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By: Kay Durairaj, MD, FACS @beautybydrkay

The hot new location for all your beauty needs. Learn how to stay beautiful on the inside and out with advice from Kay Durairaj, MD, a top plastic surgeon from Los Angeles, California. This podcast will feature the inside scoop on trends in plastic surgery, botox, fillers, beauty, and wellness. Guest stars will include influencers, entrepreneurs, and other top plastic surgeons across the country. Stay tuned for Beauty Bytes, and follow us on Instagram @beautybydrkay.

Top 10 Anti-Aging Hacks
Yesterday at 2:53 AM

Botox, facials, and topical serums- you’ve heard them all before as preventative
aging hacks. While a majority of these tactics are tried, tested, and true, there are a number of other things you can do to stop the signs of aging as well! On this Five Min Friday, I’ll go over what these other methods are and how you can get yourself started on your journey to maintaining your youth.

The Ugly Truth about Pretty Privilege
Last Wednesday at 12:42 AM

Societal beauty standards, beauty biases, and attractiveness- combined together, these factors could create an opportunity for the pretty privilege. While the term “pretty privilege” has been a thing for awhile, the significance of it and how it’s affecting society hasn’t come up until now thanks to TikTok users. We’ve heard of brain versus brawn, but what about beauty? In this podcast, I’ll go over whether or not pretty privilege truly exists, how it can affect people’s perceptions of different women, and what it could mean for them.

5 Anti Aging Ingredients To Look For In Your Foods

Healthy diet, vitamin supplements, and essential nutrients- do you know what they say: you are what you eat this concept applies, especially when you are looking to improve the appearance of your skin and prevent physical signs of premature aging! According to Dave Asprey, the founder of Upgrade Labs and Father of Biohacking, the secret to maintaining youthful skin isn't just found in your topical creams but also in the food you eat in this podcast, I go over what types of anti-aging ingredients you should be looking for in your food, and where you can find them! 

E-Cigs: GenZ's Latest Obsession

Nicotine, smoking, and vaping- did you know that cigarettes are the leading cause of
preventable deaths? It’s true. Despite public health efforts to promote abstinence, quitting nicotine can be a lot harder than it looks. The problem itself seems to have passed onto the new generation as well as they have their own version of cigarettes: the e-cigarette. In this podcast, I’ll be discussing the harms that e-cigarettes produce and why you shouldn’t ignore the evidence found in your patients.

Beauty At Every Age

Grace, beauty, and strength- these are the elements we look for in a face as we all
become older. While it might be hard for some to fathom the idea of aging, it doesn’t change the fact that it still happens to all of us. That’s why it’s so important to begin to accept this hard truth and learn how to age gracefully instead. In the podcast, I’ll be breaking down different ways you can maintain your beauty at any age. From natural, topical solutions like sunscreen to building volume with filler, here are different courses...

Buccal Fat Removal and Nose Gap for the face: Trendy or Traumatic?

 Broad hips, thin waists, larger busts/butts- there’s always an unrealistic beauty
standard that most women are faced with and are expected to live up to. We begin nitpicking what we don’t like about ourselves, what we wish we could change, and that is difficult enough as it is. Queue TikTok trends. With social media and the internet so easily accessible, it’s hard not to get caught up in harmful body image. Beauty trends like buccal fat removal and nose gaps (first seen in the likes of Lea Michelle and Chrissy Teigen) add even more unattainable expecta...

Drink & Detoxify with Green Juice

Improved digestion, boosted metabolism, and assisted weight loss as if
green juice has all the answers to our problems. If you’re looking to improve your health, it’s time to add these veggie-based juices to your resolutions. In
this podcast, I’ll be going over all the fantastic benefits green juices offer and why you should start incorporating them into your everyday diet. You’ll also be the first to hear about a personal green project I’ve been working on, so tune in and take the right first step to become a healthier version of yourself this new y

Your Winter Skincare Guide for Eczema

Dermatitis, Psoriasis, and overall skin Irritation- With winter in full effect managing these common skin issues can become a huge hassle. Being exposed to harsh cold temperatures can further irritate the skin, especially if you already struggle with dry skin conditions such as eczema. With the proper care and maintenance through, you won't need to suffer through the wintertime. In this podcast, I'll be discussing different tips and tricks you can follow to prevent severe eczema breakouts and keep your skin hydrated. 

