Mining the Field

8 Episodes

By: Mining City Tommyknockers

A weekly podcast for the Mining City Tommyknockers: -Weekly Recaps -Breakdowns -Guest Players and Coaches

The Final Episode: Why was the Rest of the Season Canceled?

Interviews with Logan Jacobson (Assistant General Manager), Jake Mastillo (1B, DH and Catcher), Brandon Cowan (Head Coach), and Jacob Schubert (Hitting Coach), followed by an explanation of the season's premature cancellation. 

Episode 7: Judah Wilbur (Short-Stop) and Miles Hartsfield (Second Baseman/Left Fielder).

Interview with Judah Wilbur and Miles Hartsfield.

Episode 6: Mike Opel (PA Announcer) and Arturo Morales (Intern)

Interview with Mike Opel and Arturo Morales.

Episode 5: Zach Camp (Pitcher) and Drew Leonard (Pitcher)

Interviews with pitchers Zach Camp and Drew Leonard

Episode 4: Jeremy Husband (Pitcher) and Tyler King (Play-by-Play Announcer)

Week 8 recaps; followed by interviews with pitcher Jeremy Husband and play-by-play announcer Tyler King. 

Episode 3: Brandon Cowan (Head Coach) and Seth Lucero (2nd Baseman)

Week 7 Recaps, followed by interviews with Head Coach Brandon Cowan and All-Star 2B Seth Lucero. 

Episode 2: Kyle "Welly" Wellman (Pitcher) and Jacob Schubert (Hitting Coach)

Week 6 Recaps, followed by an interview with Kyle Wellman and Jacob Schubert. 

Mining the Field: Aidan Matlock and Will Sullivan

Week 4 Recaps and Interviews with Tommyknocker interns; Will Sullivan and Aidan Matlock.