Rescue Dog Moms

22 Episodes

By: Yamini

This is Rescue Dog Moms, a parenting podcast for those who love the four-legged friends that they rescued - because they got rescued right back. Each week we bring on a dog mom to talk about their dogs and how they changed their lives. Rescue Dog Moms is a project by Yamini, inspired by her rescue Boss, who you can find on Instagram at @thepuggleboss. To keep up with the Rescue Dog Moms podcast, you can follow us at or on Instagram @rescuedogmomspod.

202 | Feeding Your Dogs Balanced Raw with Avery, Navi and Newman (@navithenoodle)
Last Tuesday at 1:00 PM

We had a great intro episode on raw back in the day, and everyone said that the Instagram @navithenoodle was their inspiration to start. We could NOT go straight to the source! Avery shares her journey to raw and pet nutrition, and we chat all things raw feeding: researching, misconceptions, top tips. Plus, we talk a lot about her adorable labs, Navi and Mexico rescue Newman.

- You can find Avery on Instagram and her amazing blog Navi the Noodle. Here are some top blog posts I mention at the end of the episode that I reference...

201 | Fostering 201 with Katie, Foster Mom of 20+ Rescue Dogs

This episode is all about fostering! Since this is our second episode, we call it the 202 course - coming from expert foster Katie, who adopted her two dogs Queso and Beatrix, and continues to foster over 20 dogs and even more than a few cats. We talk about the hardships but amazing rewards of fostering, her favourite and craziest foster experiences and her two babies of course.

I'm also proud to announce that Katie and I have collaborated on an amazing "Foster Fail" Boss t-shirt with her company Hot Diggity Apparel! Go to her...

121 | How to Manage Veterinarians, Emergency Vetting and Special Needs Dogs with Nico and Moose

This episode features Ashley, dog mom to Moose and Nico. Ashley works in the veterinary industry and shares her knowledge on vetting concerns, how to deal with emergency vetting situations and some deep knowledge on the behind the scenes. 

Nico is also a special needs dog, and she discusses what you might expect if you're interested in adopting one as well. Plus we hear about how cute Moose is.

- You can learn more about Nico on Ashley's Instagram @defectivedogdepot
- There is some swearing i...

120 | Bark cheese! Dog Photography with Danica Oliva

This episode features Danica Oliva, dog photographer extraordinaire! We talk about the importance of volunteering, the experience of rescue and her top photography tips, whether you're an amateur or wanting to become a professional!

- Danica is available for photo bookings in the GTA on her website and Instagram. If you want to be inspired, you can find Boss' shoot from last year here. 
- There is one swear word in this podcast. It is from me, I am sorry.
- All advice given on Rescue Dog M...

119 | Happiness and Dog Enrichment with Taylor from Bindi's Bucket List

Let's talk enrichment, baby! This episode features Taylor from Bindi's Bucket List, Bindi and Rosie's dog mom and queen of dog enrichment online. If you're not part of her 45k+ followers, you gotta join us cuz it's a cult and it's amazing.

Taylor talks about her dogs, what enrichment means and shares her thoughts on the importance of tackling social issues online. This is a must-listen episode!

- Bindi's Bucket List is available on Facebook, Instagram...

118 | Brandless but Impactful - The Dog Moms behind Brandless Rescue Goods

This episode features the dog moms behind Brandless Rescue Goods, a business where all proceeds go to rescues around the GTA. May Lynne and Tarika talk about the business and their adorable dogs, Maya, Scout and Queso. Plus, they have a ton of upcoming events in 2021 - check out their Instagram for the latest updates!

- Support Brandless Rescue Goods by ordering items through their website! They are also available on social via Instagram! Check out their upcoming events on Instagram too. 
- This episode contains some minor swearing. 
- Al...

117 | Dog Dad John and the Misfits for the Dogs

This episode features John, rescue dog dad to the Misfits, rescue advocate  and pretty great podcast guest! Learn about John's pack, his rescue missions and new projects in 2021. Welcome back! 

