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SYNGAP10 is a 10 minute weekly blog to keep parents and families up to date on what the team at SynGAP Research Fund (SRF) is doing to advocate for patients& advance research into SYNGAP1. If you do nothing else, listen to or watch this and let us know what you think.

Let’s make sure SYNGAP1 is cured in our lifetime. It’s up to us.
Last Saturday at 9:39 PM

Let’s make sure SYNGAP1 is cured in our lifetime.  It’s up to us. Episode 38 of #Syngap10 - December 4th, 2021  

Roundtable 3 #SRFRT3 was a great success, special thanks to all speakers.

The #FAST #Angleman meeting is incredible. 

Sign up for #Ciitizen. 


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Support SRF this GivingTuesday! With guest host, Caitlin Kaspar, Syngap sibling, nonprofit professional

Support SRF this GivingTuesday! With guest host, Caitlin Kaspar, Syngap sibling, nonprofit professional

- Getting diagnosed with Syngap1 as an adult 

- It’s a fact; nonprofits have overhead 

   - SRF founders cover all overhead! 

   - SRF is all about transparency

   - SRF has 600K out in grants in 2021 

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Grateful for the incredible SRF team/family...

Top 5: 10 to go! or Studies: ORCA - Full FRAZIER - email SIGN UP ALL ONLINE and email Old Guard: Aaron, Olga, Rebecca, Virginie, Hans by Jo! Marta, Vicky, Peter, Kali, Summer Pavel, Nancy, Sydney Tavillas Lauren Perry New wave of leaders: Alexis Corey Baysden Jen & Dan Robert Suzanne Jones Caitlin Kasper Ashley Frye GET YOUR CARDS! FUNDRAISESYNGAP Episode 36 - November 19th, 2021 ...

Our kids will live long lives and do beautiful things, let’s make sure we help them as much as possible.

Episode 35 of #Syngap10 - November 12th, 2021  


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FOUR STUDIES are enrolling now/soon:

- Dr. Andrade - Watch the video and let us know if you have an adult who would like to participate. 

- Dr. Frazier - Reach out to to partic...

Multiple studies enrolling now, start with Ciitizen and keep going...

Episode 34 of #Syngap10 - November 5th, 2021  


- 3rd Annual Synapse Roundtable will be Dec 3, 2021, sign up at

- We have 22 spots left in this cohort of Ciitizen, sign up in the next 10 days: 

-Three more studies are enrolling now/soon:

   -Dr. Andrade - Watch the video and let us know if you have an adult who would like to participate. 

- Dr. Frazier - Reach out to to participate.  Here is the web...

Gather and connect. Learn from those who have come before. Keep hope alive!

Episode 33 of #Syngap10 - October 29th, 2021  

-Caren Leib Gala was an epic success - #SRFGala - 

-Partnering with Dr. Danielle Andrade in Toronto who is including SYNGAP1 in gene study and is looking for at least 30 families with adult Syngapians. It’s a huge opportunity. 

- Be hopeful- there is a lot of progress happening below the surface and we have more coming! 

- Support SRF - 

- What is SYNGAP1?

Gala. Webinar. Crypto SunBlocks. ICD 10 AND 11. Thank you. Sign up for Ciitizen by 11/15/21.


Tomorrow is the GALA 

In two Thursdays! Investigating the functional single cell biology of SYNGAP1 pathways Thursday, November 4th Register: http://Syngap.Fund/mc 

NOW (Crypto Art Auction) 


ICDs & Medical Care - Corey ICD-10 issue - ICD-11 is happening too!  Not kidding: - Medical Considerations Guide is up! 

Thank yous

- Thank you to Ashley and Forbes for giving SRF som...

Coming in hot!  BCH Grant putting Ciitizen to work & the Gala is next week!

Episode 31 of #Syngap10 - October 15th, 2021

- We just gave BCH a large grant to work on #SYNGAP1 #ciitizen data, thanks to all our donors, press release: - Sign up for Ciitizen, we have until November 15 to be in the next release: 

- Huge thanks to UFDtech for the #UFDcure Cannonball, $151k! 

- Consider donating to our fundraiser for RareBase 

- Oct. 23rd is the gala & auction in NJ. Dr...

