Duck Logic Comedy 1/2 Hour

40 Episodes

By: Duck Logic

Comedy sketches, commercial parodies, and songs from the Chicago improv comedy group called Duck Logic. Clubs, TV, and our own 2-hour radio show on WLUP AM1000.

The Thirty-Eighth Show
Last Saturday at 12:00 PM

Our Sales Network deals on unusual, maybe even illegal, items; a not-so-accurate dream interpreter; a diner with a natural selection menu; and the adventures of Starboy!

The Thirty-Seventh Show

A guy calls into the Steve and Gary afternoon show on WLUP, live on the air,  to complain that our show, the Comedy Cavalcade, wasn't funny and we should be taken off the air! Steve and Gary were two  powerhouses at the station, essentially our bosses, so it was kind of a big deal. Listen to the whole incident on this week's podcast.

The Thirty-Sixth Show

Happy New Year!! Happy New Show! Phone chat lines for niche audiences, an Elvis Christmas Carol, and we reminisce about that time we may or may not have taken improv to the streets. 

The Third Joe on Brandmeier, Live: Special Extra

Joe, the Love Potato-- part love god, part couch potato -- visits Jonathon Brandmeier on his popular morning radio show on WLUP FM in Chicago for the third time. Joe and Johnny call local ABC news anchor, the late Joel Daly, to give him advice on how to be a man again then take calls from listeners. 

NOTE TO LISTENERS: the 1st minute of this recording sucks, it's fuzzy and over-modulated. Sorry. It clears up.

The Thirty-Fifth Show

It's our actual Christmas Show!! Tim and Walt open an un-adventful advent calendar; Jim whines about combo gifts; and David sings when Santa steals his car. 

The Thirty-Fourth Show

The Duckers reminisce about things we may or may not have actually done in a new segment called “Fowl Memories”, a Dennis Hopper Christmas, holiday stupidity, a very special shopping show, and of course, fruitcakes! On this week’s pre-holiday extravaganza.

The Thirty-Third Show

An amusement park that's open all winter and for good reason, Edie, the Breakfast Fairy talks to her seasonal friend, and a baby in a shopping bag on our pre-pre-holiday show!

The Thirty-Second Show

It's anything  but leftovers: a  different type of summer camp, a bit that got Johnny B in trouble, and the tale of a bald man's braids... on our after Thanksgiving show.

The Thirty-First Show

The guys scam an invite to their parent company--- FuzzCo Industries' ---annual Thanksgiving brunch and host the whole podcast right from the kids' table... with special holiday bits from Joe, the Love Potato, Edie the Breakfast Fairy, and Jack Hailstone... Happy Thanksgiving!!

The Thirtieth Show

The joys of frozen pizza, how a centerfold sounds, PJ pants, and a closet full of kids on our pre-Thanksgiving Duck Logic Comedy Half Hour...

The Twenty-Ninth Show

Joe, the Love Potato wasn’t the only one of our bits that Jonathon Brandmeier played on his WLUP morning show back in the day… The Twenty-Ninth show is cram-packed with bits we did exclusively for Johnny. From a sex/comedy therapist to Sal Monella: the dairy comedian to the Cathy & Gary song.

The Twenty-Eighth Show

Joe, the Love Potato in a previously unheard Q & A bit…  Plus an "uplifting" birthday, porn for regular schlubs, and a roadie for the Pope.

The Twenty-Seventh Show

Our actual Halloween Show! The War of the Worlds parody we did on AM1000 in Chicago back in the day--- complete with news bulletins, death rays, and our special guest star: Buzz Kilman from the Jonathon Brandmeier morning show!

The Second Joe on Brandmeier, Live: Special Extra

Part love god, part couch potato… Joe, the Love Potato appeared on Jonathan Brandmeier’s morning radio show on WLUP FM in Chicago for the second time. Joe cracks open more than a few Brewskis while he talks with Johnny and gives advice to listeners.

The Twenty-Sixth Show

Season Two kicks off with our pre-Halloween show! Everything’s got a Halloween twist… A Doctor Demento bit about an unlikely hitchhiker, a grocery store for vandals, a slasher sitcom, and Tim talks about his go-to childhood costume. 

The Second Season Two Teaser

The 2nd season of the Duck Logic Comedy 1/2 Hour is on its way! Next week, anyway... But just you wait and see! More sketches pulled from the audio archives of WLUP AM1000 radio in Chicago, songs, characters, and other wacky stuff!!

The First Season Two Teaser

Our best Dickie Goodman-style promo for what to expect next season.

