean community where he grew up before Pete was born. In his attempts...

Kasdyn Click Author of "Saddlebrook Romance Novel" talks about Writing Romance While yet being Single

The book of Saddlebrook did what it was suppose to do. Bring people together! It started out as a low budget interesting Romance Novel to go down in history and gain more readers over time. The projected 10-15 people it would bring this book from start to finish from creation, editing to final printed publishing is what would complete getting the book out there to the public. However, thankful to social media over 100 people have now gotten involved in helping get this book out there for everyone to read. Bringing together a worldwide multi-cultural diverse community surrounded by animal...

Discovering Emperor Sam's Unique Sound from Nigeria to Philly!


#blackwomenpodcasters #interview #podcast

Emperor Sam is a Philadelphia-based global recording artist. Originally from Nigeria, Sam has lived in and sourced inspiration from everywhere he has resided; recording in renowned studios in his second home of London, as well as Philadelphia PA, and working with label accredited engineers such as Brandon Miranda and other industry mentors. Not only does Sam write and often record his own music, but creates his own beats start to finish, with experience in various instruments. With the entrancing feel of the 808 that comes forth in...

Cut your health care costs now with tips for lowering insurance premiums - Kat Schlothauer

Everyone wants to save money, particularly when it comes to health care costs. Health insurance can be expensive and is a financial strain for many individuals and families. Fortunately, there are some simple steps that can help lower these costs without compromising on quality of care.

For starters, it's important to do your research so that you can compare plans and find the best fit for your needs. Make sure you understand what coverage is offered by each plan before signing up, as well as additional benefits such as discounts or copays for specific services. Additionally, it...

Make Money from Zookie.Biz/yayadiamond A Revolutionary New Social Media Platform

Zookie.Biz/yayadiamond #blackwomenpodcasters #socialmedia #makemoneyonline Zooki is a community of people who are creating kind, clean, wholesome, and prosperous social media platforms. Sharing Zooki allows you to build your circle of influence and help make the world a better place. And if you become a Zooki Independent Representative, you'll be handsomely rewarded for selling Zooki products.

Let's Hear It for Alopecia Awareness with Tracy Newbill-Etheridge!

Tracy Newbill-Etheridge is a television host of My AIR (AlopeciaIsReal) Talk Show that is aired on WACH FOX 57 in Columbia, SC and FOX 31 in Albany, GA; as well as on her YouTube Channel. She brings Alopecian Brothers and Sisters on her show to share their Alopecia Journeys; as well as individuals who are doing extraordinary things in the community. With her background in radio broadcasting, she is ready to set the TV networks on fire. Tracy started a My AIR foundation that gives out scholarships to high school seniors for College. Tracy is also the owner of Divas Boutique...

Discover the Hidden Gem of Music with TrinitiAlanna's 'Blind Spot'!' - Yaya Diamonds shout out

From Texas emerges a songbird that is creating quite a loud buzz in the city of Houston and beyond. Trinitialanna has been working on her gift of singing and songwriting since she was seemingly a toddler. Always willing to perform whether in choirs or working out with her vocal coach Mr. Joseph Rawley formerly of The University Of Houston. Trinitialanna has received attention for her quick ability to create hooks for various singers and rappers from her city on a whim while adding her unique vocal range to their studio sessions. Now stepping out to pursue her own goals...


Tax season is here! Here's how to pay less and get more back on your 2022 IRS taxes Join this channel to get access to perks:

#blackwomenpodcasters #2022 #tax

Get the answers to all of these common questions. In this video we will answer: Do you or anyone you know like paying taxes? What could you do with an extra $74,458, if you are single or $94,645 if you are married? What if inflation is actually a gift? Use the US Internal Revenue Codes to legally pay only what you owe, and not a penny more. What would you...

Unlock the door to Business Success: Get Anonymous feedback with the Be Better App

Unlock the door to Business Success: Get Anonymous feedback with the Be Better App https://www.bbbebetter.com https://www.bbbebetter.com/solutions/ Do you want to supercharge your business growth with anonymous feedback? This video will show you how to leverage this powerful tool! Learn how to use anonymous feedback from customers, employees, and partners in order to gain valuable insights that can help drive better decision-making. Discover the impact it can have on customer satisfaction and loyalty, as well as creating a culture of trust and collaboration. Find out what best practices are available for setting up...


https://unityoftheforgotten.com/ Come and witness an inspiring story of inmates from all walks of life coming together as one to write the most important book ever! This video will take you through their struggles, challenges, and triumphs as they fight for a better future. You'll witness how their determination led them to create something bigger than themselves. Watch this powerful video to learn more about this unique project that has made such a positive impact on so many lives!

Finding Family in the Most Unexpected Ways: "Miracle: A Birthday Story" by Wendy Alyson Jordan

Check out Miracle A Birthday Story.

Springtime is here at HeavenWood and with it comes the joy of new life. The farm animals, from swans and horses to chickens, ducks, and quail, are especially happy as their babies arrive, but this year something is different. A first-year young mom has left one of her baby bison behind, and without a mother, the baby will not survive.

This is the story of Miracle, a baby bison who found herself alone and in need of a forever home. When we heard the heartbreaking news, we knew that...

