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TODAY 3rd Hour: Latest on CDC approving Moderna and J&J booster shots. Consumer confidential: cookies and privacy. Kermit The Frog on his mission to protect the planet.
Last Friday at 10:00 PM

Overnight, the CDC approved booster shots for both Moderna and Johnson & Johnson vaccines and gave the green light to mix-and-match — NBC medical contributor, Dr. Natalie Azar, has the latest and is answering your questions. Plus, a consumer confidential, Vicky Nguyen has tips on how to protect your privacy online. Also ahead, in our series #TODAYClimate, Kermit The Frog is telling Al Roker, Sheinelle Jones and Vicky Nguyen about his mission to celebrate and protect the planet.

TODAY 8a: Holiday travel warning. Colin Powell’s legacy lives on at The City College of New York. Carson Daly’s one-on-one with Elton John as he releases new music.
Last Friday at 9:00 PM

A holiday travel warning: experts say 2021 will mean a big travel surge. Tom Costello has everything you need to know to plan your holiday trips. Plus, Sheinelle Jones visits The City College of New York where Colin Powell got his start before dedicating his life to public service. Also ahead, Carson Daly sits down with Elton John to talk all things from his new album to his farewell tour.

October 22: Alec Baldwin discharged prop gun in incident that killed one on set. CDC issues guidance on booster shots. FBI confirms human remains found are Brian Laundrie’s. Queen Elizabeth “in good spirits” after spending night in hospital.
Last Friday at 12:12 PM

Breaking news overnight: Alec Baldwin fires a prop gun while filming, killing the director of photography and wounding the director. Plus, the CDC gives the go-ahead for an added dose of protection for more Americans while also allowing for a mix-and-match approach — Savannah Guthrie speaks with  CDC director Dr. Rochelle Walensky about what comes next. Also ahead, FBI confirms those human remains found in a remote Florida nature preserve are those of Brian Laundrie. And, Buckingham Palace reveals that Queen Elizabeth has spent the night in a hospital before returning to Windsor Castle.

TODAY 3rd Hour: Latest on what you need to know about breast cancer. Matthew Rhys on new project: a charter boat. Ayesha Curry on lifestyle magazine.
Last Thursday at 10:00 PM

Today’s top stories plus in our series “Pink Power,” meet two doctors who are also breast cancer survivors. They are sharing the first question women should ask after a diagnosis. Plus, “The Americans” star Matthew Rhys is chatting with Al Roker about his new project — and it’s not a new movie or a TV show. Plus, catching up with Ayesha Curry — all about her lifestyle magazine, “Sweet July.”

TODAY 8a: TODAY exclusive — Simone Biles on life after Tokyo and special new project focusing on mental health. Gwyneth Paltrow on new Netflix series, “Sex, Love and Goop.” Andrew Lloyd Webber on reopening of “The Phantom of the Opera.”
Last Thursday at 9:00 PM

A TODAY exclusive — Simone Biles is in Studio 1A to share some big news about the work she is doing to help others focus on mental health. Plus, Savannah Guthrie goes one-on-one with Gwyneth Paltrow to chat about her new Netflix series, “Sex, Love and Goop.” And, Al Roker sits down with one of the biggest names in Broadway, Andrew Lloyd Webber — all about the reopening of “The Phantom of the Opera,” his love for Cinderella and how he will never stop creating.

October 21: Human remains found in search for Brian Laundrie. FDA authorizes boosters for Moderna and J&J. Inside the efforts to rescue kidnapped missionaries in Haiti. What’s next for Queen Elizabeth?
Last Thursday at 12:41 PM

Breaking overnight: an attorney for Brian Laundrie’s family says the human remains found in a Florida nature reserve are likely to be his. Plus, the FDA has authorized extra doses of the Moderna and Johnson & Johnson vaccines and backing a mix-and-match approach to boosters. Also ahead, inside the desperate efforts to rescue the 17 kidnapped missionaries in Haiti. And, what’s next for Queen Elizabeth? The 95-year-old has canceled several events after being advised by doctors to rest.

