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A podcast centered around the great outdoors. We will cover topics from hunting and fishing to trapping, reloading, cooking/grilling, and more.

Stealth Outdoors- Uncle Lou
Last Thursday at 12:00 PM

In this episode Josh and Kevin talk with "Uncle Lou" from Stealth Outdoors. Thhey talk with Uncle Lou about his background hunting, his coming up from gun, to bow, to now a crossbow. Also the style of hunting he likes to do, which not many people do anymore. "Still hunting" with a crossbow. We discuss pros and cons of bow vs crossbow, and why "it really doesn't matter". We talk about how Stealth Outdoors came to be, the products they offer, and meeting different folks at shows around the country And finally we wrap it up with what the next...

Getting the Perfect Shot- Heather Rymar

On this episode Josh and Kevin talk with Heather Rymar. Heather has been putting out some great wildlife photographs here in Michigan for quite some time that we have been following. We get to hear about how Heather came up in the outdoors, fishing, hunting and camping with her family. How that transitioned from a passion for the outdoors into the photography she does today. She also shares with us some thoughts on women in the outdoors, including information on women's specific groups for those that have an interest in hunting, shooting and fishing. Heather tells us about what she...

Catchin' up with Ben Van Wieren

on this week's episode Josh and Kevin sit down with Ben VanWeiren. Ben started the michigan predator hunters forum in 2002 that was THE spot for information and camraderie for a lot of michigan hunters pursuing predators. Ben tells us how and why it got started and about some of the early members. We share a few hunting stories from back then, and then talk about carp fishing and bowfishing. Ben has really been doing more carp fishing, and gives some insight on fishing specially for them. We then talk about traditional archery, another one of Bens current pursuits www.predatorhunteroutdoors...

2023 Updates and Season Plans- Kevin and Josh

On the Overdrive Outdoors podcast this week, Josh and Kevin get together and talk about a variety of different things. They discuss recent hunts and the upcoming bow season. We talk about preseason deer scouting using thermal and providing that info back to landowners. We discussed having the family out to hunt, with Josh's daughter and his mom wanting to get their 1st deer this year. Josh Talks about how he would like to modify his shotgun with a red dot optic and we talk about options for that." We also talk about a recent rifle build (6mm creedmoor) and...

The Worlds WORST Bowhunter- Adam Miller

On this episode of the Overdrive Outdoors podcast, Josh Mapes talks with Adam Miller, owner of the Bowhunter Chronicles Podcast. Josh and Adam discuss the ideas behind the Bowhunter Chronicles podcast and the Patreon hunt camp that they sponsored last year. They discuss the value of helping folks that want help, and the camaraderie of the hunt camp . We get to hear the story of the "World's worst bow hunter" directly from Adam. They also discuss a recent hunt that Adam went on in the Upper Peninsula in Michigan where he had borrowed Josh's Thermal equipment to try his hand...

Slock Master- Tim Wells

In this week's episode Kevin and Josh are joined by Mr. Tim Wells, the Slock Master himself. This episode with Tim Wells is part of the series of podcasts with guests that were instrumental in our early years of our hunting journey, the folks that got us interested, entertained and educated us when we were just getting into it. In this episode we talk about how he got into hunting, starting at an early age, and even using primitive weapons to take game with his whole family. We talk about his journey from a youth in Illinois, hunting waterfowl, deer...

Competition Shooting- Randy Budde

This week Kevin and returning guest Randy Budde talk about competitive long range shooting here in Michigan. Randy has been participating in a pair of long range shooting matches at South Kent Sportmans Club and Marksmanship Training Center this year. In this episode we discuss what the matches are (Bench, steel, silhouette and PRS (Precision rifle series), rules and details of matches and how they differ , calibers used, optics used and equipment regulations for the matches. We discuss how Randy has done at these competitions, what is challenging about them and some specific ballistic details about the events, and the...

Skills crossed over- Brad Echelberger

This week Kevin talks with Brad Echelberger. Brad has a history of working in both Military and Law enforcement roles, from Army Rangers to SWAT units. Brad recently came up and went out coyote hunting with me, and while not successful we did see a coyote. I wanted to talk with Brad about the cross over of skill sets from MIL/LE and hunting in the field. We talk about similarities and differences in everything from the guns, ammo, optics and tripods. We also discuss safety and how it relates in both fields, including things as simple as communication. We...

