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Crossroads - Ep. 2 Postmodernism Today
Yesterday at 4:30 PM

Josh and William Skinner continue our discussion on postmodernism’s influence in the modern day.

Crossroads - Ep. 1 History of Postmodernism

In this episode Josh Anders meets with Wayne Alderman to discuss the history and development of postmodernism.

Conversations - Ep. 6 Feed My Sheep

In this episode Pastor Eric tells us how the church is grown through the ordinary means of grace, namely the preaching of the word.

Conversations - Ep. 5 Who's in Charge Here?

In this weeks episode Pastor Eric follows up on church membership to help us understand how the church is to be governed.

Conversations - Ep. 4 Why Membership Matters

In this weeks episode Pastor Eric shows us the biblical basis for church membership and the importance it carries into our lives.

Conversations- Ep. 3 Glad Tidings

In this weeks episode Pastor Eric teaches us about what it means to live a life on mission heralding the gospel of the kingdom of Jesus Christ.

Conversations- Ep. 2 A Podcast on Podcasts

Pastor Eric helps us to distinguish between plain words and words of power in this weeks episode of conversations.

Conversations – Ep. 1: In the Beginning

In this episode of conversations, Pastor Eric seeks to give us a better understanding of what to expect when we come to the first chapter of Genesis.