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What's up trader friends! Welcome to Buhay Merkado, a stock market podcast focusing on the Philippine Stock Exchange! Join me as we learn from our lodi traders and hear their stories. Tara!

#12 Bounce Back Stronger - with Rave Hilario

Pano nga ba tayo makakabawi from losses? Where do you even start? How do you keep your mindset intact even after experiencing a huge downturn? Do you need to do this process alone? One thing is for sure, extra juicy tong episode na to. Tara!

#11 Hardwork and Patience - with Jermine Oliveros

Siya ba yung guest? O siya ba yung host? In this very meta-episode, I talk about my origin story in the trading world and how I conceptualized this podcast. I hope you get to know me a little bit by listening to this episode. Tara!

#10 Leveraging Your Environment (In Business, Trading, and Axie!) - with Gianne Vicmudo

Wherever you are in life right now, chances are, meron kang mapupulot na lessons that you could apply to your trading career. Listen as Gianne shared with me how her experiences in their family business, her corporate background, and her various entre-pinay projects helped her not just in trading but also in her newest business venture - building an Axie Infinity team. Tara!

#9 Fun, Process, Profits - with Louie Fernandez

We're back trader friends! In this very fun episode, Louie shared how he studied trading, what's his process on skill building, and gave us an in-depth look on the famed 32k challenge! He did all of this while making the process enjoyable. Kaya what are you waiting for? Tara!

#8 Being a Specialist - with Jordan Tan / Sirius Lee

Before SSF, before the gains, and even before he was known as one of the momentum masters in the PSE, how did Jordan stumble upon trading and how did he find his niche as a momentum trader? Pwede nga bang maging consistently profitable while being a momentum specialist? One thing's for sure, this episode is extra juicy. Tara!

#7 Balik PSEI na ba? - with Charles Salvacion

In this episode, kinwentuhan ako ni Charles about a lot of things: on how he started trading stocks, how his unforgettable $NOW trade made him look for a mentor, how he manages his time as an OFW, a dad of two and a momentum trader, and lastly, answered the question on a lot of trader's minds lately - balik PSEI na ba? Listen to this episode for his answer. Tara!

#6 From Varsity to Business to Trading - with Chris Cruz

How do you build your skills while limiting risk? How do you build a roadmap for your trading business? Listen as Chris shares how he leverage his learnings as an ex-varsity player and a full time businessman to achieve exponential returns in trading. Tara!

#5 OFW Turned Full Time Trader - with Donnie Distrito

Full time OFW dati, full time trader na ngayon! In this very inspiring episode, I had the privilege to hear sir Donnie's OFW success story. Anong kelangan nyang gawin para makauwi sa pamilya nya? Is there value in creating goals and having a mentor that pushes you? Let's find out. Tara!

#4 Buhay Prop Trader - with Jerome Almendras

Quants. Cryptocurrencies. Elliot Wave. Working for a hedge fund. Ano pa bang hindi namin napagusapan? Listen to this siksik-liglig-naguumapaw episode with one of my mentors and the founder of The Phantom Trading - Jerome Almendras. Tara!

#3 What does it take to be a Trading Coach - with Dianne Fernandez

Coaching for traders? Meron pala nun? Listen as I talk with Coach Dianne as she talks about her trading journey, her advocacy on financial literacy, and how having a trading coach can set you up for success. Tara!

#2 The Highs and Lows of Trading Cryptocurrencies - with Elaine Goc Castro / Lyra

In this episode, I had the privilege of talking with Lyra about her impressive crypto journey. What do you do after hitting exponential returns in just a few trades? What happened after hitting this milestone? Is trading crypto sustainable? Let's find out. Tara!

#1 Helping Traders through Quality Content - with Bindoy Carredo

In our first official episode, I talk with the man behind one of the best trading related youtube channel, The Bearded Trader Ph - Bindoy Carredo! Tara!

#0 Usapang Accountability Group - with Paul Belencion

In this dapat trial lang episode, nagusap kami ni Paul about his stock market journey, how he found his Accountability Group (AG), at kung gano nga ba kaimportante ang AG sating mga traders. Tara!

Welcome to Buhay Merkado

What's up trader friends! Welcome to Buhay Merkado, a stock market podcast focusing on the Philippine Stock Exchange! Join me as we learn from our lodi traders and hear their stories. Tara!