TODAY 3rd Hour: Queen Elizabeth cancels trip to Northern Ireland. “Bones” or “no-bones” day? Noodle the pug is in Studio 1A! Dermatologist-approved products for fall. Roblox “condo games” warning.
Last Wednesday at 10:00 PM

Queen Elizabeth cancels trip to Northern Ireland. Buckingham Palace says her doctor advises the Queen to rest for the next few days. Plus, Noodle the pug is here! Is it a “bones” day or “no-bones” day? Also ahead, a Consumer Confidential all parents need to know about — a new warning about Roblox, a popular online gaming community.

TODAY 8a: Olivia Newton-John on 40th Anniversary of “Physical.” Noodle the pug decides if it’s a “bones” or “no-bones” day live in Studio 1A. TODAY Best Sellers: Holiday Toys.
Last Wednesday at 9:00 PM

Hoda Kotb goes one-on-one with Olivia Newton-John to discuss her health, career and celebrate the 40th anniversary of her classic, “Physical.” Plus, meet internet sensation, Noodle, the pug whose daily predictions dictate the mood of millions. Will today be a “bones” or “no-bones” day? Listen to find out! Also ahead, Shop All Day contributor Jenn Falik has all the best toys of the season!

October 20: Breaking news on kids and the vaccine. Families of those kidnapped in Haiti. Texas plane crash — all 21 passengers survive. Queen Elizabeth cancels trip.
Last Wednesday at 12:28 PM

New details about how the Biden administration will roll out shots when the vaccine is approved for children ages five to 11 — U.S. Surgeon General, Vice Admiral Dr. Vivek Murthy, joins Savannah Guthrie to discuss. Plus, more on the families of those who are kidnapped in Haiti — 17 members of a U.S.-based missionary group being held for a fifth day. Also ahead, an investigation is underway into that Texas plane crash where all 21 passengers survived. And, breaking royal news: Queen Elizabeth cancels a trip to Northern Ireland on the advice of doctors to rest — this just hours after taking...

TODAY 3rd Hour: Princess Diana tribute at Kensington Palace. Catching up with Katie Couric. Halloween consumer confidential.
Last Tuesday at 10:00 PM

A look ahead at Prince William’s tribute to his mother, Princess Diana, to thank all of those who contributed to the creation of the statue unveiled by him and Prince Harry. Plus, Al Roker, Sheinelle Jones and Tom Llamas are catching up with Katie Couric — all about her new memoir “Going There.” Also ahead, a Halloween consumer confidential — Vicky Nguyen talks costumes, candy and how to save money.

TODAY 8a: Colin Powell’s passing and questions about how Covid played a role in his medical condition. Meet Alexis LaRue, TikTok’s “Tiny Mom” and her twin baby girls. Prince William’s tribute to Princess Diana.
Last Tuesday at 9:00 PM

As the nation remembers Colin Powell, his family is sharing more about when he first tested positive for Covid and the underlying health conditions that made him more vulnerable — what doctors say we can all learn. Plus, a TODAY exclusive — meet Alexis LaRue, the TikTok sensation “Tiny Mom” with not-so-tiny twins. And, a look ahead to Prince William’s tribute for his mother, Princess Diana, at Kensington Palace to thank those who contributed to make that tribute statue possible.

October 19: ‘Mix and match’ booster shots? Latest on Haiti kidnappings. Remembering Colin Powell. Katie Couric on new memoir “Going There.”
Last Tuesday at 12:10 PM

FDA reportedly on track to allow ‘mixing and matching’ of booster shots — Dr. Ashish Jha on what this means for you and your family. Plus, the efforts to free the 17 missionaries being held hostage by a Haitian gang — overnight, a report the kidnappers are demanding $17 million for the group’s release. Also ahead, the growing tributes to the life and legacy of former Secretary of State Colin Powell — Andrea Mitchell has a closer look at his remarkable life. And, Katie Couric returns to Studio 1A. She sits down with Savannah Guthrie to talk about her new memoir “Going There.”