MTPCA-Carl Roeller

This week Josh and Kevin talk with Carl Roeller, the Michigan Trappers and Predator Callers Association Predator Caller Outreach Director. In this episode we talk with Carl about some recent hunting experiences, what the MTPCA is about, what they offer and membership. We also talk about the up coming convention in Evart, MI and what types of activities they will have for the whole family, calling seminars by quite a few well know Michigan folks, trapping demos, activities for the kids and more. Also discussed are challenges facing predator hunting not just here in Michigan but other states as well...

Razor Broadheads- Dave Buikema

This week, live from the studio (Josh's house) Kevin and Josh along with Greg Kooienga are joined by Dave Buikema of Razor Broadheads. (http://www.razorbroadheads.com). In this episode Dave tells us about the company and the products, including the "why's" of how they came to the design as well as answering all of our questions The Razor Broadheads are a cut on contact, double bevel design and heavier than standard weights, and Dave talks about why a heavier broadhead may just be what you will want for your hunting. 100% made in the USA, Right here in Grand Rapids...

Calibers and Conundrums with Kevin and Josh

In this episode Josh and Kevin discuss the status of the podcast, now in our 3rd season, and why we do it. We reply to listener questions regarding caliber selection, including intended platform pluses and minuses, then delve a little into ballistics, and reloading vs factory ammo, value and performance. We discuss a recent mishap with a caller and the durability of some of them we have used. We also discuss a couple of recent hunts, including some good and some not so good results, and the tactics involved. Brainstorm some spots that are challenging to figure out the best...

The life of a BLM officer- Boone Vuletich

On this week's episode Kevin talks with retired BLM ( Bureau of land management) agent Boone Vuletich. Boone worked for the BLM in the state of Wyoming, and as we hear in the podcast, all over the place as part of his duties with the federal government, and now in retirement he has taken the role of Fur Buyer. We discuss how he got into the job, what some of the roles of being a BLM agent were, working with other agencies, working in various locations and some of the challenges of the job. We also discuss tips for outdoorsman if...

New predator hunter Q&A - Ike Imhof

This week, Kevin and Josh are joined by a new predator hunter, Ike Imhof. To start off, they discuss a recent hunting accident that occurred in Indiana, and ways to hopefully prevent such accidents from happening. Later, Ike tells about his upbringing, running raccoons with his family as a kid, getting into deer hunting at a young age, and finally getting involved with predator hunting this past winter when he wanted to find something else to do. Ike asks his questions and Kevin and Josh give the best answers they can. Questions such as what vocals we prefer, as well...

Sweet Redemption- Kevin and Josh

This week, Kevin and Josh sit down and talk about this past weekends hunting. There are a few more misses (Mapes'd it with a shotgun) and a whole lot of redemption. They talk about un appreciative deer, jumping directly in front of Kevin's truck. The guys also discuss a listener question- What do you look for when looking at property to coyote hunt? They talk about terrain and travel corridors, tractor trails and creek beds. They discuss safety when hunting, and the touchy subject of what to do when someone else hunts a property you want to get permission on. ...

First meeting of the SSA club

This week on the Overdrive Outdoors Podcast, Josh and Kevin are joined by Timmy Ray and Chance Stalcup for the 1st meeting of the SSA club (Sh!tty Shooters Anonymous) . In this episode we discuss a listener question...Using Cell Cameras for predator hunting, we discuss patterning, and gathering data using game cameras. We then get into the 1st meeting of the SSA with our special guest, talking about misses, what can contribute to them and how to fix them, we discuss the use of tripods, leveling heads vs ball heads, safety considerations with multiple hunters, using "max point blank"...

LIVE FROM THE FIELD! Memorial weekend with Josh and Greg

This week we have another LIVE FROM THE FIELD episode! Josh went out this weekend with Greg Kooienga, and they recorded this episode between 2 different nights out in the field. Topics discussed include- Expectations based on animal activity vs REALITY Ball head vs leveling head MAPES'D IT! NV vs Thermal for a new predator hunter Tripod quality, leveling heads vs ball head Weather conditions Sounds used AND A LOT OF LAUGHS! THANK YOU ALL FOR LISTENING! www.predatorhunteroutdoors.com code: tripod for 10% off tripods and mounts code: light for 20% off lighting products Predator Hunter Outdoors www.huntwise.com code: OVERDRIVE...

Fireside chat- Kevin and Josh

Smoking meat, attempted roasts, hits, misses and appreciating our guests. On this week's episode, Josh and Kevin start off by talking about Josh's new in ground smoking set up, how its built, what all he can do with it, and learning about it as he goes. We briefly discuss the experience of having the local DNR inform Kevin that someone had called in his legal bobcat harvest as an illegal harvest. Then we talk about recent hunting experiences from the past weekend, Josh rode the struggle bus, while Kevin got a day walker then missed one after dark at the...

