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Welcome Home Beautiful Soul 🌲🧚🏼 On this Podcast you will find many magical episodes all created to assist you on your evolving & healing journey. Topics include - Yoga, Meditation, Mindset/Life Coaching, Spirituality, Sound/Music Healing, Self Love/Care & Personal Development all delivered to you with love & support. You are loved. You are Enough.... enjoy the journey … 

EP 141 - 20 Minute Yoga Nidra Practice For Relaxation
Last Thursday at 7:00 PM

Hello Magical Human & welcome back to Madison Mindset the Podcast 🧚🏼🌱

This episode is a beautiful and loving self care practice for you.Β 
Yoga Nidra is an ancient practice that helps you withdraw from your senses, relax the body and calm the nervous system. This would be a great practice to do right before bed or anytime you feel overwhelmed, stressed or lacking in energy.

Do not do this practice while driving or going about your day.

Dedicate time to yourself and do this practice in a safe and comfortable space 🌲

Take time to...

EP 140 - 22 Minutes of Magic: Affirmations To Create A Loving Relationship With Money
Last Tuesday at 7:00 PM

Hello Magical Human & welcome back to another '22 Minutes Of Magic' Episode 🌲

This episode will help you work on your relationship with money. This episode will guide you if you feel a lot of attachment to money, if you feel lack, if you feel like you are or you need to chase money, if you struggle to let go of money, if you resist spending money every single time, if you don't know how to handle money and/or if money if something that you use to define yourself.

Use this episode as a meditation, as...

EP 139 - 22 Minutes of Magic: Affirmations For A Calm & Peaceful Sleep

Hello Magical Human & welcome back to another '22 Minutes Of Magic' episode 🧚🏼

I am grateful for you.
This episode was suggested on Instagram and I am so glad to be able to provide these affirmations to hopefully help you dear one πŸ™πŸΌ If you ever have episode suggestions or topics you'd like me to cover, please feel free to email me or dm on Instagram. I love being able to gift the affirmations and healing you need for you 🌱

If you suffer from nightmares, highly charged dreams or stressful sleep - this episode is for you.Β 
Get r...

πŸ”’ Magical Extras EP 9: Affirmations To Influence Dreams? Plan Affirmations With Me

Subscriber-only episode

Hello Magical Human & welcome back to Magical Extras πŸŒœπŸŒ›

THANK YOU for being a Podcast Supporter, I truly appreciate your love and support on this journey.

In this episode, you will be alongside me as I ponder on a new requested affirmation episode. Dive deeper into influencing the sleep with affirmations and even the impact they have on nightmares/dreams.

May this episode help you understand how to speak quality affirmations with a direct and high vibrational meaning.

You can influence your sleep πŸŒ–
Madison M xx


EP 138 - 2.5 Hour Loving Affirmations For Your Being - Listen While Sleeping 🌜

Hello Magical Human & welcome back to Madison Mindset the Podcast 🧚🏼

This episode is a gift. Within you will find 2.5 hours of Affirmations to help you sleep, heal and rejuvenate. Your subconscious brain never actually sleeps. Your conscious brain does! But your subconscious is awake always. Keeping your heart beating, digesting, lungs breathing, cells repairing, body healing ALL of the things it needs to keep happening while you sleep.
You brain will be listening to these affirmations even after you consciously drift into sleep.
These affirmations will be suggested to your subconscious brain and after a while...

πŸ”’ Magical Extras EP 8: Unreleased Sound Healing Song - Listen To The 1st Recording

Subscriber-only episode

Hello Magical HumanΒ  & welcome back to Magical Extras. πŸŒœπŸŒ›

THANK YOU for being a Podcast Supporter, I truly appreciate your love and support.
I am currently recording my first three songs for release by the end of the year. I am SO EXCITED. They are Sound Healing, Yoga and Relaxation based songs - this song 'Simply Flow' is the first one I have recorded AND in this episode, you get to hear the first recording. It's not finished, with the help of many beautiful people in my life I am still refining and explori...

πŸ”’ Magical Extras EP 7: EXTENDED Affirmations For Wanting To Be Alive 🌱

Subscriber-only episode

Hello Magical Human & welcome back to Magical Extras πŸŒœπŸŒ›

THANK YOU for being a Podcast Supporter, I truly appreciate you love and support.
This episode is an extension of the previous episode. The power of affirmations truly lies in the repetition. This longer episode gives you the opportunity to have the affirmations playing for longer.Β 

Play them while you're getting ready for the day or doing a task at work. Allow them to fill your being with life positivity.
Life is worth being joyful and excited about now!

