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A podcast centered around the great outdoors. We will cover topics from hunting and fishing to trapping, reloading, cooking/grilling, and more.

Tragedy to Triumph- Dennis Wilhelm
Last Thursday at 1:00 PM

This weeks story is a good one. In 2021, Dennis Wilhelm was in a motorcycle accident that stopped his heart, twice. His future was unknown, but only for a short time. He spent 10 1/2 days in the hospital with an expected stay of over 3 months, and was immediately working on getting himself back into the woods with his Dad and brother. Topics discussed include- Hunting memories from a young age His love for motorcycles The accident Injuries The unknown 2022 gun season opening day buck "FINALLY GOT ME A WALL HANGER!" and more! Thank you all so much for listening this week, and...

Michigan Gun Season- First deer- Brecken Kennedy

This week, Kevin Rought and Josh Mapes talk with Jeremy and Brecken Kennedy. Brecken, 13 years old, was able to take his very first whitetail this past Sunday, so we wanted to hear the story! Topics discussed include- Property setup/habitat food sources buck to doe ratios seen while hunting shooting doe Caliber/ammo choice feelings after the shot and after recovery and more! Thank you all so much for listening this week, and thank you to Brecken for telling his story! We hope you all are having a great deer season, staying safe and having fun! SHOOT WHAT MAKES YOU...

Richard Gonzales- Foxpro

This week, Kevin talks with Foxpro staff member Richard Gonzales from Utah. Rich tells Kevin about his life growing up in Vermont and then moving to Utah, chasing after elk, mule deer, whitetails and of course, predators. They discuss- Terrain Rich hunts Black Diamond Optics Favorite game animal to hunt/eat Favorite calibers Calling tactics based on time of year Equipment Rich uses Staffing for outdoor companies Filming deadmountdesigns.com and much more! Thank you all so much for listening, and thank you to Rich for taking the time to talk! Also be sure to check out these companies, the...

Rutcation Report 11-4-2022

Today, November 4 2022, was actually not a bad day. I did not see a ton of deer, but I did see deer. I got away from my cameras and set up where I suspected the travel to be, and I was right for the most part. Bad winds forced me from the tree early this morning, after a 1.5 year old spike busted me at 30 yards. I figured if he did it, the big one would also. I scouted for a bit with my setup on my back ready to go, and found a few more active scrapes, but also found a...

Rutcation Report 11-3-2022

Thursday, November 3 2022...day 7 of my 2022 Rutcation. I cant help but feel like I wasted time this whole week. Not that the hunting was a waste, I love it too much out there. But the back and forth, skip around a few miles at a time and try to find deer..when I've seen deer in certain areas, multiple times. Why can't I talk myself into hunting SIGN like I always did before. Instead my mind is always saying "Well yesterday there was a buck on that ridge so go sit there". So like an idiot I go chasing information that...

Rutcation Report 11-2-2022

Mike Luttrull joins me tonight to talk about tomorrows plans. Wednesday November 2 was a much better day in the woods. The deer were active and the bucks were out looking, however I was mainly on a mission to SEE a shooter buck so I could move in on the next attempt. It worked, as I was able to lay eyes on one I would gladly bring home to the family at around 10:45, cruising the edge of a small field 3 other bucks had been in earlier in the morning. We laid eyes on a giant on the way home at 12:30, however...

Rutcation Report 11-1-22

I was able to be in a tree 3 times the last 36 hours. Halloween morning as well as the entire day of November 1st. I find myself struggling chasing trail cameras and scouting less, but I need to make a change to that system. I know where some doe have been using every morning, and I have tried to use that to my advantage, but a mistake in my setup in the morning of Nov 1 may have ruined my chance at a solid buck, but we will never know. Scrape activity the last 2 days has appeared to drop, deer are still...

