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The next best thing to watching the Miami Dolphins play football is talking about them. Jamie Bahamas has one of the most insightful outlooks on the Dolphins and provides it thought-provoking commentary. If you're a 'Fins' fan or just like talking about football, this podcast is a must for you.

Game Pick - Dolphins at Patriots
Last Sunday at 12:37 AM

Jamie Bahamas was 12-4 in predicting the outcome of Dolphins games in 2020. The Dolphins travel to Foxboro to take on the New England Patriots at 4:25 PM EDT to open the 2021 season. In this special episode of Talking About Them Dolphins, Jamie gives his game pick.

Dolphins at Patriots - Who Has the Edge?

It’s Go Time! The 2021 NFL Regular Season is about the kick-off. The Miami Dolphins will start the season on the road against a familiar foe. The Dolphins travel up north to Foxboro, Massachusetts to take on the New England Patriots. This is a rematch of week one last season. The Dolphins fell to the Patriots 21 to 11 in a game with extremely poor quarterback play. Ryan Fitzpatrick had three interceptions to no touchdowns. There are two different starting quarterbacks this time around. Call this the Alabama Quarterback Bowl. The Dolphins are starting the season with Tua Tagovailoa under center. On th...

Do Dolphins Fans Owe Nick Saban An Apology?

Nick Saban has been labeled the “devil” of past Miami Dolphins coaches by fans. Saban earned this title by abandoning the team mid-contract. This was after he was hired to be the next best thing since Don Shula. Not to mention he repeatedly denied the possibility of returning to coach in the NCAA as rumored swirled. Most have filed this story as ancient history and have tried to move on. Especially with the Dolphins now seemingly in good hands with Brian Flores. Bust just like the devil likes to ruin a good time, Saban decided to open old wounds of hope...

What Should Miami Do With Xavien Howard?

Xavien Howard returned from a season-ending injury and surgery. Not only did he return, but he performed. Howard led the league in interceptions and finished third in Defensive Player of the Year voting. Howard had a chip on his shoulder. He watched the Dolphins invest heavily in others at his position. That motivated him to remind them of his value. Now Howard is making a bet on himself. Howard is early into a lucrative long-term contract but feels he has already outplayed that deal. The Dolphins did not expect to have to be worried about Howard’s contract this year bu...

Do You Believe in Tua Tagovailoa?

This week some statements were made by Tua Tagovailoa in a press conference that got people talking. The responses to this were the same as anything else with Tua; very polarizing. Some understood where Tagovailoa was coming from. Meanwhile, others became concerned with his admissions. Based on all the trade rumors this offseason, one thing is for certain. Not everyone is sold on Tua being the answer at quarterback for the Miami Dolphins. In the latest episode of Talking About Them Dolphins, we take a listen to Tua’s entire statement and Jamie Bahamas gives his take on the whole si...

What Is the Best and Worst Part of the Dolphins Schedule?

The 2021 NFL schedule has been released. This will be the first year where the NFL has expanded to an 18 game schedule. With every year there are certain quirks to the schedule. Some may prove to be an advantage or disadvantage for teams. With the additional game, there are even more opportunities for special circumstances that teams have to account for. What is the best and the worst part of the Miami Dolphins schedule? The answer might surprise you. The worst part of the schedule will be a situation where the Division rivals can get ahead of the Dolphins early. Meanwhile...

Which Dolphins Games Should Be Primetime Games?

The NFL Schedule is being released this week. In recent years the Dolphins have not had many primetime games. Not surprising, considering that the Dolphins were not expected to be very good the last few seasons. Despite that, these Dolphins have continued to exceed expectations. Miami was only slated to have one primetime game in 2020. After the Dolphins barely missed out on the playoffs last season, I expect the NFL to showcase them some more this season. Not to mention, the new faces on the team should prove for some intriguing football games. In the latest episode of Talking About...

What Was the Best Pick of the Dolphins Draft?

The 2021 NFL Draft is in the books. Miami Dolphins Fans had a lot to look forward to, with their team having five picks in the first three rounds. When the dust settled the Dolphins selected: Round 1 (Pick 6) WR Jaylen Waddle – University of Alabama Round 1 (Pick 18) DE Jaelan Phillips – University of Miami Round 2 (Pick 36) S Jevon Holland – University of Oregon Round 2 (Pick 42) OT Liam Eichenberg – University of Notre Dame Round 3 (Pick 81) TE Hunter Long – Boston College Round 7 (Pick 231) OT Larnel Coleman – University of Massachusetts Round 7 (Pick 244) RB Gerrid Doaks – University of Cincinnati In the latest episode of Talking About Them Dolphins, Jamie Bahamas...

Dolphins Could See Rookies Start at These Positions in 2021

The 2021 NFL Draft is so close. The speculation on which players will go where continues to heat up with each passing minute. The Miami Dolphins saw many rookies start last season. With five picks in the first three rounds, the Dolphins will likely see multiple starters on offense yet again this season. In the latest episode of Talking About them Dolphins, Jamie Bahamas gives his take on which positions could see rookies take over for the Dolphins.

Dolphins Need to Draft a Running Back but Which One?

