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The Change Man Interviews - with Angie Beeston

The Change Man Interviews - with Jaycee Le Bouche

Jaycee Le Bouche is a Laughter Therapist, a Carer and an accomplished, professional woman. Thankfully, she took some time out of her busy schedule to share some of her wisdom, experiences and joy with us here on The Change Show. You'll laugh, you embrace the humanity and maybe even shed a tear or two. Listen with your best friend or someone who just needs to feel uplifted for 45 minutes!

Super Enthused - What's Your Super Power?

The Complete Guide To The Corridor Principle For Career Success Over Time

The complete guide to the corridor principle for career success over time
The Corridor Principle has been around for a while but it is a great analogy. How we respond to the doors along the corridor of our career is directly related to the degree of success we will have.

Are you at a career crossroads, ready for a career relaunch or just on a job search? Whatever you are doing, take a few minutes to watch this video all the way through. In it, SimonPhillipsTCM, the career coach and guide explains the Corridor Principle so...

This simple life hack accelerates your progress

What Is Stakeholder Capitalism? Part 2

 Part 2 of the fascinating interview with Steve Sanders all about the pivotal role of businesses in saving the planet. Stakeholder Capitalism is a genuine alternative to the destructive nature of focusing solely on Shareholders. 

What Is Stakeholder Capitalism? Part 1

Part 1 of a two-part conversation with the author of the book, 5 Horizons, Steve Sanders. It's all about how companies can deliver significant benefit to the world by rethinking their approach to business. In this session, Steve reveals the origins of his thinking leading up to the writing of the book and the trends he's plotted along the way. What is Stakeholder Capitalism? Stakeholder Capitalism focuses on the discussion of planet vs profit. It's about corporate governance. It's about stakeholder analysis and thinking about the customer journey as well as the supply chain. For too long businesses have focused on...

Who are your Stakeholders?

Identifying your stakeholders is the most important thing you can do as you start your project/new venture/change. SimonPhillipsTCM guides you through the scope of this task so you can get this critical step right. Who are your Stakeholders? Sounds like a fairly straightforward question. In reality, identifying stakeholders and the types of stakeholders you have can be a complex task. So, what is stakeholder theory? A stakeholder is someone involved or impacted by what you are doing. You don't just need to know who are the stakeholders though. Stakeholder mapping, analyzing stakeholders and stakeholder management skills are...

How can lateral thinking help build a valuable Career Strategy?

Careers are not what they used to be. Very few can be mapped out in one straight line. We need to think differently and in this video, Simon Phillips TCM explores a simple technique that could be a game changer for you and your career. Do you have a Career Strategy? The job market ain't what it used to be and conventional thinking will not get us very far. If we are to develop a clear career plan and guarantee our professional growth, we need to apply some strategic thinking. A modern strategic plan will depend on unconventional thinking...

The Effect of Training Every Day on Your Personal and Professional Growth 📚

Consistency is not sexy. In fact, for many, it's downright boring. Therein lies the opportunity.
The majority of people avoid anything associated with boredom or voluntary effort. In this week's podcast, I offer some thoughts on how to make personal growth and professional development more accessible. How do you like to learn?

The Change Man Interviews - with Su Askew

What a story! This week's guest is proof that life's what you make it. Take a listen to my conversation with Su Askew and hear how this expert in High Performance and Leadership has built a career based on hard work and ingenuity. Connect with Su if you'd like to find out more - she's a gem (and a GCologist!)

The Change Man Interviews - with Maria Pressentin

Pick A Card - The Career Planning Process

The Career Game can be tricky, especially if we overthink it. It's time for a new approach, Simon Phillips TCM asks you to "come plan with me!" Have you ever been invited to pick a card as part of a career planning process before? With the Life Cards from Motivate Cards you can do just that. Motivate Cards were developed by Simon Phillips and one of his business partners, international coach, Sue Wellman. Organisations have used them to inform workforce planning, team development and workplace motivation. But here, Simon demonstrates how they can help you with your professional development...

Choices Over Time: the Compound Effect ⏳

This is a episode about the most important choices you will ever make...the everyday choices that seem insignificant. There's an element in The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy which won't just give you the slight edge, it can transform your performance. SimonPhillipsTCM, the lifelong learning motivation expert encourages you to stay hungry to learn, invest in adult continuing education and strengthen your choices over time. Whether you choose the compound effect book or the compound effect audiobook you will learn how "the compound" can help you do some gap analysis on where you are and where you'd like...

The GC Index : The Strategist 🧐

This is the fourth video about the different proclivities in the GC Index. This time it's all about the Strategist, the one who sees the patterns in life and work and can translate a vision into a plan. The Strategist is from the GC Index, the tool that is transforming talent management strategy, organizational behavior, soft skills - career development planning and strategic management across the globe. The GC Index is equipping the workforce to The Strategist enjoys strategic planning, strategic thinking, prioritising with tools like the Eisenhower Matrix and seeking out practical learning opportunities. SimonPhillipsTCM is a lifelong...

