Founders Anonymous

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By: Impact and FixSpec

Founders Anonymous is the podcast that helps you take your business up a gear - brought to you by Impact and FixSpec. For founders, business owners, and entrepreneurs that want to get unstuck - join hosts Chris Lees and David Trott as we unpick the biggest challenges and cut through the BS, and talk about what it's REALLY like to run a business today. Got a story idea, or a question? Get in touch at

#1 Now Listen Here, You Little...: Sales without the Sleaze
Last Friday at 2:30 PM

In this episode: Chris learns the power of listening before speaking, and David complains about stuff. "I just think the flavour of burnout I have at the moment is quite specific, and there's quite an easy fix for it." "Any significant problem in your business is normally caused by an asset deficiency - and an asset deficiency is normally a lack of process." "Is that more important than figuring out whether anyone actually wants to buy your shit or not? Because if you don't have that, it doesn't matter how many shots you take - they're all gonna be shit." "...