Find Your Daily Calm

40 Episodes

By: Sel Gaston

Find your daily calm is a podcast that allows you to retreat to your place of peace and calm. Find guided meditations and other literary works that will allow you to get your needed daily dose of calm.

I Am Enough
Yesterday at 4:00 PM

Today, we invite you to immerse yourself in the powerful poem, "I Am Enough," written by the talented Jennifer Williamson. As both a gifted writer and a survivor of the devastating loss of a loved one to suicide, Jennifer understands the depths of pain and the journey towards healing. Her heartfelt words serve as a guiding light, illuminating a path of transformation and self-discovery. Jennifer is humbled by the impact her words have had in helping others find solace and strength amidst their own hardships. "I Am Enough" stands as a beacon of hope, reminding us all that we...

Reframing Your Bad Day
Last Friday at 10:00 PM

We all experience those challenging days when everything appears to be going against us. You might be feeling unwell, emotionally drained, or burdened by a multitude of responsibilities. While it may be tempting to label such days as 'bad days,' it is important to recognize that no day is entirely devoid of positivity. Even amidst the struggles, there is almost always something good to be found, no matter how seemingly insignificant it may be.

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Letting Go Of Grudges
Last Wednesday at 11:30 PM

Embark on a transformative journey towards embracing the relaxation necessary to bring about positive change in your life. Discover the profound impact that releasing grudges can have on your well-being and personal growth.

True relaxation eludes us when we cling onto grudges, hindering our ability to fully unwind and embrace new possibilities. Although forgiving those who have wronged us may seem daunting, it is an essential stride towards achieving personal fulfillment. Prepare to be inspired as we explore the significance of letting go, shedding light on the path to inner peace and empowerment. Join us as we...

The Music Within: A Guided Meditation for Cultivating Gratitude for the Gifts of Music

Music is a universal language that can transcend cultural, linguistic, and social barriers. It has the power to soothe, inspire, uplift, and connect us to our deepest emotions, memories, and aspirations. In this guided meditation, we'll focus on cultivating gratitude for the gifts of music, and allowing ourselves to be fully present to the tunes, rhythms, and melodies of any kind. We'll begin by finding a comfortable position and taking a few deep breaths to calm our minds and bodies. Then, we'll move through four stages of gratitude, starting with awareness, then appreciation, connection, and finally, celebration. Through each...


Desiderata is an inspirational poem by Max Ehrmann in which he attempts to offer a positive outlook towards life. Throughout the poem, the poet tries to encourage people to live their life in a better and constructive way.

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Mantras To Spur Positive Thinking

There’s a power and magic to whatever you’re thinking. Positive thinking plants the seed for positive life experiences.But practicing new thoughts is one of the hardest things to do. Even "I am enough" (which you are) is hard enough sometimes.

Mantras can help you, especially in the beginning stages of starting something totally new.

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Career Calm: Finding Peace Amidst Uncertainty

Welcome to this guided meditation aimed at easing the anxiety surrounding an overwhelming and uncertain career. In today's fast-paced world, many individuals experience stress and apprehension related to their professional lives. This meditation seeks to provide a calm and centered space for you to explore and address these feelings.

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Connecting Within: Breathing Into An Inner Child

Our guest, Susan Gold, is magical. After a traumatic childhood she moved forward with ebullience and hope to transform and now helps others with the same. Her book, Toxic Family: Transforming Childhood Trauma into Adult Freedom is the trajectory of her journey. In the appendix is a workbook with key tools Susan used and uses in her recovery. She heard for decades about the inner child and found it awkward and almost distasteful as well as indulgent to consider that concept. Surprisingly it has been key to discovering authentic self love.

You may find out more about S...

You Can Handle This

You are capable of handling more than you give yourself credit for. Difficult emotions may sometimes get the better of you, but they always pass, and you always make it through them. By bringing mindfulness to the process of going through hard times, you can train yourself to recognize your own resilience.

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The Calm Deep Breathing Brings

Did you know that the fast, shallow breathing associated with the dominant sympathetic nervous system can contribute to migraines and various chronic pain? Join us as we explore simple yet effective exercises to shift your focus towards deeper, longer, quieter, regular, and slower breaths. By doing so, you'll discover how to put the parasympathetic nervous system in the driver's seat, bringing calmness to the forefront.

Learn how to harness the remarkable potential of your breath to find balance and tranquility. With each episode, you'll gain practical insights and techniques to calm the sympathetic nervous system, leading to...

Finding Gratitude In The Darkness: A Guided Meditation for Hope and Joy

Life can be challenging, and sometimes, we find ourselves in dark times where it feels like there's nothing to be thankful for. Maybe we're going through a difficult period in our lives, experiencing loss, pain, or uncertainty. Maybe we're facing adversity, discrimination, or injustice. Maybe we're struggling with mental or physical health issues, feeling trapped or hopeless. Whatever the situation, it can be easy to get lost in the darkness and forget about the light that still exists within us and around us.

