Steelers Maniac's Podcast

11 Episodes

By: Patrick Rooney

All things Pittsburgh Steelers from an avid fan's perspective.

Steelers "Spend" Bills
Last Monday at 9:00 PM

Steelers have a complete dominance from their defense to stifle the Bills offense. Lets talk about the game!

2021 Steelers Record Prediction
Last Sunday at 1:00 AM

Lets talk about why I think the Steelers will make the playoffs and will have a relatively good season. 

The 53 Man Roster

Analysis of the original and updated rosters, those who went on IR and the TJ Watt contract situation. 

Final Preseason Game & Look at the Projected 53 Man Roster

Analysis of why the defense played average but the offense played terribly in the last preseason game. A look at how this will effect the makeup of the team. 

Preseason Game #3

Taking a look at the starters on their probably one and only practice before the regular season.

Preseason Game #2 and Training Camp

Discussion of the positives of the game verse the eagles, the new addition at linebacker and offensive line analysis. 

Preseason Game #1

Analyzing the positives of the first preseason game against the Dallas Cowboys. 

Observations from Training Camp

Taking an in depth look at training camp and player performances in those practices. 

Training Camp Opens

A look at the first two days of training camp practice, the the offensive line, outside linebackers and cornerback groups. 

Tomlins Record and Steelers Critique

Looking at Tomlins record as a coach, analyzing changes to the linebacker room, and looking's view of the team. 

Pilot Podcast - State of the 2021 Steelers

Diving into a look at this years 2021 Steeler team compared to the 2020 team.