Fear of Failure: Lifelong Learning Opportunity

It's been called our greatest fear, the fear of failure. It doesn't have to be though. Let's discover how we can overcome the fear of failure and get ourselves back on the path of lifelong learning! The fear of failure is no more than a risk management strategy of our younger selves. Let's embrace uncertainty and actively learn how to overcome fear of failure together. Let's disrupt your norm, face the risk and, with some reframing, see failures as learning opportunities for personal growth and self improvement. Self actualization is about learning lifelong and career development expert SimonPhillipsTCM, can...

How To Get More Done In Less Time : The Implementer

The Implementer is a pragmatic executor. If there's a job to be done, they'll be the first to volunteer. In this video Simon Phillips TCM examines the makeup of the Implementer and provides some tips for being even better at driving change. How to get more done in less time is a problem the Implementer likes to solve. Whether you are looking to improve efficiency at work or install a new entrepreneurial operating system the GTD notion of the implementer in the GC Index is an action focused, pragmatic dynamo. Every Implementer is on a journey to be amongst...

Build Back Better & The 4 Day Week

The UK has joined the US, Canada, New Zealand, Ireland and Australia in trialing a 4 day work week. Less hours for the same pay sounds fantastic but there are some pitfalls to watch out for. Simon discusses the issues and shares 5 ways you can Build Back Better and come back from the pandemic strong. The 4 day work week reflects the desire for work life balance in society. As much as the company stats on sites like Yahoo Finance would like us to think it's all about money, career planning has moved on. The explosion of remote jobs during the...

The Change Man Interviews - with Janette Beetham

Build Back Better & The Great Resignation Challenge

The Great Resignation of 2021 is set to continue in 2022. The reasons behind that may surprise you and one is the Great Awakening. In this video SimonPhillipsTCM reviews what is driving the resignations and what companies and individuals can learn from it so we can all do better. The Build Back Better Bill introduced by Joe Biden is an infrastructure bill but it is fighting a massive battle with the Great Resignation. The Great Resignation Challenge has also been called The Great Reset, the Great Realization and even the Great Awakening. Whatever we call it, the Great Resignation of 2021 saw...

Hypnotherapy : Alternative Medicine or Pragmatism?

Hypnotherapy has long been a resource people have turned to when seeking to overcome personal phobias and anxieties. With the overwhelm building up in people's lives due to Covid Lockdowns and the array of other global and societal challenges, it was the perfect time for The Change Man to catch up with Hypnowoman and find out how corporates were supporting their workforces right now. Is hypnotherapy an alternative medicine or is it a pragmatic solution to many of the issues being faced by employees inside organisations? It is well-known that hynotherapy can help individuals overcome anxieties, reduce stress and...

MTF - Male to Female Transition - Demonstrative Pronouns - Part 1

Simon Phillips TCM recently interviewed Rikki Arundel, the renowned Gender Speaker They discussed Rikki's transgender journey through the pronouns from He to She and They and the insights individuals, teams and organisations would do well to take on board to become more inclusive. Rikki Arundel is a non binary speaker and expert on gender equality. In this wide-ranging interview, SimonPhillipsTCM and Rikki discussed this important issue from many angles, covering: - gender dysphoria, later life transition, lgbtg, human rights, agender, genderfluid, demonstrative pronouns, equal rights, the Equality Act, relative pronouns, diversity and inclusion, organisational culture and transgender stand up...

The Game Changer: the art of possibility thinking

The Game Changer: the art of possibility thinking is all about those people who obsessively generate ideas. The people who cannot switch off the creativity switch. The Game Changer is always opening the doors of creativity. If you are a Game Changer, idea generation is all about embracing your uniqueness. Simon Phillips TCM is your strengths coach in this video helping your capture the art of possibility thinking and champion the "What if?" question. Game Changers are often perceived as misfits and yet their intention is to bring energy and enthusiasm and, most importantly, imagination to the process of...

Movember : A Change Management Masterclass

Simon Phillips TCM's Movember campaign comes to an end and he reveals exactly why this quirky prostate cancer charity has become a global phenomenon. No shave November 2021 draws to a close and Simon Phillips TCM's movember mo is ready for the great moustache shave off!! Moustache removal can be a painful process but it's all worth it as part of the mission to raise mental health awareness and improve the oncology for prostate cancer. However, this is no ordinary movember update. Mens mental health and overall health literacy is only one reason why Movember is a change management masterclass...

Juggle Work Life

Hybrid working is threatening work life balance. In this video, Simon Phillips TCM shares 6 strategies to regain control and balance life your way. Do you know how to juggle work life? The work life balance myth does not have to be a myth. Here are 6 strategies on how to live a balanced life. SimonPhillipsTCM is passionate about your personal growth and happiness, and here he shares the soft skills that make work life balance possible. Hybrid working doesn't have to be about learning to juggle fast, it's also not about work life harmony either. Instead it's about time tracking...

