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A group of friends who love music and beer! Riffsontap.com

Episode 70: Beer & ACL Schedule

This week the boys sit down to talk about the ACL schedule! They go over the artists they want to see and talk thru conflicts in the schedule!Links to everything: Riffsontap.com

Special Episode 1: ACL and BBQ

This week Alejandro sits down with his girlfriend, Alandra! They talk about music, BBQ, and ACL.Links to everything: Riffsontap.com

Episode 69: Beer & Folk Malone

This week the boys are all back together as they talk about the new Noah Kahan single with Post Malone! They also get into all the shenanigans they have been up to the past few weeks!Links to everything: Riffsontap.com

Episode 68: Beer & Summer heat

This week Alejandro and Noah sit down to talk about the summer heat and end up talking about everything from sports to food and music!Links to everything: Riffsontap.com

Episode 68: Beer & Summer heat

This week Alejandro and Noah sit down for a chat as Riley takes this week off! The boys get into all topics this week especially the hot Texas summer heat!Links to everything: Riffsontap.com

Episode 67: Beer & Golf

This week the boys get back to the usual and talk about the music they have been listening to as well as they teach Noah about golf!Links to everything: Riffsontap.com

Episode 66: Beer & Festival tips

This week the boys go over all the things you need to know to get ready for your next festival! If it's your first festival or your 50th, these are must use tips and tricks!Links to everything: Riffsontap.com

Episode 65: Beer & Trivia

This week we have a one on one with Noah as Alejandro sits down to talk all things NBA, Valorant, and Anime!Links to everything: Riffsontap.com

Episode 64: Beer & Noah Kahan

This week the boys get into plenty of new music as they dive into the various artists and genres. The boys also get to gush over the new Noah Kahan album and talk about his development as an artist.Links to everything: Riffsontap.com

Episode 63: Beer & Soccer

This week the boys bring you a quick and dirty episode as we go over all the sports news this week. There was a lot of fun soccer news as well as the golf world being rocked with the recent news!Links to everything: Riffsontap.com