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The Pricing Queen (a.k.a. Sally Farrant) is here to help you get clear on your pricing in your small business and increase your profits so you can create the life you deserve. If you spend more time working IN your business than ON it, Sally is on hand with simple, jargon free practical advice to help you take control, increase your profits and become a Pricing Queen!

Value based pricing with Jonathan Stark
Last Wednesday at 12:00 AM

In this episode: Why hourly billing is nuts! What is the way you should be getting paid for your services. Why billing and pricing are not the same thing. The importance of scoping last. The ‘why’ conversation. Why you should always offer three price options. Retainers and when to use them.

Former software developer and now value-based consulting guru, Jonathan Stark talks to Sally about some of his thoughts around hourly billing and why it’s nuts! He covers why hourly billing is a backwards pricing strategy, the ‘artificial ceiling’ and how hourly billing caps your pricing and limits your incom...

Competitive pricing, benchmarking and dealing with scope creep

In this episode: Charging more or less than your competitors. How to increase your prices. Pain in the ass tax. Dealing with scope creep. Client boundaries.

Can I charge more than my competitors? Sally breaks down this popular question and discusses reasons why it is ok to charge more than your competitors. It is important to look at your personal brand and unique offering when you are comparing yourself against competitors. Sally advocates offering exclusive products or packages to make it harder to benchmark your business.  She also discusses why you do not want to be the cheapest either.

Pricing and selling your product with Laura Harrison

In this episode: Top issues with stock. Pricing strategies. Profit margins. Shipping costs – to include or not to include. Direct vs. wholesale selling. Magic margins – good, better best.

Laura Harrison is a retail expert with 25 years retail experience across corporate and in-store. Her main focus is on the financial side of retail, looking at profit & loss, cashflow and stock. Laura is passionate about keeping the high street alive and runs LH Retail Development, a consultancy firm that advises big retailers how to lead and small independent brands how to grow.

Laura chats to Sally about top stock issu...

How to price your online courses and membership with Janet Murray

In this episode: Creating online products – what to consider. Courses or membership? Pricing strategies for online products.

Janet Murray helps build and grow online audiences for businesses (customers, fans, followers, subscribers etc.) to boost sales. Janet discusses what factors you should consider before deciding to create and sell an online product, is it worth your time and effort? Janet advises selling before you create anything to test the market and demand. Starting small will help maximise the use of your time and help you decide if online is for you. Janet and Sally discuss the decision-making in choosing to cr...

How to be more productive in your business with Amy Mitchell

In this episode: The importance of time-tracking Centralising tasks Identifying opportunities for systems What to outsource Setting business boundaries The pomodoro technique

Amy Mitchell is an online business strategist that develops systems to ensure a business’ day-to-day actions align with their big dreams and end goals. Amy and Sally discuss the importance of time tracking to tackle endless to-do lists and incorporating this into your pricing strategy. Amy encourages centralising to-do lists for better prioritising, identifying areas for systems and batching or time-blocking tasks to create boundaries in your business. Amy and Sally chat about what business boundaries they pu...

Mates Rates and what to say when people ask to “pick your brains”

In this episode: How to respond to requests for advice Utilising power hours Should you discount for friends and family?

Sally looks at why you should be more conscious about the time and information you’re giving away next time someone wants to “pick your brains.” Whether they are looking for advice or want to have a chat, be mindful. Sally suggests offering power hours could help, booking time to sit down and discuss a specific subject or offering them to “pick your brain”. Don’t feel obliged to give your time or expertise away for free no matter how casual t...

The Pricing Mindset with Osmaan Sharif

In this episode: Becoming a business owner not an employee Imposter syndrome Increasing your pricing Pricing blocks

Osmaan Sharif is a business and mindset coach who works with ex-corporate professionals to help them overcome obstacles and grow their own business. Osmaan talks to The Pricing Queen about his rapid transformation formula which involves focussing on the big picture of your business by understanding three fundamental foundations:

Design (includes business model, vision and goals.)

Mindset (overcoming your internal beliefs and understanding your value)

Strategy (or, as Osmaan refers to it, your entrepreneurial superpower.)


Pricing strategies and packages

In this episode: Why you should price with packages Why you should have prices on your website Avoid discounting Pricing strategies for up-sales and down-sales

Sally explains how creating packages for your services can make a big difference to your business. Using pricing packages ensures you know what to charge every single time, removes difficult conservations around prices, reduces discount requests and makes the charging process simple and easy. Sally suggests listing costs on your website to help reduce timewasters, making it a clear and simple decision for your customer. Consider offering pricing tiers to ensure you have something...

How should I price my services?

In this episode: Why you shouldn’t price by the hour Your pricing personality How to get started with pricing

Learn how pricing by the hour punishes efficiency and ties you to time for money. Sally’s pricing personality quiz will show if you’re running a business or a hobby; are you an Underpricing Una, an Overpricing Orla, a Discounting Donna or a Generous Gina? Learn how to do a reality check on your business and discover an easy start to pricing strategies with her pricing calculator. How do you talk about your business to clients? Sally asks you to...

Meet your host, Sally Farrant, a.k.a. The Pricing Queen

In this episode:

Sally is an accountant with 25 years of corporate experience working for organisations such as Channel 4, Guinness World Records and Philips electronics. But she is a far cry from your typical boring bean-counter! A lover of high heels, diet coke, chick lit and dark chocolate she also has a fantastic track record for helping companies get a head around their numbers.

Over the past five years she has focussed on helping small businesses with their pricing strategies, customer journey and product offering to improve profits and business growth.

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