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Unlocking the Flow of Abundance: A Guided Meditation for Financial Prosperity

In this empowering episode, join us as we delve into the realm of abundance and explore the transformative power of a guided meditation for financial prosperity. Discover how to release limiting beliefs, cultivate gratitude, and tap into the universal flow of abundance. Through soothing visualizations and affirmations, learn to align your mindset with wealth and create a life of financial freedom. Get ready to unlock the doors to prosperity and step into a world of abundance. Tune in and embark on this journey towards financial empowerment and fulfillment.

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Happy Again In 60 Seconds

Discover the power of a one-minute practice to transform your mood and embrace a brighter mindset. No matter what's weighing you down, this simple technique can uplift you and propel you forward. Give it a try and unlock the path to a more positive outlook.

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The Soothing Power Of Gratitude For Sleep

Unleash the Soothing Power of Gratitude for Restful Sleep!

Join us for "The Soothing Power of Gratitude for Sleep" episode and experience the tranquil embrace of gratitude as it transforms your bedtime routine. Discover the remarkable effects of this practice on your sleep quality and wake up refreshed and rejuvenated. Listen now and unlock the secrets to a restful night's sleep with the incredible power of gratitude. Don't miss out on this blissful episode—sweet dreams await!

Leave a comment below and share how gratitude has enhanced your sleep experience. Your insights can inspire others to...

Gratitude & Connection

Experience the transformative power of gratitude and connection in this episode titled "Gratitude and Connection." Join us as we delve into a heart-warming technique that will bring joy and warmth to your relationships. In this episode, we explore the profound impact of expressing gratitude and how it can deepen our connections with others.

Discover practical exercises and strategies to cultivate a mindset of appreciation and genuine connection. Learn how expressing gratitude not only uplifts others but also enhances our own well-being. Whether it's a small act of kindness or a heartfelt expression of thanks, you'll uncover the...

Release Your Worries: A Guided Meditation to Manage Rumination

Rumination is a common experience for many people, but it can be harmful if it becomes excessive or uncontrollable. Rumination involves repetitive thinking about negative events or feelings, often leading to feelings of anxiety, depression, and stress. Through this meditation, we will focus on releasing worries and negative thoughts, allowing you to find peace in the present moment. 

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Dissolve Anxiety & Stress

In this episode, we explore the power of mindfulness in dissolving anxiety and decreasing stress. By anchoring our awareness into the present moment, we can create a sense of calmness and peace that allows our body to heal and restore itself.

Through a guided meditation, we'll explore how to cultivate mindfulness and bring it into our daily lives. By the end of this episode, you'll have practical tools and techniques to help you reduce stress levels and feel more relaxed and at ease. So join us as we tap into the power of mindfulness and discover how...

I Like You When You're Quiet

Today we will listen to Luis de Terry read Pablo Neruda’s “I Like You When You’re Quiet- Me Gustas Cuando Callas”. 

Luis is the co-founder and President of Epi-Cures Food solutions. An avid and passionate cook-traveler, he ventured into the restaurant business on his own with LU, a name derived from his nickname and reflective of his love for flavor and spice. 

Lu, calls himself the Flavor Guy. Born into a family steeped in appreciation for food and wine, Luis entered the world of commerce upon graduating from McGill University with a Masters in Business...

Pursuing Happiness

“Happiness cannot be pursued; it must ensue. One must have a reason to ‘be happy.’ Once the reason is found, however, one becomes happy automatically. As we see, a human being is not one in pursuit of happiness but rather in search of a reason to become happy, last but not least, through actualizing the potential meaning inherent and dormant in a given situation.” - Viktor Frankl in Man's Search For Meaning 

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Transforming Unkindness with Loving-Kindness

Life can be challenging, and sometimes, we encounter unkind behavior from other people that can cause us pain and suffering. Whether it's a rude comment, a hurtful action, or a continuous pattern of negativity, unkindness can leave us feeling angry, frustrated, hurt, and even powerless. However, it's important to remember that unkindness is often a reflection of the other person's own struggles and pain, and it doesn't define who we are. With the practice of loving-kindness meditation, we can transform the negative energy of unkindness into positive and healing energy of compassion, empathy, and love.

In this...

Lighten Up: A Guided Meditation for Cultivating Humor and Joy

Life can be challenging, and sometimes, we take things too seriously. We get caught up in our worries, anxieties, and stresses, and forget to laugh, play, and enjoy the moment. But humor and joy are essential aspects of our well-being, and they can help us navigate life's ups and downs with grace, resilience, and positivity.

In this guided meditation, we'll focus on cultivating humor and joy, even in the midst of difficulty. We'll begin by finding a comfortable position and taking a few deep breaths to calm our minds and bodies. Then, we'll move through four stages...

