The Big Run

40 Episodes

By: Daniel Easton

Running is big. Elite athletes, records, technology, cutting edge gear. But it’s big for the people who lace up, head out and grab some miles. Day in, Day out. Whether it’s making it around the block, your first mile unbroken, feeling part of a community, clearer in your head or breaking what’s physically possible. Every Run is The Big Run. Join Danny on The Big Run podcast as he chats to friends, athletes, entrepreneurs, innovators, psychologists and many more in the world of running and beyond.

The Big Run - Episode 68 - Ben Felton - Ben is Running - Aspire to Run, Run to Inspire
Last Monday at 6:00 AM

Todays guest is running YouTuber Ben Felton. 

Ben's running journey is relatively new but his growth on YouTube over the past few months has been rapid. 

As our his PB's. He recently bagged a 15.34 at 5k and continues to share his running journey with his ever-growing YouTube community.

I sat down with Ben last week to hear his story. We talked about his time in Sweden, quitting the day job and going full time with vlogging and what marathon he is going to be taking on this year.


The Big Run - Episode 67 - TBR X ARL Present: The Seville Training Diary - Part 1
Last Saturday at 7:00 AM

In this special episode in collaboration with A Runners Life, I sat down with Marcus Brown to reflect on marathon training and share some clips we recorded post long run. 

It's an open and frank discussion about the things we have learnt training for the marathon distance and a look back at  the staple of any block - The Long Run. 

I hope you find this discussion useful and informative as you lace up for your weekend miles. 

We'll see you next week for more insight, reflections and stories...

The Big Run - Episode 66 - Charlie Krarup - Choose Your Own Adventure

Charlie Krarup is the managing director at Adventure Base who specialise in creating and delivering quality experiences in breathtaking environments for a whole variety of groups and individuals.  Sir Richard Branson has joined them on a few adventures!  Charlie is no stranger to adventure himself. A frequent runner, Iron Man and all-around athlete he also was a runner up in the second season of the hit channel 4 show SAS: Who Dares Wins. Famous for its brutal physical and mental punishment of its participants the show tests them to see if they have the to qualities to be selected for the sp...

The Big Run - Episode 65 - Marcus Brown - Ask Me Anything

In this podcast in collaboration with A Runners Life, I put Marcus Brown in the hot seat to ask him your questions! 

From footwear to nutrition, marathon training, work/life balance and cultivating a mindset to deal with the challenges of 26.2. We covered a lot and there is some great insight to be found here. 

It was a real pleasure to sit down with Marcus and always a pleasure to have him back on the podcast. 

I hope you enjoy the episode



The Big Run - Episode 64 - Gary House - My First Second Place

Today's guest is Ultra Runner, Coach and speaker Gary House. 

Gary is a successful Ultrarunner who has helped hundreds of runners get their sh*t together to help them become better Athletes. 

In this episode, we talk about how Gary became the runner he is today, how he is taking his ultra background and applying it to the marathon distance and we also learn about his biggest failure and what it taught him as a runner and a person. 

You can learn more about Gary's coaching services over at houserunningclub...

The Big Run - Episode 63 - Ella Road - Be Free With Yourself

Today's guest is club runner, actor and writer Ella Road. 

Ella Road is a writer and actor from London. Her first play ‘The Phlebotomist’ premiered at the Hampstead Theatre Downstairs in Spring 2018, and transferred to the Main House in Spring 2019. The play was nominated for an Olivier Award for Outstanding Achievement in Affiliate theatre and was a finalist for the Susan Smith Blackburn Prize.

Her new play 'Fair Play' is on at the Bush Theatre in London until January 22nd. You can find out more information and book tickets here

Ella join...

The Big Run - Episode 62 - Joseph Tuffin - Surprise Yourself

Joseph Tuffin is an 800 / 1500m runner who recently surprised himself at the podium 5k event last week with a new PB.

Splitting his time between being a full-time software developer and a promising young athlete. 

Joseph is now self-coached and he experiments with his training (throwing in the odd 20 mile race!) in order to yield impressive results often surprising himself. 

I hope you enjoy the episode. 



The Big Run - Episode 61 - Different Gear Live - The Run Testers x The Big Run - Powered by SOAR Running

Welcome back to another podcast deep dive edition of Different Gear Live powered by SOAR Running  

and welcome to the very first Run Testers end of year awards! From the best racing shoes, trail shoes, running watches and headphones the team is here to reveal their picks of what's made the top spot in 2021.

