the session with Londa and David

40 Episodes

By: David Austin

Join David and Londa for an upbeat conversation about business growth. These business growth dynamics experts, with over forty years of combined sales and marketing experience, will touch on almost everything you need to know to improve your businesses first impression with its customers.

Last Monday at 4:00 PM

As we lock into new habits in this new year, it will really benefit you to properly track your business. Londa has some great ideas for you in Episode 2 of season two of the session with Londa and David.

Season 2 Episode 1

Londa and David are back from holidays with a new story to tell! The duo made a whole house move from Florida to Louisiana, and there were a few bumps in the road. Buckle up and enjoy the new bayou flavored edition of the session with Londa and David!!!

end of the year 2021

2021 has been an amazing year for David and Londa. Let's enjoy the last episode of the year together!!!

Not quite the end of the year

It's the holiday season, but David and Londa have a lot to do in a short amount of time! Enjoy!!!

Do you fight well

Londa and David discuss the importance of handling conflict well in this episode.

The Value of Generational Perspective

Being truly interested in those around you will make you money and bring you knowledge.

Do What You Love

After a weeklong hiatus, the duo is back! For all of you who asked what happened last week, it is all here!!!

Starting Over pt 3

So you have made a major change in your life, but you have screwed everything up...What now? Londa and David have a gritty, real discussion in this episode of the session with Londa and David.

starting over pt 2

Thinking about making a change? Londa and David talk about the next steps in starting over in part two of a three part series.

starting over pt 1

If you are thinking about making changes in your life, this episode of the session with Londa and David may be just what the doctor ordered!


You've been lied to about work/life balance! But, hang on because THIS strategy will help you avoid burnout, improve personal and professional relationships, achieve massive goals, and live a fuller, richer, more exciting and ultimately more peaceful LIFE.

this week

It has been a busy two weeks for Londa and David. The duo discuss everything from personal presentation to how to deal with losing a client.

Quick Trip Home

Londa and David just returned from a week long trip back to the Tri-Cities, and Londa has a story to tell about our run through the airport on the way home. The duo discuss the stories people tell themselves about others and remind themselves to always see the good in others.

Bob's Carpet

In this episode, Londa and David discuss a great customer service and sales experience as well as go behind the scenes of a new multi-level marketing company.


Sociologists and psychologists are discussing a feeling of mental and emotional blah that comes with uncertainty. With the current pandemic and associated political climate, many of us are languishing. That is the topic of today's session with Londa and David.

standout service and the mu variant

Labor Day is behind us, football season has started, and COVID is still the lead story in national newscasts. With the general sense of uncertainty in the air, now is the time to offer standout service!

Let's Get it Started

If you have considered changing careers and making money in sales, this edition of the session with Londa and David is for you. With a combined fifty plus years of sales and marketing experience, the duo has seen some things. They want to help you jump start the next chapter in your business.


What motivates you to move forward every day? Londa and David take a look at different types of motivation in a very personal edition of the session with Londa and David.

the ask

The biggest mistake sales people make is never getting around to asking for the business. It is easier than you think to intentionally ask for the business.

the wine country edition

Londa and David visit the heart of Columbia Valley Wine Country at David's favorite Red Mountain Winery, Frichette! Husband and wife wine makers, Greg and Shae Frichette tell us their origin story and give us a ton of helpful customer service tips. This one is a treat!!!

The Basics...really basic

In this episode of the session with Londa and David, the duo discuss the basics of the sales process. Who knew CRM was a new term to some???


In this edition of the session with Londa and David, the duo discuss business influencers from their past. They also talk to and about the latest crop of business owners...millennials!

Londa Opens Up

For the first time in public, Londa tells her story of entering the real estate profession. This is fun, inspiring, and even a little emotional.

Twice in One Day

It's rare, but Londa and David had bad customer service experiences twice in one day...this is the recap! Oh, and we lived through a pretty lackluster hurricane...I guess that is what you want from a hurricane!

Givers Gain

Londa and David discuss business networking and the need to be a great connector of friends and businesses!

What's that old saying?

Londa and David discuss age old business sayings they have heard over the years. Some follow the Golden Rule, others keep you out of workplace romances. This one is fun, and the duo wants to hear some sayings you have heard at work!

I'm Coming Home

Londa and David return to Florida after a quick trip back home to Washington State. Flying out of Pasco is still a treat. This episode touches on everything from the raised minimum wage to business academics. It is a must listen!

Do You Fondue

David and Londa discuss buying a large appliance and touch on the need for online marketing and offline marketing to reference one another…that and fondue

First Impressions

Londa gives four tweaks to improve a customer's first impression of your business. This is a must hear episode!!!

Expectations in a post Covid Word

Join Londa and David as they discuss possible trends and changed in consumer expectations in a newly reopened, post Covid marketplace.

the sales process

Londa and David dissect the sales process in a jam-packed episode of the session with Londa and David. They would have to charge if they shared any more content. This is a must listen edition!!!

Psychology of Sales

Londa and David discuss the DISC profile and how knowing your customer can help you customize the sales process and get more bang out of each customer encounter

Coffee Snobs

Londa and David discover a couple coffee shops worth discussing and find a few simple truths in customer service.

customer service in healthcare

*Trigger Warning This is the most intimate ep of the session yet. Londa and David discuss their story in an effort to openly discuss customer service in the healthcare industry. *This episode's discussion involves divorce, rape, and cancer.

First Friday

Londa and David discuss customer service successes and failures at an outdoor market! Who knew you had to be as engaging in a booth space as you do at a brick and mortar store???

Vacation and Mother's Day Special

A big announcement about the future of the show is made in the opening minutes, and now you can subscribe to not only listen to the session with Londa and David, but you can subscribe to watch it at home!


Londa and David discuss new business startups

what is that word again???

Londa and David discuss first time jobs, the young workforce and customer service experiences that impress them.

TSA does not disappoint

Londa and David celebrate the efforts of TSA workers while flying across the country. There truly is something special in the air!

the session with David and Londa

David and Londa discuss first impressions and missed opportunities in retail settings.