HIS FIRST TWO! Greg Kooienga

This week, Josh and Kevin sit down and talk to Greg Kooienga. We first recap Kevin's successful turkey hunt from this past Sunday, then we talk to Greg talks about his first successful coyote hunt he went on with Josh last weekend.. After that we talk about competition shooting a bit, where Greg explains Steel Challenge shooting and the setups he uses. * Kevin's turkey hunt * Josh and Greg's successful coyote hunt from last weekend *Greg's 1st time using thermal, shooting off a tripod and successfully taking 2 coyotes. * Steel Challenge competitive shooting, what it is, what Greg uses. *Differences between a "...

Driving the struggle bus- Chris Crist

This week, Josh sits down and talks to fellow coyote hunter Chris Crist. Chris has been coyote hunting since 2016, with very limited success. Today, Chris talks about the struggles he has had, learning to use the wind and figuring out where the coyotes are, and Josh answers some questions Chris wanted covered on the podcast. Topics discussed include- Turkey Hunting- Chris' success May 7 2023 Why Chris wanted to start coyote hunting Wind direction- setting up to play the wind Circling to the downwind Advantages of using thermal Scouting Cutting the distance- moving in on vocal coyotes that are not coming to...

Torry Cook- MFK

This week, Kevin sits down and talks to Torry Cook, founder of MFK Game Calls. MFK Game calls, located in Arkansas, is widely known around the predator hunting industry for their diaphragm coyote calls, prey distress calls and also for their sound library, available for Foxpro callers. Topics discussed today include- Growing up in a hunting/outdoor family Trapping as a kid First time calling with a Fisher Price tape player E-call to handcall/diaphragm transition The start of MFK Game Calls Shotgun load/choke combo Living with/learning from live coyotes Hunting with vocals and so much more. We...

LIVE FROM THE FIELD! Chris Storey- First coyote hunt

Friday night April 21, my cousin Chris and I got together for a night of coyote hunting. While Chris has spent many years in the deer woods, this was his first time ever going on a coyote hunt, and I wanted to record a podcast as that night went on. We were very successful that night, putting 5 coyotes in the truck, and Chris was able to take his first, second AND third coyotes of his life that night. Topics we discuss include- Chris's biggest buck ID through thermal New hunter struggles- thermal vs nightvision Shooting off a tripod Hunting in the...

Mitch McEachern- Shooting under stress

This week, Josh and Kevin are joined by second time guest Mitch McEachern, owner of FPS Archery and Firearms in Cadillac MI. The guys discuss quite a few topics this week, including- FFL-shipping firearms 3 gun competition Suppressor use-cleaning your firearms ATF audits SHOT IQ course Hinge releases Trigger panic Muscle fatigue and more! Huge thank you to Mitch for taking the time to talk this week. If you are in the Cadillac area, be sure to stop in at FPS Archery and Firearms and see everything they have to offer, from bows and firearms to arrows, broadheads and suppressors and...

Gary Roberson- Burnham Brothers

This week, Kevin got a chance to sit and talk with Mr. Gary Roberson, owner of Burnham Brothers. Burnham brothers was started in 1952, making them the oldest game call company. Gary had met his boyhood hero, Murray Burnham, in the early 80s, and after visiting a few times they started hunting and traveling together. In 1991, Gary purchased Burnham Brothers when Murray was ready to sell the company. Topics discussed in this episode include- Growing up hunting with family Starting to predator hunt at 10 years old Hunting with a single shot 22 and a Rayovac flashlight Learning to use hand calls Creating...

Homesteading, hobby farming and coyotes- Tony Tebbe

This week, Josh and Kevin are once again joined by our friend Tony Tebbe. Topics they discuss this week include- Falling through ice Going back to farming Value vs cost of keeping livestock Growing a garden in New Mexico Cost of feed Coyote denning season- tips and techniques and more! Thank you Tony for taking the time to talk this week, and as always, THANK YOU ALL for listening. Make sure to check out www.predatoruniversity.com to see all the products Tony has for the coyote hunting community! www.predatorhunteroutdoors.com code: tripod for 10% off tripods and mounts code...

