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Your source for all things Atlanta Falcons related brought to you by a life-long fan and season ticket holder. From off-season headlines, player analysis, trades, and signings to predictions and post-game breakdowns, we cover it all... And we usually cover it with stiff liquor drink in hand.

Rough Look for Falcons in Week 1 Opener
Last Tuesday at 1:32 AM

As low as expectations were, the Falcons somehow figured out a way to go even lower. The new Atlanta Falcons regimen took a rough loss to the Eagles with a 32-6 blowout against the below average Philadelphia Eagles.  In this episode: Falcons vs. Eagles Recap Biggest takeaways The minimal good, the bad, the ugly   See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

Falcons Opener Against the Eagles is Finally Here + Predicting the 2021 Season Superlatives

The Falcons week 1 regular season game against the Eagles is finally upon. We have a lot of questions headed into the season but are slightly favored to come out victorious in the week 1 opener. Can the Falcons make a statement? How will they do it?  In this episode: Falcons vs. Eagles Preview Keys to success Significant matchups/players to watch Predicting the season superlatives See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

Breakdown of the Falcons 53-Man Roster for 2021 Season

The 2021 preseason is officially over and the Falcons now have their final 53-man roster for the 2021 regular season. A few surprises and unexpected cuts but overall what we expected. Is the roster good enough to make the playoffs? Where are our strongest and weakest positional groups?  In this episode: Breakdown of the roster positional group by positional group Biggest surprises on the roster Weakest / Strongest spots   See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

Falcons Final Preseason Game Look Ahead + Way Too Early Check In with the Falcons 2021 Draft Class

The Falcons have one more preseason game and then we are looking towards our first regular season game. This final preseason game against the Browns should give us an opportunity to get a first glimpse at our starters in the 2021 season.  In this episode:  Recap of week 2 preseason game against the Miami Dolphins Way to early revisit of Falcons 2021 draft class Expectations going into final preseason game See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

Offensive Line Cohesiveness Will Define Falcons Season + Listener Questions

After a plethora of panic amongst the Falcons fanbase after our first preseason game, we take a look at the state of the offensive line from our starters to our reserves. We talk about talent on the offensive line vs cohesiveness of the offensive line and what is most important for success. We also have a portion where we dig into some of the listener questions we have received recently.  In this episode:  State of the offensive line Was Kyle Pitts the right pick at 4 overall?  Is the ILB group the best on the team?  And more questions Take a list...

Dean Pees Shows Promise in Falcons Pass Rush + Players Who Climbed the Depth Chart

We break down some of the biggest takeaways from the Falcons first preseason game against the Tennessee Titans under the new regimen. In a sloppy meaningless game, there was a lot of ugly on the offensive side of the ball but the defense was a bright spot... something we aren't used to saying. We also discuss the top 4 players that undoubtedly climbed the depth chart with their performance Friday night. In this episode:  Dean Pees pass rush  Offensive line woes Players who climbed the depth chart See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

Falcons Can Make Matt Ryan Great Again + Top Players to Watch in First Preseason Game

We take a look at how the new offensive system that Arthur Smith is implementing in Atlanta can make Matt Ryan get back to top-of-the-NFL QB play. With the first preseason game this Friday, we also analyze where we should pay close attention to from a positional battle standpoint.   See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

Big Surprises Coming Out of Falcons Training Camp + Big News for the Podcast

Every year Training Camp brings a ton of surprises and with a new regimen it is certainly amplified. From positional changes to high draft picks seemingly not working out like we thought, we discuss it all on this episode.  In this episode: Is Deion Jones going to be better at Weakside Linebacker? What is going on with Richie Grant? Is Kaleb McGary losing traction for the starting RT role?  How bad do we need Dante Fowler to get healthy?  Who are the top performers through Training Camp so far?    Listen and find out! See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

Cornerbacks. Can Falcons make Isaiah Oliver anything other than a liability?

The Atlanta Falcons defense in 2020 was more than horrendous after leading the NFL in passing yards allowed. The new regimen needed to add some potential starting talent and rotational players to the group to create some competition. Did we do enough? Who will compete for the slot corner role? See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

Safeties. How will Falcons and Dean Pees use their versatility?

We take a deeper dive into our Atlanta Falcon's Safety group that looks completely different from the 2020 group we watched come up short far too often. With Dean Pees scheme, it is extremely important that the Safeties have diverse skillsets. How well will these players compliment the system?  See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

Training Camp Insight: Running Backs. Is the Running Back room good enough?