The 5 Bad Habits We Need To Break In 2022

Emails, procrastination, incomplete follow-through, and Lack of discipline, Do any of these sounds like you? 
Hey Beauties, In today's 5-minute Friday we talk about the 5 habits we need to break in 2022. With the year closing out and me reflecting on the year, I have realized I have created some bad habits such as forever being swamped with my emails and always being in my email inbox. I tell you my thought process of how I look forward to getting out of that habit and being able to free up some of my time to be able to spend doing t...

Body & Mind with Siim Land

 Longevity, wellness, and optimizing your health- as we age, it’s hard to ignore the
signs that come along with it. That’s why a majority of us turn to biohacking! Biohacking can consist of small lifestyle or dietary changes that can make noticeable improvements to both your body and mind’s wellbeing. We’re actually here today with professional biohacker, blogger, and best-selling author Siim Land who likes to refer to this change as “body mind empowerment”. In today’s podcast, we’ll be discussing all the tips and tricks to transforming into your best self.
We’ll also be learning...

Car Talk: Reflecting on 2022 and My Top Goals for 2023

Goodbye to excessive consumption and hello to mental well-being and
self-improvement. With the year coming to an end, I can’t help but look back and reflect on my past experiences. From facing my fear of public speaking to focusing more on living in the moment, I’m here to share with you my accomplishments and what I’ve learned from them. In this podcast, I’ll also go over why material goods are overrated, share the importance of quality time, and my resolutions for the upcoming year.

Happy Healthy Eating with Lisa Moskovitz

 High fiber carbs, lean proteins, and anti-inflammatory fats- were you aware that
these are the 3 core macronutrients that your body needed to focus on. If not, it’ll make your body more easily accessible to food cravings and deficiencies. This just goes to show why learning to listen to your body is so important! We’re here today with certified dietitian Lisa Moskovitz who is CEO of NY Nutrition Group and author of The Core 3 Healthy Eating Plan. In this podcast, we’ll go over the significance of creating an individualized eating guide and why there’s no such thing as...

You Don’t Need to Drink 8 Cups of Water Daily. Here’s Why

Age, weight, and daily activity levels- these components can influence how much
water your body actually requires. Well, isn’t it just eight cups of water a day? Good question. New research has found that meeting this age-old requirement is actually unnecessary! If you want to know exactly why stay tuned for today’s podcast. I’ll be debunking this health myth and discussing ways you can figure out how much water your body really needs.

Skin Beauty Starts Within (with Dr. Mark Tager)

Nutritional genomics, food sensitivities,and microbiome testing- all of these things
work together to create the perfect roadmap for you and your skin. According to Dr. Mark Tager, no two people on the planet have the exact, identical skin type. Because of this, everyone should know what it is they lack nutritionally to create the perfect, personalized plan to achieve glowing, radiant skin. Dr. Tager is a healthcare synergist who is CEO of ChangeWell Inc and a well-recognized consultant in the fields of aesthetic, regenerative medicine and more. He’s here with me on today’s podcast to discuss his...

7 Types of Rest Every Person Needs

 Whether it’s a power nap, a deep slumber, or beauty sleep- everyone knows the
the impact that proper rest can have on us. Although this is common information, what most people don’t know is that there’s actually a difference between all of them. According to Dr. Dalton-Smith, sleep and rest are not the same things! In fact, there are 7 different types of rest you should get yourself acquainted with. In this podcast, I’ll be discussing what those types of rest are and what each of them entails.