Rome wasn’t built in a day and Brian Flores / Chris Grier’s Miami Dolphins were not built in one draft. The Dolphins are going into the pivotal third year of this latest rebuild. At this point, you can see what they are trying to build, but the missing pieces are also glaring. One of those missing pieces is a feature back. Last season the Dolphins attempted to upgrade at running back by signing Jordan Howard in Free Agency and trading for Matt Breida. A year later Miami is still looking for answers. However, this year the Dolphins refrained from any...

Should the Dolphins Draft Chase, Pitts, Smith, or Someone Else at 6?

Are you not entertained? This week is an example of why the NFL is so much fun! The NBA made headlines this week with a whirlwind of trades at the NBA deadline. The Miami Heat even made a splash by landing Victor Oladipo. The NFL was not about to be outshined. On Friday the NFL stole the show with a head-turning ten-minute stretch sparked by the Miami Dolphins. The Dolphins executed a couple of blockbuster trades. The first trade moved Miami out of the top ten in order to acquire additional picks, including multiple first-rounders. Before the dust was settled...

Did the Dolphins Still Manage to Win Free Agency?

The first waves of the 2021 Free Agency Frenzy are behind us. Miami primed everyone for excitement but cutting one of their biggest names. Kyle Van Noy was Miami’s second-biggest free agent signing a year ago and released a year later. Many now expected Miami to be very aggressive in Free Agency. The Dolphins approached this player acquisition period like a Navy Seal Team. They were very strategic and precise with their movements. Miami did not make the most noise or even the loudest noise. However, they might have quietly made the right moves for improving the team. Now we al...

What if Tua Was Not 100% Healthy as a Rookie?

Dolphins Fans can be put into very distinct categories when it comes to how they feel about quarterback Tua Tagovailoa. Some say Tua is the guy, so let’s build the team and roll. Others out there say he’s definitely not the guy so let’s trade for Deshaun Watson or Russell Wilson. And then some say the jury is still out but they will just trust Miami to make the right decision either way. Tua’s rookie year was a mixed bag. It also didn’t help that Joe Burrow and Justin Herbert instantly looked like franchise quarterbacks of the fut...

Why Flores and Grier Can Make Bold Moves

Just when you think things are calming down or it’s going to be a slow news week, the Dolphins find a way to make the headlines. This is usually because Brian Flores and Chris Grier make unexpected decisions regularly. The only thing that you can expect is that they will do something unexpected. This week the Dolphins have made the decision to part ways with Kyle Van Noy. Not many saw that coming. What are the next moves on the horizon? You usually don’t see moves like these from the majority of football teams because it mostly doesn’t work...

Let's Talk Most Improved Candidates for 2021

A great indicator that your team is going in the right direction is when your players' performance improves from year to year. The Miami Dolphins recently have seen a few players drastically improve year over year. Who are the candidates on Offense and Defense that will make the biggest jump in 2021?

Let's Talk 2021 Free Agents

The Big Game is behind us, so we are officially in offseason mode for the 2021 season. These are exciting times for the Dolphins. The rebuild looks to be going in the right direction. The Dolphins were on the cusp of the playoffs. They are leading the league in draft picks once again. Miami is also projected to have enough cap space to be players in Free Agency. Before we talk about who could be coming in the door, let's take a look at who could be on their way out.

Let's Talk Zach Thomas, X, and Other Dolphins NFL Honors Snubs

Dolphins fans have started getting used to dealing with disappointment year after year. However, these are great fans and the true ones stand by their team through thick and thin. So it is no surprise that Dolphins fans were not pleased with the results of this year's NFL Honors. The Dolphins were finalists in three categories; Coach of the Year, Defensive Player of the Year, and Fan of the Year. Surprisingly, the Dolphins struck out on all. The most devastating news was that Dolphins' Legend Zach Thomas also once again missed out on being inducted to the Pro Football Hall...

Let's Talk Dolphins and the Senior Bowl

The Miami Dolphins were able to have the opportunity to get up close and personal with many of the top prospects in this year's NFL Draft. That is because the Dolphins and the Carolina Panthers coached the National and American teams at the 72nd Annual Reese's Senior Bowl. The Dolphins have some specific needs in this offseason, particularly on the offensive side of the ball. This was a week-long audition for these players. Did any of these guys climb their way up to being serious targets for the Miami Dolphins?

Who Should Be Miami's Next Offensive Coordinator

The Miami Dolphins are searching for their fourth offensive coordinator in as many years. Some interesting names have been linked to the vacant job in Miami. Let's talk about who is the ideal candidate to fill that role and why.

Let's Talk about a Tua Alabama Reunion in Miami

After some smart moves in the previous offseason, the Dolphins not only improved by five wins, but they have enough draft capital to select just about any player they want in the first round of this year's NFL draft. The University of Alabama has a rich history of producing first-round talent. This sets up some interesting possibilities where Tua Tagovailoa could be reunited with some former teammates.

Let's Talk Deshaun Watson to the Dolphins

Rumor has it that Deshaun Watson wants out of Houston. Dolphins message boards have been buzzing discussing the possibility of Watson to Miami. Jamie Bahamas weighs in on his side of the debate.

Miami Dolphins Season Recap

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