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The One With Generative Fill
Last Friday at 4:33 PM

May 24th – Show 964

The Chat

Lee has an abscess this week so he’s a bit down in the dumps as he cant have alcohol due to his anti-biotics
He is a bit cheered up buy the arrival of ‘generative AI’ in Photoshop and shows us some examples he’s been playing with

The One With A Bad Car

May 17th – Show 963

The Chat

Lee has been having car troubles…what seemed to be an easy and cheap solution became so much more!
Plus all our usual shenanigans

Emergency Questions

How would the world be different if everyone were incapable of lying?
You pick up a book and start reading, only to realise it’s your life. Do you turn the page knowing that you won’t be able to change the events that will unfold?
Who would be on your Mount Rushmore of writers?
If you c...

The One With An Atmosphere

May 10th – Show ???

The Chat

Lee has been thinking about switching his karaoke rig over to a Macbook (after all these years)
And Tamara has spikey bits coming out of her ‘recently extracted tooth’ hole, which is ‘nice’

Emergency Questions

What’s a place you’ve always wanted to live and why?
What is your absolute dream job?
What would be on your Mount Rushmore of Beverages?
What’s a TV show or movie that you think ev

The One Thats 19

May 3rd – Show 961

The Chat

It’s our 19th Anniversary and we’re having a low-key, laid back celebration.  We chat about karaoke singers, What you can say at the gym (but also in the bedroom) and loads more other stuff…Want to know what the biggest bra size is?  keep listening!

Emergency Questions

If you could live anywhere in the world but had to stay naked all the time, where would you choose?
Would you rather be a famous musician in a band or a solo artist?
What would...

The One With Tamara Dances

April 26th – Show 960

The Chat

Lee tell us how much time he’s spent organising his karaoke tracks in preparation for his new gig as Prestatyns Con Club.
We have our usual session of EQ’s and then we have the very first instalment of our very limited feature, Tamara Dances.   I’ve linked to our youtube channel for you audio only people

Emergency Questions

If you could witness any historical event, which would you choose and why?
What’s a song that always puts

The One With A Constiutional

April 19th – Show 959

The Chat

Tamara has had another tooth out…she also has a mossy business idea.
Lee has a new Saturday night gig,  what IS a constitutional?
Here is an excerpt from a summary of the transcript of this show, provided by ChatGPT.  (some of this is actually untrue )

…the hosts start discussing the weirdest foods they have ever eaten. Tamara mentions that she once tasted corn smut, a fungus-infested corn that turns into a mushroomy type of niblet. She received a can of Cornsmut from someone who went to...

The One With Dust Bunnies

April 12th – Show 958

The Chat

We catch up on all the exciting happenings over the easter weekend and T tells us about her new short stories
See how Chat GPT summarises this show over on the Discord

Emergency Questions

What fruit or vegetable would you most want to be?
Which mask would you like if you had to wear one for the rest of your life?
Who would be on your Mount Rushmore of historical figures?
Would you rather watch a comedy or a drama?

The One With Lee’s Sauce

April 5th – Show 957

The Chat


Emergency Questions

If you could invent a new food or dish, what would it be?
Would you rather watch a film set in the future or in the past?
Who would be on your Mount Rushmore of memorable movie villains?
What’s your best scar story?

The One With Your Sex Tape

March 29th – Show 956

The Chat

Things get a bit out of control as we’re introduced early on to ‘Your Sex Tape’ and then it gets even worse when we get into our new (for us) segment that we’re calling Things You Can Say
Also…Tamara does Jimmy Nail

Emergency Questions

What’s a place you’ve been to that you would recommend to others?
What’s a TV show or movie that you wish had a sequel or spin-off?
Who would be on your Mount Rushmore of iconic...

The One With Wonder

March 22nd – Show 955

The Chat

Quite an un-child friendly show as we flit from one adult topic to another and what do Gloria and Rose have to do with all this?

