Young & Christian

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By: McKenzie Dorsainvil

Struggling being young and christian? Not a christian but open to hear what christianity is about without being condemned or judged? 1 Peter 3:15 says "But in your hearts revere Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect," Sometimes people forget how Jesus walked with gentleness and respect when he came across anybody. While this podcast is open to everyone, I pray that people come into this with an open heart. Submit questions on what YOU want to...

17. Military Conversations
Yesterday at 4:00 PM

Today on Guest Friday, we have Isaiah Murray and we talk about his experience in the military. Being young & Christian himself, he has his own trials and tribulations in that space. We talk about the ups and down in being in the military and how being Young & Christian impacted that.

16. How To Battle The War Against Sin?

Struggling with Sin? How do fight the fight? Being Young and Christian, in the world we live in, there's so many avenues to sin. This isn't exclusive to just younger people who struggle with this but as we see everyday, the world we live in doesn't make it easy. We talk about how to fight the good fight with sin and the DO's and DON'Ts with sin. 

15. Suicide Stories Feat. Quintrell House

Guest Friday with Q! Mental Health seems like it affected everyone over the past couple years one way or another. Me and my brother Quintrell talks about the struggles with mental health, suicide, and the church's response on those issues. Check it out! Please leave a like, comment and subscribe!

14. CONGRATS 21' GRADS (Freestyle Ep.)

Congrats to all my 21' Grads... This episode was different in some sense. It was so busy with graduation so I didn't have time to prepare like I usually do. So we talk about my graduation testimony, career aspirations and how I figured out where to go after undergrad. 

13. Lukewarm Lifestyles Feat. Tommy Farr

Had an amazing conversation with my brother Tommy Farr about the term "lukewarm". We go over this concept of being lukewarm and look to see how the context of the word was being used. If you've ever wrestled with the idea of being lukewarm or you're wondering about what to do if you think you're lukewarm, I hope our testimonies and stories of being lukewarm gives you some encouragement. Check it out and share it to a friend!

What makes Christianity different?

What makes christianity different from all other religions? From the Islamic faith to the Hinduism faith, to the Buddhism faith, and even the Judaism faith, are they all similar? Whats so different about Christianity? Let's analyze the similarities and differences to see how distinct and unique the christian message actually is. 


Thanks to all who has been supporting from close and far!

11. Christian Apologetics with my Agnostic Friend

Shout out my guest Duke on joining the podcast this week. The topics ranged from Gid, to morality, to islamic faith and many others. This was a testament to the possibility of having conversations with people that may disagree or have other beliefs than you do. If you only talked to people who agree with you there would be no room for growth. Please subscribe, rate & leave a comment! 


10. Another Black Man Fall in a Fallen World

We keep going through the same cycle of racial injustice but what do we do? How does the Bible and how does the gospel tie into this? Please subscribe and leave a rating! It helps me out a lot . Submit your ideas of topics and segments YOU want to talk about.

9. “Do you have to be physically present in church, in order to call yourself a true Christian?” Feat. Dan Dogba

In this podcast, we had our second guest, DAN DOGBA and we talked about life, church involvement, mental health, stigmas and some other topics! Its the transparency that made this one special! let me know what YOU want to talk about.

8. Can we trust what's in between the pages of the Bible?

The question is can we trust the Bible? Has it been altered or changed? If the Bible is Thee TRUTH, lets test the claims... 

7. Lil Nas...Homosexuality...& The Music Industry... Feat. Lewis Geter

This one was type long because me and my guest lost track of time! We talked a lot about Lil Nas X, Homosexuality, The Music Industry and much more! Tune in for good convo! Make sure you subscribe, rate and leave a comment! Let me know if you want to be on the podcast!

6. Why do people leave the church?

You ever wonder why people leave the church? Especially in our generation its an issue that we see or that's an issue that you may have experienced. I've experienced leaving the church and we go through what I noticed during this season.

5.Kirkin' & Kussin

Sometimes we take what happens in the life of others to expose instead of looking in the mirror. Kirk Franklin experianced a moment of anger. How can pretty much all of us relate? Is it really that bad? Is there a solution? 

CHECK OUT MY BROTHERS YOUTUBE CHANNEL @Shammond Thomas ... This is my roommates channel and his video which dropped tonight shed light on our testimony, struggles, and university life on being young & christian 

4. Wants & Needs

Drakes new song got the christian community going wild. How should the church react? Is there a line between wants & needs? Do you feel as though you might fall too short of Gods love? We'll talk about it. We'll see how Jesus handled encounters when he felt with "sinful" people. 

3. Apologetic Conversations: Can God and science co-exist?

Have you ever thought about God and science? Christianity and science? Are they in contradiction? We compare what the God of the Bible has to say about certain topics and we’ll look at what science has to say about these topics to look and compare what they have to say in correlation or contradiction to each other l

2. Does Christianity allow room to be human?

In this episode we'll talk about if there's room to be human in Christianity. I talk about my struggles on how my perspective of this back then vs. now. We also harp on accountability! Breaking down barriers to a real conversation! 

1. Why Do I Believe What I Believe?

First Episode I wanted to give context on what I believe and why I believe. Also this was an introduction episode to know a little bit more about me!

Introducing Young & Christian

Being a young adult while being christian in 2021 isn't easy. I'm sure people that aren't christian have difficulties as well as we are all human. This podcast is to illuminate on those difficulties and have some of those difficult conversations that sometimes we have to have. This is just an intro of what the podcast is about. I pray that this touches the ears to those with an open heart. I plan to be R.E.A.L while speaking in love and gentleness. I'm looking to have guests of not only christians but non christians too. As I'm looking...