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Yaya Diamonds Dream Chasers Radio is an interview platform hosted by the energetic Yaya Diamond with guests from every profession. Her guests have included top neuro-surgeons, Doctors, Authors, Grammy-nominated and Grammy-winning musicians, Entrepreneurs, Health topics, men and women issues, comedians, and much more. There is something for everyone here on Dream Chasers Radio. Subscribe to the youtube channel to watch here.

Author Michael Tavella Illuminates Dark History with 'The Light in the Ruins'

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Michael Tavella has served as co-pastor with his wife, Amanda Grimmer, in two Lutheran congregations. They are presently serving and for thirty-one years have led Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, Abington, Pennsylvania. They have two sons. Tavella is the former Dean of the Atlantic Mission District of the North American Lutheran Church.

At the beginning of the Twenty-second Century, the world has entered a Dark Age. A Lutheran pastor, Jonathan Klug, serves a congregation in Felderheim, a town in central Pennsylvania. While struggling with doubt about himself and his ministry, he receives a call...

Hip Hop in Its Infancy: A Conversation with DJ Finesse and Yaya Diamond

#blackwomenpodcasters #hiphop #music Instagram - theinternationaldjfinesse @kyshonfinesse8872 I'm the socket for the plug you got. The International DJ Finesse aka Ahk OG ask the streets, the prisons, boxing, and HipHop about me. #hiphoplegend

Discovering the Courageous story of Author and Pastor Handri Timbuleng

Amazon Book Link Pastor Handri Timbuleng is a native of Indonesia where he grew up and became a pastor in the Christian church. Following the attack of his church by members of the Islamic community, he sought asylum in the United States.

Busting the Blockchain Myth with CEO of Lattice Labs, Bijan Burnard

https://www.latticelabs.io/ We are building a highly scalable blockchain ecosystem We are a global blockchain provider composed of blockchain experts, educators, entrepreneurs, engineers, computer scientists, designers and consultants. Meet the team helping to build the future of Web 3.0. At Lattice Labs, we're committed to providing technology that combines scalability, decentralization, and security. To turn this vision into reality, the Lattice Labs team is developing different parts of an open system and closely working with partners to support the adoption of Lattice Network technology. We are blockchain developers The Lattice Labs Team are experienced with blockchain development across...

Author Sylvia Bryden-Stock's Journey with Her Husband's Alzheimer's

About the Author

Sylvia Bryden-Stock was born in 1943 in the midst of the second-word war. By the age of six, she had a clear goal of becoming a Qualified Nurse. Health issues challenged this dream but Determination resulted in a successful career and a life journey of experiences which has led to Sylvia living her true life purpose. None more challenging than journeying with her husband who was diagnosed with Young Onset Alzheimer's Disease. Her Nursing and Caring Careers plus Master Coaching skills and deep faith in God's power to help overcome challenges did not fully prepare...

From Page to Screen: Meet Tom Richards, the Master Storyteller

#booklovers #bestseller #interview https://www.amazon.com/stores/Tom-Richards/author/B001HPISGA?ref=ap_rdr&store_ref=ap_rdr&isDramIntegrated=true&shoppingPortalEnabled=true Tom Richards is a #1 Global Bestselling Novelist and screenwriter of produced feature films. His bestselling novels include Dolphin Song (the Feature Film is now in pre-production), Lost Lovers (the Feature Film is also in pre-production), Always Come Home, The Dazzling Helen Fox (soon to be released as Tom is writing this in late April 2023); YA books including Hotfoot! and the Lost Scrolls of Newgrange; short stories with Poolbeg Press and in our current Anthology Heartbreak & Happiness...

From Paris to Hollywood: Author P.L. Hawks creative inspiration

https://www.amazon.com/I-Love-Paris-P-L-Hawks-ebook/dp/B0793N799P/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=978-1480844964&qid=1678831157&sr=8-1 In 1972 the world still lives in the wake of chaos created by the assassination of President John F. Kennedy and the Vietnam War rages on. After a young farmboy by the name of Templeton Hawks escapes an infamous Vietcong prison camp, unprecedented events are set into motion as he makes his way home after many years of being presumed dead. When he finally returns to his Texas hometown, Natalie, the girl he left behind, is overcome by the happiness of discovering him alive...

