Ringside: An American Dairy Goat Podcast

40 Episodes

By: Hosts: Jon Kain and Nathan Funk

Welcome to Ringside: An American Dairy Goat Podcast where we talk about everything and anything regarding Dairy Goats and the ADGA

Take Your Herd To The Next Level

The guys have gotten quite a few questions about how to take your herd to the next level in the show ring.  Nate and Jon discuss how they've been able to make decisions that resulted in success in the show ring.  

Lessons Learned From Past Kidding Seasons

This week the guys reach into the feed bag and answer a tough question.  They also talk about lessons they have learned from past kidding seasons, good and bad.  

We're Dreaming Of A Goat Christmas....

Do you have a goat person you need to buy a special present for?  Need idea's for your own wish list?  The guys have you covered as they dream up some present idea's for that special dairy goat enthusiast in your life.

Convention Classes and Workshops With DaNelle Wolford!

DaNelle Wolford of the youtube channel Weed Em & Reap attended her first ADGA Convention this year!  DaNelle took full advantage of convention taking multiple classes and workshops to expand her education of dairy goats!  Tune in on this one!  DaNelle is always a pleasure to have on!  We have linked DaNelle's blog about convention and the class notes here in the description!

When You're Up You're Down... The Woahs Of Breeding Season

this week the guys reach into the feed bag to answer a hot button question.  Breeding season is still going on in some herds and Jon and Nate are no different.  It can be frustrating, tune in as the guys weigh in on the wind being taken out of their sails due to an extended breeding season.  

Pack Goats With Marc Warnke

This week the guys explore the benefits of using pack goats and how Marc Warnke got his start and climbed to the summit of the sport with his pack goats!http://www.packgoats.com

For You The Listeners We're Thankful

Surprise!  Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  We appreciate you all!  Be safe, eat well, have fun!

Judges Are People Too With Ashley Scheel

Ever wonder how judges deal with seeing other dairy goats on their assignments and then return home to compare their animals to them?  Want a judge's perspective?  We have it this week as the guys are joined by Ashley Scheel of A-K Acres!

More Than Conventional

This week the boys are excited to talk about the ADGA National Convention in Tucson, Arizona.  What a great week for ADGA to get back to normal with the ever so coveted spotlight sale and BOD meeting among all the awesome workshops.  Tune in!

Capralite's New Co-Owner Jason Porter

Thinking about adding a new milk machine to your parlor?  Jason Porter co-owner of Capralite may have the products for you..  Find out how Jason and his wife got started in Capralite and where they plan to take it. 


New Kid On The Block with Brett Armstrong

Sometimes it's refreshing to hear the perspective of someone new to anything you do.  This week we did just that by welcoming Brett Armstrong of Padgett Brook Farm to pick his brain on how his first year of breeding dairy goats and showing them has gone.  

Things That Go Bump In The Night!

Predator's can be a real issue on any farm, whether you're in the suburbs or way out in the boonies, predators are a thing.  What do the guys do to curb predators on their farm?  Find out this week!

Grow Goats The Majenli Way! Featuring Don George

Many have asked for Don George and Terri Sines to come back on the show explain how they grow their goats to the best of their potential.  This week we have guest speaker Don George on the show to do just that!  Don't miss this informational episode!

The 80/40 LB "Rule"

What is the threshold a breeder should have for breeding junior goats under a year of age?  Find out this week as the guys describe what works best for them and what they see works for other breeders across the country.

Old Trusty... Or New And Snazzy With Kirt Schnipke

The guys welcome Kirt Schnipke from Ober-Boerd Dairy Goats as they explore the purpose of using "Old Dead Guys" (bucks from the past via artificial insemination) instead of bucks that are currently living.   Kirt, Nate and Jon then discuss what their parameters are for a buck to be collected in their herds.

I Have Reservations...

On this episode Jon is joined by guest host Danielle Carolei as they discuss putting in reservations for new goats and what to ask and look for when doing so.  

How 'Bout Those Guernseys With Joan Stump

What an exciting episode the guys have for you this week.  Jon and Nate welcome Joan Stump of Stump Hollow Farm.  Joan not only breeds beautiful Guernsey goats, but she was also one of the cavaliers that helped get Guernseys recognized by the ADGA.  Listen in as we learn more about the breed and Joan's history with them.


How do you try to prevent any ick that can be caught from one goat to the next when exhibiting at shows?  Find out this week as the guys talk about preventative measures to try to keep biosecurity intact when exhibiting at numerous shows throughout the year

Patience Young Grasshopper!

The guys dig into the Feed Bag and make a topic out of a thought provoking question.  "how do you remain patient with your breeding program if your animals aren't performing well in the show ring?"  Jon and Nate try their best to answer this question as best they can. 

Fair Week With The Kain's

Jon welcome's wife Tierney this week as they recap their week at their county fair and give some pointers on how to make exhibiting at a county fair easier.  

Feel The Burn

Do you ever get to a point through the year where you feel burnt out?  Don't worry, you're not alone.  Listen in as Nate and Jon talk about burn out and what they do when they get burnt out from dairy goat farming.

Proving Out Those Bucks

This week Jon and Nate introduce a new segment called the Feed Bag where the guys answer a couple questions from listeners that have written in.   The main topic for this episode is what a Proven buck is in the guy's minds.  Everyone has their own idea of what a proven buck is, hear what the guys think about it.

