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Morgan Stanley’s Audrey Choi on Meet the Leader: Think beyond your title
Last Friday at 7:06 PM

The chief sustainability officer of Morgan Stanley shares how anyone can be a leader and how finance can address some of the biggest challenges of our day.

The challenge for G7 leaders: vaccinate the world and be bolder on climate
Last Friday at 5:53 PM

As G7 leaders meet, the costs of not acting on public health, climate and biodiversity loss are now becoming far higher than the costs of acting.

Is this the most important decade in history? Radio Davos talks climate change and the ocean
Last Friday at 2:15 PM

As dozens of business leaders demand faster government action on climate change, Radio Davos explores why this is a critical decade for saving the planet.

A healthy ocean is key to a healthy future
Last Friday at 2:14 PM

The UN has declared the start to the Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development, its aim is to promote science-based ocean and costal management.

COVID-19 vaccines have been around for half a year, what have we learned so far?
Last Friday at 1:52 PM

Daily confirmed cases and deaths around the world have been trending downward since April. So far, it’s safe to say, vaccines seem to be working.

COVID-19 recovery: some economies will take longer to rebound – this is bad for everyone
Last Friday at 1:45 PM

Some nations are recovering faster than others, but an efficient COVAX programme can ensure countries experience an even recovery, writes a finance expert.

As G7 calls time on coal, have you checked your supply chain?
Last Friday at 1:06 PM

Tackling climate goals will require a new approach to supply chains are often responsible for between 65% and 95% of a company’s total emissions.

What is mass balance and how can it help us transition to a circular economy?
Last Friday at 12:37 PM

Eugenio Longo, Head of Sustainability & EU Affairs at Borealis, discusses how companies can track their sustainability using the mass balance model.

Crowdfunding raises over $34 billion a year. Here are four things you may not know about it.
Last Friday at 11:00 AM

The term crowdfunding was coined in 2006 but having a large number of people contribute to a cause has occurred throughout human history.

This chart shows just how little people want to return to the workplace
Last Friday at 10:58 AM

A study by YouGov has found that as many as 39% of participants were reluctant to return to work despite their reopenings following the ease of lockdown.

This bacteria can eat 'electricity' and lock away CO2
Last Friday at 10:57 AM

Researchers at Washington University have discovered how photoferrotrophs bacteria could help provide a boost to the ocean's ability to absorb emissions.

African apes could lose 90% of their habitat by 2050, according to a new report
Last Friday at 10:57 AM

A new study published in Diversity and Distributions provides a best and worst-case scenario for African ape habitats over the next 30 years.

How saying 'yes' and 'no' could revolutionize your work/life balance
Last Friday at 10:56 AM

Ester Banque, Senior Vice President for Bristol Myers Squibb, discusses how saying yes and no have helped her approach her work-life balance in a new way.

The Circulars Accelerator – Innovation Showcase 2021
Last Friday at 9:48 AM

Watch this session on this page on 24 June 2021 at 14:00 CEST.

COVID-19: What you need to know about the coronavirus pandemic on 11 June
Last Friday at 9:45 AM

Top stories: President Biden pledges half a billion vaccines; WHO urges countries to support Africa's vaccine campaign; Chile locks down capital.

How to grow Africa's next natural wonder
Last Friday at 9:38 AM

Watch this session here on 17 June 2021 at 10.00 – 11.15 CEST.

World leaders must put women at centre of COVID-19 recovery
Last Friday at 8:16 AM

As G7 leaders meet this week, they must address efforts to increase gender equality to boost global economic growth to help the world recover from COVID-19.

How India can become a leader in sustainable aviation fuel
Last Thursday at 4:18 PM

As aviation rebounds from COVID, sustainable fuel can have widespread environmental and economic benefits. Here's how and why India should scale up SAF.

What climate change will mean for the tropics
Last Thursday at 2:51 PM

More record-breaking temperatures will occur in the tropics, according to a new study that analyzed temperature data from the last 60 years in the region.

Cooling effect of clouds ‘underestimated’ by climate models, says new study
Last Thursday at 2:50 PM

Clouds could have a greater cooling effect on the planet than climate models currently suggest, due to previous underestimation, according to new research.