-  You can follow John and his projects on Instagram. You can find his personal Instagram here. Follow his rescue missions at Ruff Riders Animal Transport and his newest project Project Warm Dog here. He also has a website. 
- Want to help volunteer with a rescue but don't know where to start? Send us a dm @rescu...

116 | Support Small Business - Toronto Dog Moms, Unite in the Six!

Here's another small biz episode! This episode features Ingrid from Toronto Dog Moms, an empire that includes events, Facebook groups and adorable dog and parent apparel and toys! I talk to Ingrid about her adorable dog, how she got started with her business, a little bit of Real Housewives (hello, there is now a Vanderpump Dogs TV show coming out!) and supporting rescue. 

- You can buy some cute items from Toronto Dog Moms at their website - part of your purchase will benefit rescues like Stray to P...

115 | Eff Puppy Mills and Free Dem Dogs!

This episode features Tylar Grace and Mads, two amazing rescue queens who are not only amazing rescue dog moms but help dogs through their initiative Free Dem Dogs. Hear about the amazing stories behind how they help rescue a powerless dog from a heartless situation, learn about the harsh truth about puppy mills in Ontario and Canada and meet their adorable rescue pups! 

-  You can follow Free Dem Dogs at their Instagram and website. You can follow Tylar Grace and Mads on Instagram too. You can shop their brand new collection he...

114 | Support Small Business - Leaving Microplastics Out of Pet Beds with Former Fibres

Here's another small biz episode! This episode features Kylie from Former Fibres, a shop that focuses on eco-conscious pet beds and pet accessories. I talked to Kylie about her cats (our first Rescue Cat Mom on the podcast!), the role of microplastics in the pet industry, and her business.

- Former Fibres is relaunching on May 24 weekend! Find them on Instagram (@formerfibres) and sign up for exclusive early access.
- All advice given on Rescue Dog Moms podcast is from a personal standpoint only. We are not...

113 | Angela the Dog Mom

This episode features Angela, rescue advocate and volunteer extraordinaire and dog mom to a pack of (wait for it...) 15 dogs! She discusses her pack (it takes a lot longer than most of my dog intros!(, the importance of rescue, and why she specifically cares to save special needs and senior dogs. 

-  You can follow Angela on Instagram at Eddie's Second Chance or her personal page (with some amazing FULL PACK photos!)
- Want to help volunteer with a rescue but don't know where to start? Send us...

111 | Support Rescue Small Businesses, featuring Hen Hen

This is our first small biz mini-episode! This episode features Sarah,  and her dogs Yoshi and Henry, and her business Hen Hen! We talk about her wonderful rescue puppies, reactivity and muzzles, as well as what Hen Hen means to Sarah.

- Support Hen Hen by purchasing their amazing upcycled dog accessories. You can order on their website and follow them on Instagram.
- This episode contains some minor swearing. 
- All advice given on Rescue Dog Moms podcast is from a personal standpoint only. We are not do...

110 | Tequila, or how to live in an RV with a rescue dog

Welcome to EPISODE 10! Can you believe it? I can't. This episode features Tequila, a beautiful rescue, and her mama Taylor, small business superstar of Rescues on Trails. We talk about Tequila, who has lyme disease, and the process of getting her ready for a life in an RV for the summer. We also talk a lot about RVing, how to start a small business, why we gotta shop local and the amazing dog community on Instagram. She's so lovely and I hope you enjoy this episode! 

- You c...

109 | Save Rez Dogs, period!!!!

This episode features Leah Arcand, founder of Save Rez Dogs, an Indigenous based grassroots initiative & a call to action for communities to gather resources and develop their own dog management plans.  Leah and I talk about her dogs, Cedar and Willow, the mission of Save Rez Dogs and discuss the role of rescue groups in making sure the Indigenous community is served.

-  Visit Save Rez Dog's website and on Instagram. All merch purchases go towards her work with Indigenous communities to save rez dogs. 
- There is swe...

108 | Layla, and what are BSL laws anyway?

