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The Best Of Baz & Izzy For Breakfast 17/09/21
Yesterday at 11:15 PM

It's Fridaaay and we had our skip Baz on to right the ship from the UAE. We also had Michael Cheika on to talk rugby and we toasted the best moments of the week with the Friday tipple. Have a good weekend everyone!

Culture, paua, power & code - A week on Baz & Izzy!
Yesterday at 10:40 PM

Join us for the best of the week!5 chats compiled to make the Baz & Izzy supercut!

Friday Tipple - A cheers to a great week!
Yesterday at 8:50 PM

Jump in and recap the week with us!

Izzy serenades our good friend Paul Maoate... TAB Update
Yesterday at 8:33 PM

Izzy returns the favour with a song for DJ Pauly M!

Michael Cheika - How Argentina are preparing for the All Blacks, the new found depth of Australia & the art of spraying!
Yesterday at 8:22 PM

Louis caught up with Michael Cheika yesterday to talk all things rugby!

Bill Pomare on Ocean Billy's Melbourne Cup aspirations & chances at Tarzino
Yesterday at 7:57 PM

Bill Pomare catches up with Izzy & Louis to preview a big spring for Ocean Billy

Izzys love letter to the NPC
Yesterday at 7:40 PM

We are stoked to have our beloved NPC return, but no one can be more excited than our very own Izzy Dagg.

Baz McCullum live from UAE!
Yesterday at 7:30 PM

Izzy & Louis catch up with Baz live from the UAE to chat all things cricket!

Trudi's World! Meat vending machines, onions do NOT cure Covid & Man United are starving
Yesterday at 7:08 PM

All about the food!

Quizzy Dagg! We got you going this Friday!
Yesterday at 7:05 PM

Take on the Quizmaster!

How do you feel about the 'young' All Blacks squad?
Yesterday at 6:34 PM

Izzy & Louis preview Saturday's test against the Pumas.

Morena! Big weekend of sport up ahead, Izzy got a good spraying & Paua pies!
Yesterday at 6:31 PM

Kick off your morning with Izzy & Louis!

Joseph Parker on being in great shape, out pacing RTS and YouTubers in boxing.
Last Wednesday at 11:37 PM

Joseph Parker came on the show to chat about his upcoming fight prospects and how he likes his Paua.

The Best Of Baz & Izzy For Breakfast 16/09/21
Last Wednesday at 11:12 PM

We had a STACKED show today. The boys were joined by Paull Coll, Thamsyn Newton, Joseph Parker and Jake Bruce.

Baz & Izzy For Breakfast 16/09/21
Last Wednesday at 9:23 PM

Happy Thursday!
Wow, what a jam-packed show! Our good mate Paul Coll won his quarter final this morning but still managed to find time to talk live from Cairo! How good.
Thamsyn Newton joined us the night before the White Ferns play England in a 5 match ODI series.
Joseph Parker, the champion, talked with Izzy about celebrity fights and what it means for the sport of boxing. Fingers crossed we can see him in the ring again very soon.
Jack Bruce from Ciaran Maher Racing joined to talk all things Aussie racing & even shared some...

Jack Bruce of Ciaron Maher Racing previews Australia's weekends racing!
Last Wednesday at 8:55 PM

Jack Bruce live out of Australia!

Thasmyn Newton on how the White Ferns have prepared for the England ODI series starting tonight.
Last Wednesday at 8:06 PM

Thasmyn Newton catches up with Izzy & Louis the night before they kick off their series v England

Catch-up with our good mate Paul Coll! Live from Cairo, Egypt!
Last Wednesday at 7:51 PM

Iz & Louis catch up with our mate, international squash champion Paul Coll

Quizzy Dagg! Was this the hardest quiz to date?
Last Wednesday at 7:15 PM

Izzy is being greedy with his $50 Bonus Bet so he's put together another tough one!

Being a YouTuber is harder than being a boxer? - Celebrity Boxing
Last Wednesday at 7:04 PM

Izzy carries on his theory he had yesterday around boxing.

