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By: Donna Ohdedar

Conscious review professionals already know reviews are about learning not blame. Whether you are involved in Child Safeguarding Practice Reviews, Domestic Homicide Reviews or Safeguarding Adult Reviews, the chances are you also know there’s scope for our learning and improvement work to get better. In the SILP School podcast you can expect my thoughts, musings and insights on what sector led improvement can look like. Plus, I will introduce you to professionals who are taking action and can inspire us in an incredibly positive way. In this space we will reside in a place of possibility. No burnout. No de...

Ep 030: Why We Involve Practitioners for Better Review Outcomes
Last Monday at 1:00 AM

SILP works in Child Safeguarding Practice Reviews, Safeguarding Adult Reviews & Domestic Homicide Reviews. There are many differences of approach, but the principles I share in this episode work across all 3 types of review.

Creating this episode was important for me. It got me thinking. Thus, wherever you are on your practitioner engagement journey it’s worth a listen.

Download the pdf below for the takeaways.

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Why we involve practitioners for better review outcomes 

SILP Assessment

Workshop 13th September

Workshop 30th...

Ep 029: How to Reduce the Number of Meetings & Redrafts in Your Review

Whether you are involved in Child Safeguarding Practice Reviews, Safeguarding Adult Reviews or Domestic Homicide Reviews, you will be familiar with more traditional review models in which the standing panel is at the centre of all the action. But how ready are you to consider something different?

Have you experimented & what were the results?

I don’t know how ready you are to wave goodbye to your standing panel, & I’m not in favour of losing all that this panel brings.  So all I ask is that you listen in & approach this episode with a growt...

Ep 028: Same Learning, Different Recommendations

Whether you are involved in Child Safeguarding Practice Reviews, Safeguarding Adult Reviews or Domestic Homicide Reviews, you will at times see your reviews revealing a recurrent issue. But how do you avoid repeating the layers of improvement action already recommended & creating the potential for new outcomes?

Join me & Julia Greig, who is a Service Delivery Manager working in Adult Social Care who completes individual management reviews or IMRs as part of her role.

We reflect on the issues which have come up time & time again in Julia’s local area as well as considering how to...

Ep 027: Fixed Mindset v Growth Mindset

Whether you are involved in Child Safeguarding Practice Reviews, Safeguarding Adult Reviews or Domestic Homicide Reviews, you will at times hit a point in which  the way forward is less than clear. I did when I was establishing my independent review practice. I was still developing my own individual style.

In this episode I share where the spirals of self doubt would lead me. Alongside the positives I am now able to recognise & draw on which may help.

I can now also identify more clearly what might differentiate what I did from some others I h...

Ep 026: How to sky rocket your success in reviews

How are your reviews going lately? You would not be alone if you were asking the question about how to sky rocket your success.

In this episode I explore the myths around working with SILP.

It seems there is a lack of clarity around the ins & outs of exactly how it works. I don’t want you to miss what it can mean for you & your review practice.

So this felt like the right time for you to have it all in one place.

After all, if this is a question fo...

Ep 025: Overview Report Writing #3 – Dual Responsibility

It’s time for part 3 of 3 of my conversational episodes on our summer theme of overview report writing.

There’s plenty to dig into in the links below if you want the teaching side, too. But to begin, join me to explore the dual responsibility for local areas & independent reviewers to aspire to shorter overview reports with strong analysis. It works for Child Safeguarding Practice Reviews, Safeguarding Adult Reviews & Domestic Homicide Reviews.

The review is a project. All involved must be on message to produce the desired outcome. Listen in if you are an author, a co...

Ep 024: Overview Report Writing #2 – 4 Types of Set Up Wording

Reflective conversation once again in the second of this 3 part series. They’re all on our summer theme of overview report writing.

There’s plenty to dig into in the links below if you want the teaching side, too. But to kick us off, join me in this episode to hear my thoughts on the set up wording at the start of the overview report. If you are an author, a commissioners of reviews, review participant or you are in a quality assurance role you may feel differently. Let’s open the debate.


Ep 023: Overview Report Writing #1 – My 4 Reflections

Conversations rather than full-on teaching. That’s the theme for part 1 of this 3 part series. They’re all on our summer theme of overview report writing.

There’s plenty to dig into in the links below if you want the teaching side, too. But to kick us off, join me in this episode to hear my 4 reflections on report writing. It’s good for authors but also commissioners of reviews, review participants & those in quality  assurance roles.

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Link to quiz: SILP Assessment

Save the date : FR...

Ep 022: Safeguarding Adult Reviews in Rapid Time with Karen Rees

Now that Safeguarding Adult Reviews in Rapid time are well under way it’s a good opportunity to reflect on how they are being used & the impact they can have on the world of safeguarding adult reviews.

