Discontinued Gravy

40 Episodes

By: Nick Toren and Krysta Pallone Helm

Shooting the S*** since 2020

30 Life Lessons

Did... did you hear the new intro???? That's right! Nick turned 30!! So naturally Krysta expected him to have 30 Life lessons to give you! Do you agree with them?



Its that time of year again! Krysta and Nick discuss the adult Halloween and how its changed over the years!MERCH -> linktr.ee/discontinuedgravy

Money Talks

Money Talks! Investments? Money Tips? ok well, we don't have that information. BUT we pose the question. Why don't/can't we talk about this to one another? Shouldn't we share all the tips and try to help each other? Find out here!MERCH -> linktr.ee/discontinuedgravy

High School Drama

We've all probably experienced high school drama! Well, this didn't happen in high school but Krysta has some more recent stories that feel like high school drama so NIck and Krysta dive into it and how they would handle the situation!MERCH! -> linktr.ee/discontinuedgravy

Personal Style

Everyone has their personal style even if it's the same! Krysta and Nick dive into style and how hard it can be to change your own style or to keep up with the latest trends!linktr.ee/discontinuedgravy

Community (Live from Parallel 49)

The Gravy Train has left the station! Nick and Krysta were LIVE from Parallel 49 Brewery in Vancouver BC celebrating OKTOBERFEST! We dove into Community, how important it is in our lives, and how it can help shape people!Parallel 49 - Parallel 49 Brewing CompanyMERCH - Linktr.ee/discontinuedgravy

September New Year??

SEPTEMBER SHOULD BE NEW YEARS. There we said it. WHY? listen to this episode!!MERCH-----> linktr.ee/discontinuedgravy

Did You Even Honeymoon?

Krysta went on her Honeymoon! Nick and Krysta discuss the pros and cons of a honeymoon and travel for it and what to potentially expect!MERCH-> linktr.ee/discontiunedgravy

Remains of Summer Memories

Summer only lasts so long! BUT KRYSTA AND NICK ARE HERE TO TELL YOU THERES STILL LOTS OF TIME ON THE CLOCK! Summer isn't over but we're on the home stretch. Krysta and Nick discuss their summers and how they prepare for the time ahead!WE HAVE MERCH! linktr.ee/discontinuedgravy

Bubble Friends

Bubble Friends! We all have those core friends but what about the ones on the bubble? how to bring them in? how to push them out?????? Find it all out here!BUY OUR MERCH! linktr.ee/discontineudgravy


We all love a situationship! Ok, maybe not. Nick's been in, well, a few. Krysta has her share. They discuss what it's like and how to get out!WE HAVE MERCH! linktr.ee/discontinuedgravy

Family Dynamic

WE HAVE MERCH NOW! CHECK THE LINK FOR MORE!linktr.ee/discontinuedgravyThings have certainly changed in Krysta and Nick's life! Which means so has the family dynamic. Krysta and Nick discuss their dynamics and how it's changed over the years and the impact!


Manifesting. Are you doing it? Do you think it's ridiculous? Well Krysta and Nick give you their views on the matter and whether you should consider doing it!linktr.ee/discontinuedgravy

Entitlement vs Confidence

We've all encountered an entitled human. The worst. Well, Nick had a customer who was rather entitled so we talked about the encounter and how to not be like that.linktr.ee/discontinuedgravy

Personal Brand

Personal Brand. We all have one. They may look different but we all do. Krysta and Nick dive in and talk about how that might change over time and the difference between your early twenties and your mid twenties!linktr.ee/discontinuedgravy


F***. Everything. and. Run. Krysta and Nick talk about fear. No, not a fear like spiders. The fear of change. Whether it's changing jobs or change in your life we discuss our own fears and what we do to eliminate them!linktr.ee/discontinuedgravy

Recognize Habits 💯💯

Habits. We grow into them, We evolve them. We recognize them! Krysta and Nick discuss some habits and how to recognize those habits and appreciate what you have done and how to take it to the next step!linktr.ee/discontinuedgravy