The Twenty Fifth Show

A Dr Demento Fave : our tribute to Fall, a lunchtime length Broadway show, a guy who's always getting shot at, and a what not to wear at work... on the season 1 finale. (Season 2 starts in about a month!)

Joe on Brandmeier, Live: Special Extra

Of the many bits Duck Logic sent into the Jonathon Brandmeier morning show on WLUP back in the day, Joe the Love Potato was, by far, the biggest. Part love god, part couch potato, Joe seemed to hit a chord with the men and women of the 1980s (and most listeners were in on the joke).  After sending in several Joe bits, Johnny invited Joe on his show to talk and take calls from listeners. Here is Joe's entire appearance that morning...

The Twenty Fourth Show

EXCLUSIVE!! Joe, the Love Potato's first live appearance on Jonathon Brandmeier's morning show on WLUP...! Plus: children's stories for the real world, a skit about a skit, and an extreme "everything must go" back to school sale.

The Twenty Third Show

It's the Shari Lewis Labor Day Telethon...! The Duck Logic guys and a gal created this parody of the Jerry Lewis Telethon, an age-old tradition. Shari and her pal/hand puppet, Lamb Chop, host a show to raise money to combat "Shecky's Syndrome," a fictional disease that causes millions of people to pursue a career in puppeteering.

The Twenty Second Show

A down-south sitcom, how to suffer like an artist, do they celebrate Labor Day in other countries, and the guys take on a pretty gassy subject.

The Twenty First Show

This week: "Fred's Quarry," the story of one man's impossible dream versus reality, but in a funny way!! The 30-minute sketch was the centerpiece of a 2-hour performance the guys (and a gal) did in front of an audience at the Woodstock Opera House in Woodstock, Illinois and live on Star 105.5  WZSR radio. (and since it's a recording off the air, the sound quality isn't perfect) 

The Twentieth Show

A visit from the prison doctor, ice cream for bachelors, Joe the Love Potato takes a vacation, and a special surprise for all you Dr Demento fans— the original, uncut version of “Real World!!”

The Nineteenth Show

Backstage with 2 Catholic priests, a thing that doesn't translate to audio, a rare commercial by Joe, the Love Potato, and an editorial from an old guy who's angry about, um, something.

The Eighteenth Show

In the time-honored tradition of American sitcoms, the guys get locked in a storage room and spend the entire show flashing back to some of their kookier bits from their old program on WLUP AM1000 in Chicago. Like the time Tim got mauled by a pit bull or when a thrasher band played their Christmas classic in-studio or when we all learned about the softer side of skinheads.

The Seventeenth Show

Edie talks to a Bachelor's Breakfast, the adventures of a school bus driver,  a man gets voicemails from God, and a song from Down Under...

The Sixteenth Show

A spooky K-mart shopping spree, a summer camp with a bad attitude, a song about a candle, and the world love pajama parties.

The Fifteenth Show

Male bonding that's a little more permanent, a REALLY large infant, useful cat storage tips, and an interview with THE world-renowned rock and roll dishwasher...

The Fourteenth Show

The truth about the states of the union, an up-standing breakfast cereal, Roland Reagan's second favorite organ, and Gristlefest! On our very first commemorative 4th of July show! 

The Thirteenth Show

Another Dr. Demento song, this one about the NSA, an alien gives advice, and a couple of (Katzenjammer) kids break the bank in Vegas.

The Twelfth Show

Edie, the Breakfast Fairy talks to an obscure vegetable; cowboys in search of a commercial; a forgotten singing trio who maybe should've stayed that way; and a song about, well, skin cancer...

The Eleventh Show

Joe, the Love Potato goes global, Edie has cocktails for Breakfast, the guys talk about their second act, and an interview covering dung.

The Tenth Show

A very, very soft rock radio station, acting with hair, and the back story of the "What Lady" from Jonathon Brandmeier's WLUP morning show.

The Ninth Show

A shocking job interview, a new dietary tip from Edie, the Breakfast Fairy, and a really sucky hotel guest plus songs about liquid and veggies.

The Eighth Show

The world's biggest shopping mall, a forbidden perfume for, uh, the whole family, and a big, big music store.

The Seventh Show

A souped-up Laz-E-Boy, stupid is as stupid does, and two OGs (Old Geezers) shootin the breeze... 

The Sixth Show

Family fun for reeeeally close families, a beefed up breakfast for little girls, bad boys in planes, and the truth about lawyers.

The Fifth Show

Condoms made from wha---?, a shady auto shop, St. Paddy's Day fun, and Joe, the Love Potato goes bowling.

The Fourth Show

Craft beer with a gimmick, a  town that makes bad choices, and how to marry your cousin.