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THE OFFICIAL PODCAST FOR YOUNG LIVING ™ ESSENTIAL OILS. This podcast will provide you with “drops” of information about Young Living stories, history, products, lots of little fun facts and more! Episodes will be published every other Monday at 11:00AM MST. Don't forget to oil up and please make sure to follow and share! Young Living ™ has the highest premium essential oils and is the world leader in the essential oil movement. For more on Young Living ™ please visit

Update from the Draft Horse Team ft. Tim and Brittany Sparrow

It’s time for your yearly update from the Young Living Draft Horse Team! As the show season wraps up, let’s chat about this exciting part of the Young Living family. If you’ve never experienced the thrill of a draft horse show, join us today for a peek into farm life with Tim and Brittany Sparrow. Discover the fun, love, and hard work behind our championship-caliber team. 

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A Young Living Experience ft. Luba Vozarova

Experience Young Living Events are all about holding, smelling, trying, and experiencing the world of Young Living. On the podcast today Jacob is talking to Luba Vozarova about what you can expect at one of these events and how to sign up for one of our personal favorites, the Holiday Winter Wonderland at beautiful Zermatt resort in Utah. Join us in the experience!

Science With Dr. Oli ft. Oliver Wenker

Young Living is a place where the modern and traditional worlds can come together. Dr. Oli Wenker is a living breathing example of this. His story ranges from beach bum, to medical doctor, to Young Living speaker and brand partner. We are happy to have him on the podcast to hear his unique perspective on how his essential oil passion fits in with his science know-how. 

Science and the Ancient Grain Einkorn ft. Jared Gower

Einkorn is an ancient grain used throughout the world. At Young Living, we even offer delicious flavor packs of Einkorn Crunch. When Gary first started growing einkorn, there was no manual or cookbook. Today we’ll share what he discovered and what years of science and research have told us about einkorn.

Welcome in Fall at the Young Living Fall Festival ft. Staci Olsen

Fall means different things to different people—colder weather, football, or dressing up for Halloween. Around here we celebrate the season at the Young Living Fall Festival and Draft Horse Show. With rodeos, concerts, jousting, and more, there’s no better way to usher in autumn than with spending time outdoors with family and friends at the Mona Farm.

A Deep Dive on DeepSpectra™ ft. Mark Bartlett

DeepSpectra™ patents pending technology is a new method of extracting the essential oils you love. Today Mark Bartlett will sit down with Jacob to tell the story of this innovative discovery. And he’ll give a sneak peak of some of the additional products that may be using DeepSpectra™ technology in the near future. Young Living is always striving to stay on the cutting edge of our industry.

Scent Science ft. Scott Christian

We know when we smell lavender it smells like lavender, but what goes on in the brain to make that connection? There is actually a way to train your nose to smell small differences. We’re going to learn more about the science behind scent today. And stick around until the end of the episode where Jacob will test his nose with some of the iconic blends of Young Living.

Your Young Living Stories ft. Testimonials from the 2023 Convention

Relive the energy and excitement of this year’s convention! In this episode, you’ll be inspired by the stories and testimonials of our amazing attendees. Join us as we celebrate the passion and community that makes the convention experience so memorable.

What We Learned at the 2023 Convention ft. Monica Catalano

From a beautiful opener that set the tone to an emotional closing ceremony, Convention 2023 was a one-of-a-kind experience. It was only a couple days ago that we were with you all in person, but there was just so much new to take in in only a few days. So let’s keep the energy of convention going and give a recap of our favorite moments, new announcements, and more. And if you or anyone you know missed out this year, today’s episode can be a one-stop-shop to catch you up on an amazing week of Convention 2023. And we hope...

Young Living Foundation Update ft. Arturo Fuentes

We all want to do good in the world, but where do we start? The mission of the D. Gary Young Young Living Foundation pledges to nurture potential, rescue the harmed, and protect the earth. It doesn’t have to feel like you are trying to cure all the world’s ills on your own. Whatever your passion is in making our world a better place, we are trying to do it together.

Visit the Foundation website here to learn more about our book drive, the Battle of the Bros, and more!