TODAY 3rd Hour: Former Secretary of State Colin Powell dies at 84. Dr. John Torres on preparing for any emergency. Jason Sudeikis on “Ted Lasso” and hosting “SNL” this week.
Last Monday at 10:00 PM

Former Secretary of State Colin Powell dies at 84 due to complications from Covid-19. Plus, Dr. John Torres has important information to help you and your family prepare for any emergency. Also ahead, Al Roker, Sheinelle Jones and Jill Martin are catching up with Jason Sudeikis fresh off his Emmy win for “Ted Lasso” and ahead of his return to host “Saturday Night Live” this week.

TODAY 8a: Three ways to get financially fit today. Pittsburgh Steelers player’s outreach to Special Olympics. “The Pioneer Woman,” Ree Drummond shares two easy recipes.
Last Monday at 9:00 PM

NBC’s senior business correspondent Stephanie Ruhle has three things you can do right now for better financial fitness. Plus, how Pittsburgh Steelers player Joe Haden is honoring his little brother by serving as a global ambassador for the Special Olympics. Also ahead, “The Pioneer Woman,” Ree Drummond, has super easy recipes for tater tots and chocolate cake!

October 18: Colin Powell dies at 84 due to Covid-19 complications. Haiti kidnappings. Police showdown over vaccines. Ahmaud Arbery trial begins. Car shortages.
Last Monday at 12:08 PM

Former Secretary of State Colin Powell dies at 84 due to Covid-19 complications. 17 American and Canadian missionaries kidnapped by gang members in Haiti — the overnight efforts to find and free them. Plus, in Chicago the mayor and the police union are going head-to-head over vaccine mandates – and, more on that viral video from a Washington State trooper signing off on his last day. And, the latest in Covid booster guidance. Also ahead, jury selection begins today at the trial of three men accused of murdering Ahmaud Arbery. And, an in-depth look at the car crisis across the country tied to the...

TODAY 3rd Hour: Spiritual pilgrimage. Ludacris on new animated series “Karma’s World.” 7 products to simplify your routine.

Today’s top stories plus Keir Simmons brings us along a 500-mile spiritual journey — why some people are walking for weeks. Plus, catching up with Ludacris! He’s chatting with Sheinelle Jones, Al Roker and Jacob Soboroff about his latest project “Karma’s World,” a new animated series inspired by one of his daughters. Also ahead, the seven products you need to simplify your routine.

TODAY 8a: Holiday head start — everything you need to know about shopping, shipping, and travel. Fall accessories to complete your wardrobe. Snack ideas for Sunday night’s big game.

A holiday head start — while Halloween is still a couple of weeks away, shoppers coast-to-coast are already seeing shortages on kitchen staples, home essentials and electronics that will be in high-demand this holiday season. A team of experts have in-depth reports about shopping, supply chain and travel to help you plan and save money. Also ahead, style expert Jasmine Snow has all the jewelry and accessories you need to complete your fall wardrobe. And, get ready for Sunday night’s football game between the Seattle Seahawks and Pittsburgh Steelers — cookbook author and Food Network’s “Girl Meets Farm” host, Molly Yeh, h...

October 15: Former President Bill Clinton hospitalized. FDA advisers recommend Moderna booster. U.S. labor crisis. New efforts to save the American bumblebee.

Overnight, former President Bill Clinton hospitalized in Southern California for non-Covid infection — the latest on his condition. Plus, FDA advisers recommend the Moderna booster shot for some. Also ahead, the latest on the widespread worker strikes as U.S. labor crisis grows. And, an inside look at what’s causing the American bumblebee to disappear in a growing number of states — why this is alarming.

TODAY 3rd Hour: William Shatner on trip to space with Blue Origin. Fall fact or fiction. Kym Douglas on her battle with breast cancer.