Sparrs Outdoors- Shawn Sparr

This week, Kevin and Josh sit and chat with Shawn Sparr of Sparrs Outdoors. Topics they discuss include- Fishing with GUMMY WORMS Favorite fish to eat and preparation Jigging for walleye Coyote hunting/trapping Fishing scents and a lot more! We want to thank Shawn for taking the time to speak with us this week, be sure to check out their youtube channel at https://www.youtube.com/@sparrsoutdoors THANK YOU ALL FOR LISTENING! www.predatorhunteroutdoors.com code: tripod for 10% off tripods and mounts code: light for 20% off lighting products Predator Hunter Outdoors www.huntwise.com code: OVERDRIVE for 20% off...

Chickens, homesteads and shooting AT coyotes- Josh and Kevin

This week, Kevin and Josh sit down and discuss the previous weekends hunt in Ohio. The calling was good, the weather was not, but the coyotes were active. They discuss the tactics used that brought coyotes into view, and the results of their brutal night out of state. The guys also discuss- Being self reliant Chickens Homesteading Gear changes through the years Shooting Equipment failures MISSES! and a lot more! Thank you all so much for listening this week, and be sure to check out all the great companies we are fortunate to work with that bring this podcast to...

A Family Legacy- Gerald Stewart

This week, Kevin sits and talks with Mr. Gerald Stewart, son of Mr. Johnny Stewart. Although Gerald doesn't do a lot of coyote hunting NOW, he is no stranger to the calling world, growing up and helping in the family business, Johnny Stewart Wildlife Calls. Gerald and Kevin discuss topics including- Raccoons killing family chickens Recording sounds to use to target the raccoons Creation of Johnny Stewart Wildlife Calls Filming hunts Injuries while recording animals Calling Leopards and lions Hand calls Industry changes and a LOT more! We want to thank Gerald for taking the time to record with Kevin...

O'Neill Ops- James O'Neill

This week, Kevin and Josh got the opportunity to sit and talk with Mr. James O'Neill, founder of O'Neill Ops. Born and raised in South Dakota, James tells us some stories about growing up, always hunting with family and learning how to predator hunt. James also talks about topics such as- The beginning of O'Neill Ops Videography Gear changes- then vs now Suppressors The Kill Box Reloading Industry changes and a whole lot more! You all aren't going to want to miss this one! Be sure to check out O'Neill Ops on all the social media sites, and check out...

Michigan Feral Hog- Clay Holliday

This week, Josh and Kevin sit down and talk with Clayton Holliday, with Predator Elite Outdoors. The guys start out talking a little about small game and growing up in the woods, but later get into Clay's success with a Michigan feral hog, which weighed in at 635 1/4 pounds! Topics discussed throughout this episode- Deer hunting with Dad Western big game hunts Differences between hunting Michigan whitetail and western muleys Laws on shooting feral swine in Michigan How the hunt went down Rifle, ammunition used and a lot more! Thank you so much Clay for taking the time to talk with...

Adjustable Red Dot- The Zelenka Family

This week we have our very first LIVE, IN person episode! We were able to go sit with the Zelenka family, owners of Adjustable Red Dot. The ARD is a red dot bow sight, fully adjustable for different ranges and GREAT for people with aging eyes. Topics we discuss include- Shooting with no peep sight and keeping both eyes open Aging eyes, vision impairment Materials used Total weight of the ARD Cost/warranty Kansas whitetails and a lot more! THANK YOU SO MUCH to the Zelenka family for inviting us into your home to see your product. If you are...

Simply Dipped Hydrographic- Ron Evink

This week, Josh sits down and talks with Ron Evink, landowner AND owner of Simply Dipped Hydrographic. Ron tells us about how he got started in the outdoors, fishing with his Dad and learning to hunt with his Uncle. He tells us about his first deer at 18 years old, and then they discuss topics like- Owning property with predators on it Reasons for wanting predator removal Raccoon damage Hydrographics Preparing items for dipping Durability Prices of hydrographic work and a lot more! Thank you Ron for taking the time to talk this week, and if you would like to have...

They don't know we aren't wearing any pants- Keven Williams

This week, Josh and Kevin get to talk with returning guest, Keven Williams. If you haven't heard his previous episode, Episode # 41, we talked a lot about Keven's transition from Michigan to Florida. This week, we go back into some of those topics and see if he had accomplished his goals for 2022, as well as... -Surviving a hurricane -Preparing for future storms -Community coming together -Canning food/meat -Fishing salt water vs fresh water -Unexpected success in the deer woods -Wild game cooking -Instapot/pressure cookers and more! Thank you Keven for taking the time to talk with us, and if...