From the Garden to Patmos: An Engaging Interview with Author Andrew Choi

ABOUT THE BOOK Hope from the Garden of Eden to the End of the Patmos Island, author Andrew presents us with a Bible that shares the hope; discussing the fact that God promised a Messianic hope at the time of fall; Jesus' crucifixion and the resurrection gives hope the us; how the reconciliation with God would give us a hope. Hope from the Garden of Eden to the End of the Patmos Island is an inspired biblical commentary and spiritual guidebook that explores the biblical narrative from Genesis to Revelation and it should offer readers a way to think...

From Homeless to Hokins - A story of Triumph

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The Author is also speaking as a keynote speaker to raise awareness of my book and fundraise for homeless families and children.

YouTube Trailer:

The Book has been endorsed by Golden Globe and Oscar-nominated actress...

Unlocking the Power of Words: The Art of Poetry with Michelle Candi Ar valo - Exclusive interview

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Revelations in Poetry. More than half of the poems in this book are based on revelations where It reveals God's coming Kingdom, the beginning of the end of times, his judgment, the acknowledgement of his Divine person and a divine never-ending joy that awaits. The words in this book are words from the highest who's lightning shines with radiance. And as this world intends to hide it, the beauty in words surpasses the darkness because when you have divine beauty coming to you, there is no way this world can steal it. This book is...

Unleashing Fantasy: An Exclusive Interview with Author K H Moore of "The Winds of Eruna: Book One"

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Ms. Moore has had the privilege to live in many different places with her now-deceased husband of forty-seven years, and she has been greatly influenced by other countries and cultures. She is the mother of a daughter and three sons, who between them have given her nine wonderful grandchildren. She is blessed to live in mid-North Carolina and write from an idyllic cabin with a pond nearby to inspire her.


From Struggle to Triumph: The Amazing Story of author AJ Rasih Making it Big as an Author in America

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Buu-Van AjareyaJemir Hope Nguyễn Rasih

American Poet/ Author,

Christian Thinker,

Author of Change,

Spoken-word American Poet, Son of Immigrants and Son of Man(kind).

1950, Rasih was born on March 1st in Luangprabang, Laos as the youngest of four children to his Vietnamese immigrant parents.

1975, he received his undergraduate degree in irrigation engineering from Nonthabury College of Irrigation Institute in Pakkred, Thailand. After the fall of the Lao Royal Government in 1975, he escaped to thailand an...

Soul-Snatching Shenanigans: Carson Boss Reveals his new book "Glimpse" an Epic War!

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The war for souls has been raging since the dawn of humanity. And now it's coming to a head for a young man who must stop an agent of darkness from opening a door to our dimension. Mark Banks, a nineteen-year-old freshman at the University of Maryland, has enrolled in a class on spiritual and psychic phenomena. He has had seemingly paranormal experiences that he cannot explain, and he's doing his best to understand what's going on. But he soon learns that he has the gift to contact those beyond the grave...

Tiger Cartoons: The Unconventional Autobiography from Author William Fortenbaugh

https://www.amazon.com/Tiger-Cartoons-William-W-Fortenbaugh/dp/195993077X/ref=sr_1_1?crid=H1FK2H4C8JCZ&keywords=tiger+cartoons+fortenbaugh&qid=1677601423&sprefix=tiger+cartoons+fortenbaug,aps,271&sr=8-1⁠ William Fortenbaugh, Ph.D. (1964) in Classics, University of Pennsylvania is Professor Emeritus at Rutgers University. He is the author of Aristotle on Emotion, an edition of Theophrastus' work On Sweat, and commentaries on Theophrastus' rhetoric and ethics. In retirement, he came to recognize the unique value of a twenty-eight-foot wooden Catboat named Ghost, its construction and remarkable success on the race course are recorded in detail.

"Texas Bomber" by author Ernest Francis Schanilec "The Shocking Scandal No One Saw Coming!"


Tom and Samantha Hastings, warm weather Minnesotans and winter Texans, are currently enjoying the balmy climate at Texas Palms Resort in Donna, Texas.