Thank y...

EP 137 - 22 Minutes Of Magic: Affirmations For Wanting To Be ALIVE 🌱

Hello Magical Human & welcome back to another '22 Minutes Of Magic' episode 🧚🏼

This episode brings you affirmations to welcome in the joy of being alive. Life can be really challenging and feeling blessed about being alive and really enjoying the gift of life can be hard when we are so consumed by the darkness or the negative in our lives or in our world.

Use this episode to bring you back into the energy of gratitude and a love for living.
You only get to live this life once, make sure you're present and gratef...

EP 136 - In Conversation With You, We See How Anxiety Lives In The Body

Hello Magical Human & welcome to another 'In Conversation With You' Episode. 🌲🌲

In this episode I am joined by a beautiful human being who has had a very interesting experience with anxiety within the physical body. I truly resonate with this being as I have had a very similar journey - this conversation meant the world to me to have. I hope you dear one, if you experience anxiety also find this episode nurturing and hopefully it assists you in feeling that you are not alone.

You are not your anxiety. β˜€οΈ

If you would like to be...

πŸ”’ Magical Extras EP 6: Journeying With Throat Chakra Blockages + Powerful Practices

Subscriber-only episode

Hello Magical Human & welcome back to MAGICAL EXTRAS πŸͺ·πŸ«§
THANK YOU for being a supporter of this Podcast, I appreciate you

In this episode, I get vulnerable with you and share what I have been learning about my body and more specifically, throat chakra and its impact on your life.
I share my deeper encounters with the Chakra system, what I am finding out about my energetic field and what practices are helping me clear and release Throat Chakra.

We have our first Podcast Subscriber meet up at the end of the...

EP 135 - 22 Minutes Of Magic: Meditation To Calm Anxiety

Hello Magical Human & welcome back to a '22 Minutes of Magic' episode 🌱

Thank you for showing up for yourself today. I am proud of you.
Anxiety is housed in the body.
It feels so overwhelming in thoughts that we naturally believe anxiety is in the head but anxiety is hidden in the body. The thoughts are the results of that anxiety in the body and often perpetuate the anxiety. Making it worse with every thought.

This meditation will assist you in calming the anxiety housed within your body in order to bring you out...

EP 134 - Medicine Drum & Voice Sound Healing

Hello Magical Human & welcome back to the podcast πŸŒ±πŸ§πŸ½β€β™€οΈ

This is a beautiful, intuitively created Sound Healing recording. You will hear a medicine drum & enchanting voice (light language singing).  It was recorded completely open to whatever wanted to come through, listening to it afterwards I am definitely feeling it is helping to ground us into our body and get us out of our head. 🌲

This episode is best listened to as soon as you wake up or right before you go to bed. Lying down in your bed or on your Yoga mat, open your palms by your side and re...

EP 133 - September Intuitive Card Reading: Set Your Intentions

Hello Magical Human & welcome back to Madison Mindset the Podcast 🌱🌲

I appreciate you.
Welcome to your September Collective Card Reading.

I am grateful September has arrived & I am looking forward to flowing through this month of growth alongside every other being on Earth 🧚🏼

Grab your journal, let's get into the energy and the vibration of September.

Book your personal Card Reading below πŸ‘‡πŸΌπŸŒ•

You can do hard things
Madison M xx

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EP 132 - 22 Minutes Of Magic: Affirmations To Manifest More Love

Hello Magical Human & welcome back to a '22 Minutes Of Magic' episode 🧚🏼

Everything you see is love. Everything you are is love. Everything about this world, our galaxy, the Universe it is all woven together with Love. Love is the highest frequency. It is the highest emotion. Through truly seeing and acknowledging this love, we open the door to the abundance of ever flowing love that has always been available for us and yet we've never be open to witnessing fully.

Through my own experience, I have discovered that when manifesting love, you must be mindfu...

EP 131 - 22 Minutes Of Magic: Affirmations To Bless The New Week

Hello Magical Human & welcome back to a '22 Minutes Of Magic' episode 🌱

This episode brings you affirmations to assist you coming into your new week with gratitude and a full, loving & open heart.Β 

Often we do not meet our week (our new opportunity and gift from life) with grateful energy. We often meet it with frustration.
Every time you wake up, life is giving to you.Β 
It is important we honour that blessing and show up for life as it has done for us today and hopefully, the whole week.

Don't wait...