Everything Eichler-Fred Eichler

This week, Kevin sits down and talks with Mr. Fred Eichler. Fred has been a predator hunter/trapper since the 1980s, and today he shares a bunch of his stories from the amazing hunts he has been on through the years. Topics discussed include- Why Fred got interested in trapping and calling Fur prices then vs now Evolution of gear and equipment through the years Caliber choices- Fred's favorite Advantages of electronic callers Ammunition- reloads vs factory Calling black bear (where legal) Getting onto TV Full Draw Outfitters and a whole lot more! We want to thank Fred for taking...

Elliot Hubbard- APR vs 1 buck tag for Michigan

This week, I was able to sit down and have a conversation with Elliot Hubbard. Myself and Elliot have always talked about deer hunting, amongst each other, and I felt it was time to get one of our conversations recorded. Elliot has always been a proponent of Antler Point Restrictions(APR), and now with the hard push for One Buck Tag, I wanted to hear the advantages, or the main reasons why either one would benefit Michigan and the deer herd we have. Topics discussed include- -Why people want a change -Introduction of APR- changes it has had -One buck...

Calling all Coyotes- Randy Anderson, PT 2

This week we have part 2 of our conversation with Randy Anderson. Randy goes into detail about his 3 stages of calling, and talks with us about topics including- Howls Challenge howls Distress Sounds Pup distress/coyote fights Wind direction What do I do when they respond but don't show up? Mountain Lions Wolves And many more hunting stories from Randy from his 57 years of experience, all explaining his tactics and techniques and how they can be effective for you. Again, we can't thank Randy enough for taking the time to talk with us. And thank you ALL for listening. Check out...

Calling all Coyotes- Randy Anderson, PT 1

This week, Kevin and Josh got the opportunity to talk with the coyote hunting legend, Randy Anderson. It is difficult to break this one down, but it is filled with stories from Randy about his entire career in the coyote hunting industry. In part one, Randy talks about growing up in Nebraska and how certain family members got him interested in coyote hunting. He tells us about the first hand calls they used, and why he enjoys coyote hunting so much. We hear stories about his first shows and seminars, and how he eventually got into recording his hunts. There...

Scott Hampton

This week, Josh and Kevin talk with Mr. Scott Hampton from Oklahoma. Scott is well known in the predator hunting community, especially for using decoy dogs. He has also spent some time hunting/filming with Tim Wells on Relentless Pursuit. Topics discussed include- Scott growing up in a hunting family Learning how to deer hunt Rodeo What got him interested in predator hunting Learning without having the answers given to him Using decoy dogs Working with Tim Wells/ Relentless Pursuit And much more! Thank you Scott for taking the time to talk with us, and thank YOU ALL for listening! ...


This week, Kevin talks with Steve Lemenov, director of marketing at ATN, about all the specs you might see when looking to purchase thermal imaging devices. Topics they discuss include- Steve's start with ATN The market for thermal/uses Thermal cores/sensors/pixel counts Environmental effects Settings adjusments AND MORE! We want to thank Steve for taking the time to record with us, and for breaking down these, often times, very confusing, specifications for us all. Hopefully this will help YOU when looking to make your first thermal purchase. THANK YOU ALL FOR LISTENING! www.predatorhunteroutdoors.com code: tripod for 10...

Ross Graveling- The story of a Michigan bull elk

This week, Josh and Kevin have returning guest Ross Graveling, from Sportspersons Ministries International, to talk about his daughter Acacia's awesome Michigan bull elk. Acacia is 13 years old and luckily drew a Michigan elk tag after only 3 years of applying. Topics include- Illinois whitetail rut hunt Sportspersons Ministries Alaska trip with SPI Preparation for a Michigan elk Scouting Land access PRESSURE! and more! Thank you all so much for listening this week. If you have not yet checked out Sportspersons Ministries International, go to their page on Facebook, or https://www.spi-int.org/ Also be sure to check out the...

The 1 and Only Dog Soldier-Steve Criner- Part 2

This week we have part 2 of the conversation between Kevin and Steve Criner. If you haven't yet listened to last weeks episode, make sure you do! This week, Kevin and Steve discuss topics like- AR vs Bolt guns Calls used throughout the years Calibers Steve prefers Hand calls vs Electronic calls Night hunting with lights Steve's custom rifle company- dogsoldierarmory.com Legend Precision Optics And so much more! Thank you so much Steve for taking the time to record with Kevin, and THANK YOU ALL for listening! coyotecalls.com www.facebook.com/DogSoldierPredatorCalls IG- 1_and_only_dog_soldier www.predatorhunteroutdoors...