Join me in this episode in which myself & a fellow SILP reviewer, Karen Rees, consider  the current landscape & share thoughts on the potential we see for these reviews.

Let me know your thoughts.

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SILP Assessment Quiz

Ep 021: Choosing Your Next Best Step

Are you considering how well you fit with a new role or project? It’s not only about the recruitment decision, but the applicant’s selection of the employer, commissioner or project.

Join me in this episode in which I explore the factors that are important & why. Plus how to generate a self assessment report which will give you more insight about your strengths to use in your next application.

Let me know your thoughts.

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SILP Assessment Quiz

Ep 020: Specialist Reviewer v Jack of All Trades

If you work in the world of childrens reviews, do you learn & improve by understanding what works well in the world of safeguarding adult reviews or domestic homicide reviews.

Why would you? Why should you?

Join me in this episode.

I’m opening the debate.

& If you’re interested in joining my workshop [see link below] I will have you covered if you work in any of these types of review.

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Workshop 19th July 2021  

Ep 019: Will It Elicit Learning?

For now we work in an incident led review system. No matter whether you work in the world of safeguarding adult reviews, domestic homicide reviews or local child safeguarding practice reviews this is the current situation. Even where nationally there is a thematic approach. Even where your local review is being done thematically, it will have been triggered by an incident.

Does that mean that the learning we can elicit is restricted by virtue of it being a ‘poor outcome’ case?

Listen in to hear my take on this. I want to open the debate.


Ep 018: 3 Strategies for Tighter Use of Language & Labels in your Review

So many of us in the world of reviews are ready to leave behind the use of loose terms or stock phrases which detract from a sharp analysis. At best they can be  irritating. At worst they are confusing, misleading or utterly baffling.

We all have to use subjective language at times, but we can back it up with fact in a way that’s not too wordy or time consuming.

In this episode you will hear more talk about this not being confined to language used in practice on the ground, but also in rev...

Ep 017: 4 Steps to a More Poverty Aware Review

Poverty aware practice & poverty aware reviews. This is the aspiration.

It starts with identifying & acknowledging our own blindspots. Then we can illuminate them for others.

The good news is the review is the perfect setting for this. Use this episode as your step 1 on the journey. We’re all on this together.

Links & References from the show : 

Complexity and challenge: a triennial analysis of SCRs 2014-2017 (publishing.ser...

Ep 016: Terms of Reference with a Strengths Focus

There was never a time when focussing on strengths in our review practice was more needed. Reviews of 2020 practice, in particular, when practitioners had to work in new & challenging ways can have a very different feel when we try this.

We are not looking for the superman practise, where someone did something over & above the day job. Listen in to understand what this is all about.

Quick quiz question for you. In the terms of reference in the pdf below, can you identify any that are strengths focussed?

Link with me on social...

Ep 015: Tell Me Why

Will ‘the why’ ever become less relevant or less important? My guess it will remain top priority for some time to come.

No matter which methodology you are using in your review if you increase your ration of the why : the what’ you are onto a winner.

The latest publications [links below] have got me thinking about the why in new ways. They’ve also helped me to understand what the value is in the local system as well as a national system of reviews.

Listen in for my musings.

Links & Referenc...

Ep 014: Child Death – the Challenges for those Dealing With it & its Relevance for Reviews

When a child dies there are enormous challenges for professionals & these extend beyond the obvious intense levels of emotion & desire to be aware of & sensitive to the needs of the family.

In this episode you will gain insight into the expectations of professionals & how the dynamics can play out. Those involved in the world of reviews should have a level of understanding of what happens & why. Expect to hear John & I explore the interaction with the review for more detail.

John Fox
John is a Senior Lecturer in Police Studies at the University of...

Ep 013: It’s What You Can Bring to the Review

When it comes to applying for reviews there are 2 questions to be considered :

What can this review bring for me? What can I bring to this review

If you are looking to avoid overwhelm when making applications I recommend you focus more on (2). In this episode I discuss an approach you may want to take.

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Leaders in Review Practice

When it’s a First..or It’s Just Tough

Are you contemplating a new beginning, or tackling a new or challenging endeavour?

You’re not alone.

When you push yourself outside of the comfort zone there’s generally something very worthwhile on the other side. & this episode just might get you through.

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21st May 2021 Language & Labels Masterclass

Leaders in Review Practice 

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Ep 011: Reading Body Language on a Virtual Platform

If you are frustrated about missing the visual cues at your virtual practitioner event... I salute you. In this episode you can find out why. I will remind you of what you already know & offer small tweaks that may make a big difference

You know I won’t be able to resist reminding you about role modelling what you want to see from others within your event. I promise you will thank me later.

It’s as simple as this. People value reviews which engage directly with the practitioner because they understand the value of huma...