πŸ”’ Magical Extras EP 4: Journaling For Weekly Reflection, Do The Practice With Me

Subscriber-only episode

Hello Magical Human & THANK YOU for being a Podcast supporter, I truly appreciate you πŸŒ±πŸŒ²πŸ™πŸ½

In this episode, join me in the garden to do my end of week reflection Journaling practice. I do this reflection Practice every Sunday afternoon to make sure I am really listening and absorbing the growth, blessings and lessons each week brings.

Find a comfortable space. Go outside or light a candle and make sure you’re comfortable. Grab your journal, and let’s do this practice together 🧚🏼

Disclaimer - audio isn’t amazing as I was using my portable...

EP 130 - Moon Cycle Ritual & Connection 🩸

Hello Magical Human & welcome back to the Podcast 🧚🏼

This episode was requested a long time ago so it is a blessing to have felt the call to record it in the beginning of my current cycle.
In this episode I share my current ritual and practice I do for honouring my personal moon cycle as well as honouring Mother Nature and Mumma Moon herself  🌝

I recommend bringing a journal to this episode, especially if you are hoping to gain inspiration for your own moon cycle ritual.

Blessed being part of the cycle of life πŸŒ€<...

πŸ”’ Magical Extras EP 3: My Journey With Anxiety & What Is Helping? + Lets Connect

Subscriber-only episode

Hello Magical Human & welcome back to the subscription version of Madison Mindset the Podcast 🧚🏼
I am so grateful for your presence here & THANK YOU for arriving here today πŸ™πŸΌ

In this episode I get vulnerable with you and share my journey with anxiety. I also share some of the tools and techniques that are helping me on my path personally.

It is a pleasure to share with you πŸ™πŸ½

Let’s connect
Madison M xx

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EP 129 - 22 Minutes Of Magic: Affirmations For GROUNDING + Nature Sounds

Hello Magical Human & welcome back to a '22 minutes of Magic' Episode 🧚🏼

This episode is very special to me, I truly enjoyed the creation process. I spent time recording the forest sounds in Northern NSW Australia (the birds are so vibrant and songful early in the morning) and I included them in this beautiful episode for coming back to Earth.

Mother Nature herself assisted with these affirmations - they were channeled while connected to her and alongside her.

I encourage you to take this episode outside (or at least to a window) and enjoy...

πŸ”’ Magical Extras EP 2: "I Talk To Trees" & So Can You + Gum Tree Encounter

Subscriber-only episode

Hello Magical Human & THANK YOU for arriving here. I am so grateful for you and I love you 🌱

This episode is a really special one for me. I have a regular frustration that enters my being from time to time and a few months ago I decided the only beings that really would have a decent answer for me are the trees 🌲 

So I asked! I received a beautiful message which I immediately wrote down in my journal. In this episode, I share that entry with you πŸ™πŸ½

I also guide you on...

EP 128 - Community Satsang, We Are All So Human, We Are One, You Are Not Alone

Hello Magical Human & welcome back to Madison Mindset the Podcast 🧚🏼🌱

This episode is unlike any other I have recorded before.
We recently celebrated our beautiful Yoga Studios 1st birthday and we organised a community Satsang (meeting in truth). Everyone in attendance wrote a question, thoughts or idea on a piece of paper, we put them all in a bowl and drew them out openly and discussed them as a human community. It was so beautiful and the connections made around the space were inspiring.

I thought to bring some of those questions onto the podcast s...

πŸ”’ Magical Extras EP 1: 'Affirmation Alchemy' - Harness The Power Of Affirmations In Your Life

Subscriber-only episode

Hello Magical Human & welcome to a deep dive into the world of affirmation alchemy 🧚🏼 

Affirmations have changed my life and have great power (when used well).
I have a process for creating affirmations that are strong, connected to our emotional centre and in alignment with the science around how affirmations truly work.

In this Magical Extras Episode, I share my process and key for creating quality affirmations and teach you how to create affirmations in your life that help change your being. I believe in you 🌱🌲

THANK YOU for supportin...

EP 127 - Weekly Scheduling Practice For Productivity + Sharing Evolved Offerings

Hello Magical Human & welcome back to Madison Mindset the Podcast 🧚🏼

It is so good to see you here. Thank you for showing up for yourself today.
I am grateful. Always.

This morning the Podcast hit 1M downloads which is amazing. I am over the moon excited that the Podcast is influencing and assisting so many beautiful people on this Earth. So thank you! Let's keep evolving together 🌱🌲

In this episode I am sharing my current process for organising & scheduling my weeks/days. It is important to keep track of your days and what you wan...

