The 4M Podcast: On the Barge

14 Episodes

By: Prentice 4M

Two coworkers at the 4M campus have decided to create a podcast so that the world might remember them in all their glory. They also wanted to talk with some really interesting people and share some great stories while they're pretending to work.

The 4M Podcast: On the Barge 13: Alex Fasulo's American Road Trip
Last Friday at 2:00 PM

Eric and Adam welcome Alex Fasulo and Brianna Zell and discuss the rising interest in freelance work, Alex's skyrocketing social media presence, and their road trip around America. Where else in the world can you make six figures and move to a different city every week? 

The 4M Podcast: On the Barge 12: The Best and Worst of Times with Abby Rosenbaum

In this episode, Abby Rosenbaum, co-owner of Studio Studio opens up about the immense loss she has experienced in the past few years and the wonderful joys that have occurred at the very same time.

The 4M Podcast: On the Barge 11: Savin' the Planet with Megan Martis

Have you ever thought that the fashion industry could take it up a notch in terms of caring about the planet? So have we! Megan Martis is doing some really amazing things with her new company, CLOVO Brand. Why not have some clothes that are both comfortable and sustainable? 

The 4M Podcast: On the Barge 10: Mythology with Hien Lam

Double-digits episode time! Eric and Adam talk with Hien Lam, co-founder of Huck Finch, about the mythologies we live with. Do what makes you happy, but follow your passion? What a bunch of bologna! 

The 4M Podcast: On the Barge 9: Breathin' Easy with BreezeBubble

Eric and Adam mask up in some silky smooth BreezeBubble masks and chat with Founder, Arohi Jain, about the unique challenges and opportunities related to starting a new business right out of college in the age of Covid-19. Mask up, sit back, grab some popcorn, then toss that popcorn right in your face because you're wearing a mask, you silly fool. How could you forget? 

The 4M Podcast: On the Barge 8: Never Bet Against Eddie Brooks!

Eddie Brooks whips Eric and Adam into shape in an episode that's sure to get you in the entrepreneurship spirit. Eddie talks about what he had to do when he had nothing left to lose in a time when gyms were completely closed down. 

The 4M Podcast: On the Barge 7: A Small Lie That Snowballed Into a Big One with Lisa Sauve

Another local legend! Eric and Adam chat with Lisa Sauve, owner of Synecdoche Design Studio. For those who have given birth to a baby while in college without telling any of their family members and started their own award-winning design studio, this might not be interesting to you. For the rest of us mortals, this is a wonderful episode of motherhood, entrepreneurship, and perseverance. 

The 4M Podcast: On the Barge 6: Q & A with Heidi Poscher and Tim Barat

Adam and Eric sit back and relax while two giants of the Energy Industry talk about the core beliefs that contribute to their success. Sprinkle in a classic coming of age tale and you've got a full hour of greatness! 

The 4M Podcast: On the Barge 5: #notprepared for Terry!

Eric and Adam sit down on a brisk Wednesday afternoon and are hit heavy with the thunderstorm that is Terry Planton, Serial Badass and International Economist. Strap yourself in for a story about working hard and avoiding the Russian mob as best you can.

The 4M Podcast: On the Barge 4: The Work/Life Balance Debacle

Eric and Adam sit down with Risa Gotlib, local legend and founder of Tiny Buddha Yoga, to talk about finding your work/life balance. They razz her for canceling on them last week and Risa dishes out tasty yoga clichés for Eric and Adam to nibble on. Fun times all around! 

The 4M Podcast: On the Barge 3.5: Startup Riffing

Adam and Eric are running solo on this one and they decide to call up some old buddies on the phone without any warning to ask them what their startup idea is. This is what happens when your guest can't make it to the show!

The 4M Podcast: On the Barge 3: Biggest Regret

Eric Zughaib and Adam Hughes sit down with Craig Daitch to talk about Craig's biggest regret. Strap in for a classic story of the entrepreneurial roller coaster from the Craigalodon! 

The 4M Podcast: On the Barge 2: Family History

Adam Hughes and Eric Zughaib are back at it again with Jacob Sigman, a singer/songwriter based out of Detroit, MI. Jacob sings a few songs to our giddy hosts and tells a fantastic story about the promise of America. 

The 4M Podcast: On the Barge 1: The Power of Food

Welcome to 4M's very first podcast episode! In this pilot, Adam Hughes and Eric Zughaib interview one of the Founders of their company, Margaret Poscher and they chat about the power of food.