How AI Happens

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By: Sama

How AI Happens is a podcast featuring experts and practitioners explaining their work at the cutting edge of Artificial Intelligence. Tune in to hear AI Researchers, Data Scientists, ML Engineers, and the leaders of today’s most exciting AI companies explain the newest and most challenging facets of their field. Powered by Sama.

Brilliant Labs CEO Bobak Tavangar

Bobak further opines on the pros and cons of Perplexity and GPT 4.0, why the technology uses both models, the differences, and the pros and cons. Finally, our guest tells us why Brilliant Labs is open-source and reminds us why public participation is so important. 

Key Points From This Episode:

Introducing Bobak Tavangar to today’s episode of How AI Happens. Bobak tells us about his background and what led him to start his company, Brilliant Labs. Our guest shares his interesting Lord of the Rings analogy and how it relates to his business. How wearable technology is cre...

Dremio Tech Evangelist Andrew Madson

Andrew shares how generative AI is used by academic institutions, why employers and educators need to curb their fear of AI, what we need to consider for using AI responsibly, and the ins and outs of Andrew’s podcast, Insight x Design. 

Key Points From This Episode:

Andrew Madson explains what a tech evangelist is and what his role at Dremio entails. The ins and outs of Dremio. Understanding the pain points that Andrew wanted to alleviate by joining Dremio. How Andrew became a tech evangelist, and why he values this role.Why all tech roles now re...

Theory Ventures General Partner Tom Tunguz

Tom shares further thoughts on financing AI tech venture capital and whether or not data centers pose a threat to the relevance of the Cloud, as well as his predictions for the future of GPUs and much more. 

Key Points From This Episode:

Introducing Tomasz Tunguz, General Partner at Theory Ventures.What he is currently working on including AI research and growing the team at Theory.How he goes about researching the present to predict the future.Why professionals often work in both academia and the field of AI.What stands out to Tom when he i...

Teaching Machines to Smell with Theta Diagnostics CTO Kordel France

Kordel is the CTO and Founder of Theta Diagnostics, and today he joins us to discuss the work he is doing to develop a sense of smell in AI. We discuss the current and future use cases they’ve been working on, the advancements they’ve made, and how to answer the question “What is smell?” in the context of AI. Kordel also provides a breakdown of their software program Alchemy, their approach to collecting and interpreting data on scents, and how he plans to help machines recognize the context for different smells. To learn all about the fascinating work tha...

StoneX Group Director of Data Science Elettra Damaggio

After describing the work done at StoneX and her role at the organization, Elettra explains what drew her to neural networks, defines data science and how she overcame the challenges of learning something new on the job, breaks down what a data scientist needs to succeed, and shares her thoughts on why many still don’t fully understand the industry. Our guest also tells us how she identifies an inadequate data set, the recent innovations that are under construction at StoneX, how to ensure that your AI and ML models are compliant, and the importance of understanding AI as a...

AWS Director of Product Management Mike Miller

 Mike Miller is the Director of Project Management at AWS, and he joins us today to share about the inspirational AI-powered products and services that are making waves at Amazon, particularly those with generative prompt engineering capabilities. We discuss how Mike and his team choose which products to bring to market, the ins and outs of PartyRock including the challenges of developing it, AWS’s strategy for generative AI, and how the company aims to serve everyone, even those with very little technical knowledge. Mike also explains how customers are using his products and what he’s learned from their...

Carrier Head of AI Seth Walker

Key Points From This Episode:

Welcoming Seth Walker to the podcast.The importance of being agile in AI.All about Seth’s company, Carrier, and what they do.Seth tells us about his background and how he ended up at Carrier.How Seth goes about unlocking the power of AI.The different levels of success when it comes to AI creation and how to measure them.Seth breaks down the different things Carrier focuses on.The importance of prompt engineering.What makes him excited about the new iterations of machine learning.


“In many ways, Carr...

Google Cloud's VP Global AI Business Philip Moyer

 Philip recently had the opportunity to speak with 371 customers from 15 different countries to hear their thoughts, fears, and hopes for AI. Tuning in you’ll hear Philip share his biggest takeaways from these conversations, his opinion on the current state of AI, and his hopes and predictions for the future. Our conversation explores key topics, like government and company attitudes toward AI, why adversarial datasets will need to be audited, and much more. To hear the full scope of our conversation with Philip – and to find out how 2024 resembles 1997 – be sure to tune in today!


Key Poin...

Meta VP of AI Research Joelle Pineau

Joelle further discusses the relationship between her work, AI, and the end users of her products as well as her summation of information modalities, world models versus word models, and the role of responsibility in the current high-stakes of technology development.  

Key Points From This Episode:

Joelle Pineau's professional background and how she ended up at Meta.The aspects of AI robotics that fascinate her the most.Why elegance is an important element in Joelle's machine learning systems.How asking the right question is the most vital part of research and how to get better at it...

Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute Product Owner Mara Cairo

Key Points From This Episode:

Amii’s machine learning project management tool: MLPL.Amii’s ultimate goal of building capacity and how it differs from an agency model. Asking the right questions to ascertain the appropriate use for AI. Instances where AI is not a relevant solution. Common challenges people face when adopting AI strategies. Mara’s perspective on the education necessary to excel in a career in machine learning.


“Amii is all about capacity building, so we’re not a traditional agent in that sense. We are trying to educate and inform industry on how to do t...