Engaging Truth

10 Episodes

By: Evangelical Life Ministries

Evangelical Life Ministries (ELM) believes the Christian Church has a powerful soul saving and rescuing message, and the media market-place should be used as a forum for bringing this message to others.

God's Plans For Our Lives - Part 1
Last Wednesday at 11:00 AM

Rev. George Spicer first met Rev. David Schultz during a youth outreach visit in Arizona, forming a mentorship that inspired Spicer to share the Gospel through radio. Rising from an entry-level position to leading a network of stations, Spicer eventually felt called by God to study for the ministry. With support from his spouse and church, he completed seminary and was ordained.

In this interview, Spicer reflects on his journey, serving pastorates in St. Louis, South Carolina, and Phoenix. He shares insights on supporting outreach, providing engaging adult catechesis, and assimilating new members. Notably, in Phoenix, his...

Redemption And It's Spiritual Offspring

In a most unlikely place, a Bible college sprang up---training maximum security prisoners to be pastors. In that unlikely place, Angola Prison in Louisiana, the Rev. Paul Will became the first Southern Baptist to be ordained in prison, and founded the first officially chartered Southern Baptist Conference congregation in that prison. Pardoned by the past governor of Louisiana, Pastor Paul Will now speaks to free-world congregations throughout the southeastern United States, works with prisoners, the homeless and other marginalized people groups, and hosts his own podcast through PaulWillMinistries.org.

Join us as Rev. John Cain hosts.

Leading Of The Holy Spirit

Rev. Chuck Ridley joins host Jonathan Schultz to discuss his call to transition from engineering to a life of ministry sharing the good news of Jesus' love for us. They talk of the Holy Spirit's leading, big moments calling for big change, onsite and remote seminary training, and God's heart for his children and his gentle guiding.

Sharing Jesus

Donna Snow is an international speaker and multi-published author with Concordia Publishing House and also founder of Artesian Ministries. Donna’s focus and passion is on the expository teaching of God’s Word and practical application of His life-giving truths in our everyday lives. Join host Jonathan Schultz as he speaks with Donna about sharing Jesus with all.

A Celebration Experience

Join Host Bill Prewitt as he welcomes Leslie Sullivan, Celebrate Director at St. John Lutheran Church in Cypress, TX, to discuss her role as a ministry leader and worship coordinator.

As We Wait

Renee Gibbs is a nationally-known speaker at women's conferences, teacher and encourager. She will share with us positive things to do faithfully, as we wait for Jesus to return: building Christian relationships, enjoying God's creation and studying His Word, the Bible.

Hope and Care Outreach

When I hear of someone or some Christ-like ministry emphasizing children, it brings joy to my life. Linda Kurtz is one of those special people who has heard the Call of Jesus to bring His saving grace to the children of Liberia. Join us as we hear Linda’s “heart stories” of her hope and outreach ministry to the most vulnerable of Liberia. Rev. Dr. Douglas Krengel hosts.

The Resurrection of Christ

On the day that Jesus rose from death back to life, there was a period of time when perhaps only one person knew "He lives!" That person was named Mary Magdalene. She went to the tomb in sadness, but He appeared to her fully and powerfully alive. Sending her to His other followers, she was briefly, what some call "the apostle to the apostles." Speaking with us about this resurrection appearance of Jesus is the Rev. David Bahn. Rev. John Cain hosts.

The Reconciliation of Christ

What has that to do with the Gospel, that “Jesus did it all for us”? We have been separated from God because of our sin. Only Jesus could reconcile us again to God the Father. He did it with the gift of His life on the cross. Listen to Rev. Tim Carter describe that wonderful gift and to what we are now responsible for as His “friends.” Dave Schultz hosts.

The Cross As The Manifestation Of The Power Of God

Pastor Nader Hanna of King of Nations Ministry joins host Bill Prewitt to discuss the cross as the symbol of Christ's victory over death and the grave. Also, in Jesus we find forgiveness of sin and reconciliation with our heavenly Father. Join us for this joyous post-Easter message.