Star Trek’s William Shatner chats with Sheinelle Jones, Al Roker and Jacob Soboroff about his trip to space onboard Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin rocket. Plus, fact or fiction? NBC Investigative and consumer correspondent, Vicky Nguyen, is setting the record straight on fall myths when it comes to colds, food and much more. Also ahead, beauty expert Kym Douglas opens up about her battle with breast cancer and is sharing an important message for all women.

TODAY 8a: NBC News exclusive — US diplomats on Havana Syndrome. Best Buy CEO on supply chain shortages. Reba McEntire on upcoming tour.

NBC News exclusive — U.S. diplomats speak to NBC’s chief Washington correspondent, Andrea Mitchell, on Havana Syndrome. Plus, Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb speak with Best Buy’s CEO Corie Barry on the supply chain shortages and what the future holds for companies and customers. Also ahead, Reba McEntire chats with Savannah and Carson Daly as she gets ready for her upcoming tour and shares a new take on one of her classic hits.

October 14: UAW and Hollywood strike. New twist in Alex Murdaugh case. TODAY Exclusive — William Shatner reflects on historic space flight.

Thousands of United Auto Workers go on strike against John Deere as employees fight for better conditions. And, Hollywood workers authorize strike as crew members call for higher pay, better benefits and meal breaks. Plus, a new twist in the Alex Murdaugh case — the man charged with shooting him opens up to Craig Melvin in an NBC News exclusive. Also ahead, in a TODAY exclusive, William Shatner joins us live after his record-setting trip to space.

TODAY 3rd Hour: “Steals and Deals” throwback edition. Matthew Macfayden on “Succession” and Netflix’s “Operation Mincemeat.”

TODAY lifestyle and commerce contributor, Jill Martin, has a special throwback edition of “Steals and Deals." Plus, catching up with Matthew Macfayden — all about “Succession” and Netflix’s “Operation Mincemeat.”

TODAY 8a: How super healthy greens can lead to a healthy life. Jimmy Fallon on “The Kids Tonight Show” and “Clash of the Cover Bands.” Martha Stewart makes fruit-filled desserts on the Plaza.

Meet a forager chef who is proving eating healthy can actually be free, and his recipes may hold the secret to helping us live six years longer. Plus, Jimmy Fallon stops by Studio 1A to chat about his latest projects: a kid version of “The Tonight Show” and “Clash of the Cover Bands.” Also ahead, Martha Stewart will be live on the Plaza making some cakes, cobblers and pies using fall’s best fruits.

October 13: Borders open for vaccinated travelers. Catching up with William Shatner ahead of Blue Origin launch this morning. NBC News exclusive: new salt guidance. New developments in Gabby Petito case.

The Biden administration announcing plans to reopen the borders with Canada and Mexico to fully vaccinated travelers and telling states to begin preparing to vaccinate young children starting early November. An NBC News Exclusive: New guidelines from the FDA on how much salt we should be eating. Plus, Blue Origin set for lift-off this morning — Tom Costello catches up with William Shatner as he prepares to become the oldest person to go to space. Also ahead, officials confirm Gabby Petito was strangled to death as hunt for Brian Laundrie continues.

TODAY 3rd Hour: Al Roker sits down with Greta Thunberg. Dylan Dreyer on children’s book, “Misty the Cloud: A Very Stormy Day.” Christian Siriano and Nina Garcia on the new “Project Runway” season.

Al Roker sits down with climate activist Greta Thunberg —  the action she wants to see taken now and her hope for the future. Plus, Craig Melvin, Sheinelle Jones, Jacob Soboroff and Al are checking in with Dylan Dreyer! Meet her baby boy, Rusty, and learn all about her very first children’s book, “Misty the Cloud: A Very Stormy Day.” Also ahead, “Project Runway” stars, Christian Siriano and Nina Garcia are chatting all about the new season.

TODAY 8a: UNC Chapel Hill cancels classes amid suicide investigations. What’s causing empty shelves at grocery stores?  Ron and Clint Howard’s new book about growing up in Hollywood. And checking in with Dylan Dreyer – and her family!