This episode features Layla the beautiful dog-pony princess and her mama Emma. We talk about Layla, who is a mastiff mix, and the misconceptions that pitbull-appearing dogs like Layla may have against them. As well, we discuss anti-BSL laws in Ontario, how they affect dogs and their owners in many ways, as well as ways to advocate against it. More information in the show notes below.

- You can find Layla on her Instagram: @PrincessLaylaBean
- Write to your MPP to repeal Ontario's BSL laws:

107 | Fostering 101 with Huey, Finley and Samson

This episode features Huey (with his mama Lindsay) and Finley and Samson (with Dana). The three of us discuss fostering - its challenges, its happy moments, foster fails and top tips for being the best foster ever. Fostering is an amazing experience - if you're curious about it, check out this episode!

- You can find our guests on Instagram: Huey (@HueyTheJack) and Finley/Samson plus their foster pals (@Finleyinthesix)
- The term "FC" is repeated over and over - it's foster coordinator, AKA your...

106 | Boss, or how a couple had a boss baby during a pandemic

This episode features... Boss! And Dan and Yamini, your podcast host. Yamini and Dan rescued Boss in May 2020 when they couldn't handle being dogless anymore. We discuss our obsession with Boss, our training journey and how having Boss has changed our relationship. 

- All advice given on Rescue Dog Moms podcast is from a personal standpoint only. We are not dog experts, trainers or vets. For questions on your dog's training and health, please consult your vet and trainer and do thorough research. Remember that all dogs are d...

105 | Josie, Mr. Big and Alfred, or, how we learned to feed our dogs a raw diet

This might be quite a controversial episode! On this week's episode, Courtney, Laura and I discuss how we got involved with the raw diet for our dogs Josie, Mr. Big and Alfred (plus Boss of course!).

We go through our journeys to discovering raw, including research on the following accounts:
- Raw Fed and Nerdy - The RFN course and spreadsheet (both cost money)
- GSD Stormy
- Navi the Noodle

Reminder: We are not vets, we are just some dog moms figuring it out along the way. If you...

104 | Daffy and Monster, or how to start a rescue in the middle of a global pandemic

This episode features Faye and her dogs Daffy and Monster.  Young and old, wild and cool, these two pups couldn't be more opposite. Plus, we connect with Faye about the rescue her and some friends started in the middle of the pandemic, Stray to Play.

- You can find Daffy's wild adventures on Instagram
- Stray to Play is a Toronto-based dog rescue. You can volunteer, foster, or adopt a dog to join your family. Find more information on their website: and their Instagram...

103 | Ahsoka, or how to move across the country with your dog

This episode features Kate and her dog Ahsoka. Ahsoka was rescued as a puppy from the Caribbean. Kate shares their journey together, including how they packed up and moved from Toronto to Calgary, how one event can change a dog's stress level and the importance of reading your dog's cues.

- Kate mentions a Calgary dog trainer, Coulter K9, here - please do your research before picking a trainer to suit your dogs needs. 
- All advice given on Rescue Dog Moms podcast is from a personal standpoint only. We...

102 | Frankie and Fern, or how dogs inspired tasty dog treats

This episode features Hanna and Jen, and their dogs Fern and Frankie. These two friends rescued their pups around the same time, and during the pandemic, developed their own dog treat business inspired by their rescue dogs. Learn how their hobby grew into a profitable business and how tasty natural dog treats can make puppies extra happy.

- To order a PuppyGram from Frankie + Fern's for Valentine's Day 2021, visit New Collar Collective on Instagram
- Follow Fern here and Frankie here. You can follow and order Frankie +...

101 | Nanaimo, or living with a dog without sight

It's our first episode! This episode features Melanie and her dog Nanaimo. Nanaimo is a rescue dog who lives without sight. Melanie shares how she went from fostering to adopting Nanaimo and how life is as a dog owner to an adorable little blind pup.

- Follow Nanaimo's adventures at @NanaimoTheDog and stay tuned for Melanie's upcoming 2021 podcast on blind dogs
- Another blind and deaf dog mentioned on the podcast: Stevie
- All advice given on Rescue Dog Moms podcast is from a personal standpoint only. We are not...