Their stay is interrupted by a stranger named Nick, who offers Tom a part-time job: ferrying oil tanker truckers from Texas Palms across the border to Progreso, Mexico, where they will set off on their run to Bloomington, Minnesota. Tom quickly accepts, but Samantha soon has concerns about the legitimacy of the job.

Escape the Hustle and Bustle with Michael Novosad's 'Somewhere on the Mountain'


My book is semi-autobiographical, and is called "Somewhere on the Mountain." It's based on my experiences growing up as a child in the 1950's.

The main character, Thomas, and his younger brother Billy, have a traumatic childhood, what with their mother dying, and their father leaving them in the care of people who abuse and molest them.


Dynamic Duo: Casey & Todd Gent Create Literary Magic for Kids and dog lovers alike!

https://www.amazon.com/Life-Canine-Times-Pee-Buddy/dp/1662436173/ref=tmm_pap_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=1680192439&sr=8-1 The Life and Canine Times of Pee Wee and Buddy: The Move is the second book in a series about two senior dogs and their canine adventures. Pee Wee and Buddy adapt as they move from the beach to the farm.

Critical interview with author Theresa T. Stark -To Kill the Firstborn: For Life or Death Eternally

https://www.amazon.com/Kill-Firstborn-Life-Death-Eternally-ebook/dp/B09LZB6TP6/ref=sr_1_1?crid=1BG9K6N76ANCM&keywords=Theresa+T.+Stark&qid=1680104415&sprefix=pan+and+hook+chris+maccool%2Caps%2C704&sr=8-1 Reading this book will let you see the full richness and soundness Jesus Christ crucifixion and resurrection are personally for you. It will become perfectly clear regarding God's heart towards you and why He manifested the Bible through man. When he sent the bible for us, He means for us to read and follow it while we are here on earth. You will find out that God never...

The Jimmy Joe Robinson Story penned by author Alana Lickliter

https://www.amazon.com/Winner-Let-Jesus-Your-Coach/dp/1662828799/ref=tmm_pap_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=1680104050&sr=8-1⁠ Jimmy Joe Robinson, my uncle, is a retired senior who spent forty plus years dedicated to teaching, counseling and coaching hundreds of students and athletes. He did so, with an insatiable love for the Lord. In fact, he thrives in the Lord every day. One would know he's coming by the same warm greeting he shares with most anyone he greets. As well, he doesn't fail to add the same as he bids them farewell; "Lord bless you". When he and I began our co...

Accomplished author and teacher Carlotta Maria Shinn Russell pens the most loving novel "Simone"


A journey through love, romance, passion, and heartache. Simone's journey of life started at fourteen years of age, would take Simone' and her family into a maze of pain, heartache, and separation because of choices in love and decisions made while she way young and inexperienced even to the decisions made after her marriage to protect her family. She found herself in an endless vortex, a downward spiral laced...

Insightful Interview with Trisha L. King, Author of "A Daddy's Girl"

#blackwomenpodcasters #author #interview ⁠https://www.amazon.com/DaddyS-Girl-Trisha-L-King-ebook/dp/B07964NFCL/ref=sr_1_2?crid=1AOI7DKFDVDMV&keywords=%E2%80%8E+978-1512788907&qid=1675968830&sprefix=978-1512788907%2Caps%2C262&sr=8-2⁠

A Daddys Girl is a powerful, and at times, heartbreaking story of a young girl who struggles with the absence of a daddys love in her life. In A Daddys Girl, life began for baby girl amid rejection and domestic tumult. When she was just a few days old, her father, in a drug and alcohol haze, rejected her as his child and set into motion events that led to life...

Unlock the Secrets to Ebena's Magical Journey with Childrens Author Patricia Sandoval


Eben's Hidden Magic: Ebena has been swept away into a magical world called Enchanted, discovering hidden magic powers. Throughout her journey of finding a way back home. She meets a Pumpkin man named Mr. Jelly Bean, who seeks to help her along the way. Only to find out her true reasons why she has arrived into another world, with guidance by three sunflower witches Named Bianca, Patti, and Jasmine, who seek out to find Ms. Oro. Throughout Ebena's journey, she meets...