Inspiring your community and raising awareness for SYNGAP1

- Cannonball’s last day TODAY. Three dads driving across the US.

- Family fundraiser:

- Consider donating to our fundraiser for RareBase.

- SYNGAP1 Patient Voice Publication.

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F78.A1 is the ICD-10 code for 883 SynGAPians today! #UFDcure Cannonball in 5 days! - Episode 29 of #Syngap10 - October 1st, 2021 with guest host, Ashley Frye

- Go see the SRF TikTok account: 

- Find us everywhere at our handle @curesyngap1.

- It's October 1! #SYNGAP1 ICD-10 code F78.A1 is live TODAY. Ask all your clinicians to start using it. 

- Cannonball 5 DAYS . 3 dads driving across the US #UFDcure.

- Consider donating to our fundraiser for RareBase 

- #SYNGAP Census! There are 883 diagnosed Syngapians worldwide. This is +75 in the last 3 months. Learn more at

- Medical Considerations Gui...

Keep growing our community, we need each other - Episode 28 of #Syngap10 - September 24th, 2021

- Correction: Last week, reminder, we are here to clear the path for whomever wins, we don't care who wins we want this race to be won and easier to finish for everyone.

- Big thought: Complex Population, about to get more complex, "Post-Intervention"

- Sign up for Ciitizen: 

- Remember that Duke presentation, here it is: 

- Next week, lets' get connected Global Genes Conference 

- Simons Searchlight in Spanish, English is sti...

Rarebase explained and who is going to win the race, we don‚Äėt care - Episode 27 of #Syngap10 - September 17th, 2021

Rarebase (explained) and also, they helped us find another another family.  Here is the press release: #FUNCTION #RareBase Cannonball 18 DAYS did you see this article? 3 dads driving across :us: and focusing on endurance, can you sponsor? #UFDcure Billy shoes: 10% off with https://Syngap.Fund/Billy watch our interview at  Company conversations: Q-State Pipeline Reminder, we are here to clear the path for whomever wins, we don't ca...

The future is coming, let’s build it! - Episode 26

#SYNGAP10 - Episode 26 - September 10th, 2021 - The future is coming, let’s build it!


A wonderful letter from a parent ‚Äúon an island‚ÄĚ that reminded us of the¬† with made my week.


Digital Lighthouse concept in the 12 Commandments Interview with Effie: 


First principles, we are here to change the future and help each other.


The future is coming: Invitae & Ciitizen

Read this FAQ  Sign up for C...

#SYNGAP10 - Ep. 25 - September 3rd, 2021 - Hope is the smartest move

-That incredible webinar was a source of hope!

-The newsletter came out yesterday; it’s really good: 

-Families in the US, UK, Canada & Australia are reminded to sign up for the largest collection of SYNGAP1 data on earth for free: 

-Donate to our current effort for Clinical Trial Readiness https://Syngap.Fund/CTR 

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-What is SYNGAP1? 

#F78A1 #ICD10 #Syngap...

#SYNGAP10 - Ep. 24 - August 27th, 2021 - Two conversations with the same conclusion...

#SYNGAP10 - Ep. 24 - August 27th, 2021 - Two conversations with the same conclusion...

Next Webinar:  Sept 2 at 10 am. PST

Two conversations with the same conclusion, sign up for Ciitizen 

Donate to our current effort for Clinical Trial Readiness https://Syngap.Fund/CTR 

Sign up for this #podcast #SYNGAP10 here

What is SYNGAP1? 


#Syngap #SYNGAP1 #epilepsy #autism #intellectualdisability #id #raredisease #epilepsyawareness #autismawareness #rarediseaseresearch #SynGAPResearchFund #CareAboutRare #PatientAdvocacy #GCchat #Neurology #Genetics #Pediat...

#SYNGAP10 - Ep. 23 - Telling our story and why it matters

Eduardo webinar was amazing, it's on FB Live and we will have the YouTube up soon.  Remember to register for Ana in September https://Syngap.Fund/Ana SYNGAP1 is on the Compassionate Access List (CAL) for the SSA.  This just happened and it's due to the work of one of our families, thank you!  https://Syngap.Fund/SSA  Great scientist conversations this week.   New researcher looking into SYNGAP1, connecting with local families Rockstars reviewing a multi-gene grant One senior scientist called to say he's got Fish and we should let people know. Stories I will tell to help bring home how not...