DIY Essentials ft. Rita Morrill

Creativity is the heart of innovation. You can look around Young Living today and see hundreds of blends, household products, and more, but what you don’t see is the trial and error and research and imagination that came before each product. We all have that spirit of creativity in us, and today we are talking with Rita Morrill about letting your imagination run wild with different DIY projects you can make with the Young Living products you already love.
And check out more projects you can try with your family at the Young Living Blog and Pinterest.

Start Your Journey at Convention ft. Lisa Asay & Erin King

Get ready for convention time with Young Living! Join us as we dive into the excitement of our annual conventions, where you'll discover new experiences, connect with passionate individuals, and ignite your inner fire for the year ahead. In this podcast episode, Lisa Asay, the Executive Director of Events, unveils thrilling convention announcements and introduces our keynote speaker, Erin King, a renowned bestselling author and entrepreneur. Get a taste of what's in store for July!

The podcast crew will be at the convention too, so if you're attending in person, we hope to see you there. Share...

Protecting the Pollinators ft. Tyler Wilson

We’re buzzing with excitement for spring! This episode, tune in to hear from Tyler Wilson, a senior scientist with Young Living. He’ll reveal the amazing role pollinators play in creating the Young Living products you love. Plus, he’ll share why studying and protecting pollinators is a win-win for the planet and your wallet. We’ll also give you the inside scoop on our ongoing projects to monitor migrating monarch butterflies and bees as we set the sustainability standard for our industry and beyond!

Understanding CBD ft. Brad Chatterley

Holistic wellness covers a broad spectrum, and we try to cover all we can at Young Living and explain it here on the podcast for you. In this episode, Brad Chatterley joins us to give the straight facts about our Smart Spectrum™ CBD oil. Learn all about this naturally derived and legal oil you can add to your wellness regimen.

Men's Camp Returns ft. Skyler Olson

Iron Will Men's Camp, founded by Gary Young, is making a comeback this summer. Jacob Young, Gary's son, is leading the event in Tabiona, Utah, with Skyler Olson, the managing director of Skyrider Wilderness Ranch. Listen in as they discuss the power of men coming together in nature to build confidence and change lives. If you or a man you know is interested in joining us for a journey of self-discovery, visit the Young Living’s Farm Events page for details about the event.
Learn more and sign up:

Things to Know When Starting with Young Living ft. Kevin McMurray and KC Barrow

Young Living is a group of individuals coming together for something bigger. If you are new to the community, this can be a comfortable place to learn more. And if you've been around for a while, let's freshen up together. On today’s podcast we sit down with KC Barrow and Kevin McMurray from the legal and conduct teams to understand their roles in supporting business. Your success is our success and we’re all trying to get there the right way.

The Science of Why ft. Mark Bartlett

Gary Young’s thirst for knowledge lives on in Young Living today. We love every chance we get to dive deep into the science behind our oils and products. In our latest episode, we sit down with Mark Bartlett to discuss the whys behind our products. Dr. Bartlett uses his background in research to explain why we go to such lengths to bring the best nature has to offer to homes.

Championing Women ft. Marin Bryce and Brittany Meyers

For over 25 years, Young Living has helped women build brighter, more abundant futures. This International Women’s Day, we want to recognize these fearless females who are empowering women in their sphere of influence. Brittany Meyers and Marin Bryce are joining the podcast to talk about their experiences working in a women-supported company and the efforts of the D. Gary Young, Young Living Foundation to champion women everywhere.

Attract, Ignite, and Measure: AIM high in 2023 ft. Young Living President Ben Riley

AIM is Young Living’s goal this year. It stands for attracting like-minded people, igniting passion, and measuring our wins. In this episode of The YL Drop podcast, Young Living President Ben Riley shares how he's aiming to make 2023 the company’s best year yet. Listen along for an inside look at Young Living’s new business strategy and for inspiration to help you hit your own goals this year.

Find Out About Young Living Farms ft. Brett Packer

Have you ever wanted a sneak peak into the process behind your favorite Young Living products? That opportunity is closer than you think. Our farms website is inviting you to book a tour, see the Seed to Seal, and so much more. YL Farms Executive Director Brett Packer is on the show to start your tour today. Let’s find out some of the great things you can see when you visit Young Living Farms!

