Reading By Flashlight

3 Episodes

By: Amelia and Sabrina

Welcome to Reading By Flashlight, a podcast where two book nerds explore and give their two cents on all things literature.

A Study in Murder Mysteries

In this episode, Amelia and Sabrina talk about the appeal of mysteries and introduce their favorite murder mystery books and authors. 

The Chosen One Narrative: An Unsolicited Burden

In the first episode of Reading By Flashlight, Sabrina and Amelia discuss the issues surrounding the chosen one narrative and give their opinions on this all too popular book trope, from discussing their childhood favorites (e.g. Percy Jackson and Harry Potter) to comparing more current reads (such as the Lunar Chronicles and Lord of the Rings). 

Trailer: Who are we and what is RBF?

Sabrina and Amelia, co-hosts of Reading By Flashlight, introduce themselves and what to expect from future episodes of their new podcast.