Math and Musings

10 Episodes

By: Michael O'Connell

Math and Musings is 15 minutes of observation and commentary uploaded every Friday. It is hosted by Michael O'Connell, formerly of TV, radio, and print, now entering the world of podcasting.

Hagerstown, Maryland: 6/21/24
Last Friday at 4:00 AM

Mike and Franklin discuss their baseball-themed excursion to Hagerstown, Maryland.

Last day of school: 6/14/24

Mike, in classic teacher form, gives Franklin a test on the last day of school.

Birthday celebration: 6/7/24

Mike and Franklin celebrate not only the former's birthday but also the "birthday" of Math and Musings. Highlights include opening a 36-year-old pack of baseball cards.

Great Wolf Lodge: 5/31/24

Mike and Franklin discuss Virginia vacations, Virginia history, and snack food history.

Virginia Studies: 5/24/24

Appropriate for the Memorial Day holiday, Mike and Franklin show off their knowledge of history, specifically Virginia history as studied by 4th grade students around the state.

Yellow cafe review: 5/17/24

Mike and Franklin discuss a recent trip to Georgetown and the famed Yellow cafe, as featured on Somebody Feed Phil. Want more? Check out Mike as a guest on Conversations with Sports Fans podcast, just one of writer and podcaster Doug Hill's many outputs.

Unfrosted review: 5/10/24

Mike and Franklin review Jerry Seinfeld's new movie, Unfrosted, and, of course, discuss the history of the Pop-Tart.

Peekamoose review: 5/3/24

Mike and Franklin discuss their recent trip to the Catskills and an O'Connell family favorite restaurant, the Peekamoose Restaurant and Tap Room.

Binghamton review: 4/26/24

Mike and Franklin discuss their recent trip to the old country (Binghamton, New York) for, among other things, the Joseph P. Sullivan Memorial Poker Tournament.

Oklahoma review: 4/19/24

Mike discusses with Franklin his trip to Oklahoma... 25 years ago.