Expressing Gratitude From A Place Of Love

Welcome to this guided meditation where we will cultivate the beautiful qualities of loving kindness and compassion towards both ourselves and others. Through the practice of heart-centered gratitude, we will explore the people, things, and events in our lives that we are grateful for. With the guidance of this meditation, you will have the opportunity to express your gratitude from a place of deep love, fostering a sense of positivity and well-being within yourself and your relationships.

Find Your Daily Calm relies on the generous support of donors like you to continue offering resources and programs that...

Failure As A Success

Join us on Find Your Daily Calm for an inspiring episode where we delve into the timeless wisdom of William George Jordan's "The Majesty Of Calmness". In this episode, we read a portion of the chapter "Failure As A Success" and explore the transformative power of reframing our understanding of failure. Tune in to discover how embracing our mistakes and setbacks can pave the way to success, and how cultivating a mindset of calmness can help us navigate life's challenges with grace and resilience. Don't miss out on this empowering episode of Find Your Daily Calm!


Your Three Brains: A Rebroadcast of Expansion Of Consciousness Podcast with Jason Medlock

Today, we have a special rebroadcast for you from Jason Medlock's show, Expansion of Consciousness. In this episode, I was his guest and we discussed "The 3 Brains," a fascinating concept that explores the different ways our 3 brains process information and how we can use this knowledge to find greater peace and balance in our lives. Curious? Listen in and find out what on earth ar the 3 brains are. We are honored to share this episode with you as Jason is a true expert in the field of mindfulness and meditation, and his podcast is a valuable resource for those...

Dealing With Anxiety

On today's episode, we're thrilled to have Brian Sachetta, author and owner of Get Out of Your Head®. Brian's brand and book series seeks to help folks overcome anxiety and depression, drawing on his experiences as a software developer and his battles with mental health issues. In his work, Brian combines his knowledge of computer systems with practical strategies for evading psychological demons and finding inner peace. He currently has two books on the market, “Get Out of Your Head: A Toolkit for Living with and Overcoming Anxiety” and “Get Out of Your Head Vol. 2: Navigating the Abyss of Depress...

A Safe Place To Ease Pain

Take a deep breath and join us for a guided meditation session that will help you create a special safe place just for you. This is a place where you can escape from the world's chaos and find comfort whenever you need it. It's a reminder that no matter what happens, you're never alone. Join us now and let us help you create a warm and comforting sanctuary that you can always come back to. #GuidedMeditation #SafePlace #Comfort #Support #Healing #InnerPeace #SelfLove #Mindfulness

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A Calming Symphony Of Nature & Music

Today, we are honored to have a special guest, an award-winning Irish cellist, and advocate of environmental regeneration, Clíodhna Ní Aodáin. Following her highly successful albums “The Celtic Cello” and “Celtic Rituals”, Clíodhna presents her inspired single “Full Circle – Cellos for Trees”.

This single is not just a beautiful piece of music, but a call to action to plant 10,000 trees initiated by Clíodhna and Brenda Neece, founder of The Cello Museum. Their vision is to create a music video project that invites cellists from all over the world to participate in creating a virtual forest of c...

Self-Compassion For When We Judge Ourselves

This guided meditation is a variance on the classic loving-kindness practice, but tailored specifically to cultivate self-compassion.

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Recharge: A Guided Meditation For Work Breaks

Are you feeling drained and overwhelmed during your workday?This episode is the perfect solution to help you take a few moments to recharge and refresh your mind and body. In this guided meditation, you'll be led through a series of techniques and exercises designed to help you relax and rejuvenate during your work break. With our gentle guidance, you'll be able to let go of stress and tension, and find a sense of inner peace and calm. Whether you're in the office or working from home, this episode is the perfect way to take a break, recharge your...

Sleep Like A Baby

Unleash the power of deep, restful sleep with Eli Abela, the Philippines' top biohacker and sleep expert. Join her in this guided meditation to Sleep Like A Baby and wake up feeling revitalized. With Eli's expertise and soothing voice, you'll discover the secrets to a better night's sleep that will leave you feeling refreshed and energized every morning. #SleepLikeABabyNow #BiohackerPhilippines #SleepExpertGuidedMeditation #DeepRestfulSleep #EliAbelaSleep #SleepBetterFeelBetter #PhilippinesSleepExpert

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To The Person Who's Struggling To Change

"I wrote this letter to someone I love who's struggling to change their life. Maybe, it's for you, or maybe it's for someone you know too.

Change can be really, really, really hard. Especially if you don't feel ready for it. But beauty can grow in the most unexpected places, and you never know how resilient you are until you've done the things you thought you could never do.

This letter is a simple reminder that there's hope. That the fire can be rekindled and small changes can make a big difference.

Feel fr...