EP 126 - 22 Minutes Of Magic: Affirmations For ABUNDANCE Embodiment

Hello Magical Human & welcome back to a '22 Minutes of Magic' Episode.Β 

I hope you find what you need from this episode. Abundance is a total buzz word in spirituality right now and as a result, it's being misunderstood. Abundance is not being rich. We are not and shouldn't be focusing on having more money through our abundance practices. Abundance existed way before money did. Abundance is the energy that brought you to this Earth. πŸŒ±πŸ•Š

When we do abundance practices, we are truly trying to align our being and minds to the energy that is truly a...

Hello Magical Human, Welcome Om 🧚🏼

Hello and welcome.
I appreciate you
It is a blessing to hold this space for you 🌱
Thank youΒ 

Madison M xx

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EP 125 - August Intuitive Card Reading + Abundance Chat & Shared Journal Entry

Hello Magical Human & welcome back to the Podcast 🧚🏼

This episode is coming to you to assist your monthly practice. Within this episode you will find an intuitive card reading for the collective, giving us the themes and focus points for our month on this beautiful planet.

I also go through the 8/8 Lion Gate Manifestation Portal. I provide my beliefs, feeling and truths in order for you to more clearly feel or know yours.

I encourage you to sit down with your journal and really take time to absorb this episode. Journal on each card a...

EP 124 - 22 Minutes Of Magic: Affirmations For INNER CHILD Healing

Hello Magical Human & welcome to another 22 Minutes of Magic Episode 🌼

Inner Child Healing is a topic of focus for many of us as all of us have a child version of ourselves within.
It is important to honour to desires, dreams, emotions & traumas of our inner child in order to heal and move forward with ease & stability.

This episode will assist you in connecting, honouring & healing your inner child πŸ§žβ€β™€οΈπŸ§žβ€β™‚οΈπŸ§πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

The episode can also be used for self love practices, igniting creativity & for inspiring yourself through your child self.Β 

Enjoy the episode dear one

You are...

EP 123 - In Conversation With You, We Acknowledge Our Ability To Make Our Dreams Happen

Hello Magical Human & welcome to another 'In Conversation With You' Episode.Β 

In this episode I am joined by a beautiful woman who invited a discussion around timelines and life 'check-lists'. Feeling rushed or feeling behind in life is quite common and I am familiar with the feeling myself! It is a process to understand where this desire truly comes from on a primal level and to make peace with how life actually is not how you THINK it SHOULD be.Β 

We also need to understand how we can take true and aligned action on a pa...

EP 122 - 22 Minutes Of Magic: MORNING AFFIRMATIONS (Pt 3), Begin With Gratitude

Hello Magical Human & welcome to another 22 Minutes of Magic Β Episode πŸ§šβ€β™‚οΈ

This episode is the third in a series of Morning Affirmation/Meditation episodes. These are some of the most popular episodes and the reason is because they create a huge shift in your life.Β 

Starting your day with gratitude, love and blessed thoughts creates a blessed day and therefore life 🌿🌲🌱

Listen to this episode every morning as you wake up for 90 days and notice how different your mindset is when you rise in the morning πŸŒ„Β 

I send love and gratitude to you dear soul. For your...

EP 121 - 22 Minutes Of Magic: LIGHT LANGUAGE; Sunrise Message From The Forest

Hello Magical Human, welcome to a 22 Minutes of Magic Episode (used to be 10... needed extending πŸ™πŸΌ) 🌱🌲🌲

In this episode I invite you into the forest with me. I watched the sunrise from within the forest. I was stressed. I wasn’t feeling calm in my mind at all. I knew exactly the help I needed- I needed our Mumma. Mother Nature 🌲🌲🌳🌳

And sure enough, as she always does. She held me within her heart and gave me everything I needed. I felt her love and message so so deeply.

I am so grateful for her.

I decided I sho...

EP 120 - JULY Intuitive Card Reading & Intention Setting Journaling

Hello Magical Human & welcome back to the Podcast 🧚🏼

This is the July Card Reading which you can use as part of your intention setting for the month, as your whole practice or just as a way to go deeper into the focus of this month energetically. This month you can expect a lot of new. There will be new LEARNING, new or reaffirmed BELIEFS & new ways of communicating and ways of EXPRESSION.

To help you balance all of this new energy, it will be important to remain grounded in your body and with the Earth. Make s...

EP 119 - In Conversation With You, We Are Breaking Cycles & Befriending Fear

Hello Magical Human & welcome back to the JUNE 'In conversation with you' episode πŸ§πŸ½β€β™€οΈπŸ§πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

I am so grateful to welcome this beautiful being onto the Podcast with me - this conversation was a treasure to hold space for and I am excited for you to hear it dear listener.