Sensitive Skin: Secrets That Work

Hi Beauties!
On this week’s podcast we are talking about how to treat sensitive skin! As the weather is getting drier and colder, our skin can become more sensitive than usual. We might be more prone to dryness, flaky skin, or even pimples that randomly pop up that didn't before. In this podcast, I discuss the different ingredients and treatments you should consider if you have sensitive skin. What acids are necessary for your skin? Are peels doing more harm than good? Does LED Therapy actually work? Listen now to find the answers to these questions!


The Hot Girl Walk

 Fitness challenges, workout routines, and exercising- everyday we find ourselves being reminded by society how going to gym can be a beneficial asset to our lives. It wasn’t until the pandemic hit when going to gym no longer became an option, and we had to find more creative ways of getting our workout in. Take the “Hot Girl Walk” for example. It became viral thanks to TikTok fitness influencer Mia Lind who reportedly began walking as part of her daily routine during the pandemic. As simple as it sounds, many claim the activity to be a great way to get off...

Holiday Wish List 2022

Hi Beauties!

On this week’s episode of Beauty Bytes with Dr. Kay: Secrets of a Plastic Surgeon, I am talking all about holiday wish lists! I thought we would do a fun podcast today with my staff where I ask them for input on what their holiday wish list would be from BeautyByDrKay! From skincare to cosmetic procedures, our staff has all of the beauty tips and secrets that you need! Have a question or something you’d like covered on the podcast?
Send me a DM or email!

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Lymphatic Drainage Massages: Clean & Contour your Body from Within

 Shiatsu, deep-tissue, and Swedish massages- there are so many ways to destress
and decompress your body. In today’s podcast, we’re introducing the lymphatic drainage massage to you. This massage encourages the movement of lymphatic fluids throughout the body which in turn can provide a multitude of different benefits. Not only is it great for reducing swelling in your arms or legs, but it also works to depuff and contour your body. If you’re wondering how you can get yourself started, tune into this podcast to find out!

Invest in your Rest

Pillow sprays, silk pajamas, and meditation apps- we all know the importance of
sleep care and how it can affect our well-being. People are starting to realize that maybe staying up a few extra hours to get work done, watching videos on our phones late at night, or pulling an all-nighter might not be so great. Let’s face it, everyone is guilty of doing one of these things at least once. Even then, so many of us are unable to sleep peacefully or make it a consistent habit. In this podcast, I’ll go over why sleep care is t...

The Longevity Diet: Does it Really Work ?

Intermittent fasting, vegan diets, and biohacking our bodies- there’s no shortage of advice to being healthier in hopes of living longer. There is, however, one diet in particular that stands out from the rest and it is known as the “longevity diet”. This diet consists of age-defying foods that promise you more years of your youth it true? Listen to today’s podcast to find

Neglecting the Neck is a No-Go

Botox, hyper diluted neck fillers, and neck lifts- maintaining the neck cannot be more
stressed enough. Everyone ages, and with age comes volume loss and skin laxity. By
neglecting the neck, you’re leaving even more room for unwanted textural changes and crepiness. Why let your neck get to that point when you can take preventative measures to care for your neck now? In this podcast, I’ll be discussing the many treatments being offered that may improve the appearance of the neck and emphasizing the importance of its maintenance.

Caffeine: A Wakeup Call for Skin Care Lovers

Coffee, tea, and caffeine in general- they’re no longer just for mornings. The simple ingredient that was once only used to keep you wide awake is now slowly integrating itself into the skincare industry. While it may sound a little too simple, many consumers are claiming that caffeine-infused skin product contain anti-aging and wrinkle-smoothing effects. Does it really hold true to its promises though? Stay tuned into today’s podcast to find out!

