The Shooting Two Podcast

31 Episodes

By: Aunik & Andrew

Two friends talk about sports, life, food (lots of food) and everything in between. Lots of facts, lots of fun, but even more banter.

Oregon & USC football divergence, reality TV making a comeback, flying on planes, and NFL week 1!
Last Wednesday at 7:00 PM

The duo is back after a trip to Miami to talk Oregon’s big win and USC’s big loss (1:59), talk about the return (and hype) of good reality TV (15:11), discuss some tips and turbulence when flying on planes (20:14), and  recap NFL week 1 (31:03)!

Football is back!, 'Lessons Learned' (Bachelor Party edition), and the long-awaited return of 'Uncle A's Promises Made Pick of the Week'!

The guys keep themselves honest about their pasta episode (7:33), answer 3 burnings questions on college football (11:21) and the NFL’s AFC (19:09), introduce the first ‘Lessons Learned’ segment (bachelor party edition) (34:42), and Uncle A is back with his Promises Made Pick of the Week (42:30)!

No Sports! Honeymoons, 'Story Time' w/ Aunik, pasta rankings, and collegiate mascots!

It’s a ‘No Sports’ episode! Andrew returns to talk about his honeymoon (2:10), then its Story Time with Aunik (11:23), before the guys roll-out their takes on Pasta (19:20) before finally wrapping up with their favorite collegiate mascots (43:16)!

NFL headlines, Fantasy Football notes, Lakers free agency, and Seattle food!

With Rossi on his honeymoon, Aunik welcomes guest host and Seattle-grown Gabe Temkin to chat about NFL  news and the NFC 'Best' (4:44), some amateur Fantasy Football advice (21:36), Lakers free agency (27:11), and of course Seattle food spots (31:30)!

In the BONUS - 5 - Behind the Scenes of the Shooting Two Pod!

In this 5th installment of 'In the BONUS' - behind the scenes of the Shooting Two pre-production meeting, where the guys suggest a new  bathroom activity, comment on the Jeopardy host carousel, complain about the Olympics coverage (again), and sprinkle in some NBA free agency!

Olympics, music festival tips, Team USA Gold Cup champs (!), and the 2nd installment of 'Groom's Diaries'!

The guys bookend the Olympics (6:14), give some pro tips on music festivals (13:31), recap Team USA’s Gold Cup victory (21:58), and Episode 2 of ‘Groom’s Diaries’ (28:48) as we prepare for Andrew’s nuptials!

Olympics check-in, IKE TAYLOR, and 'Groom's Diaries' with Andrew!

The guys open by keeping their Olympic food discussion honest (1:40), then catch the audience up on the Olympics (5:30) before welcoming 2X Super Bowl Champion, 12-year   Pittsburgh Steeler IKE TAYLOR to chat about life, football, Simone Biles, Mike Tomlin, and cigars (17:44), before finally introducing a  limited time segment - 'Groom's Diaries' (45:30)!

Bachelor party recap, Bucks NBA Champs, and the Olympics!

The guys quickly re-visit Rossi's bachelor party (2:28), give the Bucks their crown (6:24),  talk about the Olympic standings with a Shooting Two food twist (16:42), and begin speculating on the USA Men's Basketball team (20:13)!

In the BONUS - 4 - So much sports, so little time!

The duo goes over ALL the sports from this past weekend in this 'In the BONUS' episode with a new segment: "SO much sports, SO little time!" Aunik and Andrew talk about Team USA's Basketball embarrassments (6:38), UFC 264's McGregor v. Poirier (8:10), Djokovic wins again at Wimbledon (10:54), and the NBA finals (14:15). The guys then break the 4th wall to give our listeners a sneak peak into the interview prep for Ike Taylor, 2X Super Champion, ex-CB for the Pittsburgh Steelers (17:45)!

Shooting Two Cartoon, EuroCup 2020, and the NBA Conference Finals!

The guys are back on July 4th to talk about their cartoon (5:42), EuroCup 2020 (9:40), the use of instant replay in sports (12:40), and the NBA Conference Finals and the impact of injuries (22:30).

1StarRecruits' DK, Phoenix Suns & NBA, owning food franchises, and potpourri!

This  episode we welcome DK from the 1StarRecruits podcast (1:38), talking about the Phoenix Suns and the NBA (8:43), planning for weddings (26:40), discuss the top 3 food franchises they’d each want to own (35:53), and then pass the mic in our first potpourri segment (1:04:54)!

Phone calls, the NBA Playoffs, and simple summertime joys!

Rossi reignites the art of talking on the phone (11:09), we check in on the NBA playoffs (17:04), and  talk about the simple joys of summer: eating ice cream and swimming in pools (30:50)! 

NBA Playoffs Round 1, Aunik eats vegetarian, and Karaoke tips!

The duo chats about Round 1 of the NBA playoffs (8:29), discuss trying to eat vegetarian  (46:57), how fast food commercials impact us (58:24), and riff on Karaoke (1:01:26)!

LIVE! NBA Playoff play-ins, Round 1 picks, and the return of Rossi Reads ('Sweep' edition)!

Coming to you LIVE: NBA Playoff play-ins (0:00), coaches (9:09), Round 1 picks (14:46), Rossi Reads (20:54), and Warriors-Lakers (26:29)!

Basketball Hall of Fame inductees and NBA Playoffs Preview!

The duo talks NBA Hall of Fame inductees (7:27), wrap up this season of ‘Summer House’ (10:02), and then go deep in an NBA Playoff preview  with a ‘3-Word’ game (15:26)!