Remembering the Past Year & Looking Forward ft. Prasad Gankanda

There were tons and tons of Young Living Essential Oils brought to all of you around the world in 2022. Today we are going recap some your favorite products and some of the highlights from the past year. Everyone had a hand in the great year we had. Young Living’s success is your success and we are happy to celebrate all of you today.

Young Living to Me Means Family ft. Chris Opfer

There is a connection and purpose to what Young Living aims to bring the world. Today Jacob sits down with Chris Opfer, a Royal Crown Diamond and second generation brand partner, to talk about what Young Living’s community has meant to him and his family. We want to know what Young Living means to you too! Let us know on YouTube and our social media channels, and help 2023 be the year we all grow closer, and fill the world with Essential Oils.

The Young Living Christmas List ft. Scotia Thorsteinson

This week on the YL Drop, we're giving you a hand with your last-minute holiday shopping. This season’s lineup is full of giftable goodies from an adorable puppy diffuser to three new winter-inspired scents. Get all the details and more gift ideas from our Director of Product Marketing Scotia Thorsteinson. Whether you’re shopping for your wellness-conscious family, or just looking for clean products that anyone will love, the YL Drop has you covered this holiday season. 

Supplementing a Healthy Lifestyle ft. Edward Dailey

Our common goal at Young Living is healthy living, but so much of modern life can seem like it gets in the way. Diets and habits and plans can only get so far. You deserve a little help getting there. We are breaking down a wide array of supplements today with Ed Dailey just in time for the re-release of a long time favorite, Longevity. Whatever your goal is for your body, there is a supplement built for you.

Doing Our Part for the Planet ft. Lyndi Smith

At Young Living, we believe in fostering an environment of sustainability. That starts by making our office and farms a greener place, and goes right to the recyclable packaging that brings our products to your door. We strive to be an industry leader in environmentally friendly initiatives. Lyndi Smith is on the podcast today to update us on what has made Young Living sustainable in the past, and some of our continuing efforts in the field going forward. It can really make a difference when we all work together for the common goal of taking care of our world.<...

The Young Living Draft Horse Team ft. Tim and Brittany Sparrow

2022 has been a year with adversity, and also great success for the Young Living Draft Horse Team. Tim and Brittany Sparrow are in studio again to talk about their accomplishments this season. It's a long time to be on the road, but they love it, and love the animals. It's time for our yearly catch-up with our 2x World-Champion Draft Horse Team and find out what's been going on down at the farm!

What is a Wolf Berry: The Powerhouse Behind Ningxia Red ft. John Whetten and Jared Gower

We’re continuing our exploration of Ningxia Red® today. In Part 1 of the story we heard the exciting tale of Gary learning about the Wolfberry native to the Ningxia province in China. Director of Special Projects John Whetten is back and joining him is Jared Gower from the Product Development Team to talk about how the Wolfberry was used historically, and some of the amazing Young Living products that contain it today.

Berry to Bottle: The Quest for Ningxia Red ft. John Whetten

There's a story and a journey behind every oil, blend, and nutrition product on Young Living's shelves, but perhaps none has a story quite as long and intriguing as the superfruit drink Ningxia Red®. From the time that Gary Young learned about the wolf berry in China, to when he began working and reworking the formula that developed into the drink that we have today, every bottle of Ningxia Red carries with it years of adventure. There is too much to talk about to fit it all into one podcast episode, so welcome to Ningxia wolfberry month where, over t...

Leading the Way in Innovation ft. Chris Patterson

Cutting-edge research and constant innovation keep us at the forefront of the wellness industry. From developing new products to perfecting our essential oil production with new machines and methods, we’re always looking for ways to redefine the industry standard. Dive deeper into the science and innovation behind Young Living with Senior Corporate Counsel Chris Patterson on today's episode.