#SYNGAP10 - Episode 22 - August 13th, 2021 - Webinars,  mugs, Blog, GCs, Ciitizen, Cure, OUAG, CTR

- Webinars

     -  August 19 at 10 am PST

     -  Sept 2 at 10 am PST

- Mugs mugs mugs


- Blog: Genetics article is a must read for new families 


- Genetic Counselors

     - Tell me about your experience

     - What do they need to know?

     - Hug them

- Ciitizen

     - Count 110 + 12, let's keep going, 28 spots left!

     - Panel

#SYNGAP10 - Episode 21 - August 2, 2021 - Connection is everything!

#SYNGAP10 - Episode 21 - August 2, 2021 - Connection is everything!

-Thank you for all the connections this week!

   -San Diego with the Harding Family 


   -New Jersey with Nancy Lieb Kessler 


   -Ashley in Boston


-Juan and Vicky did a wonderful video!



-Support our current effort at 


#SYNGAP10 - Episode 20 - July 23, 2021 - Great things afoot!  Join us.

#SYNGAP10 - Episode 20 - July 23, 2021 - Great things afoot!  Join us. Thank you to you know who you are, & welcome to three new families this week! is happening, worked on data this week sign up, we are filling cohort 3! Next grant on drug discovery is already in the works A few announcements Wed July 28 - San Diego, see you next week Sunday August 1 - Gathering in Jersey Tuesday August 24 - UC Davis meet the researchers Interested in getting a service dog?  Make sure you track us on social: @cure...

#SYNGAP10 - Ep. 19 - Let’s @cureSYNGAP1

-Working with Duke on the ORCA, let us know about your SYNGAPian here

-Ciitizen, we are in the 3rd cohort, sign up quick:

-Still fundraising for

-All social media is now on @cureSYNGAP1

   -    -    -    -    -    -    -Yep, we said it, and we mean it.

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#SYNGAP10 - Ep. 18 - "Seizures, Communication, Behavior, Sleep, Other" Is that right?

#SYNGAP10 - Ep. 18 - "Seizures, Communication, Behavior, Sleep, Other" Is that right?

https://Syngap.Fund/CTR - $26k and growing. Birthday Fundraisers, $25 per $250, we will find and thank you! https://Syngap.Fund/blog - Make sure to read the latest on variants Events: Webinar & Meetups - Next week, Saturday, July 17th @ 9 Pacific. San Diego Family Meetup - SRF Syngap Meet-Up, July 28th @ 3 pm, Details in SRF NA Group. Beach Haven, NJ Meetup - August 1st  11-5, details in the SRF NY Group. Caren will come! https://Syngap.Fund/caren t-shirts. 121 Warriors -

#SYNGAP10 - Episode 17 - 2 July 2021 - Let’s get to work for these 808 kids!

#SYNGAP10 - Episode 17 - 2 July 2021 

- Thanks for listening, now please share!

- Newsletter: https://Syngap.Fund/July

- Census: https://Syngap.Fund/Census Honestly, it’s low.  Remember Covid.

- Frazier: 7/17 9 AM

- Palma: 8/19 10 AM

- Just talking yesterday to someone who redid testing: Genetic Testing needs to be updated every few years.

- July 1 paper: “We strongly recommend that ES/GS be considered as a first- or second-tier test for pa...

#SYNGAP10 - Episode 16 - 25 June 2021 - Put your mask on first.

#SYNGAP10 - Episode 16 - 25 June 2021 REMINDER - Put your own mask on first. THANKS - #syngapLOVE photos were great, check out our header image THANKS - DISORDER Channel - Thank you for Dad’s mention. GIVE - https://Syngap.Fund/CTR - We need to raise some money folks! WORK - Fundraisers are getting real, need to organize some events, email PROGRESS - Ciitizens got gift cards!  Yeah, sign up now. STORY - ICD-10 Story of two codes: F78.A1 is our one and only code.

#SYNGAP10 - Ep. 15 - 18 July 2021 - Splash & #SYNGAPlove in 3 days, DSC & BCH Grants, more ICD attention!

