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Narrowcasting since 2004 : unscripted, uncensored & home to The Cover Version Sandwich Join Maf & Lee for around 60 minutes of mayhem as they chat about anything and everything. No topic is taboo and no joke is too bad.

The One With Nails On A Chalkboard
Last Sunday at 2:44 PM

May 22nd – Show 1016

The Chat

Lee has to work late the show so doesn’t arrive until partway through Backtrax however we still get into all the usual shenanigans.
We’re especially excited to hear two different version of Tamara’s new song, Nails On A Chalkboard

Would You Rather:
Eat a newborn rodent OR A small sack of live caterpillars?
Drink a glass of your day old spit OR your own sweat?
Eat the same food every time you eat OR Have someone else always c...

The One With Musicals

May 15th – Show 1015

The Chat

T’s got us a fantastic ‘Musicals’ Backtrax this week and I tell you about an outrageous lie that ChatGPT told me.
Plus we have the usual shenanigans

Would You Rather:
Not eat for 3 days OR Not sleep for 3 days?
Have to walk on 5ft stilts for the rest of your life OR Always have to ride a unicycle?
Clip a smelly homeless persons toenails OR Clip your own toenails and eat them?
What would be on your Mount Rushmore of Classic 80’s tunes?

The One With Rainbow Dust

May 8th – Show 1014

The Chat

Beths a bit late to the party but we have a chat about the week and some of our supplement regimes.  Ive just had a bag of SpaceGoods Rainbow Dust which is a mushroom hot chocolate…tastier than it sounds.  T has also prepared us another new Backtrax…yaay

Would You Rather:
Have bottles stuck on the fingers of one hand for a year OR A bucket stuck on one foot?
Sit naked open a pedestal in a crowded public park OR Sit naked on...

The One That’s Twenty

May 1st – Show 1013

The Chat

It’s nostalgia central here in The Snug this episode as we celebrate being ‘on the air’ for TWENTY years!!
We look back at old spots we used to do and reminisce about the early years (2004)
The underlying theme seems to be ‘we never thought it would last so long’

Would You Rather:
Have your parents walk in on you having sex OR Walk in on them having sex?
Sweat green liquid OR Fart blue smoke?
Go to work in tight white...

The One With A Rustic Bong

April 24th – Show 1012

The Chat

Beth is not with us this week, she’s ill (again) but T tells us how she spent her 420, and how she won a rustic looking bong.


Would You Rather:
Stutter Badly OR Drool Noticeably?
Get everywhere by crawling OR have to hand stand when stationary?
Be incapable of love OR of honesty?
What would be on your Mount Rushmore of Movie Themes?

The One With Traffic Signs

April 17th – Show 1011

The Chat

Beth gets a speeding fine, T has had her grandkids round and Lee has worked….all this and more in this weeks episode.


Would You Rather:
Wake up nude on a park bench but not know how you got there OR arrive at a costume party as a giant banana only to find its a black tie event and you can’t leave?
Never look healthy OR Never feel healthy?
Go to your high school reunion a multimillionaire but 200lbs overweight OR poor bu...

The One With Poopy Diamonds

April 10th – Show 1010

The Chat

Lee lets us know what a committed caravan salesman he is as he goes above and beyond any sane person with his customer after-care. We also enjoy a couple of AI created songs from Tamara.  Plus all the other usual stuff.

Would You Rather:
Have a small butt on your forehead OR 2 little feet dangling beneath your chin?
Have a long thick furry unibrow OR Massive amounts of unremovable nose & ear hair?
Walk barefoot over 6ft of holly leaves OR 6ft of live roaches?

The One With A Stutter

April 3rd – Show 1009

The Chat

Lee is unavoidably detained by the horrendous company he works for, so it’s just three of us this week.  We have the usual nonsense and seem preoccupied with speech impediments…could it because of one of our Emergency Questions or because of Tamara Sings?  who knows…
I also fill you in on my holiday weekend in Cornwall

Would You Rather:
Have a Parrot that says “Fuck you” to everyone OR a dog that humps everyone’s legs?
Have a lisp OR pronounce your Rs as Ws?

The One With Suno

March 27th – Show 1008

The Chat

Lee shows us how his spent his rare time off this week (and makes the show a little longer than usual,  with a number of AI songs produced on Suno.AI.  Got to admit, they’re pretty cool.  We also have the usual nuggets of nonsense.  enjoy

Would You Rather:
Streak through an office OR Be known as the office farter?
Have super bad breath & good teeth OR super bad teeth & regular breath?
Talk like you have walnuts in your mouth OR Walk lik...

The One With Random Tunes

March 20th – Show 1007

The Chat

Welcome to the first Hodgepodge in a long time… As 50% of the hosts call in with excuses for not attending I pull together the purest of all hodgepodges… It gets put together whilst the previous song is playing.  Its a proper mixed bag…Hope you enjoy it
Songs listed below as always.