All About The Bible

6 Episodes

By: Tyler Janzen

A recap of our bible studies at Valley connections young adults group, where we dive into the word and feel like we have very In depth conversations,questions, answers and exploration of the bible.

Esther Act 4 Part 2
Last Tuesday at 4:53 AM

In this Episode we talk about what Esther does to save her people.

Esther Act 4 Part 1

We find out how Esther finally tells the king her wishes and the results of it!

Esther Act 3 Part 2

Esther chapter 6 Mordecai gets acknowledged for his actions after 4 years.

Esther Act 3 Part 1

Esther Approaches the king, and Haman makes a plan to kill Mordecai.

Esther Act 2 Part 2, Chapter 4

We dive into Esther Chapter 4 discussing the situation Esther has been put into.

Esther Act 2 part 1

Esther 2:19-23 3:1-15