#SPLASH4SYNGAP is on MONDAY. 3 days until June 21st! Take photos with the flyer =  Use hashtag #SYNGAPlove & #Splash4SYNGAP DSC & BCH - It’s go time!  Let’s raise some funds. Read the blogs = =


EveryLife case study! Dravet Business Cards.   Copying is great!  Copy us. ONE YEAR SOONER: Reminder why all this matters ORCA: Via CB we are in. ...

#SYNGAP10 - Ep. 14 - 11 June 2021 - Community and #SYNGAPlove

- We are seeing some great photos! which is #SyngapLove


 - I don’t want the questions. It’s hard to go out in public, our kids are so damn cute.

- Connecting on a gene/geno pheno.


 - Check out life expectancy blog.

 - SRF Equine Therapy Articles, which is

SYNGAP10 - Ep. 13 - The things we do for LOVE!

Birthday Fundraiser was a great success! Make sure to watch this video from Brett - ILOVE SOMEONE WITH SYNGAP1 aka Learn more at  

SynGAP10 - Ep. 12 - 28 May 2021 - IPSCs, Ciitizens, Sleep Webinar, NET Webinar, Birthday Party on FB!

SynGAP10 - Ep. 12 - 28 May 2021 - IPSCs, Ciitizens, Sleep Webinar, NET Webinar, Birthday Party on FB!

Subscribe to the podcast! =

We are making IPSCs! =

Join the largest SYNGAP1 study on earth

Learn more at

Watch our Webinars! =

 - Thurs June 10th @ 10 PST

 - https://sy...

SYNGAP10 - Episode 11 - May 21st, 2021 - We must be hopeful - and it makes sense to be so.

SYNGAP10 - Episode 11 - May 21st, 2021 - We must be hopeful - and it makes sense to be so.

Understand where science is today with Erik, Kyle’s tweet: Fundraising raises awareness. Effie’s Once Upon a Gene episode: It’s Ok that your not OK My birthday fundraiser: List of things you can do for SRF: Remember especially to tell us about the doctors you have seen via https...

SYNGAP10 - Ep. 10 - 14 May 2021 - Scales, Grands, Ciitizens, Kayo, iPSC

SYNGAP10 - Ep. 10 - 14 May 2021 - Scales, Grands, Ciitizens, Kayo, iPSC

Validated Scales Congrats to the ORCA Team at Duke Join Dr. Frazier to learn more about the NET  Grand parents article Thank you Barbara for this article Join the Group there is a link in the article - Peer connection is so key Ciitizen US sign ups continue!  Every patient matters/. International is open! Same link, but you must collect and upload. As...

SynGAP10 - Ep. 9 - 7 May 2021 - Adults, New parents, ABA, Misense and Money

In this episode, Mike reflected on a conversations with and questions from SYNGAP parents who have responded to previous episodes of SYNGAP10.  As usual, it was packed.

Thanks to DISORDER for listing SYNGAP10 as one of the best Rare Disease podcasts.  We are honored. Reflections on conversation with parents, especially the parents of Adult SynGAPians. We had a great webinar this week with Lori Unumb about ABA, Autism and Advocacy, you can view it on our webinars page  Next week we will have a great webinar with...

SYNGAP10 - Ep. 8 - BREAKING NEWS ūüö®re ICD-10 & other goodness around #SSB30 & #sprint4syngap

SYNGAP10 - Episode 8 - BREAKING NEWS This episode is an absolute must.  Don't miss it.

¬†- Reminder that #SSB30 is happening now, the first pharma sponsored study on #ciitizen.¬† If you are enrolled in Ciitizen, start doing your seizure tracker today: ūüĒó https://Syngap.Fund/ST

 - If you have not yet signed up for Ciitizen, there is still time, it's free: 

¬†- ūüö® Breaking: We have reason to believe that we will get an ICD-10 code in June, effective 10/1/21.¬† This is a big deal. ¬†Background link:

SYNGAP10 - Ep. 7 - 23 April 2021 - Sprint. BCH. Ciitizen. Meetings. Clicks. Docs. Wed. Volunteer!