Rutcation Report 10-30-22

Todays rutcation report shows a little better movement, but not from the bigger bucks. Scrapes showed less activity today but the little bucks were chasing pretty decent in the evening. Still seeing a few doe out feeding without being harassed. Still hearing reports around the state of good bucks being taken while chasing doe, but I believe we are still a few days from the really good stuff. Thank you all so much for taking the time to listen! Please make sure to check out Predator Hunter Outdoors, HuntWise, ORC Archery and SiOnyx

Rutcation Report 10-29-2022

Rutcation report 10-29-22 Very little activity for us today, we did see a small buck chasing 2 doe around at 10:45 am and I saw 1 doe by herself at 7:55. Scrapes were active overnight, but none were active today in daylight. Multiple reports of bucks chasing hard around the state and some very nice deer being taken. Finished the day butchering and canning Thursday nights doe. Thank you all for listening! I hope you enjoy your time in the outdoors! Predator Hunter Outdoors HuntWise ORC Archery SiOnyx

Rutcation Report- 2022

This is a new idea I am trying. Every day I intend to record a short episode and release it for that night for you all to follow along with me. I will report what I have seen as far as pre rut- rut activity and the outcome of every days hunt. This episode covers the evening of 10-27-22 as well as 10-28-22. Please hit subscribe and follow along with me this week! Thank you all so much for listening! Be sure to check out Predator Hunter Outdoors HuntWise ORC Archery

Coyotes and Canning

This week, Kevin and Josh sit down and discuss Kevin's recent trip to Ohio looking for some buckeye coyotes with the Mountain Lodge Outdoors crew. They also talk about Josh's recent venture of learning to can venison, and using venison in different ways than he typically would. Topics discussed include- Terrain change between MI and OH Calling sequence Calling multiple fox Learning to use a pressure canner Venison Summer Sausage FAIL and more! Thank you all so much for listening and we hope you are all having a great deer season! Make sure to check out the companies who help...

Generations to Hunt with Joseph Davis

This week Josh and Kevin talk with Joseph Davis of the Generations to Hunt Podcast. we discuss Joe's' background in hunting and the outdoors, the Generations to Hunt podcast and recent hunting adventures including the recent hunt with the Bowhunter Chronicles group. Thank you for listening and please like and subscribe

S&S Predator Impact- Michael and Nate

This week, Kevin sits down and talks with Michael Smith and Nate Sadler of S&S Predator Impact. Topics discussed include- How S&S was started First experiences coyote hunting Property Access Gear used then vs now Firearm choices/ ammunition Goals and much more! Be sure to check out S&S Predator Impact on Facebook, and if you haven't yet please subscribe to the podcast wherever you listen! Thank you all so much for listening! www.predatorhunteroutdoors.com code: tripod for 10% off tripods and mounts code: light for 20% off lighting products Predator Hunter Outdoors www.huntwise.com code: Overdrive for 20...

Alaskan Dall Sheep- Joe Griffin

This week, we continue our conversation with Joe Griffin about his Alaskan Dall Sheep hunt. Topics discussed include- Preparation Pack needs- food/water Clothing needs Worldwide Trophy Adventures What makes a ram LEGAL for harvest Elevation of the animals and much, much more! Thank you so much Joe for taking the time to talk with us, and be sure to check out the video of his hunt on the HuntWise youtube channel at the link below! Thank you so much for listening and please give us a rating and review wherever you listen to podcasts! https://youtu.be/5L3yBFuEufI ...

2022 Youth hunt success with Chase and Owen

This week, Josh and Kevin sit down and talk with Owen, Josh's 10 year old son, as well as Joe and Chase Griffin. Chase and Owen both had success during the 2022 youth hunt, and we talk about how those hunts both went down. The guys talk about the firearms they chose for their hunts, as well as bullet selection and results. We also get to hear about Joe's childhood and how he decided he wanted to become a hunter. We decided to break this into a 2 part episode, so be sure to check in next week to hear all about Joe's...

Marno Muller

This week, Kevin sits and talks with Marno Muller, from Africa. Marno was born and raised in Africa, and he was born into a hunting family. Marno took his first animal, an Impala, at the age of 6 years old. Topics they discuss include: PAC (Problem Animal Control) hunting His favorite animal to hunt and eat Poachers Size/types of farms he hunts What happens with all the meat? and much, much more! Thank you all so much for listening, and thank you Marno for taking the time to talk! www.predatorhunteroutdoors.com code: tripod for 10% off tripods and mounts code...

D.L Calls with Dave L.

