5 Episodes

By: Grace Church Students

Weekly messages and other exciting content from NXT students, a ministry of Grace church, Eden Prairie MN.

NXT High School - In With The New Week 3 (Matt Velasco)

Nicodemus, a “religiously” respected man, comes to Jesus with questions. Sincere or not, Jesus unpacks for him the reality of Nicodemus’ spiritual bankruptcy and the only way to wholeness.

NXT High School - In With The New Week 2 (Zane Black)

Jesus walks into a cultural situation where people are actually offending God in the name of worshiping him! This sends Jesus over the edge. In his perfection, he starts flipping tables! In all of this Jesus shows us a new way to approach God.

NXT High School - In With The New Week 1 (Matt Velasco)

Jesus gets led by the Spirit into the wilderness for 40 days of fasting and temptation, during this time, we get a relatable model for how Jesus fought temptation.

NXT High School - Jesus Said... Week 2 (Matt Velasco)

Knowing that Jesus was fully God gives us hope in His deity, but the fact that He is also fully man has implications for us beyond what we typically think about. Jesus as man means the availability of salvation for us and for all mankind.

NXT High School - Jesus Said... Week 1 (Matt Velasco)

As we set up our overall series, we will begin with the end. Jesus is God and he shows from Genesis to Revelation how and why that matters. Not only is Jesus God, but we have been given his Words!