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They started a podcast because they were jealous of their  husband's hobbies. But more importantly, to chat with each other, and others, about the messy and memorable moments in life.The Morning Meeting is a podcast creating an inclusive environment to normalize and amplify rarely talked about experiences.As moms, wives, educators, and entrepreneurs, Sarah and Jess explore their female experience in a cozy atmosphere that’s inviting, funny and warm. It’s like you just sat down with two friends, poured a glass of wine or cup of tea, to have a laugh while talking about the real stuff.

Episode 36: Communicating in Relationships: How do we ever communicate effectively?!
Last Wednesday at 9:00 AM

You may hear a familiar voice on this one, as Jess flips the script & puts Sarah in the 'guest' seat to answer all of your communication questions.

We discuss some elements of interpersonal relationships, share some public speaking tips, highlight the importance of active listening, decide that Jess may be a 'defensive listener', and share why Sarah strongly believes that 'direct is kind'.

One thing we know for sure, it really is amazing that we ever communicate effectively!!

This episode of...

Episode 35: The Secrets to Sleep: with Jessica Levangie Sleep Consulting

We are turning the table on this episode of The Morning Meeting with Sarah & Jess, with co-host turned guest as Jessica takes a turn in the hot seat!

As the owner of Jessica Levangie Sleep Consulting, Jess gives us the scoop on sleep training. What is it? Do we have to do it? Do all babies need it? Do kids become 'too old' to sleep train?! What’s her take on it all? She answers questions submitted by listeners & shares her best not-so-secret secrets to help your little ones sleep well. 

You’ll le...

Episode 34: S&J Sessions: Chaotic Seasons & Tricky Transitions

S&J are back on the mic for an honest catch up to kick off the New Year! We are discussing how August turned to December in the blink of an eye, the chaos of life and how we've been doing with various transitions, our take on new year's resolutions and much more! Keep your heads up - we never know when that pendulum is swinging back around!

PLUS we share some first deets on upcoming dates we think you'll want to mark on your calendars ;)

Episode 33: "Put the Kettle On": September ends with Maggie the Musical

S & J SESSIONS.Isn't Summer just starting?! Where.does.the.time.go?! We are back behind the mics for a quick catch up now that September is over and we can breath again (sorta).  We chat about the start of the 'new year', changes and transitions and how life feels lately with a new level of busy. But, 'put the kettle on' because what we couldn't wait to share with you is how frickin' great of a show 'Maggie the Musical' is, now playing at the Savoy Theatre. Like a warm cup of tea & a granny's hug. Maggie will make y...

Episode 32: Parenting and Partnerships: Growing Businesses & Raising Families with Julie Cole

Julie Cole is a recovered lawyer, mom of SIX and Co-Founder and Senior Director of Mabel’s Labels. She is an award winning entrepreneur, best-selling author, and sought after speaker, moderator, keynote and emcee and on this episode she joins Sarah and Jess to discuss what she's learned through her journey in entrepreneurship and motherhood and why the kids' are doing alright.We chat all about how Mabel's Labels got started, how to balance relationships in parenting and partnerships, and the ride from the basement to the acquisition by a multinational company. Julie discusses the lessons learned through growing their bu...

Episode 31: Why it's Never too Early to Plan: Estate Planning with Kelly O'Brien, Sampson McPhee Lawyers

Sarah is a planner - but this is one plan she hasn't yet made.. until now.Sarah & Jess are joined around the table by Kelly O'Brien, Associate Lawyer at Sampson McPhee Lawyers. Kelly talks about the importance of estate planning; who it's for, where to start, what to include, and why it's important to think about it now! If you have kids, if you're currently in a common-law partnership, if you own a home, if you've started a business - you need to tune in and learn why having a will is an act of service for those you care...

Episode 30: WINE & GYNE: Contraception

Sarah & Jess are back around the table with the good doctor - Dr. Gillian MacMullin (OBGYN) - chatting  all things contraception on this third installment of our Wine & Gyne series. We dig into our own experiences, the various options available to you depending on your goals, and our perceptions & misconceptions of contraception options on the market.Are you trying to prevent pregnancy? Wanting to control period bleeding and pain? Looking for short term contraception options while family planning? Why is it so important to respect the waiting period post vasectomy process?!   Gill debunks some myths, answers your questions,  shares some food...

Episode 29: Tid-bits for Bottom bits: Exploring the Pelvic Floor with Alana & Melissa

Introducing our brand-new series: Tid-bits for Bottom bits. In this reccuring segment, Sarah and Jess will explore the Pelvic Floor with Alana and Melissa, from Cabot Physiotherapy.  We will discuss specific areas of pelvic floor health in each episode, but first, lets chat the basics. What is the pelvic floor? You have one and you've probably been paying little attention to it. Who is pelvic floor physio for? What are some signs and symptoms of a weakened pelvic floor? What issues can be related back to the pelvic floor? Is pain after pregnancy just part of the deal? Is leakage nor...

Episode 28: The HeART of Storytelling: Saying Yes with Samantha Gracie

From Hallmark, Netflix, BET Centric, Wellversed Entertainment and Global to The Morning Meeting table, Samantha Gracie, Actor, Singer/Songwriter and Acting Coach, sits down with Sarah and Jess from her home in Toronto,  Ontario to chat all about her career as an artist and what she's learned about herself along the way. We laughed, we cried, we learned, we were inspired and encouraged to say YES more often. Sam's poetic nature comes to life as she shares her journey through her professional experiences, the importance of play, heart first performances, and what motivates her through the highs and lows.  What do...

Episode 27: S&J Sessions: New Look, Same Us!

FRESH BRAND, NEW SEASON, SAME US! Sarah and Jess are back, up close and personal baby! A little chit-chat to kick off our third (!) season together, a quick review of what we've been up to and what TMM Season 3 has in store - including  a brand new segment and some live events! We discuss getting 'Anchored' by "the Danielle's" and the dream team, how smells and sounds jog our memories, and how we think we would do on 'Big Brother'....'life vests' anyone?!Teal to Heal is coming up Cape Breton - have you registered or donated yet?! Our Morning Me...