The One With Cereal And Toast

March 15th – Show 954

The Chat

We get straight into Emergency Questions and make a horrifying discovery about Canadian breakfasting habits (or maybe about just one Canadian )
We are also shocked when someone doesn’t know who Dave Grohl is?!?!  I know, right?
Oh, and this weeks accompanying image is provided by Midjourney

Emergency Questions

What dog breed would you be if you become one?
What is your favourite break

The One With Poker Face

March 8th – Show 953

The Chat

Lee brings us some new intro jingles by some famous people.
Everyone takes the piss out of my cardigan (it is actually snowing outside!)
And during Emergency Questions we hear horrifying tales of Disability abuse

Emergency Questions

What’s the strangest thing you’ve seen someone do in public?
Would you rather watch a show that’s serialised or that’s standalone episodes?
Who would be on your Mount Rushmore of solo female pop & rock artists?
What food did you hate as a...

The One With Community Radio

March 1st - Show 952 The Chat Lee lets us know how he got on with his first every community radio appearance and I let you know exactly what happened to my back on that very same weekend Emergency Questions Do you eat or drink soup? Would you [...]

The One With Backs 02

February 22nd - Show 951 In This Show Yes, the back is improving by tiny increments, day by day...And one day, in the future, I may get a full nights sleep is part 2 in our hodgepodge series about backs with another 15 songs that have the [...]

The One With Backs 01

February 15th - Show 950 In This Show In a strange turn of events, the week I feel I should probably do a Hodgepodge on health grounds, Lee messages to say he won't be available for the next 2 weeks.  So, in a week where I spent 36 hours [...]

The One Before Valentines

February 8th - Show 949 The Chat Love is in the air (kinda) as this is our last show before Valentines so we have the first part of a totally original listener suggested slot, "Love Tracks of My Years".  Also, other stuff happened but as these show notes [...]

The One With A ChatGPT Poem

February 1st - Show 948 The Chat We hear how ChatGPT won someone $500 recently by writing a fair to middling poem. And, hang onto your hats as we also have TWO, yes, TWO, Tamara Singses Plus a whole host of other nonsense... Emergency Questions Would you rather be [...]

The One With Midjourney

January 25th - Show 947 The Chat Lee has finally joined the world of AI generated art and spent many hours on Midjourney this week... If you join our Discord, you'll be able to see what he's been getting up to. Lees Cartoon Sheep Emergency Questions [...]

The One With Ts Poop

January 18th - Show 946 The Chat We tangent off quite early to talk about poo, microbiomes and the new TV show "Know You Shit" Also Tamara has another interesting story about her ancestry. Emergency Questions Would you rather watch a film with a single protagonist or an [...]

The One With Yellowstone

January 11th - Show 945 The Chat Lee tells us about his 36hrs Yellowstone marathon and I fill you in about my most recent vaccination. We also have the usual grab bag of content so sit back and enjoy Emergency Questions Would you rather be able to write [...]

The First One Of 2023

January 4th - Show 944 The Chat Its the first one back after Christmas so we have a catch up on how our Christmasses went.  Yes, there is a tiny bit of 'old man moaning' and we are missing Tamara, who called in sick for this show.  We [...]

They Died In 2022

December 28th - Show 943 The Chat Welcome to our annual traditional shows where we take a look back as just some of the musicians we lost in 2022 As always, this episode wouldn't be possible without the website We Heart Music who list 100's and 100's of [...]

The One With Five Guys

December 21st - Show 942 The Chat Lee tell us about his boozy night out and how he ended up having five guys and I rattle on about ChatGPT again We also have both of our Tracks Of Christmas Past this show Emergency Questions If [...]

The One With ChatGPT

December 14th - Show 941 The Chat We hear about Tamaras extensive dental surgery adventures and also Lee's less traumatic Christmas Decorating. We alsop discuss the merits of the AI Generator ChatGPT and have the second part of Tracks Of Christmas Past Emergency Questions Which of the trimmings [...]