Scientists are using drones to lower the risk of flooding from glacial lakes
Last Thursday at 2:36 PM

Glacial lake outbursts are expected to become more common globally as climate change melts glaciers, Rodrigo Narro Pérez from McMaster University explains.

This AI technique could use a digital version of Earth to help fight climate change
Last Thursday at 2:20 PM

Applying an AI technique called reinforcement learning and digital Earth to test climate-saving initiatives and tackle climate change.

These are Barack Obama’s latest reading recommendations
Last Thursday at 1:04 PM

From the personal to the political, Barack Obama’s recommended reading covers a wide range of themes. Here are his top three books and authors.

What businesses and Gen Z have to offer each other
Last Thursday at 11:56 AM

EY Ripples and JA Worldwide surveyed 6,000 Gen Z youth to find out how they'd reframe business and education, to help solve the world's challenges.

This is what people love the most about working from home
Last Thursday at 11:56 AM

COVID-19 forced millions of Americans into working from home. This new survey from YouGov shows what they've benefitted from the most as offices begin to reopen.

What teachers can learn from new technology in the classroom
Last Thursday at 11:53 AM

Policymakers are in a pivotal position to transform how teachers use technology, to improve access to learning in times of crisis like the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ocean: What are 'dead zones' and why are they getting worse?
Last Thursday at 11:42 AM

Research has shown ocean dead zones - where marine life can't survive - have nearly quadrupled across the globe since 1950. Here's what you need to know.

Scientists have found a way to generate energy from floating particles
Last Thursday at 11:27 AM

This new material created from carbon nanotubes can generate electricity by scavenging energy from its environment.

Profit shifting and paying for a recovery: why a global tax plan is being hailed as ‘historic’
Last Thursday at 9:45 AM

Some experts say it's far from perfect, but nearly all of them recognize it as a landmark effort to fix a broken system and fund a sustainable recovery.

This is how to speed up ocean-climate ambition towards COP26
Last Thursday at 9:30 AM

Leading up to COP26, bold government policies and private sector leadership must reinforce each other to step up climate action.

Rebuilding after COVID: The challenge is digital
Last Thursday at 9:15 AM

The pandemic has exacerbated the structural flaws and inequalities digitalization was already opening up. How can we move forward?

Can a TikTok star or autonomous trucks reverse the global shortage of commercial drivers?
Last Thursday at 8:40 AM

There are too few drivers entering the sector, according to a new survey. Without them, global supply chains may struggle to operate.

These 5 beer companies are taking steps to protect the planet
Last Thursday at 8:23 AM

Barley crops are under threat from increased droughts and extreme heat, due to climate change. Beer will become increasingly expensive and in short supply as a result.

Back to the future: The story behind the IEA’s Net-Zero Roadmap
Last Thursday at 8:20 AM

The IEA's new report is the world’s first comprehensive study of how the world can transition to a net-zero energy system by 2050. Here's how it came about.

Advancing Stakeholder Capitalism and ESG in Latin America
Last Thursday at 8:04 AM

The Regional Action Group for Latin America will convene 10 June 2021 with speakers such as President Guillermo Lasso of Ecuador.

COVID-19: What you need to know about the coronavirus pandemic on 10 June
Last Thursday at 8:04 AM

Top stories: Warning over virus spread in the Americas; Scottish study underscores rarity of complications from AstraZeneca vaccine; India reports highest single-day COVID-19 death toll.

How connectivity credits could help bridge the digital divide
Last Thursday at 7:02 AM

Nearly half the world's population has no internet access. A connectivity credit initiative would incentivise providers to connect less profitable areas.

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in women – here’s how we can address it
Last Thursday at 6:50 AM

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in women globally. A all-female-led Lancet Commission outlines recommendations to reduce CVD in women by 2030.

The automobile industry needs to steer in this direction for future success
Last Thursday at 6:46 AM

The automotive industry needs to be digitalised. It will require a complete culture shift and change-management strategies that realign the entire supply chain.

The private sector is taking the lead on enabling digital inclusion. Here's how.
Last Thursday at 6:34 AM

Through initiatives like the EDISON Alliance, the private sector is increasing the affordability and access to broadband, devices and digital literacy.