There is also a chance to win a pair of Dual Fabric Tights from the good people of SOAR running. Head over to 

We streamed this episode live on Monday. Missed it? Fear not...

The Big Run - Episode 60 - Fatima Musa - Unlock the Inner Athlete

Today's guest is Fatima Musa. 

Fatima is a runner, film buff and a member of the ASRA run club. 

ASRA is a community space centring on Muslim women in sports, wellness and sisterhood. They are also expanding their team! Head over to their Instagram bio to find out more.

In this episode, we explore Fatima's running journey, ASRA and the work that it does with Muslim women wanting to get into sports and we also talk movies at the end of...

The Big Run Podcast - Episode 59 - Verity Ockenden - Be Like Water

Today's guest is GB Athlete Verity Ockenden. 

Verity competed at the women’s 3000m at the 2021 European indoor champs taking home a bronze medal. 

She competes across a multitude of middle distances. 

Verity is also a hugely talented poet that uses running as her creative muse as well as using her poetry to help with performance.

You can follow Verity here  

I hope you enjoy the episode 

Thanks for listening 


The Big Run - Episode 58 - Steven Sashen - Take Off Your Shoes.

Steven Sashen is the co-founder and CEO of Xero Shoes • Steven and his wife, Lena Phoenix, started the company after discovering the comfort, benefits, and FUN of natural movement, by getting out of thick, padded, motion-controlled shoes.

Prior to jumping into the footwear business, Steven was an internationally-known Internet marketing expert, Search Engine and Social Media marketing consultant, and software designer. 

Steven is a Masters All-American sprinter, one of the fastest 55+ year olds in the United States.

As mentioned in the intro here's the link to the Different Gear Co...

The Big Run - Episode 57 - The Run Testers X The Big Run present Different Gear Live powered by SOAR running

Welcome back to The Big Run and the latest live instalment of Different Gear Live with The Run Testers powered by SOAR Running. 

This is the deeper dive extended podcast edition with bonus content and more questions answered. 

If you didn't get a chance to see @mikesawh show off his new pants, explain why he buys every GoPro, hear if @nickharrisfry would pick the Nike ZoomX Vaporfly Next% 2 over the Adidas Adizero Adios Pro 2 and find out why our ultra man @manvmiles was MIA, do not fret. We have you covered...

The Big Run - Episode 56 - Emma Manton - Running With Refugee's

Emma Manton is an actor a writer and practitioner, and of course a runner. 

She is also the driving force behind Running with Refugees a charity that uses running via virtual events to help raise vital funds for refugees. Its been going from strength to strength since 2017 and recently joined forces with Amal.  

‘Little Amal’, a 3.5 metre-tall puppet of a young refugee girl, was created by the acclaimed Handspring Puppet Company.

 Representing all displaced children, many separated from their families, Little Amal is travelling over 8,000km embodying the urgent message “Don’t...

The Big Run - Episode 55 - Phil Hewitt - Outrunning The Demons

Phill Hewitt has 40 plus marathons to his name and is a successful journalist and author.  Back in 2016, he suffered a severe trauma that resulted in him living with PTSD. It was through running that he has been able to learn to cope with the event and has inspired him to reach out to others who have found peace and healing through movement.  These collected stories form the basis of his book Outrunning The Demons. You can find Phil's extraordinary book here I hope you enjoy the episode and thanks for listening Danny

The Big Run - Episode 54 - The Run Testers, "Different Gear" powered by SOAR Running

Hello and welcome to the extended podcast edition of Different Gear. A monthly live show brought to you from The Run Testers and The Big Run Podcast and powered by SOAR running.

The Run Testers will be delving into the world of running gear, the tech that's hoping to shape runnings future and the gear that they have all been testing.

In this episode

– That huge battery packing COROS Vertix 2 and how that holds up to the ultimate 7 marathons in 7 days test.

– Why some carbon shoes might be a waste of your...

The Big Run - Episode 53 - Liz Warner - 30 Marathons before turning 30

Today's guest is Liz Warner. Born and raised in Atlanta but is now based in Paris. A lover of travel and of the power of the running community to do good she set about the extraordinary challenge to run 30 marathons before she turned 30 whilst drawing attention to 20 local charities and raising money on their behalf The deadline was June 2020 and in that time she came first in the  Chile Patagonia marathon, was last in the sierra leone marathon, went through 9 pairs of trainers running 520 miles in the races plus 1200 in training in between and raised over 50,000 dollars for 20 global women c...