The One With Jon Richardson

December 7th - Show 940 The Chat We chat about my birthday (I went to see Jon Richardson at a charity gig) and we also hear the new technology that been added to Lees favourite DJ software, Virtual DJ. And, as if that wasn't enough, Tamara brings us [...]

The One With TOMYs 4

November 30th - Show 939 The Chat This week its Lees turn to share the Tracks Of His Years. We also have selection of pre-Christmas Christmas Emergency Questions...And, as if that wasn't enough, we've uncovered some archive Elf Maf & Lee just in time for the festive season. [...]

The One With TOMYs 3

November 23rd - Show 938 The Chat In part three of our Tracks Of My Years segment, its my turn to give you three songs from my past and why I imagine they are important to me...  I also have a number of tracks that just didn't make the [...]

The One With TOMYs 2

November 16th - Show 937 The Chat Its part 2 of our Tracks Of My Years, so as well as all the normal nonsense, you can also enjoy Beth telling us why her choices are important to her. We also run through a number of ways in which [...]

The One With TOMYs 1

November 9th - Show 936 The Chat Well, its the first of our blatant rip off of the Radio 2 series Track Of My Years (TOMYs). This week Tamara is bring us 3 tracks that mean a lot in her life and telling us the reasons why. Emergency [...]

The One With An Elephants Trunk

November 2nd - Show 935 The Chat Emergency Questions Is there anything you absolutely refuse to do under any circumstances? Would you rather be born with an elephant trunk or a giraffe neck? If you could live in any era, which would it be and why? Would you [...]

The One With Mezcal

October 26th - Show 934 The Chat We're a member short this week as Beths internet is down. We get into British Prime Ministers, Mezcal / Tequila and Maple Syrup Beth really missed a good 'un Emergency Questions You’re a mad scientist. What experiment would you conduct if [...]

The One With Something

October 19th - Show 933 The Chat We have all the usual stuff and we were streaming live in Youtube too Our Backtrax tonight is "80's Songs from A-P" Emergency Questions If you could choose one, would you rather be famous or rich? If you had to be [...]

The One With A New Mixer

October 12th - Show 931 The Chat Lee fills us in about the new mixer he's had to buy... And I've been to Blackpool and ridden some roller-coasterrs Emergency Questions Which sport would be funniest if it had mandatory alcohol? If animals could talk, which would be the [...]

The One With More AI Art

October 5th - Show 931 The Chat We've got more AI generated art this week (see gallery below) as having your own AI Artist on demand on your own Mac is a bit of a time suck. Emergency Questions You’re going to a famous historical figure fancy dress [...]

The One With A Pig On A Slide

September 28th - Show 930 The Chat We try out first live stream to Youtube on this episode, so. the audience gets involved...We also have another play with AI art (see gallery below) and see how its improved in the last few months. Emergency Questions How [...]

The One With SnapCam

September 21st - Show 929 The Chat Very distracted this week with the arrival of Snapcam to our Zoom hangout.  I've edited most of it out but there may be a mention or two :P .  Also, although we had a Backtrax on the live show, for some [...]

The One With A ComboPodge

September 14th - Show 928 In This Show We're joining together 2 smaller hodgepodges and bringing you a super CompboPodge The first 'half' is a whole bunch of songs that are either better known as instrumentals or started life as instrumentals but now have lyrics. The second part [...]

The One With Participants

September 7th - Show 927 The Chat This show was recorded the day before the Queen died, which is why we don't mention it at all We're streaming on Twitch again this episode and have our two trusted companions, Tamara & Beth, along for the ride.  Yes, that's [...]

The One With An Airshow

August 31st - Show 926 The Chat Lee reports back from the Rhyl Airshow that he attended over the bank holiday weekend and I give you a handy tip (although the jury is still out on it) for controlling greenery in your block paving Emergency Questions You are [...]

The One With Bush Clippings

August 24th - Show 925 The Chat We begin with a discussion about 'gardening' and how to spend an entertaining afternoon. We have our usual Emergency Questions, an Animal based Backtrax and a Blondie cover from Tamara. Emergency Questions If you could create a place to hide, what [...]