What to do with your one life

The sheer volume of choices can make life feel overwhelming. How to choose? This video explains how to create a life by design. In this episode, I am sharing life advice everyone needs to hear. This is not toxic positivity, this is about changing your future. If you like, it's a word to the wise and an introduction to a dream life guide. I'll take you through the same process I share with my life coaching clients. A process of self actualization to help you escape the grip of fear that may be affecting you today. It's an opportunity...

Plan with me and avoid fuzzy goals

Most people set goals in ways that actually undermine their ability to succeed. With these 7 ways in your toolkit, you'll be sure to achieve many more goals than ever before! Do you have fuzzy goals? In this video I will show you how to set goals and objectives. This is goal setting theory mixed done with me. We will answer the question "What is a smart goal?" and explore a planning routine that demonstrates the importance of goals in life. You don't need to set realistic goals, you need to just write your goal down, grab an accountability partner...

7 warning signs you are a procrastinator (Fix them with this!)

What is Procrastination and why should we worry about it? Here are 7 signs you are procrastinating and a handful of ideas for breaking out of the cycle and getting back on track. #Ad The Book in the Back - Dynamic Time Management by Simon Phillips -

The Play Maker - what kind of change maker are you?

This is the first of five special videos I'll be doing answering the question "What kind of Change Maker are you?" Starting with...the Play Maker. How does a Play Maker deal with change, get more done and support the people around them? The Play Maker is one of five roles identified by The GC Index, drop me message if you'd like to know more. #Ad This week's Book In The Back is Coaching Me, Coaching You which explains how the GC Index can help you get the most out of yourself and those around you. Grab a copy...

The Change Man Interviews - with Lucy Turner

This week, Simon interviews Lucy Turner and together they explore why The GC Index is such a powerful tool, how it helped Lucy transform her business life and how it is enabling organisations to maximise the contribution from their most valuable resource - their people.

If you'd like to know more about the GC Index, get in touch via my other channels (@simonphillips).

The Change Man Interviews - with Renee Smith

Renée Smith is the Founder of The Human Workplace, a business focused on transforming the culture of organisations towards a more caring, compassionate and kind environment. The result is more stable, engaged, happy and productive team members energised to help your company soar! In this interview, I explore the origins of this amazing company and hear how the pandemic means we'll never "go back" to work but instead "go forward" to new ways of working. Hybrid working is here to stay, this interview is just one aspect of the broader message for all of us to consider. The B...

Persistence Is Key

There will always be barriers to progress and improvement. The change you are seeking to lead will have opponents, attract negativity and encounter a whole list of challenges along the way. You have to be persistent. In this episode we'll explore how to adopt a persistent mindset and break it down into easily adopted steps to help you keep going when everything seems lost. This week's Book In The Back is "It Only Takes Everything You've Got" by Julio Melara - grab a copy here -

The Change Man Interviews - with Vanda North

This week, I interview global best-selling author and inventor of Mind Chi, Vanda North. Mind Chi is the simple 8-minute routine for boosting personal resilience and wellbeing. As usual, The Change Show is littered with great insights and fun to make the process of learning easy. Let me know what you think. Vanda's Mind Chi book:

The Change Man Interviews - with Judith Germain

The Change Show with Simon Phillips is now on the radio. In a recent episode, Simon interviewed Judith Germain of Maverick Paradox fame. Judith describes a Maverick as a wilfully independent individual and shares tonnes of insights as to how adopting a more challenging mindset can change the performance of everyone around you.

Perfection Is The Enemy Of Good

Are you happy with good or do you seek perfection? In this episode of The Change Show, Simon shares his perspective on the two approaches and reveals when both are necessary.

Is Communication A Process?

I’ve got some great news in this video. Not only is communication a process (or series of processes) but getting better at it is learnable too! When we try to make change happen, we need to engage people, not just tell them what we’re doing. This way they’ll not just get on board but help you deliver it! I’m sharing my Diamond Strategy too. This works in every context, whatever your message. Good luck!

What to do with your life when you grow up!

In this episode of The Change Show, I'm sharing some advice on how to respond to the question "What do you want to do when you grow up?" Whatever stage you are at in life, in school, at college, working your first job or starting out in your career, people always seem to ask this question. As a result, you may start to feel like you are behind in life, lacking motivation, stuck in a whirlwind of personal development and self-help. It's time to capture your more authentic self and create a happier life with less stress and more...

Jobsworth or Stickler?

Do you have a Jobsworth in your team? Are they really a Jobsworth or are they a Stickler? Knowing the difference can make all the difference in how you handle them to get the best out of your team of Change Makers.

Team Leadership

Team Leadership is a a real challenge. Simply because your team is made up of people...and people come with a whole range of personal issues, opinions and aspirations. In this episode, we'll look at the AEIOU of creating great teams capable of delivering great results.

Love Quote

Love Quote is a walk through some of the most powerful quotes on the true meaning of Love. Through the words of Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela and Barack Obama we can begin to see the world, and the role we play in it, from a place of strength and hope. What do these words mean for you?