The Big Run - Episode 52 - TBR X ARL Present - The Boston Marathon

Hello and welcome back to another bumper edition of The Big Run in collaboration with A Runners Life podcast. Today's episode is a deep dive into the oldest marathon of the majors: Boston. Myself and Marcus had two fascinating conversations for this episode with Dave McGillivray race director of The Boston Marathon and then with Kathrine Switzer and Rosy Spraker. Kathrine was the very first guest on this podcast and Im delighted to have her back. She is joined with 14 time Boston finisher Rosy who is a member of her 261 fearless organisation.  You can hear Kathrine and Rosy from 01:15:20 But w...

The Big Run - Episode 51 - TBR X ARL Present - A London Marathon Special

Hello and welcome to this bumper magazine episode celebrating all things London. The marathon is 6 days away and myself and Marcus Brown wanted to uncover as much as we could about the race from Elite Athletes, training and what's involved in staging one of the majors. 

We spoke to Charlie Hulson, The Altitude Centre and the legendary Hugh Brasher for this episode. See below for the timestamps of where you can find the interviews. 

1 min 28 secs - Charlie Hulson. 2:13 Marathoner who will be competing this year in the men's elite field. Charlie took...

The Big Run - Episode 50 - VFWW - "The Vaporfly Effect"

Hello and welcome to a special edition of TBR. Arran of VFWW will be taking on the race on Sunday the 26th of September and it felt like a perfect moment to share our conversation with the founders of Vaporfly World Wide.   Today's guests round-up a popular triumvirate of running Instagram accounts documenting running culture and all things carbon, cool and cutting edge. Founded by self confessed sneaker head Jerry, who then brought in the business-minded Hafi the duo became a trio when Arran joined in 2020. Their aim has always been to document running culture and make accessible the sometimes i...

The Big Run - Episode 49 Post Run : Mo Hashi

“I don’t like dropping out of races, I feel like when you drop out once, then mentally, it’s bad for you. I always make sure I finish, even if I’m crawling through the line” – Mo Hashi, track and middle-distance runner

How do you know when you’ve got your pace right? We spoke to track and middle-distance runner Mo Hashi about how to get your timings just right during a tempo run with him at Bushy Park.

He may not think it, but Mo Hashi is fast, the track and middle-distance runner, who uses his s...

The Big Run - Episode 48 - Post Run: Mark Kerry

Coffee’s brewed. Grab a cup and come join me on three special episodes of TBR brought to you with the support of Exhale Coffee

Where I’ll be sharing a cup of the good stuff post run with athletes from different spheres of the running community.

From chasing vert on Box Hill, tempo in Bushy Park to a shakeout in central London. Each conversation follows on directly from a run over a hot cup of Exhale Coffee.

Today's guest is Mark Kerry, he is a trail runner, mountain runner, ultra runner extraordinaire who...

The Big Run - Episode 47 - Post Run: Holly Rush

Coffee’s brewed. Grab a cup and come join me on three special episodes of TBR brought to you with the support of Exhale Coffee

Where I’ll be sharing a cup of the good stuff post run with athletes from different spheres of the running community.

From chasing vert on Box Hill, tempo in Bushy Park to a shakeout in central London. Each conversation follows on directly from a run over a hot cup of Exhale Coffee.

Exhale coffee is the dream. As soon as you open the bag your know you are...

The Big Run - Episode 46 - Jack Rowe - "Comparison is the thief of Joy"

Today's guest is Jack Rowe. A real exciting talent in British Athletics. 

Breaking 4 minutes in the mile with a 3:58 back in July and keeping Jake Smith looking over his shoulder at The Big Half last week with a 62 minute half.

We caught up to look back at the race, get an understanding of the details between track and road racing and get an insight into his learnings from coaches on both sides of the Atlantic.

Here are some of Jack's achievements to date. 

Coach - Tim...

The Big Run - Episode 45 -Sanchez Bailey - Elite Level Sports Psychology

Sanchez Bailey is a sports psychologist who has worked with athletes, boxers and footballers for many top-flight premiership teams.

He joined me on London's busy South Bank to give me an insight into his process, how he deals with injury, nerves and performance and what kind of actionable advice everyday runners can take from his insight and knowledge. 