Setting Boundaries

You ever had to set a boundary? Well Krysta and Nick have and discuss what it means to set one and how important it can be in all walks of life.linktr.ee/discontinuedgravy

Pick Me Gurl

Have you heard of a "Pick Me Gurl"? Well, Nick sure hadn't. Krysta and Nick talk about being a girls girl or a guys guy and what might be the reason.linktr.ee/discontinuedgravy

Dumpster Fire

Hello hi! Krysta and Nick had lots to talk about but then we got a topic in and well its kinda a dumpster fire but it's a fun episode... Could call it a filler episode ya know? Those can be good. Linktr.ee/discontinuedgravy

Lonely Traveler

Travelling is one thing. But travelling alone is another! Nick recently went on his trip alone and Kyrsta and Nick discussed the pros and cons surrounding travelling alone and if it's a good thing for you!linktr.ee/discontinuedgravy


Everything is Figureoutable! Krysta and Nick discuss what is and isn't figureoutable and how it can help you with everything around! linktr.ee/discontinuedgravy

Social Media

Ah, social media! Well to start Nick RANTS. EVERYONE IS WELCOME. Then Krysta and Nick dive into social media and growing up with it and how its changing for the better or worse.linktr.ee/discontinuedgravy

International Women's Day 2023

It's Women's History Month and Krysta and Nick talk about some of the problems and challenges that Women face and some things that should and shouldn't be talked about!


Nick vs Krysta

Ok well not like in a battle royale or royal rumble. More along the lines like Boys vs Girls in certain situations but it seems like they agree more than disagree eyes emoji


Raise the Roof!

And by Raise the Roof we mean like getting a raise at work. You ever asked for a raise and got rejected? maybe got more than you thought? Well Krysta and Nick discuss their past challenges with it and how YOU can get a raise!


Blissful Ignorance

When does being naive stop being cute? Krysta and Nick discuss this and all the topics of blissful ignorance in this episode!



You're Only Young Once. YOYO! Krysta and Nick talk about what they would tell their younger selves and how you can still learn about it today.


Working Class Heroes

Working in your twenties what a blast eh! Krysta and Nick dissect working in your twenties and how the norm is having more than one job and the future of jobs!


The Fade Game

We've all had to fade someone out of our lives or maybe you have been faded. Nick had a recent experience and him and Krysta talked about it and how to handle it.


Red Flag, Green Flag

We have red flags, we have green flags. Krysta and Nick talk about their own flags and what they mean to them.


Health Check

First. Love For Damar #3. We are so excited to hear he is doing much better!

Krysta and Nick discuss the moment and the fallout from it. Talking about learning First Aid and the usual segments of the week!


New Years!

Happy New Year's Curds!! Start 2023 with an absolute BANG with your friends at Discontinued Gravy! Krysta and Nick discuss New Year's Eve and the holiday as a whole! Is it overrated? Maybe find out that and more in ep 106!

Christmas Gravy 2022

WOO WOO! The Gravy Train lives again! We were live on location at the North Vancouver Christmas Market for a fun day and recording! It's Christmas Gravy 2022!



Krysta had an eye-opening conversation that led her to think about confidence. Nick who considers himself a confident person has opinions. All together makes a great episode!


Gift Giving

Gifts! Some are good at buying (Krysta) and some are terrible at it (Nick) we talk about how to defeat these odds and be the best gift giver out there!


NOTICE: Again Nick here, thought I fixed the audio I did not. HOWEVER I have figured out the issue Audition hates me but I fixed it! So next week guaranteed good audio or I'll give everyone money or something I unno.

Music Problems

First I, Nick would like to say that I do not know TF happened but Audition decided to make my audio like I'm on the phone. I'm sorry about that. I did everything to try and make it better lol.

ANYWAY Krysta and Nick discuss Taylor Swift's tickets (before the cancelled public sale) and how the Grammys are hot garbage these days!


Friends of Friends

We all have friends of friends. How do we go to the party when we only know the host? Whatever it may be we've all been there and Krysta and Nick have been there together!


The Future of DG.



Nick made his way to beautiful Anaheim California to go to Disneyland, Krysta and Nick talk about Disneyland and the magic behind it and in real life!