This week, Kevin sits and talks with Dave Lehmkuhle of D.L calls. D.L calls is a hand call company started right here in Michigan around 1990, specializing in predator calls. His calls can be found at Jays Sporting Goods, as well as FPS Archery in Cadillac MI. Dave tells us about how he saw his very first coyote in 1984, and how he couldn't believe what he was seeing because coyotes were not common back then. He also talks about what made him decide to start producing his own calls, his first being made completely of wood. Other topics discussed...

Married to an outdoorsman with Alishia

This week, Kevin and I sit down and talk with my wife, Alishia, all about what its like being married to a person addicted to the outdoors. Topics we discuss include: Learning to eat wild game compared to store bought meat Time spent away from family and how it effects our spouse/partner Expectations vs reality Costs of wild game vs store bought Evolving TOGETHER and more! Give it a listen, let us know your thoughts AND THANK YOU FOR LISTENING! www.predatorhunteroutdoors.com code: tripod for 10% off tripods and mounts code: light for 20% off lighting products Predator Hunter Outdoors ...

Dirty Little Secret Outdoor Products with Toby and Ray

This week, Kevin and Josh talk with Toby and Ray, owners of Dirty Little Secret Outdoor Products. Dirty little secret "Jackhammer" is a mineral mix formulated to help give deer their needed vitamins/minerals to keep a healthy herd, while also being an attractant to keep deer in your hunting area. Topics we discuss this week include: How long they have been using/testing mineral blends What is involved in creating the proper mix Why using mineral supplements is important for your deer Best times of year to use mineral Best locations for a mineral site How long it should...

Brad Bingham

This week, Josh and Kevin sit and talk with the newest addition to the Overdrive Outdoors crew, Brad Bingham. Brad was born in Idaho, but moved to Washington at age 5 when his dad took a new position. Brad wasn't raised around hunting, but when he was playing college football in Montana, he made friends with people who were into hunting and fishing. He later moved to Michigan in February 2021, and started coyote hunting a few months later. Topics we discuss include: Why he started coyote hunting The learning curve of a new hunter Benefits of having hunting partners with experience ...

GSL Technologies with Kevin Kinzer

This week, Kevin sits down and talks with Kevin Kinzer of GSL Technologies. Topics they discuss include: how long GSL has been in business Materials used Life expectancy of your suppressor The process to purchase your suppressor "Wet Can" and how it works Cleaning suppressors/maintenance Advantages of owning/using a suppressor and much more! Thank you all so much for listening, and be sure to check out all of what GSL has to offer at www.gsltechnology.com predatorhunteroutdoors.com code TRIPOD for 10% off tripods/mounts. Code LIGHT for 20% off lighting products huntwise.com code Overdrive for 20% off an...

Timmy Ray and Chance Stalcup - Preying On Predators

This week, Josh sits down and talks with Timmy Ray and Chance Stalcup from North Carolina. These guys are serious predator hunters, and we go in depth to break down their calling style, rifle setups and approach to coyote hunting. We talk wind directions, using vocals to call coyotes, and how they patterned a black coyote to eventually put in in their truck. Chance is an active duty marine, and Timmy spent 4 years in the Marine Corps and has now been a law enforcement officer for the past 22 years. I want to personally say THANK YOU to both of these...

James Bostock- Boss Predator Acoustics

This week, Kevin sits down and talks with Mr. James Bostock, owner of Boss Predator Acoustics. B.P.A produces high quality sound files for your electronic caller, and he takes the time to talk about why he started creating his own sounds, and how that turned into a company. James talks about his early years in Virginia, and how he used to hunt solely for the peace and quiet, living in a house with a large family. They also discuss how long James has been predator hunting Idaho laws for predator hunting Electronic caller choices Increase of hunting pressure...

Hunter Young - HD Custom Lures

This week, Josh sits down with Hunter Young, owner of HD Custom Lures, a 2 year old company creating custom airbrushed lures for your tackle box. Hunter is a taxidermist at The Back 40 Taxidermy Studio, but spends a lot of time hunting and fishing as well. Topics we discuss today are: Deer hunting Ohio Bobcat hunting Airbrushing process Color selection based on water clarity Rod and reel selection and more! Thank you all so much for listening! Make sure to check out Hunters products on facebook @HD Custom Lures, and good luck on the water! www.predatorhunteroutdoors.com code (tripod) for 10...