UNC Chapel Hill cancels classes today amid suicide investigations. Plus, everything you need to know about the supply chain shortages causing empty shelves at groceries. Also ahead, Hollywood siblings, Clint and Ron Howard, are in Studio 1A to chat about their new book, “The Boys: A Memoir of Hollywood and Family” and what it was like growing up in the spotlight. And we check in on Dylan Dreyer on her new book – and new baby!

October 12: Raiders’ head coach Jon Gruden resigns. Breaking news on vaccine mandates from Texas. More on what’s behind Southwest delays.

The Raiders’ head coach, Jon Gruden, resigns after offensive emails surfaced — the latest and the reaction. Plus, overnight Texas Governor Greg Abbott banning all entities in the state from requiring the covid vaccine – even private businesses. This as an FDA committee moves closer to clearing Moderna and Johnson & Johnson boosters this week as cases, hospitalizations and deaths decline. Also, more on what’s behind those Southwest Airlines cancellations and delays.

TODAY 3rd Hour: International Day of the Girl. Craig Melvin chats with Michael Jordan and Denny Hamlin. Finn Wolfhard and Mckenna Grace on “Ghostbusters: Afterlife.”

Craig Melvin, Sheinelle Jones and Jacob Soboroff are celebrating International Day of the Girl on the Plaza by shining light on the girls and women of Afghanistan. Plus, Craig sits down with Michael Jordan and Denny Hamlin to chat about Bubba Wallace’s historic win and how they are pushing for change in racing. Also ahead, Finn Wolfhard and Mckenna Grace on their new movie, “Ghostbusters: Afterlife.”

TODAY 8a: International Day of the Girl Plaza celebration — highlighting the girls and women of Afghanistan. Malala Yousafzai on her fears and hopes for Afghanistan.

Today’s headlines plus, we’re marking the International Day of the Girl on the TODAY Plaza — we’ll shine light on Afghan girls and the uncertain future they face. Savannah Guthrie goes one-on-one with Malala Yousafzai — what she has to say about her fears and hopes for Afghanistan. Plus, Jenna Bush Hager and her mom, former First Lady Laura Bush, sit down with a group of young women who fled their home country of Afghanistan.

October 11: Southwest cancellations. New COVID pill? Michael Jordan on NASCAR and Bubba Wallace. William Shatner’s space trip.

Southwest Airlines cancels more than 1,000 flights leaving thousands of passengers stranded and angry. Plus, coronavirus cases, hospitalizations and deaths are all turning in the right direction, and this morning, Merck is requesting emergency use authorization for its new pill to treat Covid. Plus, Tom Costello talks to William Shatner to preview his trip to space with Blue Origin – now delayed to Wednesday. Also ahead, a TODAY exclusive — Craig Melvin sits down with NBA legend Michael Jordan and three-time Daytona 500 winnerDenny Hamlin to chat about how it felt to watch Bubba Wallace’s historic win and how they want change the sp...

TODAY 3rd Hour: Everything you need to know about holiday travel. At home self-care tips. Steve Kornacki breaks down the NFL season by the numbers.

Today’s top stories plus a Consumer Confidential — everything you need to know about taking a fall getaway. Plus, Jill Martin shares tips on how to practice self-care without even leaving your home. Also ahead, Steve Kornacki is breaking down the NFL season by the numbers.

TODAY 8a: Remember Ellie Karr? An update on her NYC graduation trip. Tips on vacation rentals. Fun recipes for Bills vs. Chiefs Sunday night game.

Today’s headlines plus remember Ellie Karr? We met her back in August for our “Milestones We Missed” series after she missed out on her graduation trip to NYC, but now we have an update — all about her trip to see “Hamilton,” and much more. Plus, everything you need to know before renting a house for your next vacation. Also ahead, chef Matt Abdoo is getting us ready for Sunday night’s NFL showdown with the Buffalo Bills and Kansas City Chiefs with recipes that celebrate both cities.

October 8: FDA set to review Pfizer vaccine for kids. Breaking overnight — lawmakers reach short-term deal on debt limit. Former Pres. Trump ready to defy Congress. Why you need to book holiday travel right now.