From Abuse to Author: Vicksay M. Richardson's Inspiring Story - Interview with Yaya Diamond

From Abuse to Author: Vicksay M. Richardson's Inspiring Story - Interview with Yaya Diamond

#blackwomenpodcasters #youtubepodcast #abuse

About the Author My name is Vicksay Baby Moten-Richardson; I am the last of fourteen children. I realize now why I am so different in so many ways, not in a bragging way but in a way that God has laid it on my heart to share my life in this book. Not too many people are named Baby. It was not until I was eighteen and graduating from high school when I revealed that my...

Going Behind the Music: An Exclusive Interview With Sophia Dias

Sophia Dias is Bulletproof - Jamaica Observer World-famous chef/designer records psalm of hope in Kingston - Jamaica Observer Sophia Dias recording debut album in Jamaica | Entertainment | Jamaica Star (jamaica-star.com) Sophia Dias Is Bullettproof (dancehallreggaeworld.com) https://redxmagazine.com/sophia-dias-story-survival-of-the-fittest-in- bullet-proof/ http://the-further.com/the-story-of-sophia-dias-domestic-violence-survi- vor https://www.musicindustrytoday.com/article/602512069-sophia-dias-bul- let-proof-a-compelling-story-of-resilience-strength-and-hope https://www.jamaicansuntimes.com/article/602512069-sophia-dias-bul- let-proof-a-compelling-story-of-resilience-strength-and-hope https://www.entertainmentnewsjamaica.com/article/602512069-sophia- dias-bullet-proof-a-compelling-story-of-resilience-strength-and-hope https://thecultgateway.com/sophia-dias-gives-some-worth-learning-les- sons-in-bullet-proof Interview - Sophia Dias (circleofbooks.com) https://www.aboutinsider.com/the-fighter-sophia-dias-an-example-to-fol- low/ Sophia DIAS, Founder of DIAS Designs USA is off on a Philanthropic journey into...

Discover Where Artistry and Talent Collide with LVEMRE's Latest Music! - Interview - Music Video

Triple threat singer, songwriter and producer Ron Davis better known as LVEMRE born and raised in GA. He has created his own sound and lane in the music world thanks to his talent and positive musical message. LVEMRE is self-taught producer but later attended Full Sail University and attained a bachelors degree in Music Production. He grew up singing in church from the age of 10 which gave him the drive and love for music. He has written, produced and collaborated with many artist major and unsigned due to his love and passion for music. His mantra is "do it...

Discover the Writing Wisdom of St. John with Rev. Dr. Henry Malone

The Sacred Writings of St. John the Apostle

Written for Pastors and serious Bible scholars to give them more time in the Greek text. The first question for the serious Bible scholar should be is "What is the text?" Only then are you ready to move on to "What does it mean?" The Sacred Writings of St. John the Apostle presents the "Received Texts" since its inception to present as the eclectic text in use today. The changes over time are color coded Greek script. The textual critic's effort to recover the original autographs is recorded as the...

A Fishin' Adventure with Acclaimed Children's Book Author Roy F. Weaver

The Way of Things is eroding. In the reefs of each prosperous free society in the Ocean World, Hard-Working Fish are being oppressed by a class of characters who are more egomaniacal, entitled, and greedy: the narcissistic Politi-Sharks. Ultimately, constant oppression of the Hard-Working Fish causes society to fall into deep depression, despair, and distress.

Then, an unlikely hero arrives: the Large-Mouthed Bass. An outsider to the typical ruling class, the Large-Mouthed Bass rallies the oppressed Hard-Working Fish and energizes a hopeful challenge against those who would Reign in Dominion. With his leadership, what will...

All she had was "Hope" and it never let her down by author Gaetane Ricke


Hope and perseverance are the key to survival. Keana, a survivor of great tribulation, refuses to be defeated by her harsh circumstances.

In the absences of her father, Keana is at the mercy of her mother, uncle, and her older brother. While still a teenager, she is forced to leave home with hardly enough money to pay her bus.

Will she be able to survive the challenge life have in store for her?

Unbelievable: Janice Holliman's Story of Defying the Odds "Survivor"


This book is about the life of the author. It focuses on her faith, her hope, and her endurance during the years of her illness. In this true story, you will learn the how and why about the effects that changed her family's life-the author's Crohn's disease, the fourteen blood clots, toxic gut syndrome, colitis, tumors, ulcers, vertigo, weight gain and loss, pregnancies, the many surgeries, and how her body would not wake up after some of her surgeries. Having COPD, asthma, sleep apnea, allergies, an enlarge heart, heart diseases, high blood pressure...

Be Prepared to be Floored! Charlie Pendersen's "Wake up America"

Wake up America!

Wake up America takes a journey across the world to discover what we need to do move our and world society to a new level of positive growth, peacefully , and a way that maximizes our diverse world societies. We are moving towards a nine billion citizen planet and we need a twenty first century refresh. The Oil and Gas dominated twentieth century society , much like the wood and coal based nineteenth century, needs to step up to a new paradigm. Since we dominantly have been trying to find the “best “ solution, it's time to enab...

Backyard Wildlife Sparks Literary Brilliance: Gloria Maddens books are inspired by the animals and dedicated to her grandchildren

During her retirement, Gloria Madden has found countless hours of free time to reminisce about her childhood and become involved in hobbies like crocheting afghans for her grandchildren and great-grandchildren while having a morning cup of tea. She began noticing some little animals in her yard and thus began a series of stories she has dedicated to her great-grandchildren.

"Gleb G: Music that Speaks to Your Soul" - shout out by Yaya Diamond

The musical styles of Gleb G will have your heart melting. Check out his youtube for more at https://www.youtube.com/@glebg2982