Austin Pressy- Wicked 7 Outdoors

This week, Josh sits down and talks with Austin Pressy of Wicked 7 Outdoors. Austin was born in Missouri but moved to Texas at 16 when his dad took on a new job position. Wicked 7 Outdoors is a "multi faceted" company, specializing in guiding, ranch consulting, and exotic trapping. Austin talks about the challenges of what he does, including keeping animals alive during a drought Spot and stalk vs hunting over a feeder high fence vs low fence hunting mature Audad dealing with predators including fox, coyote and bobcat and much more! Thank you Austin for taking the time to sit and...

Dennis Gilmore- thepredatorhunter.com

This week, Kevin sits down and talks with Dennis Gilmore, owner of thepredatorhunter.com Dennis has written 2 books on predator hunting as well as a ton of articles for his blog, all written from knowledge gained from other, more successful hunters around the country. The topics range from shotgun hunting for coyotes, to hunting season breakdowns by state and bobcat hunting tactics with many others in between. They talk about what triggered Dennis to learn how to predator hunt How he gained the knowledge to put down his first predator The importance of getting more people involved N.Y state...

Predator Hunter Outdoors- Paul Cianciolo

This week, Kevin and Josh sit and talk with Paul Cianciolo, owner of Predator Hunter Outdoors. Since the very beginning, PHO has been a major supporter of Overdrive Outdoors. Paul talks about how he got started predator hunting, mostly chasing after fox but eventually moving into coyotes when the population started growing. Paul tells us about how his need for bright, quality lights for hunting after dark, that didn't require you to carry a car battery around, eventually led to him opening Predator Hunter Outdoors. We talk about how he has had to adapt, upgrade and make changes to his...

Yote Ropes

This week we sit down with Carie and Kentray from North Carolina, owners of Yote Ropes. We start by talking about coyote hunting in NC, and the problems they encounter with chiggers and ticks. Kentray tells us about a hunt where they got a black coyote, which is definitely on our bucket list! He tells us a few funny stories about hunting with his buddies, and how needing a new coyote drag ultimately triggered the start of Yote Ropes. Carie talks about the products they have, including a tripod hanger for taking better photos of your animals, and Kentray tells...

ƎV Skull Works with Elizabeth Visser

This week we talk to Elizabeth Visser, owner of ƎV Skull Works. Elizabeth tells us all about the company, why she started working on skulls and how it has gone so far. She tells us about her quick turnaround time, and the costs for work on certain species. She also tells us about how to properly care for an animal you intend to bring in, as well as what you will need to provide with your animal. Thank you so much Elizabeth for taking the time and thank you ALL for listening! Check out ƎV Skull Works at https://www.fa...

Summer coyote hunting SUCCESS! With Chris, Clinton and Keith

This week, Josh and Kevin talk with the guys from Dusk to Dawn Outdoors, Chris Kreiner, Keith Thelen, and Clinton Taylor. The guys all discuss the last week of coyote hunting across our state of Michigan. They talk about sounds and sequences they had the best luck with, and we get some insight on what stage the coyotes are in throughout the state. They also discuss.. Rifle calibers/optics/ammunition Suppressors Coyote behavior Moving on vocal coyotes A to Z game calls Double tapping a coyote with a 243 and more! Thank you all for listening!

Mangy Dog TV with Joey Hartley

This week, Josh sits down with Joey Hartley of Mangy Dog TV. Joey was fresh off a trip to Kansas with his decoy dogs and talks about how his hunt there went. He talks about the breeds of his dogs and why he chose them, and tells us a little about the training that is involved. They talk about how Joey got his start coyote hunting and how his hunting has evolved through the years. Joey talks about his favorite coyote hunting caliber, and all the different calibers he has used through the years. And finally, Joey tells us all...

Foxin' in the UK- Jason Jones

This week, Kevin sits down with Jason Jones from the United Kingdom. Jason is a fox hunter in the UK, and has been hunting for around 10 years. Jason talks about the average size of the UK red fox, and some of the laws he has to follow just to be able to hunt. They then get into the topic of firearm ownership and the process they have to go through just to OWN a firearm. Kevin and I both agree, it doesn't sound fun. We appreciate you all for listening! Please give it a share, a like, a review if...

