FX Factor

10 Episodes


Macroeconomic thoughts and analysis from CIBC’s award winning team of strategists along with implications for currencies, fixed income, and other asset classes.

Talking Intervention

Bipan Rai is joined by CIBC Capital Markets’ Tushar Arora, Executive Director & Head of Institutional Cross-Asset Structuring, to discuss the recent intervention in JPY, economic/monetary policy divergence, and suitable diversifiers for risk in the FX space.

How sensitive are CAD households to higher interest rates?

The rise in insolvencies and mortgage delinquencies in Canada. CIBC Capital Markets’ Deputy Chief Economist, Benjamin Tal, joins Bipan Rai to discuss the risks to Canadian household consumer and mortgage credit, given the rate hikes from the Bank of Canada.

We didn’t start the (CPI) fire…

CIBC Economist Ali Jaffery joins Bipan Rai to discuss the recent developments in the US – including the February CPI print and what the path to a slower US economy looks like.

Making sense of the US economy and the Fed

Bipan Rai and Ali Jaffery, Executive Director, Economics, dissect recent developments in the US economy, and talk about what to expect from the Fed at the next meeting. Also, Ali makes his Super Bowl pick.


CIBC Capital Markets’ Bipan Rai and Pete Maiorano discuss the Fed’s RRP facility and what to make of the decline of funds parked there since mid-year.

The Fed, UAW Strike and More

CIBC Capital Markets’ Economist Ali Jaffery joins Bipan Rai to discuss all things US – including the latest FOMC decision, the UAW strike, and what it means for the US economy.

NPRs and the housing market

Bipan Rai and Benjamin Tal talk about the Canadian economy, the domestic housing market and why the number of non-permanent residents (“NPRs”) in Canada is actually higher than what’s reported officially. Please note that this podcast was recorded before the announcement from Statistics Canada that it will revise its methodology for estimating the number of NPRs in the economy.

The dynamics of the debt ceiling

Bipan Rai is joined by Peter Maiorano to hash out what could happen in the short-rates and FX markets amidst the ongoing debt ceiling concerns.

Catching up with Benjamin Tal

Bipan Rai and Benjamin Tal, Deputy Chief Economist at CIBC Capital Markets, discuss the current state of affairs in the banking system and what it means for Fed and Bank of Canada policy.

What’s up with the Fed’s RRP?

CIBC’s Peter Maiorano joins the podcast to talk about why take-up of the Fed’s overnight RRP facility remains so high and what to expect in 2023.