FDA is set to review the Pfizer vaccine authorization for children ages five to 11 — Savannah Guthrie goes one-on-one with former acting director of the CDC, Dr. Richard Besser. New NBC reporting: Former President Trump directs aides to defy the Congressional committee looking into the January 6 riots. Plus, breaking overnight — lawmakers reach short-term deal to extend debt limit, but President Biden still faces challenges to his agenda. Also ahead, why experts say you need to book your holiday trips right now.

TODAY 3rd Hour: Flu vs. Covid — how can you tell? Pink Power TODAY — which genes to test for when it comes to breast cancer.

As we are heading into flu season, NBC News medical contributor, Dr. Natalie Azar, has tips on how to tell if you have the flu or Covid. Plus, which genes to test for when it comes to breast cancer — NBC News correspondent Anne Thompson tells us the question all women need to ask their doctor.  

TODAY 8a: Anchors receive flu shot live on air. Jamie Lee Curtis on new movie, “Halloween Kills.” Former First Lady Laura Bush on daughter Barbara Bush welcoming her first baby.

Savannah Guthrie, Hoda Kotb, Craig Melvin, Al Roker, Sheinelle Jones and Jenna Bush Hager get their flu shot live on air — why it is more important than ever to get yours this year. Plus, Jamie Lee Curtis on the latest chapter of the Michael Myers saga, “Halloween Kills.” Also ahead, Jenna Bush Hager sits down with her mom, First Lady Laura Bush, to chat about the new baby in their family — Barbara Bush’s daughter, Cora Georgia.

October 7: Federal judge blocks strict ban on abortions in Texas. Disturbing behind the scenes moment from Texas school shooting. Halloween supply shortages.

Everything you need to know about that overnight ruling from a federal judge blocking the strict ban on abortions in Texas. Plus, the 18-year-old student suspected of opening fire at a high school in Texas is now under arrest and charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Also ahead, Halloween shortages — supply chain issues are creating a major problem for retailers.

TODAY 3rd Hour: Guide to holiday gatherings. Simple steps to lowering your bills and save money. “Courage Camps” introduce surfing to its community.

NBC News investigative and consumer correspondent, Vicky Nguyen, and NBC News medical contributor, Dr. Natalie Azar, have your guide to holiday gatherings when it comes to deals, shipping and Covid. Plus, simple steps and tips on how to lower your bills and save money. Also ahead, meet a surfer who is opening up the sport to the Hispanic community.

TODAY 8a: Navigating conversations about vaccination status. Brooklyn Beckham shows off his cooking skills. New mental health support group launched to help at-risk Hispanic teens.

How to navigate conversations with friends and family about vaccination status as holiday celebrations approach. Also ahead, Brooklyn Beckham shows off his cooking skills and shares some of his family’s favorite recipes. And, Carson Daly introduces us to a new mental health support group launched to help at-risk Hispanic teens.

October 6: Facebook’s whistleblower testimony. Debt ceiling clock ticking. New details on Brian Laundrie’s whereabouts. “Squid Game” set to become Netflix’s most-watched show.

Testimony from Facebook’s whistleblower — how CEO Mark Zuckerberg is responding as calls grow for social media regulations. Plus, showdown in DC over the nation’s debt ceiling and President Biden’s economic plan — Democrats working around the divide within their own party. Also ahead, Gabby Petito’s family speaks out — this as the manhunt for Brian Laundrie enters its third week in a new state. And, “Squid Game” is on track to become Netflix’s most-watched show.

TODAY 3rd Hour: Bubba Wallace’s historic win. App helping next generation of politicians get their start. Andie MacDowell and Margaret Qualley on Netflix’s “Maid.”

Today’s top stories plus Bubba Wallace on becoming only the second Black driver ever to win a NASCAR Cup Series. Plus, how one popular app is helping kickstart a new generation of careers in politics. Also ahead, mother and daughter co-stars Andie MacDowell and Margaret Qualley on their Netflix series, “Maid.”