Fireside chat with Kevin- 50 cal coyote

This week, Josh and Kevin sit down for a "fireside chat" and cover all sorts of topics. We start by complaining about the heat and the bugs that come with summer hunting, and Kevin tells us his preferred bug repellant to use (and how to properly apply it).We talk about kayaks, fishing and we rant about the anti hunting crowd. Kevin then tells us all about his recent coyote hunting, including his bucket list coyote kill, with his 50 cal. Kevin has wanted to get a coyote with that rifle for as long as I have known him, but the...

Panfishin' with Ray Dancer- Michigan Outdoors Report

This week, Kevin and Josh talk with Ray Dancer from Michigan Outdoors Report. Ray is an avid fisherman and has been for years, recently targeting panfish and walleye. Ray talks about his winter crappie that got him a "Master Angler" award, and then he talks about some of his spring crappie techniques. They talk about crappie spawn habits, baits used for certain situations, as well as recent weather changes and how they have effected the fishing. Ray also spent some time down at the Detroit River, jigging for walleye, and he gives us some information about how how they approach...

Turkey Talk with Kevin, Jeremy, and Mike

This week, Kevin sits with Jeremy Kennedy and the President of West Michigan Wildlife Association, Mike Luttrull. The guys discuss the different ways you can hunt turkey, in a field, sitting in a blind, or like Mike prefers, the run and gun style. The guys talk about what kind of weather they prefer hunting in, and what times of day they prefer to be out there. They talk about scouting, what they look for and how they prepare for the hunt, including "putting them to bed". The guys talk about some recent success they have had, Kevin and Jeremy talk...

Timber Freak Game Calls with Sean Purcell

This week, Kevin and Josh sit down with Sean Purcell of Timber Freak Game Calls. I personally have used a Timber Freak grunt for the last 3 seasons and can honestly say it is the best sounding grunt call I have ever used. Sean tells us about how he took ownership of the company, and then decided to expand it to more than just grunt calls. Now he is developing waterfowl calls, predator calls and more! Sean talks about tuning a call, and how different materials can make all the difference in sound. Sean also tells us about his time spent...

The Fight for Centerfire at Night with Bob Abbott

Are you a Michigan predator hunter who enjoys going hunting at night using your centerfire rifle? This episode is for you. Josh and Kevin sit down with Bob Abbott, owner of Hunters Custom Mounting Solutions and front man in the fight for centerfire at night. Bob goes in depth about what it took to get the law changed from rimfire or shotgun only, to centerfire at night. Bob talks about how long the process took and why we wanted the change to begin with. Bob also talks about how many people got involved, collecting signatures to help the cause, and...

Time to GoWild with Brad Luttrell

This week, Josh and Kevin are joined by Brad Luttrell, founder of the social media platform GoWild. They talk about what Brad enjoyed outdoors growing up, which really didn't have much to do with hunting at all. They talk about how Brad finally got into hunting whitetail at a later age, and how his past seasons have gone. Brad then talks to them about the GoWild platform. He tells them about what it took to create GoWild, and issues they experienced along the way, including negativity from others in the hunting community. Brad tells them about the rewards system, which...

From Michigan to Florida with Keven Williams

This week, Josh and Kevin sit down and talk with long time friend Keven Williams. Keven grew up in Michigan, but recently moved down to Florida. In this episode, we dive deep into some of the differences Keven has seen in the outdoors from here to there. He tells us all about gator hunting and how he likes to prepare them for the table. We talk about iguanas..something I never imagined going hunting for. He explains the problems they cause and why the state needs to manage the population. Last but not least, we go into some details about...

Predator Academy with JD Piatt

This week, Kevin sits and talks with JD Piatt of Predator Academy and IcoTec game calls. JD has been predator hunting for a long time, starting in 1982 going after fox. JD tells us all about his start into predator hunting, going from red lights, to day calling, and then getting into night calling with thermal and nightvision. They discuss tactics through the year, what changes he might make to his calling sequences and how he would approach certain situations, like having them howling in front of you but not coming to the call. JD tells us about what raising pet...