In the BONUS - 3 - 2021 NFL Draft

DISCLAIMER: This episode contains sports-heavy content!

The duo gives LIVE coverage of the first 9 picks of the NFL Draft (0:01), while taking a break to discuss 'The Sopranos' (SPOILER ALERT!) (24:21) before getting back to draft analysis (28:34)!

Interview with QB Jeremiah Masoli, 1StarRecruits & work-life balance!

The duo catches up on life (0:15), gives tips on work-life balance (11:30), and  interviews quarterback Jeremiah Masoli (17:11) - who then plays 'Swish or Airball'!

For more information on the Youth Movement Program, find them on Facebook/social media  to learn more and find ways to contribute.

NBA catch-up, TV show laugh tracks, Beverage Bracket champion (!), and 'Godzilla v. Kong'!

Shooting Two peeks in on ‘Summer House’ (1:30), get back to the NBA (7:01), KD/Rappaport beef (23:47), discuss TV shows and laugh tracks (30:05), Beverage Bracket results (35:50), and Aunik finally watches ‘Godzilla v. Kong’ (40:05)!

In the BONUS - 2 - NCAA Final Four & Shooting Two Beverage Bracket

The guys recap the NCAA Final Four (1:20), talk Easter (18:05), and discuss the Beverage Bracket semi-finals (25:00)!

Shooting Two Beverage Bracket Update and the NCAA Sweet Sixteen!

Rossi gives a 'Bachelor' finale recap (8:44), the Shooting Two beverage bracket heats up (and cools down) (13:45), and the buds discuss the Real March Madness Sweet Sixteen (30:00)!

The Shooting Two March Madness Bracket!

The duo recap NBA All-Star night (2:20), introduce the first ever Shooting Two March Madness Bracket (9:08), and then also talk about the real March Madness tournament (32:05)!

NBA All-Star Night, ‘Rossi Reads’ (Fortune Cookie Edition), and Youth Sports Snack Breaks!

Andrew gives an update on the final few of ‘The Bachelor’ (5:09), the guys make their NBA All-Star night picks  (13:25), Rossi Reads about Fortune Cookies (31:18), and we take a trip down memory lane to talk about a true American experience - snacks at youth sporting events (40:20)!

Tiger Woods news, NBA All-Star game, Daft Punk no more, and ‘Swish or Airball’ (Cookie Edition)!

The duo keeps themselves honest (06:21), dish on ‘Summer House’(16:36), lament on Tiger’s latest crash (22:00), discuss the NBA All-star game (25:55), ‘Daft Punk’ is no more (32:47), and see the return of ‘Swish or Airball’ (Cookie edition) (40:40)!

Bachelor update, ‘Tiger’ documentary, baseball contracts, the best (and worst) sports jerseys, Wentz to Colts, college basketball, and ‘Rossi Reads’ about ‘mailing it in’!

Andrew provides a ‘Bachelor’ update (3:15), discuss ‘Tiger’ (8:00), talk insane baseball contracts (13:41), pick their favorite sports jerseys (18:10), question Carson Wentz to the Colts (29:30), finally get around to college basketball (34:13), and another installment of ‘Rossi Reads’ (43:36)!

Super (boring) Bowl Recap, the NBA is REALLY back, Valentine’s Day, Road Trip Snacks, and the official return of Uncle A’s Promises Made POTW!

What a filling episode! The guys recap the boring Super Bowl (13:19) , go deep on the NBA (22:39), discuss Valentine’s Day strategies (48:28), road trip snacks (56:46), and we see the return of Uncle A’s Promises Made POTW (1:00:57)!

Reality TV check-in, Super Bowl Potluck Draft, big-game preview and Uncle A provides some irresponsible prop bet picks!

A great week in trash TV - The Bachelor, The Housewives, and Summer House (2:05), the first (and probably only) Super Bowl Potluck Food Draft (13:35), previewing the BIG-GAME itself (28:54), and Uncle A gives some irresponsible picks on some Super Bowl prop bets (36:51)!

In the BONUS - 1 - Couch Potatoes

The guys discuss…potato things. 

‘Swish or Airball’ (French edition), NFL Conference Championship recap, special guest appearance on 'Uncle A's Promises Made PotW', and pizza chain gangs!’

‘Swish or Airball’ (French edition) (6:54), NFL conference championship recap (17:56), a special guest edition of ‘Uncle A’s Promises Made’ pick of the week (30:54), and pizza chains (44:24)!

NFL playoffs, High-Fives, 'Swish or Airball' (pizza topping edition), and the NBA is back!

The guys keep themselves honest (4:20), recap the NFL divisional round (10:35), Rossi reads about ‘High-Fives’ (18:40), the NBA is officially back (27:10  ), Andrew plays ‘Swish or Airball’ - Pizza Topping edition (32:30), NFL Conference Championship preview (38:30), and Uncle A’s promises made pick of the week (NBA edition!) (47:15)- 1/23/2021 

James Harden to Nets, Christmas lights, the NFL Playoffs Divisional round and Bravo shows! - 1/15/21

Aunik talks about James Harden and Houston sports (3:28), and the guys discuss Nick Saban's football rehab (10:32), leaving Christmas lights up too long (11:42), the first OFFICIAL "Rossi Reads" (18:00). NFL Divisional Round (24:50), Uncle A's 'Promises Made' pick of the week (38:44), and things (trash) they're watching right now (44:31). 

Welcome to Shooting Two and 2021!

The gentlemen  discuss the end of 2020 (0:39), discuss the bizarre College Football  season (6:41), and go on rants about foods at sporting events and discuss sandwiches (at length) (27:17).