Rice Water for Hair Growth

Hair density, hair thinning, and hair loss- as we age, we begin to notice that our hair
strands are not as healthy or strong as they used to be. Because of this, we try to find multiple ways to strengthen our hair whether it's vitamin supplements or new shampoos and conditioners… have you heard of rice water? Made popular by Kim Kardashian, rice water is the new trending hair treatment that promises fuller, thicker hair in a matter of weeks. In this podcast, I’ll talk about what exactly is rice water and whether or not it’s worth invest...

Face Tape: A Hack or Hoax to Fine Lines?

Beauty hacks, tiktok trends, and viral videos- everyday there is a new movement in
the beauty/skincare world. A lot of these trends, however, seem almost too good to be true. Because of this, we find ourselves skeptical and end up asking professionals whether or not performing these trends will actually work. Face-taping is no exception. The concept of Face-taping derived from popular social media platform Tiktok. Its claim? That taping your wrinkles overnight for a week can get rid of them.

Stop the Clock by Slaying Zombie Cells

Senescence, growing old, and biohacking- we’re constantly looking for new,
innovative ways to stop the aging process, or at least, slow it down. Zombie cells might actually hold the answer to this. Also known as “senescent cells”, recent studies have shown zombie cells to be linked to aging and age-related diseases. In this podcast, I’ll be talking about why exactly this occurs and what you can do to help prevent these cells from stealing more time from you.

Overfilled Faces, Filler Complications & How to Manage Them with Dr. Mobin Master

Happy Diwali! In today’s podcast, we are going to be diving into the innovative field
of aesthetic radiology with our special guest speaker Dr. Mobin Master, who is an Australian-based radiologist/injector. Dr. Mobin has showcased diagnostic imaging tools as both a guide for injections and a map for pre-existing fillers. His use of MRI and ultrasound technology has successfully identified the causes of facial puffiness, filler distribution, and lymphatic obstruction. If you’d like to learn more about how radiology is quickly integrating itself into modern aesthetics, you won’t want to miss this podcast!

Kale: A Superfood for your Skin

Leafy greens, plant-based diets, and products- Vegetables might not sound
appetizing, but the many health benefits they offer for both your body and your skin are too good
to pass up. Considered the “king of greens”, kale is one such veggie that is loaded with
vitamins, antioxidants & phytonutrients. In today’s episode of Beauty Bytes, I’ll be talking about
what kale can do for you and how you can incorporate it into your skincare routine. Remember
that what you put in your body is just as important as what you put on it.

Galderma MAP 6.0: What’s Trending in the World of Aesthetics

From Sculptra to Botox, I’m coming live from Brazil for Galderma’s MAP 6.0 conference meeting with a group of experts to discuss what’s new and what’s trending in the world of aesthetics. As facial artists, we’re constantly searching for new ways to bring more beauty and art to our profession and practice. We achieve this by learning and teaching one another the many different ways we can create beauty in our patients faster, easier, and safer. If you too want to learn with us, you’ll want to stay tuned and listen to this podcast!

Canada's New Alcohol Guidelines & What It Could Mean For Women

A can of beer, a glass of wine, or a shot of tequila- if you're a woman living in Canada who loves indulging in any of these drinks, you might want to hear this. Canada's old alcohol guidelines are in the process of being replaced by new ones. These new guidelines encompass 2 new years of research and more than 5,000 peer-reviewed studies. Their main keynotes? Listen to my podcast today to find out.

Layering Your Skincare: The Do's and The Don'ts

Hi, Beauties!
 On this Five-Minute Friday, I am discussing how to layer your skincare products and ingredients NOT mix! We do so much work to try and find the best products and ingredients for our skin type but are you using them in the correct order? Listen to find out!

Jawline Filler, We're Giving you all the Angles

Hello, beauties!

On this podcast, we are bringing back to a 5 minute Friday.  I’m here to talk to you all about the jawline! my patients and I are obsessed with jawline filler for that definition and contour. This is one of my most popular procedures and I am able to give beautiful angles and silhouettes using filler and my technique. So tune in to learn more about what type of filler, the do’s and don’ts, and what to look for for a snatched jawline!