It was fascinating to take a peek into this subject and get a greater understanding of how the mind can be a key tool for performance. 


The Big Run - Episode 44 - TBR X A Runners Life Present: The First Mile Always Lies - Trail Blazers

Welcome back to another episode of "The First Mile Always Lies..." a collaboration between TBR and A Runners Life hosted by Marcus Brown.

This episode has been supported by Let's Do This. 

Let's Do This is the UK's leading platform for discovering & booking endurance sports events. Be it running, cycling, swimming, triathlon, obstacle or something else -  you can choose from 1000s of events throughout the UK. 

A few weeks back Marcus and I headed to kent to capture the stories of the runners taking part in the Ultra...

The Big Run - Episode 43 - Lucie Beatrix - Just Be Fast

Lucie Beatrix is fashion model turned competitive athlete and coach.

She worked as a model from the age of 16 flying all over the world and appearing on the front cover of major magazines but discovering a love of running changed the direction of her life forever.

She has exchanged fashion shoots for From breaking 17 minutes in the 5k, to running 76 miles straight in 17 hours.

I hope you enjoy the episode and thanks for listening. 


The Big Run - Episode 42 - Tim Hamilton - A Down Payment On Adventure

Hamilton is a veteran designer with decades of industry experience. He launched his own modern sportswear label ten years ago to global acclaim. He has designed capsule collections for Barney's and Bergdorf Goodman and has also previously designed for J. Crew, Madewell, Gap and Polo Ralph Lauren.

Hamilton is a three-time CFDA nominee and won the award in 2009. He was the first American designer to be invited by the Chambre Syndicale to show both men's and women's collections at Paris Fashion Week in 2009.

Hamilton has also collaborated with artists to...

The Big Run - Episode 41 - George Rhoden - Let It Out

George is recognisable to Channel 4 audiences for his role in Hunted & Celebrity Hunted. Utilising his skills as a former senior Detective in the Metropolitan Police Service to track down fugitives.

George joined the police force at 16 as a Police Cadet, at a time of growing conflict between the police and the black community. He was one of the very few black policemen in the force. Over 31 years George worked in all areas of policing. As a uniform officer he was at the 1981 Brixton Riots and preceding the riots George policed the New Cross march across Blackfriars...

The Big Run Episode 40 - The Big Run & A Runners Life Present - "The First Mile Always Lies" - Episode 1 - Run Crew Round Table

Welcome back to The Big Run. And now for something different…

Today’s episode marks the first in a new series in collaboration with A Runners Life podcast hosted by Marcus Brown.

We have joined up over the past few weeks to record a series of specials that we will be releasing monthly on both our podcasts a variety of subjects and topics that speak to us as runners and that we hope you enjoy.

It’s called The First Mile Always Lies and our first is a special round table of the Run Cr...

The Big Run - Episode 39 - Manni Ovola - "Build Your Ecosystem"

Manni is a qualified musculoskeletal Physiotherapist that specialises in treating runners of varying abilities. Having qualified from a Sports Therapy degree in 2009 and completing an MSc in Physiotherapy in 2012 Manni is passionate about running and enabling people to return back to their full performance.

A passionate runner having posted a 2:50 for the 2019 London Marathon, Manni thrives on upskilling runners to help increase their longevity in their sport. 

This is a must listen if you are looking for inspiration on how you can improve your performance and recovery as a runner.  


The Big Run - Episode 38 - The Run Testers - Marathon Training - "What do I need?"

Today's guests are The Run Testers, aka Keiran, Nick, Mike & Tom.

Four fitness, tech and running journalists who love running, testing out new kits and writing about it for some of the biggest publications in the UK.

As I start making my way through my own marathon training block I wanted to quiz them on the kind of gear you might need for training and race day for this demanding distance. From first-timers to PB chasers we covered a lot of ground and hopefully, you'll come away with some sound advice.


The Big Run - Episode 37 - Leigh Gerson - Drop The Ego

Leigh Gerson is a strength + movement coach based in Los Angeles, CA.  She has over 5 years of experience in the fitness industry working with athletes, actresses, and everyone in between. Her goal is to make health and wellness accessible for all. An accomplished athlete having run with Black Roses in NYC she recently took part in The Speed Project as part of Team Satisfy. The Speed Project is a 340-mile relay race from LA to Vegas in the middle of summer and is just as epic as it sounds. Her knowledge of strength, pilates yoga and how it applies to y...