The 2021 Training Camp starts today and we cover a group that has had some major turnover from the previous season. The Running Back room has a lot of different skillsets and they'll all be used in different ways in Arthur Smith's extremely successful and efficient offense. Does Coach Smith have the right pieces to work with? Will Mike Davis fit in well with the zone run scheme? See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

Training Camp Insight: Wide Receivers. Who can compete for the 3 and 4 spots?

As Training Camp begins to get underway in a couple days, there's no question who our #1 and #2 receivers are. However, there is going to be serious competition looking for our secondary level receivers. Between the outgoing rookie, the new  speedster signee, and several guys that been on the roster, we've got a fun battle to watch. Who is going to emerge? See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

Episode 23 - Training Camp Insight - Defensive Line

With the 2021 Training Camp getting underway this week, we take a look at one of the most intriguing groups on the team, the highly questionable defensive line. From the proven talent of Grady Jarrett to the untapped potential of Marlon Davidson, our new Defensive Coordinator has a lot of players to work with. We take a look at all of it.

Episode 22 - Training Camp Expectations

There are always a ton of expectations going into any NFL Training Camp but for a first year Head Coach and General Manager, you want to kick things off the right way. This is their first true opportunity to set the tone for the new direction of the franchise. What are the top priorities and expectations going into training camp for a first year HC and GM? 

Episode 21 - A Deeper Look at Kyle Pitts & his Impact. How will we use his skillset?

We breakdown just how talented Kyle Pitts truly is and how impactful his skillset will be for our Atlanta Falcons offense in 2021 and the many years to come after that. In a league where having a dynamic Tight End is becoming more and more vital, we may have the best prospect the NFL has ever seen. How truly great is Kyle Pitts? Where will we use him? Where should we his impact the most? 

Episode 20 - Who can be our #2 and #3 Receivers? More Listener Questions... HAWKS ADVANCE!

We get into some Listener Questions and you're crazy if you think we're not celebrating the Atlanta Hawks advancing to the Eastern Conference Finals. Who can step up at receiver? Record Prediction? How did I become a fan? And more...

Episode 19 - Which Free Agents Should the Falcons Target? And uhhh, Lets Go Hawks!

The Julio Jones trade is finalized and we finally have the cap space to sign our 2021 Draft Class with about 7 or 8 million left over to target some free agents. There is some solid veteran players still out there and a few players with some untapped potential. Who should we go after?

Episode 18 - Arthur Smith's Offensive Scheme

We get into Arthur Smith's offensive scheme and why it was so successful for the Tennessee Titans. Can he replicate that offense here? Do we have the talent to execute his play-calling? Can we be successful without Julio Jones? 

Episode 17 - Julio is Gone

All the headlines, rumors, and drama is over. Julio Jones is no longer an Atlanta Falcon and has been traded to the Tennessee Titans.  Was this a good trade? Who can make up for Julio? Now, what? 

Episode 16 - Is Julio the villain now?

After weeks of Terry Fontenot and Arthur Smith feeling the heat for discussing trades involving Julio, we find out Julio made the trade request from the get go. Does this raise the trade likeliness? Did Julio know he was on air? Were we disrespected by Julio?

Episode 15: Do you have Julio Syndrome?

We dive into Julio Jones trade talk. As die-hard Atlanta Falcons fans, it's hard to imagine that Julio could ever be seen in another NFL team's jersey, however, it may be a reality we have to face. Can we win games without Julio? Do we have to trade Julio? Is there another option?

Episode 14 - Dean Pees 3-4 Defensive Scheme

We take a dive into Dean Pees 3-4 defensive scheme! The Atlanta Falcons haven't had a 3-4 based defense since 2003 so what changes should we expect? Will we see more production? Do we have the players to fit into the scheme? What personnel packages will we see?

Episode 13 - 2021 Schedule Breakdown and Record Prediction

The Atlanta Falcons 2021 Schedule is out! We knew who we were going to play but now we have a lay of the land. What will our record be? Can we make the playoffs? Did we get shafted by the international game? 

Episode 12 - Draft Recap Continued, Did We Get Any Starters on Day 3?

We finally get into the Day 3 picks of the Atlanta Falcons 2021 NFL Draft. Did we get any starters? Who will we see in rotation this season? Did we address the secondary needs? What kind of depth do we have at offensive line now?

Episode 11 - Draft Recap (The Return of the Podcast)

WE ARE BACK! In the return of the podcast, we dive into day 1 & 2 of the 2021 NFL Draft. Did Terry Fontenot and Arthur Smith kick off their new leadership the right way? Should we have traded back?  Should we have taken a QB?