Morena! A lovely lunch & an evening on the punt!
Last Wednesday at 6:52 PM

Kick off your morning with Izzy & Louis!

The Best Of Baz & Izzy For Breakfast 15/09/21
Last Tuesday at 10:56 PM

Today on the show we had plenty of chat about paua dumplings, bad haircuts and punting. We were also joined by Joe Moody, Matt Cameron and Ash Dixon. PLUS Izzy gave his five most electrifying rugby players of all time!

Last Tuesday at 9:05 PM

Happy Hump Day!
We had a great day today, thank you all! We covered a lot of ground today and even featured Joe Moody who talks his rugby return! Matt Cameron on his racing return Ash Dixon on Māori culture and all things footy. We cant wait to be back tomorrow, where we will do it all again!

Is boxing becoming a mockery?
Last Tuesday at 8:53 PM

Izzy takes a look at the current state of boxing and shares concerns after Evander Holyfield got knocked out at 59

Izzy replies to Paul Maoate's song! TAB live cross
Last Tuesday at 8:37 PM

Dj Pauly M gets a reply from Izzy!

Ash Dixon on embracing Māori culture & great rugby minds
Last Tuesday at 8:32 PM

Kāpene of the Māori All Blacks Ash Dixon catches up with Izzy!

Matt Cameron - His return to racing & finds us a winner!
Last Tuesday at 7:57 PM

Matt Cameron joins Izzy & Louis

Top 5 most ELECTRIC rugby players of all time
Last Tuesday at 7:34 PM

Izzy shares his list of the top 5 electric players he has seen! Thank you Xander!

Joe Moody - All Blacks return, big hits & rooming with Izzy
Last Tuesday at 7:32 PM

Joe Moody joined Louis on the line to tell all about his return to rugby and even shares some cheeky stories with Izzy

Trudi's World! Legs out Wednesdays & $10 haircuts in your bubble?
Last Tuesday at 7:04 PM

It's Trudi's World!

Quizzy Dagg! How well do you know Team New Zealand?
Last Tuesday at 6:57 PM

Come hang out with the Quizmaster, the Izmaster for Quizzy Dagg!

Lasith Malinga's retirement from cricket
Last Tuesday at 6:52 PM

One of Izzys all-time favourite players has announced his retirement from all forms of cricket. Izzy takes a look at his best memories.

Morena! Netflix shows, bad decisions & Kim Kardashian...?
Last Tuesday at 6:36 PM

Kick off your morning with Izzy & Louis!

The Best Of Baz & Izzy For Breakfast 14/09/21
Last Monday at 10:49 PM

With another week of lockdown announced, Izzy took time to thank Aucklanders for doing their part in keeping NZ safe. We also had some great guests on the show to lift spirits, including coach of the mighty Hawkes Bay Magpies Mark Ozich and the iconic NRL commentator Jason Costigan .

Kruze Tangira - The GOAT of mens netball.
Last Monday at 10:32 PM

Kruze fills Izzy & Louis in on everything they need to know regarding the upcoming New Zealand Men v The Silver Ferns series.

Baz & Izzy Full Show! 14/09/21
Last Monday at 10:17 PM

Baz & Izzy For Breakfast! What a day, what a day! We had some flying kiwis, magpies & Ferns! Todays show features our good mates: Mark Ozich Kruze Tangira Jason Costagin

Izzys message to Aucklanders. Kia Kaha
Last Monday at 8:47 PM

Kia Kaha Auckland!

Paul Maoate brings Izzy a song: TAB live cross
Last Monday at 8:43 PM

Dj Pauly M, great friend of our show, joins Izzy & Louis!

Jason Costigan - Returning to commentary, his love of rugby league & the Wayne Bennett/Panthers conspiracy!
Last Monday at 8:27 PM

The voice of the Warriors Jason Costigan has gotten up early to chat to Izzy & Louis!

Quade Cooper to finally receive Australian citizenship?
Last Monday at 7:41 PM

Catch up on your sporting headlines with LHW