Release & Rise: A Meditation For Moving On

Are you struggling to move on from a past relationship? Join us for "Release and Rise: A Guided Meditation for Moving On from Past Relationships." This meditation is designed to help you release negative emotions, forgive yourself and others, and reclaim your power. Visualize yourself standing on the shore of a calm lake and watch as the ripples spread out in all directions, symbolizing the release of the past. Repeat powerful affirmations to help you trust in the universe and embrace the lessons learned. Let go and move forward with this transformative guided meditation.

#movingon #letgo #meditation...

The Art Of Empathy

Welcome to Find Your Daily Calm, where we help you find peace, clarity, and calmness in your busy life. Today's episode is all about the art of empathy. Empathy is not just a skill or a practice, but an art that takes practice to master. It involves the ability to understand, relate to, and share the feelings of others, which can be a transformative experience for both the giver and receiver of empathy.

Empathy is essential for creating and maintaining healthy relationships, improving communication, fostering a sense of community, and promoting greater understanding and compassion in the...

It's Ok To Take Your Time

"In case you need to hear it today, it's alright to follow your own heart, according to your own timeline, in your own way. Nobody else can do that for you. That's a fact I keep bumping into whenever I think about all the books I wanted to write yesterday. Or anytime I'm on the yoga mat and my body tells me to go even slower, or else. Progress is a slow burn. Why is that so easy to forget?" - Jennifer Healey

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Positive Messages To Fall Asleep With

Looking for a way to end your day on a positive note? Look no further than this episode of Find Your Daily Calm. Join us as we share a collection of positive messages to fall asleep with, designed to soothe your mind and help you drift off into a restful slumber. From inspiring quotes to calming affirmations, this episode is packed with uplifting messages to help you cultivate a sense of peace and wellbeing. So put on your headphones, relax, and let the positive vibes wash over you. #positiveaffirmations #calmingquotes #bedtimeroutine #mindfulness #selfcare #dailyaffirmations #meditation #sleepbetter #positivemindset #inspirationalquotes #findyourdailycalm<...

Drive With Calmness: Alleviating Road Rage

Today’s meditation is all about cultivating calm and mindfulness while driving. We’ve all experienced road rage, whether it’s getting cut off in traffic or dealing with a slow driver in the fast lane. But our reactions can have consequences beyond the moment. They can affect our loved ones when we get home. Your foul mood will make them avoid you and if it becomes habitual, nobody might want to spend time with you. The strangers you encounter on the road will also be affected by your bad mood and could lead you to bigger problems like a seve...

A Bedtime Story With Gramps Jeffrey: A delightful reading of his bestselling book, "I Don't Want To Turn 3".

Welcome to Find Your Daily Calm, the podcast that helps you unwind and relax. Today, we're honored to have Marc Joseph, aka Gramps Jeffrey, as our guest. Not only is he a successful author of "The Secrets of Retailing…How to Beat Wal-Mart," but he's also written over 100 articles on nonprofit topics, education, and the homeless for the Huffington Post.

Today, we're excited to announce that Gramps Jeffrey will be reading a Bedtime Tale for our listeners. His children's book, "I Don't Want to Turn 3," is based on his experiences with his six grandchildren, and explores the mi...

From Pain To Power: Affirmations For Resilience & Empowerment

Welcome to "From Pain to Power: A Guided Meditation for Resilience and Empowerment." In this meditation, we will explore the power of transforming pain into strength and resilience through visualization and affirmations. Whether you are currently struggling with a painful experience or seeking to cultivate a sense of inner power and resilience, this meditation will guide you towards a more positive and empowered mindset.

#guidedmeditation #resilience #empowerment #pain #strength #visualization #affirmations #mentalhealth #selfcare #wellness #mindfulness #positivity #findyourdailycalm

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Allowing Yourself To Feel Gratitude & Appreciation

Welcome to today's episode of Find Your Daily Calm, where we will guide you through a meditation focused on allowing yourself to feel gratitude and appreciation. Through this practice, we will tap into the power of positive thinking and cultivate a deeper sense of joy and contentment in our lives. Join us as we explore the benefits of gratitude and appreciation, and learn how to incorporate these practices into your daily routine. Take a few moments to breathe deeply and let go of any stress or tension, as we embark on this journey of mindfulness and self-discovery. #gratitude #appreciation...

Messages Of Hope For The Soul

Today you will hear Kristina Wiltsee read Random Messages Of Hope For The Soul by Jennifer Healey.

Kristina Wiltsee is the co-host of this spiritual fix podcast with her best friend, Anna Stromquist. Together they discuss a range of spiritual modalities and philosophies from understanding how we are not the doer of action to practical tips like how to muscle test and remove entity attachments. 

These two seek to answer the unanswerable all while remembering that there is truly nothing to fix. You can find them at, on TikTok and instagram and an...