How to Prevent Post-Summer Sun Spots & Pigmentation

Dark spots, hyperpigmentation, and uneven skin tone- these skin concerns are very common but not usually noticeable until summer comes to a halt. We can thank the weather’s recent high UV index for this, but there are other causes that could explain why dark spots could appear. Now that autumn is here though, it’s the perfect time to look after any pigmentation that may have formed. In this podcast, I’ll discuss the main reasons why dark spots occur and the many things you can do to protect and prevent yourself from forming more. 

Regrowth with Revian Growth

 Hair loss and pattern baldness are just some of the major common hair concerns that come with aging, genetics, or even just everyday stress. I’m here today with our special guest John Oakley, who is the executive chairman of Revian Red and CFO of its parent company. Revian utilizes medical-grade LED and red light technology to help provide an all-natural hair loss solution. In this podcast, John and I address the main issues for hair loss, the importance of checking with your dermatologist for early signs and how Revian could be a great option for those looking to recover & reg...

Gua Sha or Nah?

 Gua Sha or Nah?
 Happy Friday Beauties! On this week’s Five-Minute Friday, I will be discussing your favorite skincare tool the Gua Sha! This product has been trending all over social media and I am here to tell you if it is worth the hype. What benefits does a Gua Sha actually provide to the face and why has it become so popular? Listen to find out!

Alternatives to Retinol

Hi, Beauties! This time we are discussing one of my favorite products, Retinol! We know the magical abilities Retinol has of turning back the clock by erasing and preventing fine lines and wrinkles. But let’s be real, sometimes Retinol can be a little harsh on our skin! I am here to bring you up to speed on some less irritating alternatives to Retinols when to use them, and some of the pros and cons. Listen for more!

Facetaping: Hollywood's Best Kept Secret, Helpful or Harmful?

Hello Beauties!

On this Five Minute Friday, I will be discussing the latest internet phenomenon, facial taping! Yes, you read right, FACIAL TAPING. Facial taping is one of Hollywood's best-kept secrets. Actors are most known for using facial taping, but it is causing more harm than good? Is taping your face up really helping the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles or is the tape irritating your skin? Listen to find out!
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Plastic Surgery Secrets with Fitness, lifestyle, Entrepreneur Chalene Johnson

Hey Beauties,
On this week's podcast, I got invited to be a guest on Chalene Johnson's podcast. We dive into the advice and tips on everything plastic surgery, facial injections, hair loss, and skin care! Including: at what age one might start to consider botox or facial fillers, the order in which to apply skin care products, the best procedures, products to help with hair loss, and what to look for in a doctor/practitioner when you decide to have any type of cosmetic procedure and so much more! Tune in to find out more.

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Skin Cycling: How You Can Next Level Your Boring Skincare Routine

Skin texture, hyperpigmentation, and breakouts- It’s essential to have a solid
a skincare routine that helps maintain these common dermal issues.
Thanks to TikTok and Dr. Whitney Bowe, dermatologist, and founder of Bowe Beauty, skin cycling has shed some light on how rotating your skincare routine can be an effective way of addressing everyday skin problems while still preserving your skin’s natural barrier. In this Five Minute Friday, I’ll go into more detail about why you don’t need to go overboard with your skin routine, how to perform skin cycling correctly, and the many benefits...

Cosmetic Chemistry with Stephen Ko

Hello Beauties! 

On this week’s episode of Beauty Bytes with Dr. Kay: Secrets of a Plastic Surgeon, I get a chance to talk to cosmetic chemist and blogger, Stephen Alan Ko! We became Instagram friends some time ago and I was immediately drawn to the way that he was paving the way for fellow skincare influencers. As someone with my own skincare line, I always enjoy getting to chat with chemists about the innovative products and ingredients that are showing up on store shelves today! Stephen tells me a little bit about the difference between Retinol and Ret...