Planning Out Breeding Schedules with Cohost Danielle Carolei Guest Starring Grace Toy

This week Nate and Cohost Danielle Carolei welcome Grace Toy to discuss how they start planning their breeding schedules/pairings/breeding season.  

National Show Week!

The ADGA National Show has concluded, Nate and Jon recap the week, read off the breed winners for the junior and senior show and talk about plans for next year in Harrisburg PA!

A Year Of Podcasting! What A Year It's Been!

This episode marks the one year anniversary of the podcast!  Jon and Nate celebrate by discussing going to a show or bust!  Really this episode is a back and forth between the guys reminiscing about the year they've had and wishing they were at the ADGA National Show this week!  Thank You everyone for tuning in every week with us, without you it would be just two guys recording their conversations with nobody to listen.   

Recapping A Show Weekend

The guys relax and recap their weekend at the Progressive Dairy Goat Club Champagne Classic.  Nate and Jon talk about ADGA news, Oberhasli and Alpine District Breed Specialties and wild roosters, mean does, morning serenading and nubians on the run!  Join them as they reminisce about the long and fun show!

DaNelle Wolford of Weed'em & Reap

On this 50th episode of Ringside, Jon and Nate welcome DaNelle Wolford of Weed'em & Reap.  DaNelle has a successful YouTube Channel and Blog showing her audience how she cares for and breeds her Nigerian Dwarf Goats and token Nubian Luna.  DaNelle and her family have a small farm in the suburbs of Arizona raising their goats, a kunekune pig and various poultry.  Join us as we ask DaNelle about her newly found love for showing her goats and DaNelle turns the tables on us and asks us some questions from her viewers.

Chickadee Farm Nigerian's Emily Crocker

This week Jon and Nate sit down and chat with Emily Crocker of Chickadee Farm Nigerian's from the great state of Maine!  Emily and husband Zac are newer breeders, but don't let that discourage you, in Emily's short time of breeding she's found some success and has developed her eye and style quickly!

Our Better Halves

Jon and Nate welcome their better halves this week, Jon's wife Tierney Kain and Nate's wife Jennifer Funk.  They discuss keeping herd numbers trim, their farming backgrounds and more!

The 10th Goat

This week Nate and Jon explain the situation we've all been in, bringing a goat that has a dry leg or a pending permanent champion in order to sanction the breed at a show.  They also talk about their weekend at the New York State Dairy Goat Breeders Association State Show.  One of them is a snow white in the morning, the other?  Perhaps more of  a Grumpy of the seven dwarfs.  

Preparing For Nationals with Vanessa Mills and Brandi Giachino

On this week's episode, Nate and Jon welcome special guests Vanessa Mills of the Luvruc herd and Brandi Giachino of the Vanjust herd.  We sit down and talk about preparing yourself, your herd and your sanity for the ADGA National Show.  Want to know about entries, how many goats will be manageable, set up, wheeling and dealing semen (buck semen of course)... well then this is the episode for you!!

Good Sportsmanship Is Important

On this week's epsiode Nate and Jon discuss ADGA national show news and the awesome show week Jon had. They also discuss the importance of having good sportsmanship inside and outside the ring.  Remember we need to treat everyone with kindness and dignity,  Especially those who are new to our community.  Happy Memorial Day!!

The Importance Of Quality Feed With Laura Kieser!

This week Jon and Nate are joined by Laura Kieser of For Seasons Farm in Minnesota.  Laura breeds Saanens and focuses on quality forage and grain to help manage her herd.  Laura also works for a company that tests forage, hay, grain etc in order to get the best results out of the feed you have available.  

The Hangover After A Show Day

This week Nate and Jon are joined by Jennifer Funk as they discuss ADGA news and their awesome weekend at yet another show!  Tears may have been shed during this episode but with those tears comes plenty of laughter.  

The Dust Settles And The Guys Relax

After a hectic weekend of showing, the boys sit back and reflect on their weekend at the buck show!  See how their weekend goes and listen in as they wind down after the dust has settled.

The Calm Before The Storm: Prepping Your Goats For A Show

This week Jon and Nate record late, discuss ADGA news as always and take on the task of explaining what they do to prepare their goats for a goat show.

Showmanship With Julie Matthys and Kirt Schnipke

On this week's episode, Nate and Jon welcome Julie Matthys of Mint*Leaf and Kirt Schnipke of Ober-Boerd Dairy Goats!  We take some time to discuss ADGA news and move right on to Showmanship.  What is showmanship and how is it used in the ring?  Julie and Kirt are here to explain it to you and who better than two ADGA judges that happen to have judged showmanship at national show!  

Let's Put On A Show (With Guest Host Danielle Carolei)

This week Jon is joined by Danielle Carolei of King's Rock Farm.  Jon and Danielle discuss ADGA news and how to start your own ADGA dairy goat show start to finish!  

Raising Kids Start To Finish Part 2

This week, Nate and Jon wrap up their thoughts on how they give kids the best foundation they can by raising them the best way they know how.  The guys also discuss this week's ADGA news.

Raising Kids Start To Finish Part 1

this week Jon and Nate discuss ADGA news and how they particularly raise their goat kids,  In the midst of recording Jon's cat gets in a fight with something, find out on this weeks episode of Ringside: An American Dairy Goat Podcast!  HAPPY EASTER ALL!