The Big Run - Episode 36 - Daniel Navetta - The Running Community Has A Waste Problem

Today’s guest is Daniel Navetta. Daniel is a director, a native New Yorker and a three-time marathoner. Daniel is known for evocative documentaries, music videos and commercials for the likes of Nike, Spotify, Vampire Weekend, Adidas, Uber and HBO to name but a few. 

He is also the founder of Future World an online resource for news and articles about sustainability, a hub for earth-friendly articles.

One of their most recent pieces penned by Daniel was called "The Running Community Has A Waste Problem". 

It aims to start the conversation ar...

The Big Run - Episode 35 - Ryan Jansen - How Do I Use Myself?

This weeks guest is Ryan Jansen. Ryan is a practitioner of Feldenkrais which is is an approach to learning and action, through the medium of movement.

Feldenkrais works by By improving our movement, posture and breathing, we can become more powerful, flexible and coordinated. It was created by Moshe Feldenkrais.  He has worked with Olympians and performers unlocking new potential through this method.

It was fascinating to talk with Ryan and learn how we as runners can check in with our physical selves in order to improve our patterns of...

The Big Run - Episode 34 - Toby Fells - It's just Running...

Toby Fells first caught my eye with his beautiful photography taken whilst trail running in and about the lake district.

As a trans man, he set up Queer Runnings to help other members of the LGBTQIA+ community with their running with online coaching service that specifically tailored to individuals from that community.

A talented trail and Ultrarunner, Toby is planning a Bob Graham round in June of next year to celebrate his birthday. A Bob Graham round takes place in the Lake District and comprises around 66 mils, 42 fells and a lot of elevation in a 24...

The Big Run - Episode 33 - Jake Smith - Just Have Fun With It.

Jake Smith is a British long-distance runner who has continued to turn heads with impressive performances.

At the world half marathon champs last year in Poland and more recently in the Cheshire Elite marathon where he was on pacing duties and decided to run his first marathon and an Olympic qualifying time with just the one gel and a lot of talent.

It was great to get an insight into Jake's approach to his training, his appreciation for SC and how he manages to have fun when the pressure is on.

Be sure...

The Big Run - Episode 32 - Katie Morris - Fitness is Earned

Katie Morris has been working in the fitness industry for over a decade and what she doesn't know about fitness probably isn't worth knowing. 

She is head of fitness at ThirdSpace in London, an ambassador for LuluLemon and an expert in helping pre and postmenopausal women find their fitness, strength and confidence.

It was a real pleasure to sit down and get an insight into Katie's knowledge, the fitness industry and her no-nonsense approach to building a healthier version of you.

Be sure to subscribe from wherever you get your podcasts from...

The Big Run - Episode 31 - Sir Brendan Foster - You Better Know What Your Talking About

Sir Brendan Foster is a British former long-distance runner, athletics commentator and road race organiser, who founded the Great North Run, one of the sport's most high profile half-marathon races.

 As an athlete, he won the bronze medal in the 10,000 metres at the 1976 Summer Olympics and the gold medal in the 5,000 metres at the 1974 European Championships and the 10,000 metres at the 1978 Commonwealth Games. 

He provided commentary and analysis on athletics, particularly long-distance events, for BBC Sport since the end of his running career before retiring in 2017.

A true legend, it was...

The Big Run - Episode 29 - Mark Quartley - Where are they now? - Part 1 of a 2 Part Special

Welcome to this two-part special with two previous guests of the show who have recently attempted to improve on their marathon personal bests. One successful one not so much but both have amazing insight and great lessons to take from their experiences.

In part one, I chat with Mark Quartley. 

 Mark joined us in October of last year after his recent marathon at Dorney. I sat down with Mark (in the flesh) to take stock after his recent attempt to go sub 3 and see if the lessons from last year had been learnt.<...

The Big Run - Episode 30 - Andy Raynor - Where are they now? - Part 2 of a 2 Part Special

Welcome to this two-part special with two previous guests of the show who have recently attempted to improve on their marathon personal bests. One successful one not so much but both have amazing insight and great lessons to take from their experiences.

In part two, I chat with Andy Raynor.

Andy joined us not long after a 2:44 marathon PB and has recently taken on the distance again with the aim of a sub 2:40, it didn't quite all go to plan but Andy's perspective and insight are fascinating. 

Be sure to subscribe from...