Ep 010: Technology & Your Virtual Practitioner Event

For so many involved in reviews the virtual practitioner event has felt like a compromise compared to being together in a room. Some preferred to delay or abandon the event altogether. I’m here to offer a powerful shift you can try to get back on track. If you like it, replay this episode before your event.

April & May are the months to go much deeper in this in my FREE online network ‘Leaders in Review Practice’. Click below to join.

Please contact with your postal address if you are a compet...

Ep 009: How Your Strengths Impact on Different Learning Styles

Are you playing to your strengths in a way that brings the best out of your review participants? Before I undertook some reflection on this, I don’t think I had used all of my emotional intelligence to create the optimal environment for learning.

So let me share with you the insights of a person who helped me. Mike & I will explore how to go deeper & understand both your impact & the ways in which you can enhance the contribution your participants can make.

Please contact with your postal address if you ar...

Ep 008: Resisting the Leadership Label

For so many involved in reviews the term ‘leader’ just doesn’t resonate. So I’m here to talk about the qualities you may already be displaying in your review work which make you exactly that. Or if you’re not, have a go.

The results will amaze you.

In SILP School we study the SILP codes, 2 of which are concerned with active leadership.

Please contact with your postal address if you are a competition winner or runner up.

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Ep 007: Suzy Kitching on How it Feels to be a Review Participant

A rare opportunity to gain insight into how it feels to be involved in different types of review.

The insights Suzy shares remind us all of the importance of clarity for participants as to what to expect at every single stage of the process.

If a review participant feels heard & able to influence the final output, this creates that sense of ownership that we are hoping to foster.

Please contact with your postal address if you are a competition winner or runner up.

Links & References from the...

Ep 006: Creating a Feedback Safe Environment - Your Strengths

The review is a process which involves the giving & receiving of feedback. Feedback begins with self evaluation.

In this episode I invite you to take the time for yourself & your personal development. Reflective space can be hard to come by, so take the opportunity to understand more about the impact you can create.

I begin by outlining my thoughts on feedback, challenge & creating a sense of certainty around boundaries. You can try my approach to understanding more about your impact & how focussing on strengths also illuminates weakness & helps you to identify areas for development.


Ep 005: 3 Simple Strategies to Avoid Chronology Overwhelm

Chronologies. Love them or hate them. They are here for now & there are ways of working with them rather than allowing them to create overwhelm in the context of the review.

In this episode I address this controversial topic head on.

I begin with full disclosure on my preferred approach to the chronology. I share my approach to offering flexibility in a review where there are differing approaches to using one. Finally, I offer strategies for accommodating all without creating overwhelm or lack of engagement.

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Ep 004: Frank Mullane - on vision, the myth about blame & innovation

In this conversation with Frank Mullane, CEO & Founder of Advocacy After Fatal Domestic Abuse, the conversation flows in the direction of notions of blame in reviews. But this is not a conversation purely for philosophers. Join us for this one if you like to hear Frank pepper his narrative with examples from real reviews. Real families lives. Including his own.

Frank gives us a taster of his contribution at the forthcoming SILP Digital Round Table, ie what it means to raise the status of parties to the review & of the living public.

He explodes the...

Ep 003: Recommendations – an Introduction

In this episode I attempt to restrain myself from getting too carried away on the subject of recommendations. So, the promise is this will be an introduction only.

I begin with sharing the reason why I think this topic is worthy of our close attention & how a consultative review methodology helps us to execute this really well. I speak about commonality & cultural differences across 3 different types of review & from area to area.

I will explore the history which led us to where we are now. I also tackle the tricky subject of numbers head on...

Ep 002: Supporting Safeguarding Professionals with Wendy Thorogood

Join me with my guest Wendy Thorogood, President of the Association of  Child Protection Professionals. The conversation delved into the question of viewing the system in isolation when we know ‘there’s no child without adults.’ We considered Wendy’s experience of supporting safeguarding professionals over the last year, including embracing technology, considering how events have changed & realising the magic is in the quality of the conversation.

Wendy’s invitation to you is to connect with her about ‘the unobvious’. How could you refuse?

About Wendy Thorogood

Wendy Thorogood is an independent  Nurse Consultant for c...

Ep 001: SILP - the Basics

This is the episode for you if you are new to the methodology or need a refresher.

I will share about my history & my ‘why’, including how we began with trying new things & had to overcome fears with this ‘experimental’ methodology.

I talk about my drive to help others see the value of the process, not only the final product. Then I outline the SILP non-negotiables & the SILP formula

Engagement + proportionality + strengths = SILP

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SILP Reviews

Review Consulting website  

Digital Round Table



It’s with much excitement that I am bringing to you the first episode of the SILP School podcast. In this episode I will introduce myself and share the mission behind the podcast, as well as explaining what you can expect as a listener.

I had so much fun crafting this episode and I can’t wait to embark on this journey with you.

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