Cycle BreakingReleasing FearAlignmentSelf LoveSpirituality Into Practice

If you wish to join me for a future 'In Conversation With You' episode - please DM me on Instagram or send me an email. I would love to share alongside you.

You are powerful, connected & divine
Thank you for...

EP 118 - 10 Minutes of Magic: Period Pain Relief, Surrender To Inner Winter, Intuitive Sound & Light Language

Hello Magical Human & welcome to another '10 Minutes of Magic Episode' (18 min* thinking about changing the name of these honestly πŸ˜†)

This episode is designed, channeled and delivered to you with love & beautiful intention - to relieve period pain (physically, mentally & emotionally). This episode can assist you whenever you feel like you are in a New Moon, Inner Winter, going INWARDS phase in your life. No matter who you are.

In invite you into this episode to assist your process and journey with yourself.

A bleed is a sacred experience and is meant to be...

EP 117 - Total Body Relaxation & Grounding Practice (Release Tension, Anxiety & Stress)

Hello Magical Human & welcome to this loving, relaxing practice created to support you in your journey towards peace πŸ™πŸΌ

This practice is a gift to help you wind down, relax and surrender at the end of your day or whenever you're feeling overwhelmed.

You will get the best out of this practice by finding a quiet space on the floor and relax back into the floor in a comfortable position - Śavāsana.

I hope you enjoy this episode and hopefully you save this episode and come back to it every evening before bed for at l...

EP 116 - Spiritual Practice: 7 Important Elements + Stress Free Daily Routine

Hello Magical Human & welcome back to another MAGICAL episode 🧚🏼

In this episode, expect to feel some kind of inner reflection and/or self awareness moment. You may even like to keep your journal alongside you as we dive into the most important, science backed & Yoga philosophy backed elements that create a whole (and effective) Spiritual Practice.

I also share with you something new I have learnt about myself and how I spend my time... I have entered a new self awareness challenge and it is something I will keep you up to date with on Instag...

EP 115 - '10 Minutes Of MAGIC': Affirmations For Physical & Mental Health

Hello Magical Human & welcome back to another 10 Minutes Of Magic Episode 🌿🌲

I want to congratulate you for choosing to listen to this episode & to take care of yourself in this moment. You are so powerful.
Β This episode is very grounded in the reality of being human - a human being living as part of Mother Nature.

We live & let go.

In this episode, I channel affirmations that are very grounded in what health truly is. it isn't always perfection - sometimes it means being healthy enough within your own mind to know when to...

Ep 114 - In Conversation With You, We Shift Our Negative Thinking

Hello Magical Human & welcome back to Madison Mindset the Podcast πŸ•Š

This episode is the beginning of a new series...
In this episode I chat with a beautiful listener about how to reframe negative thoughts, patterns & ways of being.

Every month I will be sitting down with a listener of the Podcast to chat about something that they are currently struggling with within their own mind/life.

Everyone who joins me for an anonymous coaching session on the Podcast, will receive a discount for the 1:1 Madison Min...

EP 113 - 10 Minutes of Magic: ABUNDANCE

Hello Magical Human & welcome om πŸŒΏπŸŒ²πŸ•Š

It's been a couple of weeks. It's been a big 14 days. My work as a Yoga Teacher and my body requested and demanded my full attention for a while - it was hard to listen but I decided I must. There was no question.Β 
I am sure you've felt this before.

This episode is being delivered to you thanks to another request for hearing more about abundance and bringing more of it into your life.
This episode is my truth.

I hope you resonate with it & my wish fo...

EP 112 - Morning/Evening Meditation - BE The Magical BEing You Truly Are

Hello Magical Human & welcome back to (an always longer then 10 minutesπŸ˜†) '10 Minutes of MAGIC' Episode πŸ•ŠπŸŒ³πŸŒΏ

This episode is a meditation episode and is best used in the morning and/or in the evening for your daily meditation practice. Our world is so full of stuff to DO, things to complete and titles to live up too. There is so much DOING and this identifying and claiming our constant doing is a huge part of our collective and individual suffering.Β 

This Meditation is inspired by many of my teachers, the books & the practices I have done myself...

EP 111 - Awakening & Becoming Conscious of The 'Roles' That Bind You

Hello Magical Human & welcome back to another Podcast episode 🌲🌳

This episode is very much so inspired from a book I have been listening to on repeat for the past couple of weeks called 'A New Earth' by one of my teachers Eckhart Tolle (I will link the book below if you would like to listen to it through Apple).
I strongly recommend you go and listen to him read this book (or read it yourself) if you find this episode interesting or if it presents ideas to you that may be awakening something within you or your m...