Broken Law

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By: American Constitution Society

Ever feel like the law is stacked against you? It probably is. Broken Law speaks truth to power in discussing how our laws and legal system serve the few at the expense of the many. This is where law meets real life. Hosted by the staff of the American Constitution Society, we reckon with the origins of our legal system, interview people on the frontlines of the progressive legal movement, and chat about necessary legal reforms to restore our democratic legitimacy and improve the lives of all people.

Episode 146: Abortion, Courts, Elections, and You
Today at 10:00 AM

Florida and Arizona state courts recently green lit restrictive abortion bans and the Supreme Court hears two cases that will have significant implications for how doctors and pregnant people navigate the post-Dobbs chaos.  Elizabeth Binczik and Lindsay Langholz discuss the latest abortion news and how these developments are interacting with this year's elections.

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Today's Host: Elizabeth Binczik 

Guest: Lindsay Langholz, Senior Director of Policy and Program, ACS

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Episode 145: Insurrection on the Docket

The Supreme Court has taken up three cases that arise out of litigants seeking accountability for the violent events of January 6th. This month, the Court will hear arguments on former president Trump's presidential immunity claim and take a look at whether the law used to prosecute many January 6th participants was validly applied in one such prosecution. Lindsay Langholz speaks with Donald Sherman of CREW about what the Court's decision in Trump v. Anderson, the ballot disqualification case, means for this ongoing pursuit of accountability.

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Episode 144: Protecting Performers in a New Age of AI

Artificial Intelligence has the potential to affect how work is performed across industries and, in particular, within media and entertainment. Elizabeth Binczik speaks with Sarah Fowler of SAG-AFTRA to get her thoughts on how AI could impact performers’ work, the current state of the law, and how we might protect performers and people in general from AI’s risks without sacrificing AI’s benefits.

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Today's Host: Elizabeth Binczik, Director of Policy and Program for Economic Justice for ACS


Episode 143: Misogyny and the Law

International Women's Day will be celebrated on March 8th. It is a day to celebrate while also taking stock of women's rights here in the United States and abroad.  This year, we see a number of countries making significant strides toward reproductive freedom for women while the United States slides backwards. Lindsay Langholz speaks with Julie Suk, author of "After Misogyny: How the Law Fails Women and What to Do About It," about how misogyny informs our legal system and our social structures.

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Episode 142: Radical Reparations

Under the banner of "40 acres and a mule," the movement for reparations for slavery and Jim Crow has gained momentum in recent years, with diverse efforts underway from big states like California and New York to smaller communities like Evanston, Illinois and Asheville, North Carolina. Marcus Hunter, author of the recently published "Radical Reparations: Healing the Soul of a Nation" explains to Taonga Leslie why economic compensation alone will not be sufficient to heal the scar of anti-Black racism and explains the six other forms of compensation that will be necessary to bring about true justice.


Episode 141: The Electoral College's Past, Present, and Future (Part II of Episode 137 - Is the ECA Prepared for 2024?)

The Electoral College has shown significant flaws since its inception. Twice in the 21st Century, the national popular vote winner has not ultimately been elected President. The undemocratic nature of the institution has many asking why our system is built the way it is and what can be done to fix it. In this follow-up to Episode 137 ("Is the ECA Prepared for 2024?"), Lindsay Langholz speaks with Professor Alexander Keyssar about how the Founders designed the process by which we elect presidents, the problems encountered along the way, and the many, many attempts at reform.

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Episode 140: The Relentless Attack on Government as We Know It

The Supreme Court recently heard oral arguments in Loper Bright Enterprises and Relentless, Inc., two cases that could see the Court overrule the Chevron doctrine, a 40-year-old precedent. Overruling Chevron could empower courts to redesign federal governance as we know it. Elizabeth Binczik speaks with Professor Andrew Mergen about what happened at the oral arguments, about the Chevron doctrine, and the sweeping consequences that could unfold if the Court opts to overrule it.

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Today's Host: Elizabeth Binczik , ACS Director of Policy...

Episode 139: Will SCOTUS Close the Courthouse Door to Immigrants?

The U.S. Supreme Court recently heard oral argument in the second of two big immigration cases this term. On this episode, Jeanne Hruska speaks with Taonga Leslie about the Supreme Court's track record on immigration, takeaways from the oral arguments in the relevant cases this term, and the potential impact on access to justice depending on how the Court rules.

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Today's Host: Jeanne Hruska , ACS Sr Advisor for Communications and Strategy

Guest: Taonga Leslie, ACS Director...

Episode 138: Two Big Ticket Items for 2024

Welcome to 2024! We are covering two topics poised to shape the new year. First, Jeanne Hruska catches up with Lindsay Langholz for the latest developments in efforts to keep Donald Trump off the ballot in various states and whether SCOTUS will finally step in. Jeanne then speaks with ACS President Russ Feingold to discuss where President Biden is on judicial appointments at the end of three years and the challenge for the Senate to confirm 70  judges in 12 months. 

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Today's Host: Jeanne Hr...

Episode 137: Is the ECA Prepared for 2024? Part I

The Electoral Count Act (ECA) played a prominent role in the legal fictions clung to by those who orchestrated the January 6th Insurrection. With another presidential election before us, Lindsay Langholz joins Jeanne Hruska to discuss the updates made to the ECA since 2021 and whether we should have faith in the ECA this election cycle. They also recap end-of-year SCOTUS news.
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Today's Host: Jeanne Hruska , ACS Sr Advisor for Communications and Strategy

Guest: Lindsay Langholz, ACS Sr D...