Introducing Orville Mann and His Exciting Novel, 'The Adventures of George Lee: A Race Against Time"


The adventure of George Lee is a story about the United States of America being threatened by a super weapon. His job is to lead a combined force of military and civilian employees in building a device to destroy the weapon before it can target the United States of America. His objective is to prevent World War III. George finds a surprise romance while working to build the defensive device. Will the whirlwind courtship result in happiness? Will George successfully...

Interview with up and coming recording artist Via The Great - Going big

Musician/band Recording ArtistMusic Producer CEO Heard On@vh1|@Espn|@fastandfuriousde | @peacocktv| @wbpictures| @pizzahut Etc. "Going Big" Official Audio www.youtu.be/wpytlwb1qRg

Folding Facts: An Interview with Origami Expert Ross Symons

Ross is an origami expert, and he has become an internet sensation by fusing this skill with animation and video production. Origami is the ancient Japanese art of paper-folding that's never really gone out of fashion and is now becoming a modern fad in the era of YouTube instructions and Instagram. He has created engaging stop motion animations for some of the world's biggest brands, including Red Bull, Adidas, Disney Plus, Nordstrom, Sony, PlayStation, Converse, McDonald's, Samsung, and Dior, which has helped them stand out in the crowded digital landscape. Ross successfully completed a 365-day origami Instagram project in 2014...


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#1 Chart topping recording artist Shawn Pereia talks about his new single "Street Sugar"

@shawnpereiraofficial This interview is one of my favorites with #1 chart-topping recording artist Shawn Pereia.
He is easily one of the most influential, energetic, real, friendly, and nicest people I have had the pleasure of meeting.
Congratulations on being #1 on the Charts before your song officially hit the airwaves!
Enjoy this interview just like I did. #shawnpereia #music #charts #interview #TVshow https://soundcloud.com/nicolassaad/street-sugar-edit/s-c0y3ldi8KRO?fbclid=IwAR0liCJ-kzt55jmsT5ClkM2cvBW1czrHkE9P49MO8c1IzrgxcBjh81bSOmI

Workplace Wordsmiths: Discover a Poetic Way to Express Working Life

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Deep within the walls of corporate America lies a world of office politics, power struggles, and bureaucratic madness. And in this world, there is one book that reigns supreme as a manual to navigating the treacherous waters of the workplace - The Memorandum! A Poetic Partner-In-Crime - for everyone struggling with an urge to scream into their coffee cup Written by the masterful poet and storyteller Kewayne Wadley, "The Memorandum" is a collection of short stories and poems that brilliantly captures the unique and often absurd experiences of the modern-day office worker. From a bear...

An Inspiring Chat with author April Sabral: Incurable Positivity!

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Whether your life is exactly where you want it to be or you are struggling to craft the kind of existence you crave, you are likely struggling with negative thoughts. We all do. After all, negativity is everywhere we turn whether it shows up as family concerns, political upheaval, or just dealing with our own inner turmoil. The power to control and direct your thinking is one of the greatest quests a person can embark upon. And the benefits that come with mastering your thoughts are immense and life-altering.

In this book...

Laugh Your Way Through Life with Author Larry Maron! - Interview with Yaya Diamond

#blackwomenpodcasters #laughter #authorinterview


This hilarious book invites you to sit down and share dinner with the Morans, a family of ten children, and after dinner to share in the family's pranks and crises. You will walk the streets of Carmel, Indiana, a quiet, small town, visit its shops, and meet its neighborly people. Along the way, you will learn what it was like growing up in a large family in a small town during the 1950s...

Dad's Unwavering Fight for Daughter: Dan Lefty Burnham's Story "The Griefcase"

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This is the riveting true story of Dan “Lefty” Burnham, renowned sculptor and artist, who traveled the world, exhibiting his artwork among celebrities, political leaders, and art collectors until he fell in love with a beautiful young musician he thought was the love of his life. His dream marriage morphed into a nightmare tale of betrayal, lies, infidelity, and chaos. At the center of it all was Lefty's greatest treasure — his baby daughter, snatched from him in a vicious smear campaign that cost him everything: his freedom, his life savings, and the joy of being...