#Syngap10 - Episode 7 - 23 April 2021 Syngap.Fund/Sprint We have raised $104k, so far!  Look for the #sprint4syngap tomorrow! Thanks to Henry Anderson of the Pats for a shoutout! The fund will go to an upcoming grant at BCH EEG Biomarker work Analysis of Ciitizen data into a study Ciitizen either sign up or join the survey We had meetings with CB, PMC, ELCC & REN this week. Help SRF by going to and tell us about your Reach out to us if you want to Volunteer at Synga...

SYNGAP10 - Ep. 6 - 16 April 2021 - Newsletter, SSB, Ciitizen growth, Frazier, Sprint, ICD-10 & you are not alone.

SYNGAP10 - Ep. 6 - 16 April 2021

SRF Newsletter yesterday, make sure you sign up! SSB is off and running. Webinars, another tomorrow in Spanish Sprint next Saturday - April 24th Celebrating Caren is now live and about to go on the circuit thanks Nancy, Daniel & illumina SSB - Seizure sleep and behavior Do the surveys!  Links are in the newsletter and here: STXBP1 has joined ciitizen - Now they are joining SYNGAP1, FOXG1 Tess Research (slc13a5), Rett SCN2A via Praxis, SCN8A & BPAN Tom Frazier (Autism Speaks, CSO) ha...

SYNGAP10 - Ep. 5 - 9 April 2021 - EEG Biomarkers, SSB Study, Ciitizen, CNF Survey, Sprint4Syngap

SYNGAP10, episode 5, 9 April 2021 Biomarker EEG work - very exciting IPSCs - Prime editing, Base editing, tRNA etc.  Based on Ciitizen data! SSB30 Webinar!  Check it out on April 15th. Seizure, Sleep & Behavior Ciitizen 103 signed up, 8 are VUS, 95 spots used, 5 TO GO.  Sign up now: CNF Caregiver survey, due April 23rd. Kids don't get Dx'd, families do. Grandparent article who wants to talk to Barbara? Sprint! Bakers dozen 13 groups over $1k!  62K+ Reminders: Enzo 8, Brazil, was our Warrior this week. ...

SYNGAP10 - Ep. 4 - 2 April 2021 - Ciitizen Study happening! #SyngapCensus = 762, Caren, Kyle & Sprint4Syngap

SYNGAP10, episode 4, 2 April 2021 starts with incredible news about a forthcoming study.

Ciitizen survey pre-trial is signed! Coming soon, look for an email.  If you have not joined, #SyngapCensus = 762 Caren movie is up - great work on subtitles This week alone - 2 companies, 2 labs, 1 wed warrior Kyle from ohio, 15 - One amazing Webinar #Sprint4Syngap - We are doing well. Newsletter - Board announcement.  Need some volunteers to write the newsletter!

SYNGAP10 - Ep 3 - 29 March 2021 - Webinars, Warriors, Work, Caren subtitles & Sprint4Syngap

Webinars: Jo, SRFCC1 and so many others are up our beautitful YouTube channel Syngap.Fund/YouTube for the old ones Syngap.Fund/Webinar for the new ones. Warriors: Do you read them?  Is your SynGAPian amoung them?  SynGAP.Fund/Warriors Work: Do you have time to help?  Know a filmaker.  Caren subtitles: we are working on them. Sprint4Syngap: we're uping the goal to $100k, we can do this.

SYNGAP10 - Ep. 2 - 19 March 2021 - Mike updates Syngap Families on the work of SRF.

Check out the Eat. Sleep. Cure. Mug, love it! #Sprint4Syngap is going well, thanks to leading families and teams. Lots of webinars coming soon, don't miss next week with Jo Sign up for Cell lines and biobanks. E4 sensors to researchers! CNF profiles our support group. Getting the next board together. Praxis earnings call Wahoodatt Fishing is awesome, check them out! SRF joins the American Brain Coalition.

All in 10 minutes! 

SYNGAP10 - Ep. 1 - 12 March 2021 - Mike Graglia updates Syngap Families on the work of SRF.

Mike's first episode!  A quick update on the week in SYNGAP1, what the SynGAP Research Fund did this week on behalf of families.

- Engaged with a new BioPharma company interested in starting a program on SYNGAP1.

- Connected ANOTHER company with so that they can use the data we have to do a trial as quickly as possible.

- How to sign up for

- How #Sprint4Syngap is going

- A preview of some work we are doing on drug discovery w...