The Development by David Podcast

10 Episodes

By: David McIntosh Jr

I Share Origin Stories. Guests include Jimmy Carr, Seth Godin, Example, Founder of Reebok, Rory Sutherland and 100+ more.

#111 Will Storr - The Dark Psychology of Status, Cults and Neo-Nazis

Will Storr is a Journalist and Award-Winning Author of The Status Game, Selfie, The Heretics and the Science of Story Telling.

If you are low-status, you are more 4x more likely to die early. Status is proven to be more important than diet or exercise for health outcomes..

Status is not just a modern phenomenon; it's a fundamental part of the human experience, existing long before our current society. As writer Will Storr explains, the need for status and respect from others is not merely a luxury—it's an es...

#110 Jimmy Carr - Grief, Cancellation and Religion

Jimmy Carr is an world-touring comedian, writer, author, TV host for shows including, ‘8 Out Of 10 Cats’, ‘Roast Battle’, and ‘Big Fat Quiz Of The Year’. He is a hero of mine. For this episode, headed from Glasgow to London to have a conversation with the deepest thinker, hardest worker, and kindest soul in comedy. Beyond the dark mask you've seen on stage and on TV, Jimmy's origin story is complex, and his thinking is philosophical. I was blown away by how he has turned his remarkable life story into a set of lessons for us all to take onward. Despite how he prese...

#109 Ruari Fairbairns - There is NO HEALTHY level of Alcohol Consumption

Ruari Fairbairns is co-founder of One Year No Beer, a subscription-based platform promoting an alcohol-free lifestyle with over 100,000 global members. Quickly, GET THIS EPISODE AND EVERY EPISODE EARLY BY SIGNING UP TO PATREON: This episode explores the gradual transformation of society's relationship with alcohol, highlighting the need for heightened awareness of its negative impacts on mind and body. It delves into discussions on stress, trauma, ADHD, emotional sobriety, and the pivotal role of community in the transformative journey towards an alcohol-free lifestyle. The insights stem from Ruari’s turbulent and emotionally challenging childhood on th...

#108 Dr Meg Jay - How Overdiagnosis is Stealing Young Adults

Dr Meg Jay is back. Dr Meg Jay is a clinical psychologist, best-selling author and TED talk phenomenon. Her new book "The Twenty Something Treatment" is a lifeline for a demographic who are struggling most with over diagnosis and over prescription. Dive into the intricacies of the twentysomething experience with Dr. Meg Jay as she unpacks vital topics on mental health, relationships, and personal growth in this engaging podcast episode. From the impact of societal causes on young minds to the challenges of navigating love and intimacy, Dr. Jay offers practical insights and strategies for thriving in the tumultuous journey...

#107 Tracy Garrad - "Can Nice Girls Get The Corner Office?" - Aviva CEO on Gender and Socioeconomic Background

Tracy Garrad is CEO of Aviva Canada and has held CEO positions at HSBC, First Direct and AXA Health. She is a board member of Progress Together.

Tracy Garrad joins us to share her remarkable journey from a working-class upbringing in Blackpool to becoming a successful leader in the financial services industry. Tracy reflects on the lessons learned from caring for her siblings, the challenges she faced as a female leader, and the importance of diversity and inclusion in leadership.

She discusses the difference between leadership and management, her...

#106 Jacob Hawley - What Can You Joke About These Days?

Jacob Hawley is a stand-up comedian, podcaster, football pundit and Arsenal fan. You might know him from Russell Howards Hour, True Geordie’s The Kick Off, BBC Sounds Jacob Hawley on Drugs or Talksport.

In a new age where opinions carry more weight than deeds, whose job is it to change the course of public thought toward a healthier society?

Comedians are under more pressure than ever to portray the role of modern day activists. We find comedians being cancelled as their jokes are being taking as beliefs and their characters being portrayed as villians.


#105 David Pinsof - Status: How to Use it, Choose it, Lose it and Abuse it

David is the Co-Creator of Cards Against Humanity, Researcher at UCLA Mind Labs and popular blogger on human motivation.

In this episode we cover human behavior, status, and societal dynamics, all through the lens of the writings and research of David Pinsof.

Join us as we explore the fascinating genesis story of Cards Against Humanity and the factors contributing to its cultural phenomenon.

We'll dive deep into questions about human motivation and the pursuit of status, discussing themes such as the difference between lying...

#104 Example - My UK #1 Changed My Life

Example is a Singer and Songwriter with two #1 UK hits - Changed the Way You Kissed Me and Stay Awake. He is also a hero of mine. He has had a 15+ year career with sold out UK tours spanning his career. He’s currently on his 2023 UK Tour and has joined me in my Glasgow Studio. If you wish to watch the 4K cinematic episode, watch on Youtube. Buy tickets to the remaining tour dates here: Follow Example here: Follow Me here:

#103 Rob Henderson - Care Crisis: Parenting and the Dark Side of Foster Homes

Rob Henderson is an Author, Cambridge PhD recipient, Yale Graduate, a US Air Force Veteran and a popular writer on Substack.

Going to school is far less important than having a parent who cares enough to make sure you get to class every day. 60% of boys in foster care are later incarcerated, while only 3 percent graduate from college. Children raised in a wealthy but unstable home are more likely to engage in harmful adult behaviors than a child raised in a low-income home yet stable home.

How a child raised in a wealthy but unstable...

#102 Rory Sutherland - How to Avoid Being Cancelled: Marketing Genius Warns Us of Comedy and It's Enemies

Rory Sutherland is one of the world's leading consumer behaviour experts, the Vice Chairman of Ogilvy Advertising and an author. Cancel culture is as prominent as ever before. But, why is everybody so sensitive? Thankfully, Rory has spent decades understanding human motivation and subconscious behaviour to let us know how to avoid it. We dissect the mysteries behind stand-up comedy, navigate the tricky terrain of cancel culture, explore banned words, and hear about the time Rory nearly cracked penis jokes with the Queen's doctor. Discover Rory's fascinating encounters with Def Jam Records founder Rick Rubin, unravel the epic tale of...