Achieve Spiritual Upliftment With Kiana Hamilton's Soul Inspiration - Interview with Yaya Diamond

https://www.amazon.com/Soul-Inspiration-Kiana-Lashayia-Hamilton/dp/1958169722/ref=sr_1_2?keywords=Soul+Inspirations%3A+A+Journey+for+the+Divine&qid=1677704750&s=books&sr=1-2 As human beings we all have encountered obstacles and struggles on a daily basis, and I wanted to write a book that could inspire the lives of people through poetry. We all have endured some kind of disappointment, loss, hardship, and possible loneliness. With everyday passing it's so easy to lose hope, but you can overcome it all, with God. Through every tribulation, we reveal the keys to our survival and blessings of all kinds. They can...

Writer Jesse Arzate Shares How to Find Peace from Insanity - Interview with Yaya Diamond


Jesse Arzate knows life is an interesting journey full of twists and turns, ups and downs, and black and white moments that are sometimes unclear. Inspired by his desire to know more, he has developed a passion for encouraging others to observe humanity and then do what they can to live within a peaceful world.

In a collection of free verse, Arzate explores the sane and...

Insightful Journey of the American Dream - interview with author Garrett Godwin


There are stories of biological evolution, and then there are stories of soul evolution. Set in the Southwest, this is a story of soul evolution-the story of a soldier who came back from Vietnam and knew he had to adapt to a rapidly changing world. The story chronicles his transformation from soldier to a man of God, but for him the process of change was not always kind. Making his journey more difficult is...

Avoid Surgery and Keep Your Heart Healthy with David Rowland's Tips - Bypass the Bypass

#blackwomenpodcasters #hearthealth #health

Did you know that there is a time tested, safe, non-surgical method of removing arterial blockages without side effects?
Severe arterial blockages do not have to lead to coronary bypass surgery or heart attacks. Inside this book is a complete program for successfully reversing and preventing hardening of the arteries.

Chart Topping with 33 Gwaupo: An Exclusive Interview

#blackwomenpodcasters #artistinterview #newmusic https://www.instagram.com/33_gwaupo/ Musician/band “The Face” ETERNAL REST OUT NOW ⏬️ 07/14/20 06/08/21 #MrCT open.spotify.com/album/0mtjgI0AMx6bJdUhxOmfGE?si=qvrGv0rIS7OqhLeE-hM8Qg

Misinformation and Corrupt Oil Companies: A Story by Author Cyrus

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A corrupted oil company, a fake image to the public managed by misguided, prejudiced managers--this is a family-owned business that is not friendly to employees who are not related to the manager, in other words, family. Even the history of the company is negative. Lorenzo falls for the lies and deceit for a while, but as he finds out about the corruption, it's too late. He tries for years to ignore it all, but his bipolar, burned-out...

Michael Patrick Tryon Discusses His Groundbreaking Novel: Illusive Innocence


Michael Patrick Tryon Discusses His Groundbreaking Novel: Illusive Innocence Henry and Barby are neighbors, classmates, and more. Barby's family is affluent and well-to-do, while Henry's family leads a simple life on a small income. Feelings of ambivalence pervade young Henry's adolescence as he becomes involved with both Barby and her sister. Brandy, Barby's older sister, seduces Henry, and their secret sexual escapades entrap them in a love they try to ignore. As Henry struggles to endure the love...

Insightful Chat with Author Stephen Estopinal: Texas Revolution to Trail of Tears


An Irish bondservant, Mary Fermoy, is sold with her infant son to a Cherokee, Billy Redhand. A veteran of the Red Stick Wars, Redhand settles on a farm and accepts Mary as his wife. Redhand names the boy John Circles-the-Tree. The death of John's mother and the murder of Redhand leaves him orphaned and embroiled in political intrigue and danger. In an attempt to escape arrest, John fl...

He's Writing His Way to Stardom - Meet Elon Phillips!

He's Writing His Way to Stardom - Meet Elon Phillips! #author #interview #podcast I'm Elon Phillips! I am a 24-year-old author from Texas! My goal is to become a famous author and take my talent to the top and achieve worldwide recognition! I have four books published now, and my own website! Check it out! https://www.theepbookstore.com/