Oils and Mindfulness for Kids ft. Danyell Browne

Back-to-school season is officially here, and we’re sharing tips for starting the school year strong with our KidScents® line of essential oil blends. While the blends are made especially for children, they offer loads of benefits for adults too. Learn how to incorporate the KidScents line into your whole family’s routine in this episode featuring Danyell Browne—mindfulness coach, mother, and marketing guru for Young Living. Plus, get all the exciting details about the Simplified by Jacob + Kait Fall Collection.

Saving the Desert Bighorn Sheep ft. Skyler Olson

Gary Young’s mission of conservation and sustainability comes alive at Young Living’s Skyrider Wilderness Ranch. The newest home to a nursery herd of desert bighorn sheep, Skyrider offers a safe and resource-rich habitat where these sheep can thrive and grow their herd. Hear the inspirational story from Ranch Manager Skyler Olson, who was there every step of the way, right up to the sheep jumping out of the trucks into their new homes

Essential Oils of the World ft. Brad Chatterley

Essential oils have a rich history, dating back thousands of years. Learn where some of your favorite oils and blends came from long before commercial farms and distilleries. In this episode, Director of Product Portfolio Brad Chatterley talks about the plants behind our most popular products and the people who’ve been using them for generations.

Your Personal Care ft. David Thieme

Personal care is self care, and we could all use a little bit of that right now. David Thieme is in studio today to talk about why everyone, including guys, should care about their skin care routine. Young Living’s new Balanced collection puts everything you need, morning and night, into one easy program. Relax and take some time to care for yourself this week.

International Essential Oils Day ft. Brett Packer

International Essential Oils Day is right around the corner. This year we’re celebrating the 30-year anniversary of our St. Maries Lavender Farm and Distillery—the place where it all began! Mary Young will be on site to give an address and lead the festivities. Learn more about the event and where some of your favorite products are grown in this episode featuring Brett Packer, Young Living’s Executive Director of Farms.

Simplified: New Blends to Share This Summer featuring Jacob and Kait Young

Your favorite podcast host debuted a new line of summer-inspired essential oil blends last week at the U.S. & Canada Convention. Made for easy, breezy diffusing all season long, these blends offer a clean, sun-sational alternative to your favorite candles and air fresheners. Listen in as Jacob and Kait Young discuss the inspiration and story behind the blends with scientist Scott Christian.

The Search for 13 Original Oils ft. Karen Boren

Gary Young’s search for purpose driven oils can be traced down to 13 original oils brought back from Geneva, Switzerland. And Karen Boren, Young Living’s historian, has gone through pages of notes and years of history to find which of the hundreds of oils in the Young Living collection were those original 13. Rosemary, Lavender, Frankincense…and I guess you’ll have to tune in to find out the rest.

Stories From a Dedicated Career ft. Kelly Case

Kelly Case is Young Living’s Chief of Staff and has been working with Gary and Mary Young for 22 years. That spans multiple buildings, many trips, and so many essential products. She’s also been around to see the raising of two great young men, one of whom is wearing many hats in the company including podcast host. Today Kelly shares some insight and what is it about a company in this modern world that can keep someone around for over two decades.

Einkorn: The World's Oldest Wheat ft. Nicolas Landel

Gary Young was always on a mission to find natural products. The ancient grain of the Bible had to be different, simpler and easier to digest, than modern processed wheat. Today on the YL Drop, hear the serendipitous story about Gary finding Einkorn and some of its many uses. And don’t forget to try Young Living’s new Einkorn Crunch!

Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood ft. Justin Lee

Young Living Global Headquarters sits on Sandalwood Drive. The native Sandalwood trees in Hawaii provide valuable oil, but must be handled responsibly. Justin Lee with Háloa ‘Áina joins the podcast today to give perspective on the reforestation effort and the ethical treatment of the dryland.

Getting Ready for Convention ft. Brittani Lambert

We are so excited to be back in person for Young Living Convention this year that we are talking about it everywhere, including the YL Drop. Today Brittani Lambert, the VP of Events at Young Living and the woman that has seen more conventions than just about anyone stops by the studio to talk about how preparing for this year was different than ever before. She also reminisces with Jacob about some of the best convention moments through the years.