Every Day, Every Night AD/RI/AN

6 Episodes

By: Kittydrian

Every day and every night, there is something at least happening. At least When Whooshkaa's dumbarse wanted to go more "corporate" and screw everything up (that's why it starts from ep. 41). But still, whether it's a situation, a reminiscent, problems, thoughts, comments, concerns, pointing out what isn't right, or just having fun in general, I spit that out of my mouth and just be me at the same time. I'm about for what really happened & the facts/truth + my opinions reflect my own & not others. And this is my podcast so I'll...

45. Repeat Yourself: Interruption / Podcaster Go Burrr
Last Tuesday at 4:00 PM

This is kinda like a 2 episodes in 1 type of deal. The first part is the conclusion of the Repeat Yourself series where I recap of the last 8 episodes up to Episode 40, that I have talked about aka some moments on there. The second part is the breaking news..well not-so-surprising news for corporate crap Whooshkaa..... -_-

44. Repeat Yourself: Detainment

More craziness! I review and recap Episodes 25-32, the "lost" ones while I watch Kung Fu (not that "racist" show back in like what? the 70s...yeah I said what I said. Shouldn't hired a white person to play the lead; but the modern one) and Nancy Drew (well....a little bit). This is part 4 of 5 of the recapping "Repeat Yourself" series.

43. Repeat Yourself: Suspense

The shock and the constant laughing returns! Join me as I recap 8 more episodes across the "Suspended 40" in this Part 3.


Let me be more clear of what I was saying during the 25th minute (because I don't believe: Neither Simpsons or Great North will air **NEW** episodes this May 2, they'll air repeats, just not all-new eps.That Housebroken show did reminded me of that Secret life of the Pets since people were comparing that with the new show when the pic came out first....I was referring to Honey's voice for that "...

42. Repeat Yourself: Disgust

Part 2 of the 40 episode recaps resumes as I watch the worlds of the Kelly Clarksons and the Drew Barrymores.

Pushing more and more as it goes.

41. Repeat Yourself: Expropriation [PREMIERE]

*sighs of ah~!* the day has come. I finally come back! so this time for the first 5 episodes of this season, I will give you guys a recap on the "missing" episodes of this podcast thus far. But also updates on the topics that needed to be updated within those 8 episodes.

EDENara Update 2021

Hey guys I'm baaack! This 2021 is quite different because of what I'm about to tell you in this podcast update. It also explains the missing episodes...........and Season 3.

Like I know the episodes are there, the 40 episodes are there. But they just don't play. We'll see what we can do from there. To be able to hear the podcast episodes there after you press play, yeah that's missing.